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Through Heavy Rain by TheSlytherinSilhoutte
Chapter 2 : I Would Definitely Miss All of These
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Rrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggggggggg!!! Rrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggggggggg!!! Rrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggggggggg!!! Rrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggggggggg!!!




“Uggh! Seven o’ clock already?” I said lazily as I lay on my bed, the alarm clock wasn’t making a very nice greeting to me this morning so I have to silence it manually by grabbing and turning it off. The sunshine was also hitting me directly in the face through the barely covered windows of my room, making it another reason to get up.



Another day... another normal day.



“Hermione! Get up already, you’re going to be late.” My mum was also trying her best to make me get up on my feet. Maybe she’s much as excited for me today.


She went inside my room after a gentle knock on my door. Every step that she made towards my bed was like a graceful dancer, gliding easily through the wooden floor. Upon seeing me still lying lazily, she just gave me a warm smile and headed to the edge of the bed to sit down.

“Come on Honey. You have a lot to do today. Being late for today’s batch reunion is not one of your expertise.” She teasingly said upon shaking my foot to wake me up.

“Alright mum. Just give me five or ten more minutes. I’ll go down after.” I replied at her as I grabbed another pillow to cover my face. I was still too lazy to get up.

“Okay, just be quick. I have already prepared breakfast for you.” She stood up and smiled at me again, walking out of the door and finally leaving me, still not moving an inch.


Hmmm. A Hogwarts batch Reunion. It’s been three years since I last stepped at the school where everything started. My childhood, my life, everything started there. I met the most amazing people, had adventures, there were also a lot of turns of events, and there’s definitely one that changed my whole life. This day will be one of my most memorable days. I’ll set foot at Hogwarts again like it would be my first time doing it.


Friends... such amazing friends. I’ll get to see them again today. It’s been a long time since I got to hear about what’s going on with their lives for these past few months. Oh, how I missed them. Harry and Ginny probably had been very busy for their upcoming wedding. Ginny kept bugging me about how excited she is on what they would do to make their wedding the most amazing one in the century. After all, she is getting married to the boy who lived... that is Harry Potter.


Harry was the most ideal auror to the wizard population. He had become successful as an auror for the ministry and had already dealt with many former death eaters who still managed to manipulate mischief in their hands. On the contrary, he was the one who had difficulties of thinking on how to propose to Ginny. If it wasn’t for me helping him for ideas on what to do, he would still have been struggling on managing ways to do it by himself.






“Oh come on already Harry! It’s not that hard to propose to her! You’ll just have to make it a special one!” I said as I sat on my living room chair, fully amused of Harry’s worried expression. He had been pacing in front of me since he got here at my apartment.

“But I have to make it perfect. Uggh! This is just so difficult. What if she doesn’t like flowers or chocolates along with it? Or showing up in front of their doorstep and say ‘Hi Ginny! Please marry me!’ those were the only things that I could think of. Asking her for dinner would be already obvious!” Harry said as he kept pacing in front of me. He kept brushing his hair with his hands out of nervousness.

“Would you please sit down? My vision’s already spinning because of you.” I irritatingly said at him attempting to stop his movements. I can’t afford to be dizzy right now. I have to help this poor romantic man.

“Now, you’ll just have to breathe. I know this is hard for you but you’ll just have to be relaxed. Hmmm, what about taking her to a place that the both of you would always go to? And also, asking her to dinner is still not that obvious. You’ll just have to make it a unique one.” I continued as he sat down on a couch next to me, eager to listen to what I was saying.

“A place? I know a good one.” He replied at me. His arms were in a folded manner, letting himself sink in deep to his thoughts.

“Okay, that’s fair enough. Now, why don’t you...”

“Or maybe... we could... Dear Merlin Hermione! You just gave me an idea! That’s great! Absolutely perfect!” He quickly stood up from his seat and gave me a very tight embrace. I can now see that this man had a lot of good stuff running through his mind.

