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Sex, Lies and Pork Pies by Serena Summer
Chapter 1 : Another year, another teacher, another problem.
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Violet sat on the hogwarts express in a compartment with best friends Teddy and Victoire and boyfriend James Potter, staring aimlessly out the window. the rain bouncing off the windows set the perfect atmosphere for what was going to be the longest and most boring year yet. they had nothing to look forward to and nothing really going on latley. she ran her fingers through her dark brown wavey hair that fell to her lower back, she had emerald green eyes and quite pale skin - she looked like a typicall Slytherin. she looked right she fitted right into the slytherin house but being best friends and a girlfriend to Gryffindors, the only thing she got called was a traitor.
"this years going to be awful" she sighed, looking up to her boyfriend who had is arm around her shoulder.

"it wont be that bad" he laughed pushing her a bit. the journey was long and boring and it started to go dark before they even got there. after 3 hellish hours the train screeched and came to a stop outside hogwarts. she sighed and stood up, grabbing her suitcase. a sea of people moved under the moonlight into the great hall, lead by now a very old Hagrid, James and Albus and Teddy, Victoire and Violet at the back.

"alright well i'll see you later" said Violet as she walked over to the Slytherin table. she smiled back at her friends and then sat down next to some girls that she shared a room with. she didnt like them and they didnt really like her but she had to sleep somewhere. she leant her head on her hand and looked around the room. she had always hated the sorting seremony and the feast. she wasn't really one for eating and she didnt see the point in watching all the first years get sorted one by one when if anyones worth knowing she would find out anyway. it always went on for ages and ages and she hated how they made them sit there on a hard bench for hours and hours just to be rewarded with food she didn't want. Professor Mcgonagall stepped forward to the podeum to begin her boring speech. ever since she got elected as new principle she made the openeing speech 10x longer. she began by welcoming everyone, and then onto sorting the stupid first years. after the 20th person everyone had lost intrest. Violet began to look around the room as she lost her last strands of attention. she found eye contact with her boyfriend James who smiled at her and she smiled back. she looked back as she sorted the last few first years. they were finally over and Mcgonagall walked back up to the podium.
"im please to welcome a new teacher this year" she said loudly looking back to all the teachers, Violet didn't even look at them, she was almost asleep at this point and so was pretty much everyone else in the room.
she turning around and looked at him and jesturing him to stand up.

he stood up and there were quite a few gasps. all the girls and even a few guys in the room started to whisper and giggle. Violet looked around at everyone whispering to each other wondering what was going on and then she realised some people staring at the front of the hall. she followed their line of vision and noticed one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen in her life, awkardly standing up his name - professor Arthur Drake.

he had mousey brown hair with a few blonde highlights that swished slightly to his right eye. he had sparkling blue eyes and a perfect bone structure, he had a cute botton nose and his cheek bones were framed by his perfectly tanned skin and his mouth, well thats just what everyone was dreaming of kissing. he was dressed in only a midnight blue silk shirt and a pair of tight black pants instead of the traditional dress robes. he sat down again going a bit red, he had no idea why everyone was whispering but he hated this attention. Violet quickly found Victoire in the crowd of people giggling and she found eye contact Violet. they both grinned at each other and laughed. he was one of the.. no THE hottest teacher hogwarts had ever seen.

"that concludes the assembly" said Mcgonagall turning around and dissmissing everyone. Violet stood up along with all the other slytheirns and slowly made her way to the door where he friends were waiting for her. she ran up to Victoire and they both squealed.
"Did you see Professor Drake?!" asked Violet with a smile
"yeah he's so hot!" replied Victoire. both Teddy and James rolled their eyes.
"are you going to be talking about him for the whole year?" groaned Teddy.
"just because your jealous!" teased Violet, wrapping her arms around James' weist. they all laughed except James who may have taken a bit of a disliking to the new teacher. Violet turned around to the slytherin girls calling her off to go find their new dorm. 
"i have to go" she said with a smile. she got on her tiptoes to get face to face with James and gave him a quick kiss.
"bye she said to the others and she quickly walked to the other girls who turned around to walk away. 

she followed the girls to the slytherin common room, it had only been 6 weeks but she had already forgotten how to get there. they walked in and as soon as she set foot in the common room she felt right at home. it was so separated and excluded from the others she just loved the solitude and serinity you couldn't feel in any of the other houses. she sat down on a huge green silk arm chair facing the only window in the room which was looking out into the depths of the lake. she tucked her legs to her chest and she looked out to the fishes swimming past. the warmth of the flickering fire made her eyes close even though she tried to keep them open. her head started to nod and she quickly fell asleep. 

her eyes flickered open, she had woken in the same position that she fell asleep in. she rubbed her eyes and stood up. the fire had burnt out and it was almost pitch black. she looked at her watch and it showed it was 2 in the morning. she shivered and looked for her hoodie that she had with her before she walked into the common room. she searched around for it and realised that she must have left it in the great hall or something. she sighed and grabbed her wand which was by her side. 
"lumos" she whispered, lighting up the whole common room. she creeped out the door and into the pitch black halls and the ice cold floor. she walked slowly through the corridors trying not to make any noise but that wasn't possible when every picture she past with her light shouted at her. 

