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Take My Hand and Tell Me You'd Take Me Anywhere by CaseyyRaee
Chapter 3 : Rose Weasley and the Freckled Shoulders
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Disclaimer- All rights to Queen Rowling, none but Rae to me.

Author's Note- Thanks infinity to my first reviewers! They are FickleFriend, whom I love :D, Sarapha, whom I also love :D. You guys are the best thing since YouTube and Nutella. LOVE-Casey

"I've gotta go." I mumbled. He grabbed my arm. "I don't think you understand, I really must dash." Twisting out of his grip, I bolted out of the Great Hall and sped out to the halls, where a new rush of students were, well rushing to breakfast. I lost him in the crowd, then I ducked into a bathroom and leaned on the sink. I looked into the mirror, where my barrette had fallen to the end of my hair. I repined it back, trying to calculate the distance from here to the library. I looked at my flushed face in the mirror.


What is that…

In the reflection, to the right of my head, was…

A urinal.

I was in the boys' bathroom.

The boys' bathroom.

I heard the door start to swing open and I ducked under the sink (A.N. I may be incorrect, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming all the bathrooms in the school are like the bathroom in CoS, with that big monstrous sink that's like a build in a circle so think of it like that). I crawled around the sink so that I was on the opposite side of whoever walked in, who I was guessing was Al. The door cracked open again and a set of guys stomped in.

"Hey Al, what's up-"

"Do you guys see a girl in here?"


"Man, what are you-"

Al repeated himself, walking in a circle, pushing open stalls. The two boys followed him, and I crawled around the sink, facing the door. "I thought I saw a girl run in here! I'm almost sure of it!"

"Hey, that last stall is closed!" Their footsteps resounded whilst they hurried down and I sat up abruptly and hit my forehead on the marble sink.


Still, I set back on my hands and knees and crawled out instead. I got out of the door and sat up, shutting the door gently.


Oh, hey Rose buddy. I'm just hanging out with the guys, how about yourself?

"Oh, hey Rose.."

She pushed her hair back from her eyes. "Uh, you've got a really big red bump on your forehead, are you ok-"

I stood up, setting my hand on my forehead and turning toward the Transfiguration hallway. "I'll explain some other time."

No, I won't. No one is ever knowing that tale.

"Do you want to go to the Transfiguration room and get a head start on today's lesson plans?" I pushed her with my elbow away from that hall and to Professor McGonagell's class.

"Yeah, sure. But could we just talk instead? I don't want to think about Transfiguration more than I have to."

Talk? About what? "Sounds good."

We collapsed into two chairs in the front row. Twenty minutes ago. We're still sitting here, awkwardly.

"Are you going to Hogsmeade this weekend?"
Yes, with my imaginary friends. Then halfway through the trip I'm going to meet up with my rather promiscuous imaginary boyfriend and we shall spend the rest of the time of the trip talking and shopping. "I wasn't planning on it, no."

She sat up straighter. "Do you have any plans?"

"No." I said. "Why, do you need some extra he-"

She squealed. "Melody and Becki have a double date with some Ravenclaw guys and Sarah's got a date with her boyfriend, and I was hoping I could get a friend to go with me! Will you go with me?"

"Sure, sounds like fun." I answered.

But what should I wear?

I'd been to Hogsmeade once, in third year all alone, wearing my robes. I'd never been with my friends, let alone my extraordinarily new popular acquaintance. So I pulled out a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater and settled with it.

I met Rose outside, the fall air blowing the flyaways from her auburn braid and into her smiling face.

"Hey Rae!"

I grinned a bit. "Hi Rose."

"C'mon, where do you wanna go first? I was thinking first the quill shop and then maybe the bookstore and somewhere down the line, we ought to get a butterbeer…" She jabbled away some more while I nodded.

"You do?"

"Hmm?" I looked up at her.

She was smirking slyly. "You think Justice Smith is cute?"

Justice Smith, a blonde Quidditch player in my house who was rather attractive but not completely smokin'. Way out of my league though.

"Yeah, I suppose." I said, a little blandly.

She tilted her head. "You know…I think I saw him glancing at you in Potions. I think he might…have a crush." She wiggled her eyebrows and singsonged at the end of the sentence.

I couldn't help it. I groaned a bit. "No way." It was sweet how she was trying to make me feel like the center of boys' attention, even though the only kind of attention I was getting from males was Al's-not exactly something I wanted. Since Wednesday, I'd been ducking around corners and into girls' bathrooms to avoid him. He stared at me in classes and muttered darkly to Scorpius, but other than that, we made no contact with each other.

Rose nudged me. "Why not? C'mon Rae, try a bit of-well, flirty-ness. I mean, you must like someone. Who is he?"

I looked at her as we crossed the threshold of the quill shop. "And when will you admit your undying love and forever-yielding obsession of a certain Malfoy boy?"

She scoffed and blushed a bit. "I do not have feelings for him!"

"Mmmhmm." I picked up a violet quill and twirled it. "Get this one." I handed it to her.

"Purple?" She questioned.

I shook my head. "Violet." I smiled. "Matches your hair."

"Violet and red? Are you colorblind?"

I walked around a rack of shiny gold quills. "Contrary to popular belief, red and violet look absolutely excellent when they rub elbows. Perhaps it's just my opinion." I shrugged, turning around.

Rose walked over to a different display and I swiveled to the window. I saw a couple holding hands and two third year girls pushing each other towards the Three Broomsticks.

I glanced at a few more things, waiting for Rose to finish. About 10 minutes later, she bounded over to me, and hooked her arm through mine and pulled me out into the crisp air.

"Ready for lunch?" I asked, gesturing to the Three Broomsticks.

She chuckled like what I imagined an animated walrus would chuckle like. "No! We shop till we drop, then we eat!"

I rolled my eyes.

For the next hour, Rose and I circulated through the stores, her shopping, me commenting. I entered the beauty supply store reluctantly behind her, my stomach gnawing at me unpleasantly. She browsed and I followed dully. She picked up a jar.

"I think I'll get this!" She beamed at her find.

I grabbed the jar. "Freckle-Erasing Cream? Rose, your body is a sacred vessel and you do not need to to remove any blemishes. That'd be like covering up…the blast-markings-stuff from a cannon that hit your ship."

"Why wouldn't you want to clean it off?"

"To prove you've been in battle." I answered.

She tilted her head and her braid swung steadily. "So, what you're saying is that my freckles are battle scars?"

I nodded and took the jar from her claws and set it upon the counter. "Besides, that jar is definitely not big enough." I grinned, nodding at her rather freckly shoulders that her robes normally covered, but the tank top she was wearing today didn't.

She nudged me with her elbow and pulled her sweater back on. "Shut it. C'mon, let's go get something to eat."

Rose was pretty cool. She was funny and told me stories from her parents and laughed at everything I said. I tried to open up more around her, so that we could be more than acquaintances and be like Actually Legit Friends. We tromped into the completely backed bar, surveying for an empty table.

"Oh! Over here." She grabbed my forearm and pulled me across the room to the left.

"Mind if we join you?"

"No problem."

I looked up.

So did Al.


Just when I had begun to like Rose, she pulled something like this.

Hey! Sorry it's taken me so long, but here's the next chapter! I just started at my new school and I've been absolutely taken with trying to find out ways to transfer to like, Hogwarts or Pigfarts so I haven't been able to express my thoughts until…now, I suppose.


I will absolutely love it if you will follow or rate or review because then you will make my completely hellicious week a bit less hellicious.


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