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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 31 : We Made It To The End
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Exams; The bane of my ultimate existence (other than people like Mallum or Jessica). It’s a good thing, less than four weeks later, they were over. Done. Finito! And that was it.

I think they went pretty well in my opinion. I didn’t feel like my whole future would be ruined or anything, and I knew I always had my Quidditch tryout which was on the sixteenth of July. But of course, being the smart guy I am, I studied a ton and I hope it paid off. Charla was more cynical about her exams, as was Sisi, but we agreed to put them behind us and not think about them until the day of results, which would not come for another few weeks, in time to tell us whether we could graduate or not.

Another grand happening that occurred, on the first of June, was we got an owl letting us know that Dominique had gone into labour in the middle of Vic’s living room. Unfortunately by the time we had run across the castle to McGonagall’s office, and convinced her to let us apparated home, Dom had already left for the baby place (whatever you call it) at St Mungo’s. And when we managed to get there, her baby was nestled in her arms looking as adorable as she would for the rest of her existence.

Dom, on the other hand, looked at her worst; exhausted, having just been in pain, and swearing at her mother...

‘Oh my Merlin she is bloody adorable,’ Fred whispered in awe, peering over at the baby.

‘Fred, it’s as though you’ve never seen a baby before.’ Dom rolled her eyes.

Of course Fred had seen a baby before, he lives with the Weasleys!

‘What’s her name?’ I asked, running a finger over the babies tiny, starfish hands.

‘Isabelle, Isabelle Victoire Weasley.’ Dominique replied, and in true Weasley fashion, the baby opened it’s big eyes which were the perfect Weasley blue!

I got back to Hogwarts, two days later, after spending one day with my new Goddaughter, (you have no idea how proud I am when I say that) because Dom was too tired to think, and I then had to begin thinking about something that had completely escaped my mind.

‘-We actually have a graduation ball?’ Freddie asked in shock when Sisi brought it up that Monday evening.

‘Of course Fred,’ Char sighed, ‘it’s a week before the end of term, the day before the actual graduation ceremony.’

‘You’re my date right Sisi?’ Fred asked, gulping down a cup full of pumpkin juice while raising an eyebrow at her.

Sisi blushed but nodded, of course she would go with Fred.

‘What about you sweetheart?’ I patted Char’s hand, ‘you got a date yet?’

‘Jim Jam,’ she said sweetly, setting down her spoon and leaning forward on her hands, ‘you have scared away every possible date in the history of ever! I don’t think I’ll get a date until you’re dead!’

‘Good,’ I grinned, I mean, if she couldn’t date any other guy, she’d have to come back to me, right?

I brought up the topic again when we were walking back to the Gryffie common room from Charms, ‘in all honesty Char, you haven’t got a date yet for the graduation whatsit have you?’

‘No James, there are no guys you need to beat up...’ she sighed, and laughed a little, standing up on her toes to kiss my cheek.

‘That’s good, but... ugh... look, the last time I asked you to take me back you said no-’

Char gave a small smile and blushed a little bit.

‘So I’m not going to try that again, but doyouwanttogotograduationwhateverwithmeasfriends?’

‘Of course, I’d love to!’ She grinned, ‘I was waiting for you to ask.’

‘You actually understood what I said?’ I looked a little doubtful, but her secretive smile told me she did.

‘Jimmy darling, we’ve been best friends since forever, I understand you better than you understand yourself.’

We agreed on going together, just a friends of course, and arranged that on that day, in two weeks time, we would meet in the common room. It was apparently supposed to be very formal, which was annoying because as summer was drawing closer, very “formal” clothes were very hot... and no I don’t mean sexy, I mean sweaty and disgusting and really something that no one ever wants to wear.

That was something Fred complained about the time he was fighting with his dress robes... I quite liked mine, they were cool and easy and Sisi had put some kind of sweat resisting charm on it so it wasn’t too much like an oven.

‘Hurry up Fredster!’ I called, standing in the doorway of the dorm. I couldn’t believe that we only had a week left in this place. It was insane. I had practically lived in Hogwarts for the past seven years and this was my last week! I couldn’t help feeling a little depressed every time I left the dorm. I mean , I wasn’t even doing lessons anymore, we’d finished and were just waiting for the ok for our graduating. One more week.

‘Let’s go,’ Fred grimaced, pulling at his collar and fumbling with the pockets of his robes.

‘Have you seen the pictures of Uncle Ron’s dress robes? Be thankful you don’t have to wear something Great Great Aunt Tessie wore!’

We made our way down the spiral staircase to a packed common room. Saturday night was not usual this busy, I swear.

Mind you, half the people in here were dressed up in fancy clothes and looking around aimlessly, waiting for friends or dates.

‘Roisia,’ Fred dropped a kiss on the top of her head and spun her around. In turn, I gave her a hug too.

‘You look beautiful Sisi,’ I told her. And she did, in her little black dress and curled hair. She blushed pink and buried her face in my shoulder. ‘You’re gorgeous!’ I whispered.

‘Good evening Jim Jam,’ came the most familiar voice in the world.

‘Good evening Miss Wood,’ I turned around and was a little surprised by the closeness to the fairytale stories. ‘You look like a princess,’ I mumbled. She was wearing a dress I had seen before.

