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Rose and Thorn by MoaningTonks
Chapter 4 : Albus Severus
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Albus was waiting inside after everyone else had left. He’d pulled his parents aside and shared what he knew about Rose and her mom with them, and they’d been shocked. Nobody had expected Hermione to have pulled such a betrayal. Al’s father seemed to take it the worst. He went into shock, then clutched his scar as though it were burning him. Ginny yanked his hand away and squeezed, then explained to Al that it was pure habbit that only happened when Harry heard something unpleasant like this. It was not a good surprise.

When Rose came back in with her mother, only Hugo, Ron, and Albus remained in the pub. They stared expectantly for the story they knew was coming, though each of them had heard it already. Ron looked disgusted, and that made Hermione look exhausted. She sat down across from her husband and seemed to crumple on herself. Ron sent Albus and Rose back to the school, promising to send an owl soon. Rose’s only comfort was that he didn’t appear angry with her.

All the way back to the school, Rose cried and Albus comforted her. No matter what was said, Rose treated it like it was all her fault. Days went by where Rose refused to come down the dorm stairs, and they had to send McGonagall up to get her. All those mornings, she refused to even come down with McGonagall. Though Ron had promised to send Rose an owl, he didn’t follow through. Hugo sent an owl two weeks after the chilling discovery to announce that Ron had left the house and hadn’t yet returned.


We don’t know where dad went, but he’s gone. Uncle Harry says that he’s okay. He just needs time. I don’t understand though; you’re still my sister, right? I mean, nothing has even changed there. Mum says that you can come home whenever you want to, for holidays or whenever. Albus and James are going home next weekend, and we were invited to go with them. What do you think? Will you meet me there? I promise I’m not mad at you.


Rose felt bad after that for ignoring everyone. She hadn’t known that other people were suffering because she was hiding from her problems. The very next morning she came back downstairs and attended all of her classes.

Albus welcomed her back by treating her like she never left. Instead of ignoring her and spending all of his time on other things as he’d been doing, however, he spent all his time with her. He helped her catch up in her classes and have fun. Fred joined in most days, playing little pranks here and there. Even James and Teddy were extra friendly towards her. Rose started to slowly come out of her shell.


Two months later, Rose was out by the lake. It was the middle of December, and it was cold, but it was beautiful. She sat watching the light flash off of the ice on the lake. She didn’t notice that Al and James were standing a little way back, talking about her. They were discussing how much she’d changed.

“I’ve never seen her so… alive. I don’t know what it is,” James whispered.

“I know. And have you noticed that she spends so much time out here now? It’s like she’s attached to the lake or something. Do you think it has something to do with being a veela?” Al asked.

“Veela are just like normal people, only they mate for life. They have… urges. I suppose maybe the outdoors holds more attraction for mythical creatures?” James replied.

“She’d be so angry if she heard us talking. Nothing has changed with her. She’s the same person she’s always been, we’re just not related like we used to think,” Al stated.

“She won’t know that we’re discussing this. Besides, we can’t let it go unsaid. She won’t want to hear it anyways,” James told him.

“I just don’t think anything has really changed. She’s the same girl. She’ll always be Rose. She’s our best friend. Well, my best friend. Nothing will change that,” Al said with feeling. He walked away from James and moved to sit down by Rose.

“Hi Albus. What are you doing out here? It’s cold,” Rose welcomed him.

“Hey Rosie. I was looking for you. What are you doing out here? You’re right, it’s really cold,” Al laughed.

“I’m just watching. I’m not cold at all. Do you want to go in and play chess or something?” Rose asked.

“Sure thing, Rosie. Let’s go,” Al replied. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. Rose thought for a moment that he was going to do something else (like kiss her?) but he just turned and pulled her past James and up to the Gryffindor common room.

Rose was walking through the school one night after dinner when she came across the room by accident. She’d heard the stories of the Room of Requirement, but she’d been told it was destroyed in the war. She was on the fifth floor, on her way up to the tower, but she was thinking about needing to find a place that she could be alone to think. She wanted to hide from everyone. She stopped abruptly, thinking hard about such a room, one in which noone would find her, and then she heard it. There was a faint pop! and a door appeared where none had been before.

Rose studied the door, and she watched carefully as students walked past her. She stopped one, Violett Finnegan, and asked her about the door.

“What are you talking about? There’s nothing there. Are you trying to prank me again?” she demanded. Rose shook her head and walked away, leaving the door behind.

Instead of going up to the common room, Rose took off for the kitchens. She knew that at the very least Kreacher and Winky would keep her company. They wouldn’t care if she were a Malfoy or a Weasley. Kreacher might actually prefer to know that she was more of a Malfoy now. She tickled the pear and walked in. Not a single house-elf looked up at her as she sat down at the small table. They didn’t acknowledge her existence for a long time, not until Kreacher suddenly appeared.

As soon as they saw Kreacher, the elves surrounded him asking a flurry of questions. “What did he say? Are you in trouble?” Winky demanded.

