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The Ghost in the Attic by Cr00kshanks
Chapter 3 : Houses
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The Potter estate was a large building, not grand or intimidating but just there. If you didn’t know it was the house of the Boy who Lived, you probably wouldn’t notice it at all. Albus and Scorpius arrived by floo to the local pub and walked their way to their home for the next few weeks.

“So this is the famous Potter house.” Commented Scorpius, giving the house a once-over. “Not what I was expecting.”

“It may not be grand like the Malfoy Manor, but it’s home.” His companion retorted irritably. “Let’s go. I’m starved.”

Albus levitated his luggage with a swish of his wand, and positioned it at the door before walking forwards. He turned around to see Scorpius still staring at the estate.

“Well come on, what are you waiting for, A formal invitation?”

Scorpius snapped out of his trance and quickly picked up his bags to follow Albus.

“Hello, Anybody home? Dad? Mum?” Albus hollered, looking around the hallway.

“Potter, I think this is for you.” Scorpius said, glancing down at a note on the side.

“Let me see that.” Albus snatched the note from Scorpius before scanning the paper.


I’m sorry I’m unable to meet you and your partner when you arrive. I was called away on some Auror business. I should be back tonight at around 7. I’ll take the both of you out to dinner alright? Mum’s out as well, she’s guest coaching the Holyhead Harpies. Even though she retired ages ago, they still want to use her. Use this afternoon to settle in. Your partner (who I assume is a male) will be using the guest bedroom that’s opposite your room, as that is the most convenient one. Maybe show him around the neighborhood. However, I would recommend that you do not go to the house today. I’d prefer to make a game plan with the both of you before you do anything rash. Going into a mission without planning is the main cause of disasters.

Anyways, I’ll see you tonight.

Albus put the note down on the table before grabbing his bags.

“I’ll put down my stuff before leading you to your room. The we’ll make a plan.”

Scorpius stared at Albus, before picking up the note to read for himself.

“He doesn’t know I’m your partner? Is the famous Harry Potter afraid of some bad blood entering his house?”

“No, it’s not that. I just haven’t exactly had time to contact him. And besides, if that were the case, it’s not like he could kick you out now.”

Scorpius rolled his eyes. “Whatever Potter. Show me the way.”


“So here’s the information and directions Higgins gave us. We’ll need to make sure we know it all and keep it with us all the time. I’d say there’s probably information about how Quidditch is going to work as well.” Albus said, as he took a large package out of one of his bags.

“Chances are, quidditch is off until we all come back. Most of the sixth years are out doing this dumb project or another, and all teams have sixth years in them. You can’t participate without a full team. Besides, mine won’t be doing anything considering I’ve got all the strategies and game plans.” Scorpius replied, running a hand through his blonde hair and ruffling it slightly.

Albus rolled his eyes. “It’s not like you’re the only sixth year captain Malfoy. I’ve already told my team to stay in shape if we want to win the cup again this year.” He remarked and then shook his head in exasperation. “Let’s just get started.”


For your Defence Against the Dark Arts project, you will need to do the following tasks:
• Investigate the history of the building
• Draw and map the building
• Go inside the building and list anything you find (or don’t find) that is unusual
• Discover the ghost/s
• Learn more about the ghost/s
• Stay Alive

Enclosed are items that you may find useful for your project:
• Revealer
• Secrecy Sensor
• Sneakoscope
• An Emergency Tracking Device, which you may switch on if you are in grave danger.
• A Wizard Camera

You will be able to use magic during this time. However, your spell use will be monitored so any inappropriate spells will result in an automatic T for the entire project.

You will need your wits and your skills for this task and in the future as well.

I shall see you all in two weeks. You may return prior to that but you must do a thorough job. You also may ask for an extension but you need to contact me one week earlier as it will mean rearranging your entire schedule.

Good Luck

Professor Higgins

P.S. Quidditch is postponed until all sixth years are back.

“Well that doesn’t seem too bad…” Albus commented.

“It seems like a hell of a lot.” Scorpius complained. “It’s only five now so why don’t we head over to the house? I want to see it, plus we could go in and map it out now.” He suggested.

“But my dad said-“

“Your dad said we had to plan it out, which we have. Now let’s go.” He persisted as he grabbed the equipment and jammed it all into his bag, before heading towards the door.
“Wait!” Albus cried before running after him, “What’s the plan?”

Scorpius stopped and turned around. “Don’t die.”


“So this is it? I imagined something slightly… spookier.” Scorpius commented somewhat disappointedly as he looked up and down the house. It was an old manor house with a large dark roof and cracked stone walls. The exterior of the building was dismal and grey and it gave off the feeling of abandonment. Some of the windows were cracked and others had cardboard where the glass should be. Long grass and other vegetation crept up the side of the house making the garden resemble a jungle.
“Well I guess living in a ‘safe’ neighborhood makes your imagination run wild doesn’t it? Compared to the other houses this is scary.”

