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Fear of the unkown by pottermaster97
Chapter 1 : Fear of the unkown
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The Future

“Granger Just go now!” I hollered at her from the corner as pain streaked through every bone in my body.

“I’m not leaving you Draco, I can’t…” she pleaded with me stepping closer.

“No. they’ll be back soon you have to go we both know I can’t leave so go and be free”

“But you’ll die if I leave you”

“I’ll die anyway I’ m not strong enough to make it past the wards but you are! Please leave”

We were in Malfoy manor dungeons I was chained to the wall growing weaker as the curse spread its poison through me it was so typical after weeks I finally had her back the girl of my dreams and my stupid father and his fearless master had to get in my way. I hated my life. I groaned as another pain ran through me tearing me up inside.

“I’m not leaving you here alone Draco”

“Please, you have to think about the Baby… just go and get… help… but get somewhere … safe”

“No Draco! Don’t you get it my world is nothing without you! I need you and you perfect eyes and your stupid smirk I can’t face the world without you and If I leave I know you’ll die”

“I have a plan that might get me out just go and I promise I’ll find you if I get out and we can be together”

“Don’t lie to me Draco if I go you’ll die and we both know it”

“I guess this is goodbye then” I smirked knowing she hated and loved it at the same time.

“Fine. Don’t you think for one second I don’t love you Draco or that I wanted to leave I’m doing this to keep you happy but that doesn’t mean you get to give up I’ll send help the moment I’m free just… stay strong for me Draco”

“I will baby, I’ll just dream of our happy every after. I love you now go” she turned wiping her eyes. “And Hermione”

“Yeah?” I looked up at her hopeful face.

“Don’t forget me” she nodded a stiff nodded before running from the room. Relief flooded through me. I knew she would be save and so would our child, and In that moment I didn’t feel the pain as I thought of her I was relieved from all pain as I felt her moving further away.

Sometime later voldemort stormed in angry he had let Hermione escape he added to the curse on me and the pain increased I was struggling to keep holding I was beginning to fade. I heard yelling as men rushed through the house looking for me I doubt they’d make it.

My life is going through my eyes now. Hogwarts. Magic. Crabbe. Quidditch. Goyle. Potions. Butterbeer. Honeydukes. The quidditch world cup. Hermione. Her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her face. Our child. I knew he’d have a bright future with or without me.

The last thing I heard was the crash of the door smashing down and two screams, one of anger and one of sadness, they sounded the same but so different and finally I welcomed the darkness…



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Fear of the unkown: Fear of the unkown


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