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Beggining by Cyra23
Chapter 3 : Summer Ball and More!!!
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Hello lovely readrs here is another chapter. Just wanted to let you all know though the title states Summer Ball I am also including scenes from what happens after all the craziness. But let me stop there before I give anything away before you have even statd reading. I hope you enjoy the chapter and I apologize for any grammatical errors these computers at work are old and do not like to be typed.


The Great Hall was transformed into a fairy land. The walls wer covered in moss and vines while small trees were around and the floor was completely covered in soft grass though ofcourse it was an illusion since none of the grass got stuck on the clothes. The tables were looking all wooden with delicate designs and you could see small fairies (courtesy of the fairy queen) flying around to entertain each student at the tables with stories of the fairy relm and to also show some fairy magic. Everyone was having a wonderful time the music was being played by some fairy musicians (also courtesy of the queen) and everyone was enjoying the marvelous food. That is everyone except one lone person sitting next to his other friends Peter and Lupin watching a beautiful girl with long black hair and the greenest eyes dancing with a Slytherin.

Buffy was enjoying her time with Sev. He was th perfect gentlemen and though he did not know how to dance completely well she easily took the lead though made it look as though he was in the lead. Making everyone in the hall at some points look at the wonderfully gaceful couple. Though many of the school already knew of the couple it didnt help that some were still a little miffed that th Slytherin got the girl. But the one thing that the school agreed was finally Potter and Evans got together. They had all placed bets on when they would finally be together and they were also the other most graceful dancers there.

"Oh Sev I am having a marvelous time!" said Buffy as she smiled up to Severus as they walked off the dance floor with him to get something to drink. "I am glad Buffy, and by the way have I told you how beautiful you look tonight." he said smiling down at her. "Not since 5 minutes ago i was thinking you were getting tired of telling me that. she pouted slightly. "Never. I would tell you that for the rest of my life if I could." "Oh Sev." she sighed and leaned up to kiss him. The two kissed showing the love that was budding between the two until a cough from behind broke them away. Buffy looked at her best girlfiend Lily with a bit of an evil eye for interrupting but then smiled and went over to talk to hr while James and Severus were standing by themselves. Both boys just looked at one another with a hard stare until James sighed and straightened up. "Look Snape I have had a long talk with Lily befor coming and one with Buffy which almost got me castrated. You do not want to know." he said shivering a little. "To be honest with you Buffys temper scares me a bit more than Lilys temper so good luck with her. Anyways back to what I wanted to say."he took a deep breath."I was hoping that we can ty to put our schoolboy rivalry aside for th sake of the girls and atleast be civil with one another. Hell maybe we could even be friends one day." Snape just looked at Potter with a bit of a sneer and his eyebrow up wondering about what was just said. "Well Potter from everything that has happened it would take some time if at all for us to be friends but if you really are sincere about putting this rivalry aside then so am I. I just hope your friend would do the same."

"Do not worry about that I have spoken to Remus and he is ok with being friends he never had anything or did anything against you. Peter is well Peter I can easily take care of that. But with Sirius it will be a little harder seeing as how he fancies himself in love with Buffy." James said. Snape sneered and said "Well he does not worry me Buffy is her own woman and can make up her own mind about who she wants to be with." James looked at him with an eyebrow raised as if saying *Oh really?* "Look Potter if you want to hear the truth if Buffy is adamant about staying with me then I will fight for her. She means the world to me even if I havent told her yet." And as he said that he walked off to ask Buffy if she wanted some more butterbeer and went off to get some. James just watched and laughed softly to himself. *Well Sirius old boy your in for one hell of a fight if judging by th look in Snapes eyes he is willing to do anything for her. Just as I am for Lily* he thought as he walked up to the two girls to talk to them about how they were enjoying their time.

As the exchange was going on between Snape and Potter, Sirius was watching them the whole time seething with anger since he hard from Remus what James had planned about being friends with Snivellus. He watched as they talked and then Snivellus went to th girls and then walked away looks like to use the restroom and then get some drinks. *Perfect timing.*he thought as he excused himself and walked over to Buffy Lily and James. "Hey Buffy I was wondering if you would care for a dance."Siruis asked. Lily and James looked at Buffy to see what she would say. "Well Black seing as how I am here with Sev we would have to see if he is ok with you asking me to dance."she said with a smile. Sirius tried very hard to keep his temper in check but could not help blurt out. "Oh well if you need to ask permission instead of making up your own mind." Buffy stared at him a bit coldly and replied."Well Black it is not that I can not make up my mind but just courtesy seeing as how he is my date."

Severus had walked back while the conversation was going on and though he would love to punch Sirius in the face he decided to let Buffy dance with him since he would love to see his face when Buffy knocks him down a peg or two. "Well Buffy I would not mind if you dance with Sirius as long you are ok with it, and would go out for a walk aound the lake afterwards."Snape said surprising everyone as they had not known he was there. Buffy looked up at him and smiled."I would love to walk around the lake with you once I finish my dance with Black." Sirius gently took Buffy hand to dance a slow song that came on and threw a dirty look to Snivellus behind her back. Lily spoke quietly "Are you sure that is ok Sev?" He nodded his head and looked at her with a look that said *I know she can handle herself if not I will go and kick his arse.*

