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Life after Death and Unforeseen Love by storyneverdies
Chapter 11 : Passions
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Hermione was distraught.

She had so many different emotions running through her, she couldn't think straight.

She made it to the Atrium and was surprised to find that Harry was still there, standing by the fireplace almost as if he were stalling.

"Harry!" Hermione cried afraid that he would step into the fireplace at the sight of her.

"Please…let me explain!" Hermione cried tears still streaming down her face.

"I don't' want to speak to you Hermione." Harry said furiously.

"Please…Harry I didn't mean for anything to happen…I didn't plan this!" Hermione pleaded not sure what to say. She could hardly believe what had transpired between she and Draco herself.

"How could you!" Harry bellowed at her.

"How could you do this to Ron…with him!" Harry said disgustedly.

Hermione felt as though Harry had struck her in the face.

"That's not fair Harry…" Hermione choked out, fresh tears running down her face.

"He's different…not the same boy from Hogwarts that you remember…he's changed!" she cried.

"He could never change!" Harry yelled at her.

"But he has…I swear to you he has….we've been friends for a while now..and it's just progressed. Please Harry don't be angry with me, my heart can't take it!" Hermione finished sounding defeated.

"I can never forgive you for this…If Ron knew…he would never forgive you either." Harry said viscously.

Hermione began to sob but she knew he was right. Ron would never understand or forgive her for being with Draco. He would never have expected it from her…but she could never have expected it either.

Harry began to step in the fireplace and leave her standing alone sobbing.

"Harry stop!" Hermione shrieked through her sobs and he did looking almost startled but still angry.

"Don't you do this to me..don't you dare!" Hermione yelled almost hysterically.
"I didn't ask for my husband to be taken away from me…I didn't plan for any of this! Ron…our Ron is gone..and nothing is ever going to bring him back. My heart is permanently broken and will never be healed…but don't you dare punish me for trying to live this life that I didn't ask for…for grasping on to the little bit of happiness that I never thought I could experience again."

Harry looked at the ground solemnly but didn't say a word.

"Harry…I know this is hard for you to understand..believe me I can hardly understand it myself." Hermione said more gently calming down.
"But I never thought Ron would be taken away from me…from us…and I never thought I'd be caught in the library snogging Draco Malfoy…but that's life I suppose. Just when I think I've got it figured out… my reality comes crashing down and it's replaced with something else I never even considered. It's tragic and unpredictable…and wonderful all at the same time. So please Harry…don't be angry…my heart can't break any more."

Harry looked at Hermione for a moment and then walked forward embracing her.

"Oh…Harry." Hermione sobbed in his arms.

"I'm sorry Hermione…please don't cry." Harry said apologetically stroking her hair.

Hermione began to control her sobs and he gently released her.

"I won't judge you Hermione…but I care about you…and I don't trust him." Harry said looking at her seriously.

"I know Harry…but he is different..I can promise you that…perhaps one day you'll see." Hermione said feeling emotionally exhausted.

Harry looked at her doubtfully and she knew he didn't believe her but he didn't press the subject any further.

"I'll send Hugo home first thing in the morning." Harry hugged Hermione goodbye and swirled away into the blinding flames.

Hermione stood there for a moment alone wanting nothing more than to crawl in her bed and be rid of the day.

She suddenly heard footsteps behind her and turned to fin Draco walking towards her with her things.

"I figured you'd be done for the night." Draco said quietly handing over her brief case.

"Thank you." Hermione said just as quietly looking down at the ground.

"I…I'm sorry Hermione..I didn't mean for that to happen. I will leave you alone from now on if that's what you want." Draco looked at her despairingly.

"'s not your fault…I mean I was never expecting anything like this to happen between us…It's just hard to take in…for everyone." Hermione said gesturing to the fireplace Harry just departed in.

"I don't want you to leave me alone Draco." Hermione said seriously looking him in the eye.

Draco's eyes were ablaze as he stepped closer taking her hands in his.

"Are you sure?" He asked earnestly.

"It's still hard for me to wrap my head around..but it just feels natural. I haven't felt this kind of happiness in a long time..and I'm not going to fight it." Hermione felt butterflies just holding his hands.

"You've made me very happy have no idea really." he said smiling at her looking more handsome than ever.

"We can take it slow though..I promise." Draco said giving her hands a squeeze.

"I'd like that." Hermione replied returning his smile.

"I'm exhausted…I should be getting home." Hermione said feeling completely drained.

"Of course, you should get to bed." Draco said hastily.

