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Harry Potter and The Olympians: The Titan Spell by patronumhero
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Harry Potter and the Olympians: The Titan Spell


Some may have read the previous version of this story, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson: Clash of Two Worlds, but forget it. I have deleted that story and after nearly a year of deliberation I have decided to rewrite it. Obviously, I don't own Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. Those were created by the ingenious minds of J.K Rowling and Rick Riordian, respectivley. So, without further ado, here is Harry Potter and the Olympians: The Titan Spell.


Chapter One


Harry’s eyes flew open with a jolt. His throat retched and gasped. His hands curled into fists and felt smooth grass fill them. He jerked up to a sitting position and hurriedly glanced around. Trees were all around, their trunks staring. The leaves bristled in the gentle yet strong breeze. Even though his surroundings were peaceful, his heart never slowed in its persistent hammering, neither did his breathing. He stood, his legs like jelly but somehow supporting his body. As the world around him focused in his eyes, he saw the other bodies that were strewn amongst the shrubs.


Harry dropped to Hermione’s side. Her hair covered her face, and her chest rose and fell with rhythmic breathing. Harry placed his hands gently on her shoulders and shook her.


“Hermione? Wake up! I don’t know where we are, but you need to wake up. Come on, Hermione!” His voice seemed strangled, as if he hadn’t spoken in weeks.   


Finally, her eyes swung open and she too gasped for air. Harry helped her up and calmed her down. When the air seemed to return to her, she took in the environment.


“Where…where are we, Harry?” She asked, a slight ghost of a hint of fear lining her voice. He wished he had the answer.


“I don’t know, ‘Mione. Let’s work on waking the others and we’ll figure this out.”


She nodded and walked to Luna, who slept with one hand down a rabbit burrow. Harry saw all who was present. Ron, Neville, Ginny, himself, Hermione, and Luna.


Ron woke up when Harry had barely touched his shoulder. His sprung upwards with speed Harry thought impossible for him, and promptly tripped on an exposed root and fell on Neville. Neville’s eyes opened and exploded at the same time. He pushed Ron off him as he stood up, clutching his stomach. The three boys all looked at one another before heading back the three girls.


Ron, naturally, was the first to speak. “Where the bloody hell are we?” Everyone glanced around again. Harry pulled out his wand.


Locum Mundo.” He muttered. A tiny light appeared from his wand and it formed a picture of the Earth. It rotated, trying to find the location of Harry’s wand on the globe. It entered the state of New York before going haywire. His brow furrowed.


“My wand says we are somewhere in New York…” Harry said, more to himself than anyone. Ron’s expression became incredulous.


“New bloody York? Like, America?” He asked, skepticism evident. Harry shrugged, not knowing any more than the rest of them. Hermione raised her hand and pointed.


“There’s a path over there. Maybe we should follow it, see where it takes us.” The rest of them agreed, considering nobody else had a better plan. They traversed the path slowly and stuck closely together. Each had their wand out, ready to strike. Ron, the most trigger-happy of the group, sent out a curse of some sort out into the wilderness every time he heard a noise different from the crackle of leaves and small rocks beneath the group’s feet.


As they walked, the trees grew larger and the landscape higher. Some of the trees were toppled, and a few had deep puncture marks that looked to have come from a horn of some kind. This all distracted them to the point they almost missed the huge sign.


Hermione read the sign aloud. “Camp Half-Blood. Strange, it’s in Ancient Greek.”


Harry turned to her, surprised but at the same time not surprised. “You know Ancient Greek?”


She blushed slightly. “A little.” Harry shook his head. When would Hermione’s resourcefulness end?


“Should we go in? Maybe there’s someone who can help us.” Ginny suggested.  With being once again otherwise plan-less, they trudged on into the camp.


A few moments later, the girls gasped and they all gaped at what they saw. There were a dozen cabins in a semi-circle, each unique. There were dozens of teens mulling about, some playing sports, some fraternizing. Two teens, a boy and girl, swam in a nearby lake. The girl’s orange camp shirt were drenched, and was yelling at the boy in a playful manner. The boy caught Harry’s attention. He was in the water and submerged many times, but always appeared to be dry.


As the group moved in, campers began noticing them. The boy was one of them. In an incredibly short time, he was standing in front of the group with the girl, now dry, standing beside them. The boy, for some reason unbeknownst to Harry, took out what seemed to be a Muggle pen. “Who are you?” He demanded, his finger itching closer to the button of the pen. Harry’s hand gripped his wand tighter.


“I’m…I’m Harry Potter.” He answered, trying to build more confidence in his voice with every syllable. The boy’s face contorted into confusion.


“What a cool-sounding name. You don’t sound like you are from around, Harry. Why are you here? If you came here to trash my camp, well, you got another thing coming, Random British Guy.” He clicked the pen and it transformed into a long, wickedly sharp bronze sword.  On instinct, the group of young wizards raised their wands. The boy, sensing the movement, raised his sword, and the girl unsheathed a dagger. The boy stared at their wands. “Sticks, huh? Always though you British guys were a bit strange. No offense.” He said with a sarcastic smirk.


A new sound of hooves against dirt sounded. A deep, gruff voice said, “Percy, put down your sword. Annabeth, sheathe the dagger, please.” The boy, Percy, and the girl, Annabeth, followed the man’s orders. Harry and the others stepped back once the man came into view. Or, at least half of a man, and half of a horse. The man half extended his hand to Harry. “Hello, Mr. Potter. My name is Chiron, and I am sorry for my students’ jump to hostility.” Percy rolled his eyes at this. “If you will excuse this lack of judgment, allow me to introduce you and your friends to Camp Half-Blood.”


Not bad for a comeback, eh? My apologies for the shortness, but it is the first chapter of what I hope to be a long story. If you enjoyed, write a review and tell me what you liked. If you didn’t, write a review and tell me what you didn’t like. Remember, though, constructive criticism, please. I’ll have another chapter up ASAP. Patronumhero out.

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Harry Potter and The Olympians: The Titan Spell: Chapter One


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