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The guide through magical pregnancy by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 11 : This isn't right, right?
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11 This isn’t right, right?

“Is everybody ready to go?” Ron yelled from the car. There came no answer. Irritated he walked back inside. “Come on people, we have a long ride ahead of us. What’s taking you all so long?” He stomped back into the house to find that nobody had left yet. Ginny was being sick in the toilet. Harry and Hermione where with her.

“I don’t get it, with James she was sick for a while but not this bad.” Harry said, he looked very worried. “I believe she’s even got a fever now. That’s not normal right?”

“I don’t know Harry, I’ll get Molly.” Hermione told him. She had made herself useful by holding James, who wanted very desperately to get out of her arms.

“Ron why don’t you go find Teddy, he and Victoire are hiding somewhere. Oh, don’t look at me like that. I wanted to leave early as well but I don’t think it is going to happen.” Hermione said, narrowing her eyes at her irritated husband. “It’s not like Ginny can help it. She did not even eat that much yesterday. Now go and find Teddy, I’ll get your mom.”

Hermione hurried to the kitchen. Molly was doing the dishes and packing up the leftovers. “Do you really have enough leftovers with you dear, I got a lot so don’t be ashamed to take some more.” She said when Hermione entered the kitchen.

“No, that okay. We have got half- a- week’s food already. Thank you.” Hermione answered. She hoisted James from one hip to the other. “I think Ginny is getting down with something. She’s been sick all morning and Harry says she feels feverish. What do you think it is? He’s quite a bit worried.”

“Puking is very normal during the pregnancy, Ginny knows that. But the fever sounds a bit off. Pregnancy poisoning isn’t really something for a second baby.” Molly answered thinking for a bit.

“Maybe you could have a look. She’s in the bathroom.” Hermione said as James started trying to get out of her arms again. With a lot of effort she kept him on her hip. He did not appreciate this very much so he began to cry. “Oh, ssshhh, don’t cry Jamie. Please be quiet. Shhh.” She cooed at the boy. But he kept on crying.

Together with Mrs. Weasley she left the kitchen. Ginny was sitting on the edge of the bath, her hands on her belly. She looked as pale as a ghost, her forehead was sweaty and she had dark circles under her eyes. She looked very ill. Molly came in and laid her hand on Ginny’s head.

“That’s definitely a fever.” She declared. “Have you been feeling ill like this for a while dear?”

“No, it started last night. I woke up this morning feeling miserable.” Ginny’s voice was hoarse from throwing up. She started to shake, clasped her hand over her mouth and bent over the toilet again. She spit out a mouth full of vomit and made a horrible face.

“This isn’t good, right? She was never this sick with James.” Harry’s worry showed in his voice. Molly shook her head. “Ginny, you are turning green!” Harry yelled now.
And indeed a greenish tinge spread from her ears to her neck and cheeks. As they watched her fingernails where turning green as well.

“I think you should go see a healer.” Molly told them. “I suggest you don’t wait too long. If I am right you are coming down with a bad kind of newt nausea. It’s not very uncommon with a second pregnancy and a baby to care for. A visit to St. Mungo’s is a wise thing to do.”

So Ginny got into the Floo network with Harry to go to St. Mungo’s. Hermione and Ron were left behind with Teddy and James. James had gotten tired of wailing. He was now sobbing into Hermione’s shoulder his brown eyes full of tears and his little fist in his mouth.

“I’ve got Teddy, can we go home now?” Ron asked impatiently. “We have to go to your parents as well tonight, don’t forget that Hermione.”

“I did not forget my parents. But I think Ginny being ill is a little more important.” Hermione snapped back. Teddy looked from one to the other.

“Where am I supposed to go?” he asked in a small voice.

“You can come with us till Harry and Ginny get back, or you could ask Grandma Weasley if you can stay here till Harry can pick you up, I suppose.” Hermione answered. “Ron and I don’t mind if you come with us.” She added, as Teddy had been looking like he had been left behind. It was such a sad look that she had to give him a little hug.

“Can I go with Victoire and her parents?” Teddy asked “They are leaving in a bit. I can go to grandma from there. I’ll see Harry on Wednesday again.”

“Well, you could ask Bill if he thinks that is okay.” Hermione replied “I don’t see why not, if he agrees.”

Teddy ran off.

“Why give the boy hope?”  Ron said. He was obviously in a bad mood now. “Bill and Fleur are off to France for the rest of the holiday. You know that.” Hermione had indeed known that. But in the hectic she had forgotten. Poor Teddy, he came out with his shoulders hanging.

“I’m sorry Teddy, I forgot they were going to France. You want to come with Ron and me or are you going to your grandma?” Hermione said, feeling rather guilty. 

“I –I’ll go to gran…” Teddy said. His, now, blue eyes were starting to fill with tears. Hermione ruffled his gold-brown hair and kissed him on the top of his head. He was quite a sensitive boy if you considered who his parents had been. He walked away to use the Floo and go home.

“I hope he toughens up before he goes to Hogwarts. It won’t be easy for a boy to be like a marshmallow over there.” Ron grunted under his breath.

“I think it’s sweet that he’s sensitive, it’s just who he is.” Hermione got into the car, placing James on her lap. He had fallen asleep with three fingers in his mouth. She cradled him in her arms.

Ron looked at her and his bad mood lifted a little. She looked just like a mum, with the little boy in her arms like that. He could almost imagine it to be his boy, if he would have had red hair instead of black. Or maybe brown. Lovely brown curls.

“What do you think our baby will look like?” Ron suddenly asked. Hermione look up from the boy in her arms.

“I don’t know. I guess it would have red hair, most babies have red hair when they are born but it turns into a different colour after a few weeks. I read that in ‘A guide through magical pregnancy’. If the colours keep changing you have a little Teddy, so to say. Did you know all babies are born with blue eyes, too…” Hermione kept on quoting facts about pregnancies for quite a while.

Ron smiled, he was hoping their baby would be a girl. They had not asked Ellen about it, they wanted it to be a surprise. Hermione was sure it was a boy, because in her dreams it was always a boy. Knowing her she would probably be right.

A/N: All credits for the characters goes to JK Rowling. Furthermore I want to thank Mystique for het loevly work as my Beta!

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The guide through magical pregnancy: This isn't right, right?


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