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Twist and Turns by drummajorswagg
Chapter 2 : Midnight Discussions
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A/N Sorry about the long wait. I am always busy with school and extra-curricular activities. Lately, I have been having these really bad migraines and haven’t been able to even look at my computer screen. So again, I am sorry for the late update to the story. Also, if anyone who reads this story could please review, I would appreciate it. I would also appreciate suggestions for this story or even another one eventually. Thank you.
Also, I do not own anything but the plot in this or the previous chapter. Later on, there could be some made up characters thrown into the mix.

~Draco Malfoy~
Walking back to the dungeons, I was thinking to myself about how my life had just completely changed within a couple of hours. I had just saved Hermione Jean Granger from a terrible and humiliating public break-up from the Weasel.

I have no idea why I even saved her, but it made me feel important and allowed me to see why everyone is so dependent upon Potter.
Speaking of Potter, he sent me an owl and asked to speak with me in the trophy room at midnight. It was only 9:45, so I still had plenty of time to think about my actions, and why I really did that. I know he is probably going to yell at me or maybe even hit me, but I just don’t want to tell him that I have liked Hermione since first year; at least not until she knows.

She is so different from all of the other girls I know; and believe me, with my reputation that is a big number of girls. I knew she was intelligent but so am I. There has always been a difference of almost nothing between or work. Severus knows that I like her, but he is too kind to tell my father about her. Mother knows of course, but she wouldn’t tell Father either because she knows it would kill me.


I should probably head up to the trophy room now. I look around the corner, just to make sure I won’t be followed. I pull out my invisibility cloak, which father bought me after hearing the rumor that Potter has one. I run to the trophy room and look at my watch, 11:59. Phew! One minute to spare!

“I see you got my owl then, Malfoy.”

“Yes, Potter, I did. I was curious though, why it was just you who wanted to meet me, and not the Weasel too?”

“I figured he had had enough of you today. He was humiliated by you with the public punch, and then humiliated when Lavender found out that he had been using her to cheat on Hermione.”

“I thought she knew, but I am sure you didn’t drag me up here just to discuss his love life, or nonexistent now.”

“No, you are right. I brought you up here, because I wanted to thank you for taking care of Hermione in the Astronomy tower today. She told me about how you comforted her, but I am curious as to what you said to make her feel better. She wouldn’t share that with me, saying that it was between the two of you, and she would only diverge the details if you agreed to it.”

“I really wouldn’t feel comfortable with doing that at this time, Potter.”
“Alright Malfoy, I wanted to extend my friendship towards you. I know it sounds weird, but if you ever need anything, and I mean anything, I would be glad to help you. This isn’t just one of those empty gestures either; I really mean it since you saved my best friend from the humiliation of my other best friend’s arrogant behaviors.”

“Thank you, Potter. I know it probably sounds weird coming from me, but I actually might have to take you up on that offer sooner than you think.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, I haven’t told Hermione yet, but I am supposed to become a death eater this summer, so my mother has ordered that I be taken to a safe house for the summer and for all of my friends to have no contact with me until the start of next term, to prevent location of me or danger to them. I am the secret keeper, so I am going to give you this information under the privilege that you will keep it a secret also. I am to be housed three blocks from you aunt and uncle’s house. My protection will consist of many aurors, and Severus Snape. I am allowed to give this information to two people whom I trust completely and you are one that I have chosen. Hermione is to be the other. I have chosen you two, because I know that you are the one who has to defeat Voldemort, and Hermione has her reasons also, not to be shared at this time.”

“Malfoy… Does this mean that you trust me with the secret to your survival? I know we have a rough past, but I would be honored to help you.”

“Thank you. I am aware that Hermione is to be going on vacation with her parents, but they have been told about the situation of their daughter being involved with a ministry protection program, and have had their memories altered to know nothing of having a daughter. She will be staying with me at the safe house. Since Dumbledore has warned the ministry that the house of your relatives is the best place for you to be, you will be staying there, but are welcome to come over to my safe house anytime you wish.”

“Please pass this letter on to Hermione. It is a letter from the minister explaining everything. It also has a letter from her parents. Her things have all been moved to the safe house, as have mine. Anything of yours that you wish to have moved over to the safe house also, you may make a list and send it to the minister within the week.”

“I will. Thank you Draco for trusting me with such an important job; I am sure Hermione will be please to assist as well.”

A/N: There is this little box at the bottom of this page, and it acts like a patronus. It sends me your messages, so please leave some.

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Twist and Turns: Midnight Discussions


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