‘You chose this dress,’ Char whispered, reaching up and hugging me tight, ‘do you remember!’

‘Of course!’ I told her proudly. It was the one from Vic’s shop. It only came to her knees, but something about it was more elegant than a ball gown. It had a funny neckline and a low cut back and was a deep blue. ‘I knew it would be pretty on you.’

Char pushed my shoulder and grabbed my hand, ‘come on Jim Jam, we’ve got a ball to get to!’

The Great Hall was enchanted to look like a garden scene. It actually looked relatively like our garden at Grimmauld Place... over grown, untamed, wild, and a little scary. There was a dance floor, if you could find it, which was a large tiled area, at the end of several winding paths. Around it was a bar with drinks and snacks and that had winding vines creeping up the sides.

There were paths leading off, one to a pond that had been put in just for the evening and some just around the hall, which seemed to have some extension charm.

‘Whoever designed it this year, was an utter genius!’ Charla beamed, fingering a delicate looking plant of deep purple. I plucked it from the bush and tucked it behind her ear.

It didn’t take long for Fred and Sisi to disappear off into the garden somewhere, and I didn’t fancy wandering off to find them for fear of what I might come across.

Instead, I was dragged on to the dance floor... to dance... in case you didn’t know, I can’t dance to save my life... I really can’t. Char can, she can jump up and down and twist and turn and look like she knows what she’s doing. Me? I can only dance when I’m drunk... and I was not drunk.

The evening past a lot like any party or dance or ball or whatever. We danced, good songs played and we sung at the top of our voices. There were a few fights, a few hilariously romantic moments and some very drunk teenagers. Nope, not me, I’m never drunk... (chuckle drunkenly!)

‘Come on James honey, let’s go calm down,’ Char took me by the arm, I was swaying a little too violently, and she began to drag me down a path.

‘No!’ I wailed, ‘I want something else to drink!’

‘You can have water, come with me,’ Charlie said firmly. I stuck out my tongue and she pinched my cheeks, ‘don’t stick your tongue out at me, sit here.’ I plonked down onto the bench, unaware that we had even moved. Char waved her wand, sparkly dust filled the air. I probably looked like a little kid at Christmas. I was handed a cup and had a wand to my neck until I’d downed every last drop.

Secretly I was still hoping it would make me more drunk but don’t tell Char that. I knew really the effects of my drunkenness would wear off in a few minutes.

‘You treat me like a baby,’ I whined, wiping my mouth with my sleeve and pouting ridiculously.

‘You are a baby,’ Char sat on the bench beside me and fixed the flower she was wearing that I’d given to her, ‘your my baby!’ she cooed, touching my cheek. I felt my insides burn with guilt for ever believing I could live without her.

‘You’re the love of my life!’ I shot back immaturely.

‘You’re drunk,’ Char sighed, ‘you have no idea what you’re saying.’

‘I wish,’ I mumbled, reaching for her hand. She sounded a little dejected in what she was saying, part of me wondered if this was just a repeat. Like last time, when she pretended she didn’t love me because she was scared of being hurt. She took my hand and kissed the top of it. I brought hers up to my lips and kissed it back. ‘You look like a princess tonight,’ I said, a little shyly, I could feel myself becoming more and more sober, if I said what I needed to say when I was drunk, maybe it would be easier, ‘my princess.’

‘I am your princess,’ she giggled, leaning against me, ‘remember the game we played when we were kids, I would sit at the top of the stairs waiting for you to rescue me from Dragon Lily and Dragon Albie, and you would always come, you never ever left me.’

‘I remember, and you’re always going to be my princess!’ I promised, then paused, before asking tentatively, ‘you’re still coming to live with me right?’

‘I wouldn’t miss it for the world!’ She said quietly.


‘Yes Jim Jam,’ she whispered.

‘You are my favourite person in the whole entire world!’

‘I know Jam,’ She replied softly, ‘you’re my favourite too!’


‘Yes Jim Jam?’

‘Do you love me?’

‘Yes James,’ she sighed, resting her head against me and wrapping herself up in my arms, ‘I love you so much.’

‘Good,’ I cupped my hand under her chin and tilted it up towards me, ‘I love you too!’

I leant forwards, a little scared she would pull away but if it was possible, she moved closer, meeting my lips with her own. She kissed me like she was meant to, and I knew, possible because we knew each other better than we knew ourselves, that she meant every kiss she’d ever given me, just as much as she meant this one. And just as much as I loved her, she loved me. That was all that really mattered in the end.

‘You’re always going to be my princess Charlie,’ I whispered against her lips.

‘And you’re always going to be my loser in tinfoil!’

‘Hey,’ I protested weakly, pulling back a little, ‘I’m prince Charming, don’t degrade me!’

‘Whatever you say,’ her arm wound around my neck and I melted against her lips again.





And they both see sense; that our golden couple is just meant to be! Are you all happy now? Because I know I had a bit of an outcry at them breaking up so those of you who weren’t happy I hope this chapter makes up for it!? As usual, thanks so much for reading, it really means a lot to me even though to world of Harry potter was created by JK Rowling, not me. Also thanks to everyone who’s reviewed, it’s so useful! Just to tell you also, only six more chapters, and I know it sounds a lot but I don’t think it will be that much, *sniff, sniff*

Enjoy reading,


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