“Professor Slughorn says that we is not in trouble. We is being right. I is telling you this days ago, Winky,” a house-elf sighed. Kreacher nodded. Then he noticed Rose.

“Master Weasley, has no one helped you yet?” he asked, shocked. Rose shook her head, a lone tear trailing down her cheek.

“Oh Kreacher, I think I’m going crazy! I’m not really a Weasley at all! I found out awhile ago that I’m a Malfoy. My mother… I’m Draco Malfoy’s daughter!” Rose sobbed. Kreacher awkwardly hugged her.

“Winky, you is ignoring the students again, isn’t you?” the house-elf demanded. Winky whimpered before trying to hand Rose a glass of butterbeer. Rose took it, but scowled through her tears.

“Leave her alone, Zeffer. I don’t see you helping me. Winky has always been nice to me,” Rose snapped. The house-elf bowed and disappeared.

“Let’s get you up to bed, Miss Weasley,” Kreacher cooed. Rose had never heard Kreacher treat anyone the way he was treating her. She had known Kreacher would like that she was a Malfoy, but she hadn’t anticipated this reaction.

“Thank you so much for listening. And I have a question,” Rose said. “Was the Room of Requirement destroyed in the war?”

Zeffer looked up from the corner of the room he had disappeared to. “No, miss. There is a prophecy on that room. Only the daughter of a Gryffindor and a Slytherin can open that door anymore, and what waits inside shouldn’t be seen by anyone but that poor girl,” he cackled.


Rose woke up the next morning in her own bed, but she didn’t remember going there on her own. The last thing she remembered was Zeffer teasing her about some prophecy. The daughter of a Gryffindor and Slytherin. The only union like that in the entire world had resulted in Rose. Rose was the girl of the prophecy? And what could be waiting in that room that was so bad?

Albus was waiting for her when she came down the stairs. “Let’s go out to the quidditch pitch. You need some fresh air, Rosie,” he said immediatly. He took her hand and led her down the stairs and out the front door. He had their brooms waiting by the pitch, and he had even gotten Hannah Wood to leave the practice balls unlocked. They played three rounds of one-on-one, and Rose won all three. By the end of the third, she knew Al wasn’t really playing to the best of his ability.

“Come on, Potter! Don’t go soft on me! I know you play better than this,” Rose taunted. She had noticed that in the middle of their second game, the stands had started to fill. James and Teddy were watching, as was the entire Gryffindor team, Sophie Longbottom, Violett Finnegan, Scorpius Malfoy, and Fred Weasley. We were putting on quite the show, and it was amazing that they hadn’t asked to join in.

“Rose, pay attention, I’m gonna let the snitch go. We’ll play one more,” Al promised.

“Are you really going to play this time?” Rose teased.

“You want me to really go all out?” he smirked.

“You know it! It isn’t a challenge without you really trying,” she complained. Al smiled for real, then let go of the snitch. He truly did play to the best of his ability, and only a minute later, he was chasing the snitch. Rose veered directly in front of him, taking a direct hit, but catching the snitch. The jolt she got from Al’s broom knocked her off of her own, and she clutched the snitch tightly as she tumbled through the air. Her left hand gripped her broom tightly, and she tried desperately to swing herself back into balance.

“Rose! Grab my hand!” Al shouted. Without thinking, Rose dropped the snitch and her broom, throwing herself at Albus. He caught her, and then he gently landed his broom. “What were you thinking? You could have been killed!”

“I wasn’t going to die from catching the snitch, Albus. I would have gotten back on my broom eventually. And I didn’t realize you were that close anyways. I wouldn’t have cut you off otherwise,” Rose told him, shaken up.

The people in the stands had raced out to make sure she was okay, and they surrounded her. Everyone was talking at once, trying to make sure that no one was hurt, and that nothing was broken.

“What happened to the snitch?” Hannah demanded. She looked up into the sky, but it was getting too dark to see anything. “Madam Hooch is going to kill me for letting you lose it! Weasley, what were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t, apparently,” Rose grumbled.


Much later, Rose was alone in the library with Al. She was on the verge of finding something about the room of requirement, but everytime she thought she saw it mentioned, Al would distract her.

“Al, do you think the castle is alive?” she asked.

“No. I think that it’s magical. I think that the magic makes it seem alive. I don’t think that it has a mind or a heart, which is necassary to be alive. Why?” Al replied.

“I think I found the room of requirement earlier,” Rose told him. He stared at her blankly.

“That room was destroyed years ago, along with everything in it. Rosie, you’ve been through a lot. It’s time for you to relax now. Don’t worry about anything for a while,” Al said quietly.

“You think I imagined it?” she asked.

“I think you want a place where you can hide from the things you don’t want to know. We all need a place like that,” he told her gently.

“I guess you’re right. It was just wishful thinking. Still, it would be cool to see the room that started it all,” Rose sighed.

“Yeah,” Al agreed.

Hello! This is my first story on here, and I'm really thrilled to be able to share what I've imagined. I'd really love to know what you think, so please leave a review, good or bad! <3

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