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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 23 : Long Night
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 Chapter Twenty-Three

“What the hell is this?” asked Al looking as shocked as I felt at the sight of Ben and Louis kissing. Ben stopped kissing Louis and pushed him away. Louis looked hurt and humiliated seeming to be on the verge of bursting into tears. I looked from Ben to Louis and a lot of things that had happened over the past few weeks all of a sudden seemed to be making perfect sense; the looks they shared, their near fight on the night of the Halloween party and Louis’ behaviour when we were watching the team practice.

“Is this what I think it is?” I asked mainly directing the question at Ben who looked away seemingly angry “Are the two of you… together?”

“No” Ben replied immediately “He came onto me”. Louis sighed and rolled his eyes, Al took a step towards Ben and grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt

“Is that true” Al asked him. Ben looked scared for a moment but eventually pushed Al off him “Yes it’s true” he spat “Louis kissed me out of the blue, I don’t know why it’s never happened before”

“Except that’s not true is it” I asked once again “Because I’ve noticed something between the two of you a few times, a glance here and there, that fight you nearly had”. Louis stayed silent and had his eyes transfixed on Al as if he pleading for help. Al didn’t notice

“Right fine” shouted Ben “Louis has a crush on me; it’s been going on for a while but he just won’t take no for an answer”

“Is this true” Al asked turning towards Louis “Have you got a voice?” Louis looked deeply hurt and shifted uncomfortably “Well” Al repeated growing more impatient by the second “Louis, is what Ben is saying true”

“No” said Louis “No it isn’t, Ben made the first move on me a few days before Halloween. We were studying together in the library, having a laugh and that, and then all of a sudden he leaned in for a kiss”. Ben looked humiliated as Al let go of him

“I kissed him back” Louis continued “I’ve always kind of liked him and I was pleased. I suppose maybe I’ve been coming on a bit strong and it’s made him angry at times, I’ve been trying to help him, I know how hard it is coming to terms with it. Especially with yourself”

I looked to Ben who had tears in his eyes and ran off. Instinctively I ran after him leaving Al and Louis alone; as I looked behind me I saw Al put an arm around Louis and guide him up the stairs. I eventually found Ben on the floor of a History of Magic classroom; he was crying so I sat down next to him

“Just don’t” he said “I’ve tried fighting it I really have; I know what’ll happen if anyone finds out Ollie, my family aint like Louis’ they won’t be ok with it”

“I wasn’t going to say anything” I said “Except that; you could have told me or Hugo or Ryan. We are your best friends; we’ll love you no matter what your sexual preference is. I might draw the line at goats or something however”. Ben laughed and wiped his eyes

“You’ve got no idea what my parents are like” said Ben “They say the most awful things about people they don’t approve of; one of our neighbours came out and my dad said she had a disease”

“Some people are just ignorant” I said recalling some of the things I’ve heard people say about my dad “Ben; they’re your parents, you’re their only son and they will love you no matter what”

“You don’t know that” said Ben sounding quite broken “I’m their only kid and my mum wants to be a grandmother so badly, and my dad pretty much hates anyone that isn’t a fat middle aged white bloke”

“So, this whole thing with Louis” I changed the topic aware that Ben was getting more upset by the minute “There must be a reason why you kissed him, do you like him?”

“Yeah” said Ben smiling “I really, really like him. He’s great and he’s been really helpful to me this past month. I feel bad about the way I’ve treated him, he always tried to help but I just pushed him away”

“I’m sure he knows you don’t mean it” I said smiling; Ben smiled back to my relief “And I’m sure that he won’t be angry with you, he’ll understand, it’s not like he hasn’t been through this himself remember”

“Yeah I know” said Ben “Thanks Ollie; you really are the nicest guy in the entire school. You promise me that you won’t tell anyone?”

“Of course I won’t; not until you’re ready” I said as we both got up and made our way to the door. I slung an arm around Ben’s shoulder and we eventually reached the common room to find Al, Louis, Leila and Dom sitting around the fire clearly waiting. From what I could tell from her reaction, Dom was fully aware of what had been going on between her twin brother and Ben as she squeezed Louis’ hand before he got up

“I’ve told Oliver everything” said Ben, once again nearly in tears “I’m sorry Louis, I know you’ve been trying to help and you don’t deserve to be treated the way I’ve treated you”

“It’s ok” said Louis stroking his arm “See, you’ve told Oliver everything. You can do it, you are brave enough”

“Oliver’s just one person though” Ben replied as I sat down next Dom & Al who both smiled at me, Leila came over and hugged me “I don’t think I can tell all of Gryffindor or the school. Malfoy would have a bloody field day if he found out”

“Just take it one step at a time then” said Louis smiling back at him and taking his hand “And we’ll all support you all the way won’t we guys” he asked turning towards Al, Dom & I and we nodded in agreement

“Thanks” said Ben looking at me and smiling. I smiled back as he and Louis kissed

“Damn it” said Dom “Even my brother has a boyfriend; if that isn’t a sign I’m going to stay single and get eaten by my cat’s when I’m dead then I don’t know what is”. We all laughed as Louis and Ben came to sit down next to us hand in hand.

I was pleased when an hour later we all headed to bed. It seemed like an eternity a go that Lily had kissed me when in reality it had only been a few hours; then I remembered it was my birthday the next day which meant party time

More drama! Next chapter is a bit less intense than the last few. Exactly 3500 reads at the time of writing so:

a.     Thanks’ to everyone who has read even just one chapter so far

b.    Please leave a review, I love to know people’s thoughts

c.     Don’t be afraid to criticize. This is my first proper story ever so I’m still finding my feet and establishing a style

d.    Don’t be really harsh like say it’s shit or anything, be constructive because I can learn and adapt from that

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