Scorpius scoffed, “Oh please. This looks just like a slightly run-down ordinary house. Although I can see how children would want to avoid it, judging by the lack of hygiene.”

“Who knew a little dust would cause Scorpius Malfoy to run off.” Albus said amusedly.

“Dust? Me? I don’t think so.” Scorpius made to go into the house but Albus didn’t move. “Well come on then, let’s go in. Or are you too scared?”
“Aren’t you forgetting something Malfoy? We need to draw the outside of the house first. To get an idea of how many rooms and levels this house is.”

Scorpius stared at Albus, “Isn’t it obvious? Judging by the size and height of the house, there’s about 16 rooms altogether. There are two floors with an attic and no basement.”

Albus was stunned but quickly recovered his composure. “Right, okay but we still need to draw the building as it’s part of the requirement.”

“That’s what the camera’s for Potter. We take pictures of the outside of the building and the inside of the rooms or the things we think are weird; then when we go back to yours and we draw them from the photos. You’d think that being at the top of the class would make you logical, apparently not.” Scorpius answered, smirking.

“I don’t want to fight with you Malfoy,” Albus spoke through clenched teeth.

“Oh really? Judging by the last six years one would think you enjoy fighting with me a lot.”

“Well now we have an important project to complete, which based on the resulting grade, will pretty much decide whether we make the cut.” Albus argued.

Scorpius opened his mouth to retort when he stopped and glanced up at the old house. “Did you hear that?” He asked apprehensively. “Listen, there it is again.”

“I don’t know what you are talking abo-” Albus stopped as he heard a small bang from the house. “Okay I definitely heard that.”

“Let’s go check it out. The pictures can wait.”

Albus nodded. “Agreed.”

Albus walked into the house determinedly, followed by Scorpius. They pushed open the dark oak door and found themselves in a hallway. They looked around only to find the bottom floor fully furnished but devoid of human presence.
“Well, that was a bit of a let-down.” Albus stated, releasing a deep breath.

“That can’t be right, I heard something. You heard something.” Scorpius protested firmly.

“Well you did say that there were around 16 rooms so lets’ split up. You take upstairs and I’ll take downstairs. Just scream if you need help.”

“Oh please.” Scorpius scoffed. “Men don’t scream.” Albus glared at him until Scorpius sighed. “Fine, and of course vice versa. See you soon.” He didn’t look back as he headed to the staircase.

Scorpius dragged his hand across the smooth banister and trudged up the worn steps, to the second floor.

After thoroughly examining each room; he found nothing and no one that could’ve possibly made such a sound, so decided to head back down to see how Albus was doing.
It turned out that Albus had the same luck.

“I thought this house would be creepier.”

“Me too. I mean, I’ve spent my whole life away from this house, like it hid a huge secret, only to find now, there’s nothing at all. It’s pretty sad.” Albus checked his watch. “You know what? We have about an hour and a half until my dad comes back. Why don’t I show you around Godric’s Hollow? That way you won’t have to follow me around everywhere.” Albus walked down the hallway headed towards the door.

“Potter, isn’t there supposed to be an attic?” Scorpius suddenly remembered.

Albus stopped in his tracks.

“Did you see any doors leading to an attic?”

Scorpius shook his head slowly. “I wasn’t exactly looking though…”

“Well we can look first thing tomorrow.” Albus said, continuing to the front door.

“But Potter, there’s probably something up there. It’ll only take a minute.” Scorpius argued.

Albus sighed. “I guess it won’t hurt. Let’s hurry up.”


“Do you see anything Malfoy?”

“There’s nothing here.”

“Hey Malfoy, I don’t suppose you know ancient runes do you?”

“Actually I do. Why?” Scorpius replied in surprise.

“There’s something on the wall.”

Scorpius walked to where Albus was standing and saw the faintest traces of marks.

“That’s funny, it doesn’t translate to English. It-it looks like a spell…”

“Do you know the spell Malfoy?” Albus asked, squinting through the haze of dust at Scorpius.

“I can’t be sure. It looks like ‘morsmosvinco’.” Scorpius paused. “Do you have any-” A shudder suddenly shook the house, almost knocking the two boys over. “What was that?”

“Malfoy, turn around.”

Scorpius turned around slowly, unsure about what to expect. He laughed in relief once he saw a short flight of stairs leading up to another room.
Albus looked at him. “After you Malfoy.”

Scorpius looked up at the light at the top of the opening, and started climbing the rickety stairs, hearing Albus’ heavy footsteps behind him.
When Scorpius reached the top, he opened his mouth to say something but a flash of red light hit him square in the chest. He fell to the floor with a thud.

A/N Well well well, what does everyone think is up there? This chapter was way longer than the previous (but still not as long as I'd like) and this was updated wayfaster than the previous one! Expect the next one to be even faster! I won't be writing for a while as I have exams next week and I have birthday plans! :D Thanks for reading! Please review!

Also, again, thanks to my amazing beta Pottergirl7, I'm pretty sure no one would've been able to understand what I wrote before she edited it. :P



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