“Okay... So tell me... Huh? What? Harry!” Before I could even continue to ask him what his idea was, he then quickly rushed out of the door and apparated away.

“So much for thank you’s!” I smiled upon remembering how funny his face was before leaving. I could have never been so happy for the both of them.




I smiled upon remembering that memory. How Harry’s face would lit up upon thinking of an idea and Ginny owling me past midnight just to tell me that Harry had already proposed to her. She would go on the details like there’s no tomorrow. Well, the two of them never failed to keep me smile. That’s why I love them both as my dearest friends.

“Hermione! Come on already!” mum shouted from down the stairs. She was now bothered on why I was taking so long.

“I’ll be down there in a second!” I replied at her. I propped myself up on my elbows and quickly stood up from the bed. A nice warm bath would be quite refreshing for today so I then grabbed my towels from the closet.


I filled up my bath tub with warm water and poured some liquid soap with a vanilla scent to it. I then dipped myself into the water and felt the relaxing sway of it into my senses. This is what I definitely need to start this day right.

“This is so relaxing... definitely hits the spot.” I whispered as I rest my back on the side of the tub. I gently closed my eyes and let the warm water do its work.

I quietly lay there and let my mind bump again for today’s event. The batch reunion, many alumni of Hogwarts would definitely come there. If it wasn’t for Professor... I mean Headmaster Mcgonagall asking me to do a speech, I wouldn’t be minding myself to attend this event. I am sure many muggleborns, half-bloods, and mostly, purebloods will get amused on hearing the ‘brightest witch of our age’ do a very long and motivating one. But this time, I’ll try to make it short. The simple the speech, the better.


As my head goes along with the attendees, my mind suddenly became boggled of ideas. I don’t know what’s filling up my head right now but I suddenly felt my chest beat faster than it normally would. Purebloods... that word hit me straight to the heart. Now I’m worried... so much worried.


It never dawned to me that I’ll get the chance to see him at this reunion. A year has already passed and I never had any news about him except the fact that their family is now getting more famous in the wizarding world. They had been dealing with great types of business and never returned to their old life. His family had changed. The loathsome ones became the approachable ones.

I won’t deny it... I still miss him, after the unfaithful event that happened in that dark alley. Coping up was not the easiest thing to do. After all, a year is a short time. I just can’t stop wondering what he’s doing right now. Is he still thinking of me? Does he miss me? I just hope that he didn’t change... because I myself... didn’t.



“Alright Hermione, you’re already taking too long.” I said to myself as I finally went on finishing this lovely bath. I still have to prepare for today’s event.





“Well, there you are. I thought you slept again.” Mum said as I entered the kitchen door. She smiled at me while she was helping herself for a toast. I saw the food that she had prepared in front of me and I’m sure that it would definitely fulfil my appetite.

“Sorry mum, I enjoyed staying at the tub... as always.” I replied at her as I also helped myself with toast and eggs then taking a mouthful bite into it.

“Yes, as always.” She said, her smile fading now.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her. Her face was now turning into a sad one.

“Your mum isn’t too pleased that you’re going to leave again. You’re going back to your apartment tomorrow, right? This vacation of yours is a quick one.” Dad said while he was reading his morning newspaper. He’s right. A three week vacation is quick. I would definitely miss these guys so much. It will take me another four months to see them again.

“Oh mum, I promise I’d visit as soon as I can. Okay?” I then quickly made my way towards her and gave her a tight embrace.

“I’m sure you’ll do honey. Just take care of yourself out there.” She said upon giving me a light kiss on my forehead, hugging me back.

“Don’t I get a hug too?” Dad laughingly joked at the two of us.

“Oh Dad!” I then freed my other arm, inviting him to join the two of us. I almost cried for this. I would definitely miss these people... I would definitely miss my parents.


A/N: Hello again my dear readers! I hope you're enjoying this story so far. Don't forget to leave reviews, okay? It do helps me a lot. Thank you for the recent reviews and reads! You guys are amazing! :)

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