Lily nodded and went back to talking to James about everything. "Well Buffy you sure look lovely this evening. Like a beautiful forest goddess." said Sirius smiling down at her. Buffy looked up at him and simply said "Thank you Black." Sirius scambled around in his head to say something but the anger he had been holding in the whole dance just exploded. "How could you come here with such Slytherin Death Eater scum. He will only hurt you in the end. Probably deliver you personally to his Lord and to either use you for your power or kill you."he said harshly grabbing her arms tightly bruising her soft skin. "Let go Black or else."she said dangerously. No one around had noticed much between the two since they were all woried about their own dates. "No not until you realize how terrible a person Snivellus really is! He is just toying with you. He is only doing this so he can sleep with you." A resounding slap could be heard as the music had just died and vryon turned to watch the scene. "You insolent boy how dare you say that to me! You think that just because of your dislike of Severus all because he is in Slytherin matters to me I do not care! Also speaking of sex you probably only see me as some girl who turns down your charms and you hate that. You are probably thinking I am playing hard to get. Well for your information you bastard I do care for Severus and he does for me. He does not see me as some sex object like you but as a person! So stay th hell away from you!" and she slapped him again and walked out of th Hall with Severus following her out along with Lily and James who threw Sirius a dirty look.

Sirius stood there for a moment fuming at everything but yet those slaps did nothing to change his mind he went aftr them while th school went back to the dance gossiping about what just happened. Buffy walked straight to her favorite tree by the lake to calm down. Severus walked up behind her and placed a hand on her waist. She turned around and hugged him tightly while giving him a hard kiss. He returned her kiss glad she had chosen him over Black. And even though he wanted to punch the boy he wanted to comfort her more. Evryon caught up to Buffy and Severus even Black was a few feet away still fuming and took out his wand. James saw this and stood in front of Severus and Buffy who noticed the scene. "Look mate she just told you she wants to be with Snape cant you just let it go." said James. "No I cannot! She does not belong with filthy scum like him! H is a Death Eater wannabe mayb already a Death Eater and I will not allow him to take her down the dark path!

As they were arguing some people in cloaks were nearby hearing the whole thing. They did not like the fact a Slytherin was hanging with a creature such as her. They saw her as low as a werewolf and mudblood. So they did what any dark person would do. But so as not to get caught instead of using magic they threw a knife with poison in it at her and ran as they saw it hit her. "Buffy!" screamed Severus as he saw the knife hit her as she pushed him out of the way from being hit along with her. "Its ok Severus I am fine" she said softly as she slowly went down to her knees hold her side were the knife had hit. "I have to go see my mother the knife was poisoned and only she can help me. Do not touch the knife go see Dumbledore and let him examine it I will see you all in a weeks time or less." and sh vanished in a flash of smoke. Everyone looked at one another still in shock.......

Part 2

Buffy arrived to see her mother and screamed her name. It was a little late but she knew everyone was awake. She saw her mother come into th room with a man she had seen briefly before on her days she had training with Bryan the Shadow Prince. She knew his name was Kaliq and he rushed over to her as she fainted, the last thing on her mind was how handsome he looked and how his arms felt around her.

"She will be ok Ilona, the poison has been taken out and she will be weak for a couple days but will make a full recovery."said Kaliq. Ilona Queen of th Fairies looked over to her daughter and sighed. "I am grateful to you for helping Kaliq."she said. "I think when she wakes up it is time for her to learn those things you planned to teach her." He looked at her with a confused expression. "Oh come now do not think you can hide everything from you. You might be the Great Shadow Prince but I do know when one is in love."she said laughing. "Well then if you are sure then I will take her to my castle so we can spend some time together." he said with a small smile.

And so he took her up in his arms and transported them into his room which had a beautiful king size bed with silk green sheets, the room was bare but yet looked elegant in forest colors and had one piece of furniture besides the bed which was a closet like dresser full of elegant clothes. Kaliq left Buffy to sleep off the poison and to let her body heal. Buffy slept for 2 days until she finally awoke with the bluest eyes staring at her. She sat up and asked "Where am I?" "You are in my castle young one." said Kaliq the owner of the eyes. She scrunched up her face in thought. "Was I not in my mothers castle in th forest?" He laughed softly. "Yes you were Buffy but your mother thought it was time for you to come here for me to teach you a few things on love." "Love? What do you mean?"

"Well being in your school and knowing who your brother is I know you have seen what love is not and what problems arrive. i am going to teach you what real love is and how as a woman you can control someone with your body." he said softly. "So you are saying you will be teaching me about lovemaking and how to contol someone with the passion of my body?" Kaliq nodded. "Yes people believe that a woman has no power even in th wizarding community some still believe that. And what myself and my brothers later on will teach you is how to show you are not the weaker but the opposite." Buffy sat in thought and looked up and smiled he hartbreaking smile. "Alright then my lord, teach me the ways of love and take m and yourself to a world of pleasure." Kaliq smiled and took her up into his arms and kissed her deeply and began teaching her for the next few days all about love. And the final night she was there with his brothers (there are 7 shadow princes in total including Kaliq) and they all had dinner together and all together made love to Buffy in many different ways and took her to a height of pleasure that she lost some of her memory of that night. The next morning she awoke to Kaliq next to her stroking her face softly looking deeply into her eyes. Kaliq had become veery important to her within the time they were together. He taught her magic in the time they were not love making and getting to know one another better. He became her best friend and mentor and lover all in a few days. And she just could not help but fall a little in love with him. (It did not matter how many people fairies or Shadow Princes made love to they would not get pregnant or get someone pregnant unless they loved the other person and even then only if they wanted to have the other one pregnant. Though there are instances were love is so strong they can not control th making of a baby.)

To Be Continued....

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Beggining: Summer Ball and More!!!


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