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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 17 : Unwanted Freedom
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 "you what?...." Fred almost whispered. Hermione stared at George's happy face thinking he had brought good news but was it really? Hermione wasnt sure exactly how to feel at the moment. she could only asume Fred felt the same way. 

"The key, I found it." George repeated again the smile slowly slipping from his face.

"what? is something wrong I thought you two would be overjoyed." George said in confusion. 

"don't get us wrong George we are happy, but how did you find it exactly? I thought you said it was gone for good." Hermione said recieving a solemn glance from Fred. he wasnt sure if Hermione meant what she said when she said she was happy to have found the key.

'does that mean the kiss was just a spur of the moment thing?' he questioned. Fred's head shot up at Hermione's revelation. 

"George?" he said looking his twin straight in the eye.

"yea" was all he replied. Hermione looked between the two and their silent comfirmation.

"What? What is it?" Hermione questioned she really didn't like not knowing things.


"Come on Love out of bed." Fred said in response as he removed her nice warm blankets and lifted her up in his arms. 

"Fred wah...? MY CLOTHES!!!" Hermione practically screamed in Fred's ear. 

"Ow! Hermione, love my ear is 2 inches from your face now I dont know about you but I prefere to be able to hear things so if you mind not screaming I would much appreciate it." Fred scowled in pain as his ears rang.

"What happened to my clothes!?" she said a little quieter but still with shock, anger, and authority in her voice. 

"I changed you" Fred said simply. wrong choice of words.

"YOU WHAT!?" she yelled again this time almost falling from Fred's arms.

"OW Hermione!...I said i changed them for you." he said again.

"but ..but why!?" Hermione asked blushing.

"I couldnt let you stay in those soaked clothes you'd catch a cold!" Fred said concern resurfacing. Hermione looked down at her chest and blushed quickly crossing her arms over it in a protective manner. Fred blushed. 

"Dont worry..I..I didn't see anything Ii was practically blindfolded and i used magic so you dont have to worry ok?" He looked away not meeting her eyes as he finished his sentence and began to walk. Hermione sighed in relief than looked up at Fred's blushing face. she couldn't help but smile, He really was a sweet guy.

"ah..thank you." Hermione whispered. Fred nodded in response. As they entered the living room they saw George standing in the kitchen with a box. 

" so it was that." Fred said in recognition. Hermione looked at the box studying it, trying to see if she could uncover its secrets by just staring at it. it was a small ebony box with light and simple decot on it. Not too extravagant, but not exactly plain either. You could definetly sense the magic from it and it was pretty strong. 

"Fred, what is it?" she asked never taking her eyes off of it. Fred looked down at her in amazment. just looking into her eyes he could tell she knew it wasnt a normal box she could sense the magic, and more amazing, it was responding to her.

"That is called 'Arca Archa Secretorum'" he said as George sat it down on the table.

"box of secrets?" Hermione said translating in her head.

"yea in muggle mythology its also known as 'Pandora's box'" Fred said sitting her down in a chair and sitting himself in one close to her.

"you mean the keeper of darkness, bad things?" Hermione question. Fred nodded.

"yes you are familiar with the story correct?" he said looking over at her, Hermione nodded. Of course everyone knew the story of Pandora and her wicked box. 

"well they were somewhat correct in their assumptions and somewhat incorrect." George continued.

"what do you mean?" Hermione asked turning toward him.

"well Arca Archa Secretorum once belong to a very powerful and evil wizard, Salazar Slytherin himself and when he died a lot of his belongings were scattered all around, we assumed some had even made its way into the muggles realm, when one of them stumbled upon it they got intrigued by it but didnt open it for some unknown reason. all she did was stare at it..or so we were told before. then one day out of unbareble curiousity she opened it and the dark creatures Salazar had hidden in their broke free and wreaked havoc on the world. The creatures also known as Bwbachbods were, or rather are really spiteful, nasty little creatures." 

"I've heard of those, arent they the cousins to pixie's?" Hemrione interrupted. Fred nodded.

"Yes only much more , well mean." 

"As i was saying!" George continued. Hermione muttered a sorry and allowed him to finish.

"these creatures would play nasty tricks and whisper into peoples ears, see they have the very nasty ability to be able to control emotions, like envy hatred and the likes, would cause humans to behave strangly."

"but why didnt they just I dont know hit them or something?" Hermione interrupted again.

"EHHHEM" George cleared his throat 

"sorry" Hermione muttered again.

