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In The Broom Cupboard by LooniLoopi
Chapter 1 : In The Broom Cupboard with Harry and Ginny
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The name 'Peter Pettigrew' stood out on the map. Where had he heard the name before? Mr Weasley's face flashed in his mind, his warning still very clear. Don't go looking for Sirius Black. But he wasn't looking for Sirius Black – he was looking for Peter Pettigrew. But that didn't ease his conscience.

Severus Snape's name suddenly appeared and Harry jumped. He fell through an open door that was pretending to be a wall and locked it by quickly muttering, “colloportus.”

He pressed his hear against the wall and heard a shuffling of feet.

“Alohoma,” the door remained locked. “Alohora.” Nothing. “Come on, aloma!” He gritted his teeth angrily. Only he would have bad enough luck to lock himself in a broom cupboard with a mass murderer on the loose.

He felt around and knocked a broom over. He heard an sharp intake of breath and lit his wand instinctively. “Lumos.” He found himself staring at the huddled figure of Ginny Weasley. He stepped back against the door frame. “Uh, what are you doing in here?” She blushed – not as much as she used to last year but enough to turn her cheeks pink. Harry pretended not to notice.

“I was just reading,” she held up a battered copy of 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard'. Harry vaguely remembered Ron reading that two years ago. “Not jinxed this time, I got Dad to check.” Harry grimaced at the memory of last year, Tom Riddle had nearly killed Ginny and if it wasn't for Fawkes...

“Yeah... There's nothing about unlocking charms in there – is there? Hermione'll know it-”

“No actual spells in here. Just stories.” They looked away from each other, both feeling slightly awkward. “I guess you won't have heard of them,” continued Ginny, “if you were brought up by muggles.”

“What are they? Fairytales?” Ginny nodded, still flushing.

“Mum used to tell them her own way but I wanted to read the actual version. The common room's too noisy and the library's too quiet. Especially with Madam Pince breathing down your neck all the time.” She put on a croaky, high-pitched voice. “Is that chocolate in your bag? Are you eating? No talking. I will inform your head of house, Miss Weasley.” Harry smiled.

“She's had it in for us for a while. Mainly Hermione's fault for dragging us in there so much but partly because Ron was moaning about Filch. There's something going on there.” Ginny laughed, still beetroot-red. Harry noticed that her hair seemed to sparkle by the pale blue wand-light. “You didn't this from me but Bill said he saw, quote, 'gobble up a whole box of chocolates from a heart-shaped box'.” Harry suddenly had a brilliant idea. Ginny was a girl, afterall.

“Hey, Ginny, do you know Cho Chang very well?” her face darkened.

“She's the seeker for Ravenclaw but I don't really know her.” Her voice was a little cold. Harry hadn't meant to upset her but surely she would know this sort of thing. If he asked Hermione, she would be smug but Ginny was nicer – in that respect.

“Do you think you could ask-” Ginny suddenly raised her wand.

“Alohomora!” The door clicked open. “I just remembered.” She smiled apologetically, “I'm going back to the dorms. See you later.” She lit her own wand and left.

Harry stood still for a moment. Ginny Weasley was very pretty in the wand-light.

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