Her came closer to her puling her in for a hug. Hermione suddenly didn't feel tired anymore, she a buzz with excitement being close up against Draco's warm body. She didn't want him to let go, but of course he did. Draco brushed her cheek with his hand and smiled at her warmly.

"Goodnight Hermione."

"Good night Draco."

Hermione smiled feeling somewhat dizzy and stepped across the brick threshold into bright emerald flames.

Over the next couple of weeks Hermione and Draco acted as if they were two nervous teenagers afraid to hold hands. Hermione was kept very busy finishing up her proposal but this was definitely a distraction for her. She knew she wasn't ready for a full fledge love affair with Draco but he had hardly come touched her since that night in the library and it was making her a bit mad. Before she could blink her board meeting was one day away and she was feeling frantic. She felt more confidant than ever that the board would be much more willing to accept her new and improved proposal but she felt nervous all the same. She was for sure going to shake up the board room this time, and she new the stuffy members would have time dozing off during this meeting..that she would make sure of. Hermione had managed to get dozens of willing house elves to participate in her meeting and demand their rights and improve relations. She knew the board wouldn't be about to ignore them.

Hermione had hardly seen Draco over the week and she was starting to get frustrated with him. Had his feelings changed? Perhaps he had just used her for a late night snogging session and now he had lost interest….maybe Harry was right about him. Hermione did her best to shake theses thoughts as she worked late in her office preparing herself for the next morning.

She was so immersed in her reading that she didn't even notice him come into her office.

"Hermione.." Draco said startling her.

"Draco! I didn't even hear you come in…how are you?" Hermione said surprised at his presence.

"I alright…better now." Draco gave her a sexy grin that made her feel all warm inside.

"I see your working too hard as usual.." Draco said eyeing her stacks of paperwork.

"What are you doing here Draco?" Hermione asked.

"I came to wish you luck on your nigh day tomorrow…and well…I just couldn't stand not seeing you anymore." Draco said looking at her eagerly.

"I know I said I'd take it slow..but it's been driving me crazy theses past couple of weeks." Draco said almost wildly drawing closer to her.

"Well I'm glad you came." Hermione said smiling and she meant it.

Draco sat on her desk facing Hermione as she stood up from her chair. She felt drawn to him like a magnet as they drew near enough to embrace. Hermione inhaled his scent hungrily as her heart beat wildly in her chest…she was sure Draco would be able to feel it. Draco held her face in his hands and began to kiss her mouth softly opening her mouth with his and allowing his tongue to explore her mouth.

It was the best kiss she could ever remember having and she never wanted it to end. Draco began to kiss her more passionately letting his hands trail down her back then up her stomach causing her to quiver. Her moved closer to her so that she felt his entire body against hers. Draco unbuttoned her shirt eagerly and Hermione felt excitement at her exposed chest. His hands grazed over her breasts causing her to moan. Draco pressed himself even harder up against her body at the sound of her moans. His lips left her mouth and began trailing down her neck reaching her full breasts. Draco's tongue expertly toyed with her erect nipples making her moan loudly. Draco looked up at her excitedly and continued pleasuring her.

Hermione could feel his arousal against her and wanted nothing more than to have all of him.

"Draco…" Hermione moaned his name causing him to stop and quiver up against her body. He was out of breath as he rested his head against in bare chest.

"Hermione…I want you so badly…but not here." Draco looked her in the eyes.

Hermione was ready for him she knew that…and was perfectly willing to have him right here in her office…but she supposed that wouldn't be the most lady like thing to do. Yet somehow she didn't care.

"Hugo is staying the night at his grandparents..since I was planning on being home so late.." Hermione said hoping that would suffice him.

He looked at her with his eyes ablaze.

"Can we go there now?" Draco asked sounding desperate for her.

Hermione nodded and as she gathered what she needed and they were off.

They made it to her House in record time and she was in her bedroom embracing Draco before she knew how she got there.

"Hermione….I need to tell you something." Draco said looking at her passionately. "I love you…I've always loved you."

"I…I love you too Draco." Hermione hadn't thought it before but as soon as it escaped her lips she knew it was true.

Draco undressed her gently and then removed his clothing. He stood before her naked looking like a god. Hermione couldn't believe how comfortable she felt being unclothed in front of him. Their bodies met eagerly and Hermione felt complete ecstasy having him so close to her.

They made love for a long time and fell asleep in each other's arms. Hermione felt complete lying in Draco's arms after they had made love and for the first time in years she felt that she was were she was supposed to be.

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Life after Death and Unforeseen Love: Passions


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