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Drowning Down Under by AussieLottie
Chapter 26 : Chapter 26: Public
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A/N: I'm back again! And I have the chapter I know you've all been waiting for because I've been waiting to upload it too! So anyhow, here it is. Enjoy it! Cherish it! Keep it close to your heart! etc etc etc. :) I only own the plot and my own characters. All other rights go to J.K. Rowling. My story is beta's by fellow Dramione writer, anythingbutmuggle. Now, without further ado. Here it is!





The rest of the holidays past in a hazy blur of fun, nearly every waking moment was spent with Draco, we were inseparable. Occasionally a Professor would walk by when we were in the halls together and shoot the two of us a surprised look, I swear that Professor McGonagall winked at me when she saw us holding hands! As the holidays drew to a close, I felt nervous yet also incredibly excited to be officially dating Draco. How would people react? I wondered often… Before I knew it, it was the Sunday before school would start again and students were already arriving back early. I walked through the crowded halls, looking for Ginny, wearing a scarf. I walked around and saw her Weasley red hair.


“GINNY!” I yelled, she span around looking for me and when she saw me waving happily at her, she made her way over, a gigantic grin spreading across her face.

“HERMIONE!” She squealed, pulling me into a huge hug. “HOW ARE YOU?! I can’t believe you didn’t come home.. Was it boring? Did you have anyone to talk to?” Questions continued bursting out of her mouth until she noticed a red mark on my neck, her eyes narrowed and her mouth snapped shut, she pulled me into an alcove of from the hall and pulled the scarf down, revealing the love-bite Draco had given me the day before yesterday..
“Hermione…?” She asked questioningly. “Wait.. Did you and Draco..?” I nodded and blushed and she squealed again. “OH MY GOODNESS! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!” She jumped up and down before puling the scarf back up and dragging me back out into the busy halls. We made our way into the common room and she dragged me up into the dorm. “Spill.” She said firmly. I smiled modestly and began.

“We sat next to each other at Christmas dinner and then went for a walk outside afterwards.. We talked stuff out and now we’re back together..” I shrugged, a strong blush still visible on my cheeks.

“Back together..?” Ginny questioned.

“We’re going to go public..”

“What?!” Ginny gasped, goggling. “Holy Merlin! I’m so happy for you! You deserve this!” She stopped and a thought came to her.. “Wait… You and him didn’t.. did you?” She asked.

“No.” I said truthfully.

“Oh.” Said Ginny.

“Yeah.” I murmured. Ginny shook her head and stood up, pulling me with her.

“Come on then, let’s go get something to eat. I’m starved.” She moaned. I rolled my eyes and stood up.

“Alright alright..” I grinned, it was great to have her back.


We entered the Great Hall after a brief stop to drop off bags and change in the Dorm. I settled down at the table and chatted happily to Neville, Luna sat beside him, gazing off into space dreamily and looking up and adding the random detail. Apparently she had spent half of the Holidays at Neville’s house. I looked bemusedly at the two, from Neville’s occasional blush, to their conspiratorial looks, it was obvious there was more then JUST a friendship between the two. Ginny had noticed this too as we both looked at each other and smiled. I was tucking into my plate of food as Draco came behind me and put his hand over my eyes.


“Guess Who?” He whispered, his breath tickling my neck.

“Draco?” I asked, turning my head to look at him. He smiled and leant down and kissed me. Getting an “AAAW” From Ginny. And complete and utter silence from the rest of the school. I felt myself blush deeply and I saw Draco look at me in humor before turning his famous trademark smirk on the rest of the school.

“Yeah, me and Hermione are dating. Got a problem?” He asked nonchalantly. The silence slowly subsided as whispers and mutterings began. A hysterical Pansy stood from the Slytherin table and ran running from the Great Hall. I felt myself smirk a little.. Everyone knew of her obsession with Draco. Most of the Slytherins looked disgusted and snooty. Whereas the Ravenclaws were the main gossips. Hufflepuff wasn’t too bothered, except for Tim and Doris who were looking at the two of us and wearing smirks to put Draco’s to shame. Everyone at the Gryffindor table was looking at me in utter bewilderment. They all looked truly baffled. Neville finally spoke.

“Con.. Congratulations Hermione.. and.. Malfoy..” He took a deep breath. “Me and Luna are dating too!” Me and Ginny simply looked at each other and said together, “AAAAAW.” Luna just smiled dreamily as Neville laid a kiss on her cheek. Conversation began to return to normal and apart from the occasional side glance and sneer from the Slytherins. All was well. Draco took the empty seat beside me and began to serve himself a plate.

“See, I told you no one would care.” He said smiling.

“Well.” I grinned, “Pansy certainly minded.”

He laughed. “She’ll get over it.”

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to my plate. Draco looked around at my friends and the table. “Your table has a better view..” He finally said.

“Of what? The door?” Ginny asked laughing, breaking the ice between them. He smiled charmingly at her. “Among other things.” He replied, getting a blush from both me and Ginny.


Finally I had finished my plate and I waited as Draco finished his. “Dessert?” He asked.

“Always.” I replied, grinning. He stood up and offered his arm to me, I took it and we left the Great Hall, whispers starting up as soon as we cleared the doorway. I rolled my eyes. “They’ll get used to it.” He said.

“They’d better..” I said in a jokingly threatening way. “I haven’t cursed anyone in a while.” I put on a serious face and laughed at the expression on Draco’s face. “I was kidding!” I smiled.

“So was I.” He said, laughing back.


He took my hands in his and pulled me close. Giving me a kiss.



A/N: What did you think? R/R and let me know? PLEEEEASE :) It makes me know what is good, what could be improved on etc. And if you leave idea's for the future, I'll honestly take them into consideration!

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