"As i was saying, They would cause humans to behave strangly, but the Bwbachbod can make themselves invisible, unlike their cousin pixies, so there was little the muggles could do. but of course being muggle they needed something to blame the occurances on and in doing so Pandora's box was blamed." George finished. Hermione nodded. and Fred just sat there hearing what he's heard a thousand times once more. 

"And you ..have the key in there?" Hermione asked. Goerge nodded.

"well its the only place a wizard cant lose something, nor can be lost." Fred explained. 

"I just forgot i had put it in here." George scratched his kneck as he apologized again.

"But its also a tricky little thing to open." Fred said grabbing Hermione's attention again.

"Why? What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well it realeased the Bwbachbod but no one really knows just how many.."

"Or what else" George said.

"could be in there." Fred finished.

"so when you do open it you got to be fast and careful." George continued. 

"I mean it was a slytherin who owned this remember?" Fred said jokingly. Hermione smiled at his attempt to be funny but then looked back at the box with curiousity.

"hey, exactly how did you guys get ahold of it. If it was that dangerous wouldnt the ministry have its claws in it?" Hermione said never taking her eyes off the box. 

"well we actually got it .....Where did we get it again Fred?" 

"You know i can't exactly remember, George but it was in one of those old vintage like shops wasnt it?" Fred replied. George nodded. Hermione who hadnt been paying attention simply nodded too. 

"So then are you two ready to get unchained?" Fred glanced at Hermione unsure once again about this but found her staring deeply at the box. Fred nodded.

"Hermione?" George asked after a moment of silence.

"What..oh ..uh yea sure." She said a little confused. 

"Ok be prepared just incase ok?"  George said mostly to his brother who in return nodded. George looked back down at the box and mentally prepared.

"one, two....THREE" he yelled and quickly opened the box. the feeling was like apparating to Hermione. a strong pull on her navel and sickening feeling, the magic from the box was so strong and powerful it was nearly indescribable. and before she knew it the box was closed again. George turned toward them smiling and holding a pure golden key. Hermione looked down at the chain which began to glow a golden color in response to the key. Hermione looked over at Fred in dubious manner. Was this really what she wanted?

"Ok, here i go  give me your wrists." George said. both Hermione and Fred hesitated. looking over at each other. Fred smiled and nodded. At this Hermione smiled and placed their wrists in George's hand. Just as the key connected a bright white light practically exploded from the chain and key and as quickly as the light came it was gone and so was the chain. 

"It's Off!" Hermione said smiling and getting up and stretching with freedom. Turning back only to find George's shocked face and Fred's solemn one.

"What? It's off. It worked..right?" she asked skeptical.

"uh yea, I guess it did didnt it." George said sighing. 

"Guess the light just gave me a scare." he said stretching, 

"well im off to bed you two goodnight," George said yawning as he headed down the hall to his bed. 

"Fred?" Hermione said carefully.

"huh?..oh Hermione." he looked up to Hermione.

"Are you ok?" she asked worried.

"Yea why wouldnt I be?" he asked getting up, they both headed toward his bedroom.

"well you were spacing with a serious expression. It was natural." Hermione said in all seriousness. 

"I just, It's just..weird I guess, the chain." he said looking at their wrists swinging near each other.

"Oh." Hermione looked down too. After a moment of staring and silence. she decided something that might strongly influence their future. she grabbed his hand. innertwinging their fingers. Fred looked up shocked into Hermine's big chocolate eyes. she smiled at him then looked away. Silence hung in the air. 

"uh Hermione"

"Uh Fred" they said in unison, both stopped and stared into each others eyes.

"you go first"

"you go first" they did it again, adrupting into fits of laughter. 

"Fred you go first" she smiled at him. 

"OH ok...uh..well I was just...It's, well it's about,....uh...the kiss Earlier." 

"Oh, yea?" she blushed as did he as they remembered. 

" well i was just wondering if,..I just wanted to know if,...Hermione..."

"FRED DO YOU WANT TO DATE?" she said getting it off her chest before Fred could finish.

"What?" he asked astonished.

"Uh..Do you want to date?" she asked again this time a lot more bashful. Fred stared at her for a moment.

"Just like you." Fred said laughing.


"always straight forward " He laughed again. Hermione smiled.

"Well I am a Gryffindor after all." She smiled and laughed with him.

"of course Hermione, how could i say no?" he said laughing. 

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Pranksters world: Unwanted Freedom


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