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The Kissing Game! by MusicLover17
Chapter 3 : Thrid Year!
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That poor creature. I can't believe Malfoy how could he do this, it was his own fault he shouls have never walked right up to him. Buckbeck didn't even hurt him just a little scratch and Malfoy wants him dead for it. Why does he have to be so cruel? The poor thing was just defending itself.

Speak of the devil. There he is acting like he owns this school going about like some king, I hate him for this. Malfoy walked into the library and went over to look at some of the book shelves, not noticing me at all. I can't believe i've kissed him, twice at that. I don't understand how last year he tried to protect me by giving me the mirror then he does this to Buckbeck, it just doesn't make sence.

"Hello Granger." I look up for my homework to see him staring back at me, I give him a sneer and look back down.

"What's wrong with you?" He said sitting across from me.

"Hello." He said waving his hand in my face.

"Get lost Malfoy i'm not talking to you." I said still looking down at my work.

"And why would that be Granger?" He asked while leaning back in his chair.

"Just go alright."

"No not until you tell me."

I looked up at him and drew daggers at him. "It's your fault, Hagrid is so upset and it's all your fault, poor Buckbeck will be killed and for what, for protecting himself from you. How he didn't even hurt it was only your clothes that were ripped and you know it."

"Oh so that's what this is all about. Listen that thing attacked me, it deserves to die." I stare at him, the rage getting stronger and stronger with every word he says.

"It was your fault just because youn were jealous Harry was getting so much attention from everyone for riding Buckbeck you couldn't handle it so you being yourself had to try and show off. But you failed and now poor Buckbeck is suffering for it."

"Jealous of Potter you must be kidding me, everyone was acting like he had just saved the world or something. I on the other hand was going to show everyone that it was no big deal."

"Exactly you were jealous of the attention Harry was getting and you tried to stop it."

"Look that doesn't matter anyway that thing attacked me and it's going to pay the price for it."

"What if I attacked you right now? What would you try and do to me?"

He leaned forward in his chair and leaned against the table. "Well that depends Granger."

"On what?"

"On how you were going to attack me." He said a smile playing on his lips. Yuck, stupid dirty minded boy. "If you were going to attack me with your lips I might not do anything but kiss you back."

"Oh that's it look the only reason I kissed you those times were because you helped me and I was greatful, i've told you this before."

"Yes you have but you will kiss me again you can't help yourself, admit it Granger you enjoy kissing me."

"Bugger off alright i'm not talking to you about this anymore, and I don't need to prove anything to you."

"Fine keep living in denial Granger but you know i'm right." He said and he stood up and walked away and out of the library. Stupid Malfoy he doesn't know anything about me.


"Harry we could get into alot of trouble for this." Ron said as we walked down you Hagrid's hut.

"No we won't Ron it's still early yet."

"Yeah come on Ron don't worry about it, we'll be back in time."

"Yeah but things just got worse." Ron said Pointing down where Malfoy stood with Crabb and Goyle. (Prisoner Of Azkaban, JK Rowling, page 216-217)

I watched him for a second he even had binoculars. At that I lost it and starting marching down to where they were. I could here Harry and Ron quickly follow me. Malfoy turned and saw me coming down the hill.

"Ah, come to see the show." He said with a smirk on his face.

"You, you foul lothesome evil little cockroach!" I shouted at him with my wand now pointing at his neck. (Prisoner Of Azkaban, JK Rowling, page 216-217)

"Hermione, stop he's not worth your time." Ron said from behind me making me calm a little a lower my wand. I made to turn around but I heard him laugh again and I don't know what came over me and punched him in the nose. He stood and looked at me for a few seconds before he ran off with Crabb and Goyle.

"Hermione that was bloody brilliant, well done."

"Thanks guys."


I walked back down from the next few halls of the hospital wing Harry said he would stay and talk to Ron for a while, but I felt a little tried so I took off. I keep thinking about Malfoy, okay maybe punching him was to far but it was like I lost control and when he starting laughing again after I couldn't take it.

I walked past the hospital wing breifly looking in and stopped when I saw Malfoy sitting on a bed with blood on his hands and tissues all around him. I stood for a minute wondering if I should go over, I went in and walked over to him.

He saw me come and jumped off the bed and ran to the other side. I stopped and tried to hide my laugh. Malfoy running away from a girl. Ha.

"I'm not going to hurt you Malfoy."

"Didn't stop you before." I looked down then back up at him.

"Yeah maybe I went to far with that, i'm sorry."

"Whatever Granger just go."

He sat back down on the bed and held his nose in one hand.

"Is it still bleeding?" I said walking over so I was standing beside the bed now.

"No it just hurts." He said looking up into my eyes. "That's some right hook you've got there Granger.

I smiled a little at that and looked him in the eye. "Would you like me to clear it for you to take the blood away."

"Deveats the point though Granger, your the one who made it bleed in the first place."

"I know but i'd like to make it up you for some reason."

"Alright but be careful it still hurts." I walked over to his side off the bed and sat down in front of him I took a wipe and moved his hand from his face, he moved it and let me clear his nose and his face. He kept his eyes on me the whole time I tried my best to avoid his gaze but a few times I failed and looked back at him. His expression didn't tell me anything and I was trying so hard to work out what he was thinking.

After a few minutes the blood was gone and his face was clean again.

"There all done now." I said standing up and throwing the used wipes into the bin.

"You know your good at this Granger you have a very gentle touch, have you every thought about becoming a healer when you leave Hogwarts?" He asked I stared at him a little shocked that he had taken so much interest in me.

"I had thought about it actually Malfoy. But theres alot to choose from and i'm only in my thrid year theres still plenty of time to think about it."

"Yeah but I was just saying."

"I know, thanks." I smiled at him as he still sat in the same place. He just looked at me.

"Thanks for cleaning my face."

"It's fine but I better be going now. so see ya."

"Granger wait." I turned to see him standing behind me.


"Look I just wanted to say...i'm sorry alright about Buckbeck." I was about to tell him everything about us going back in time and saving Buckbeck but I relised that if I did he might try and have him killed again. Although he did look sorry about it I wanted him to be sorry.

"You should be." I said to him and began to walk away but stopped and turned back to him he had already sat back down on the bed. I walked back over to him, he looked at me confused, I cupped his cheek being careful not to hurt him and kissed him. I moaned a little against his mouth but then I quickly pulled away. He looked up at me, I smiled and made to walk away but he grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me back.

"I told you." He said smiling up at me. I rolled my eyes at him and made my way back to the Gryffindor common room.

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