she turned a corner thinking it would be another empty corridor but instead she found a very half naked and confused looking Professor Drake. 
"umm professor Drake?" she asked trying not to stare at his six pack. he was wearing nothing but his blue pyjama bottoms. he spun around and sheiled his eyes from the light she was shining at him. she tried not to laugh when he looked around trying to figure out where he was.
"where am i?" he asked with  a sigh. she looked at him like he was an idiot.
"erm Hogwarts?" she replied as if he was deaf and stupid
"yeah i know that!" he replied getting a bit frustrated now, "where exactly am i?" 
"in the corridor" she laughed "near the great hall" 
"now let me ask, why are you here and half naked?" she asked with a smirk. he put his hand to his head and laughed nervously
"i sleep walk, whats your excuse?" he replied, noticing he had no top on and going a bit red.
"getting my hoodie" she said twirling a piece of hair around her finger. she came across cockily on the outside and maybe a tiny bit rude but she was screaming on the inside, he was so hot it was unreal, "do you know your way back?" she asked raising her eyebrows. he looked around to see where he was and smiled,
"nope" he laughed. she smiled sweetly,
"follow me" she said turning around and wlaking towards the teachers rooms. she had left her hoodie but she didnt really care. this was amazing.

she braught him to a huge door with some latin on it.,
"i think this is it" she said with a smile. he opened the door and had a look in,
"yeah this is great thanks" he said returning the smile and walking in. he was about to shut the dor untill he turned around and opened it wide again.
"what did you say you're name was again?" he asked,
"i didn't" she replied "it's Violet, Violet Gower.. class 6G" she said quietly
"oh iv got you tomorrow morning" he said cheerfully, "sleep tight Violet" he said closing the door behind him. she screamed inside and turning around. she ran back to the dorm, leaving her hoodie. she dived into bed with  a huge smile on. she closed her eyes, remembering his last words 'sleep tight' and that was exactly what she was going to do. she was taking this whole thing like some obsessed fan with some band but she didn't really care.

she woke up the next morning bright and early. well not that early, everyone was awake and her friends were already dressed and at breakfast but this was early enough for Violet. she got dressed and skipped down to the hall for breakfast where her gryffindor friends were sitting. she couldn't wait to tell them but she had to sit with slytherins. she was liked by most gryffindors anyway so she snuck over to their table and sat down next to Victoire. she got some funny looks but no teachers saw s it was fine.
"guess what happened last night!" she said excitedly to Victorie
"i give up" she said quickly with a laugh
"well it was 2 in the mornign and i need my hoodie which i left in here so i walked down and i turned a corner and you'll never guess who was there! Professor Drake, half naked, totally confused, been sleep walking" she laughed "i showed him back to the teachers dorm and he said" she did a short squeal and said "sleep tight!". Victoire smiled sarcastically and then looked back to Teddy who rolled his eyes.
"wow" James said sarcastically, "seriously he said sleep tight and your screaming about it?" he asked trying not to laugh. Violet's face dropped
"yeah but it wasn't just anyone, it was the hottest guy i have ever seen!" she sighed even though her boyfriend was litterally sitting right there.
"oh okay then.." he said and looked to Teddy
"yeah but in" he looked at his watch "30 minutes, you wont be the only student to have talked to him" laughed Teddy. she raised her eyebrows and grabbed taddy's hand looking at his watch. she stood up and grabbed a piece of toast,
"i've got to get ready i have Professor Drake first thing!" she exclaimed runnin away to her dorm.

"can you beleive her?" asked James slightly annoyed, "is it just me who thinks obsessing over a guy twice her age, infront of her boyfriend is fucked up or is it just me?" he said boting into some toast,
"i wouldn't worry about it mate she'll realise that he's just another teacher soon enough" replied Teddy putting his hand on his shoulder,
"yeah it's not like your losing your girlfriend to a teacher or anything" said Victoire. they all laughed,
"yeah whatever she's just really annoying me at the moment" he said resting his head on his hand. he looked at Teddy's watch, "come on we better go" he said. they all stood up and they walked back to their dorms to get their books.

Violet walked into class, the first one there obviously. Professor Drake looked up and smiled.
"oh hey Violet" he said with a smile. she screamed in her head - he had actually remembered her name! she took a seat on the front row and when he got closer he tried not to laugh. he didn't know if it was the light in there or what but it really... lets just say enhanced her thich layer of foundation and 'perfectly' straightened hair well it was more like sinjed but she thought it looked good. her eye lashes had maraculasly doubled in size and her lips seemed to have gone 5 shades lighter in sparkly pink. she sat there twirling a piece of hair around her fingers and innocently doodling on her book. she moved a bit and he noticed that her skirt was rolled up about ten times almost showing her knickers. what she didnt seem to realise is that he had an engagemnet ring on his finger and that she had an incredibly jealoud boyfriend.  there was only one word for this situation, well two - embarrasing and cringeworthy.

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Sex, Lies and Pork Pies: Another year, another teacher, another problem.


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