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Inevitable. by AccioSachio
Chapter 2 : Rulebreakeres.
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As both Lily and James were Head Boy and Girl, they inevitably spent alot of time together. On the first day of lessons, the pair split up the group of Prefects into smaller groups and assigned them dutys to patrol in the week. James and Lily were to patrol together. Alone.

Lily noticed, that the more time she spent with James Potter, the more she realised how different he seemed. Whenever they were together, he never spoke to her about Quiddich (a subject that bores her immensely) even when Sirius, his best friend, brought it up he would change the subject if Lily was around. He didn't parade himself around the corridors like he was God's gift anymore. He walked at a polite pace by Lily's side whenever he got the chance. This meant, that she spent alot of her time being escorted to each of her classes by James. But, as Lily reflected on the changes in James's personality, the most obvious difference was his smile. He no longer grinned in a coy, seductive manner. He just smiled. Genuine smiles that showed his teeth and even a dimple in his chin that Lily had never noticed before.

James noticed that Lily seemed to be genuinely enjoying his company. Finally. If he walked next to her, she stopped sighing and frowning. She even smiled at him. She laughed at his jokes and listened to things he had to say. Never before had she even bothered to give him the time of day. No matter how comfortable Lily seemed to be getting however, James knew there was something more. She never spoke about her Muggle family and changed the subject if he ever directed the conversation that way. Sometimes, she would stare off into space with a pained look of concerntration on her face. James found Lily extremely difficult to read. He wanted, more than anything, to know her better.

After being back at school for only a month, the homework for the seventh years was scarily vast. Every professor was giving them things to study and practice, ensuring them that it would all benefit them for their upcoming N.E.W.T.'s.

One night after curfew when everyone in Gryffindor was in their beds, Lily crept out of her dormitory and tiptoed down the stairs. She was armed with her wand, and a stack of parchment with quills. Her destination: the library. Once she made it into the empty common room, Lily breathed a sigh of relief before continuing across the room.

"Going somewhere?" asked an amused voice.

Lily spun around, stifling her scream with her hand; dropping her parchment in the process. The common room was still deserted. Lily pulled out her wand.

Someone was laughing quietly and Lily huffed.

"James?" she asked to the empty room, annoyed.

Quite suddenly, James Potter appeared from one of the armchairs by the fire. "Well good evening to you Lily, and what would the Head Girl be doing awake at this late hour? Not a little excursion I hope!" joked James, eyeing the fallen pieces of parchment and assortment of quills.

Lily drew herself up. "Like it makes a difference to you Potter," she sneered. "You've been out after hours plenty of times, and mine is purely for educational purposes."

"Lily," said James solomly. "I can't let you leave."

Lily looked at him incredulously.

James continued. "There is no way that I am letting you leave the common room at," he checked his watch. "Two in the morning without any kind of cover."

"Umm..." said Lily confused.

A wide grin spread across James's face. "I have the tools to get you from here to the library without detection. So, allow me to be of assistance."

James pulled a silvery cloak from where he had been previously sat on the armchair. Lily's eyes lit up. It was a beautiful cloak. James strode over to her and threw the pretty cloak over the both of them.

"James?" asked Lily uncertainly.

"We're invisible Lily."

"Oh!" she exclaimed quietly. "But wherever did you get it?"

"My dad," shrugged james.

Next, he pulled out his wand and a folded piece of parchment. First, he summoned all of Lily's dropped parchment into her waiting hands, and then he tapped the parchment.

"I solemly swear I'm up to no good." he whispered.

Lily watched in awe as black lines started to shoot out from where his wand lay. It did not take her long to realise that it was a map that James seemed to be holding. A map of Hogwarts!

"James!" Lily breathed. "Where-"

"I'll explain in the library, now let's go."


The pair made it to the library in silence without being detected. It turned out that James's secret map showed every person in Hogwarts and could alert them if anyone was coming their way.

"Where on earth did that map come from?" asked Lily as soon as they were sat at one of the tables in the library. "And who are Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs?"

"Well-" began James but was cut off by Lily's gasp of realisation.

"Marauders?" she whispered pointing at the map. "You and your friends call yourselved that...but that would mean?"

"We made it." James supplied simply.

"That's very advanced magic James!"

He shrugged. "I am Prongs, Sirius is Padfoot, Peter is Wormtail and Remus is Moony."

Lily frowned. "What peculiar nicknames." She leant forward into her linked hands. "How did they come about then?"

James leant back and coughed nervously. "I can't really explaint that..." Lily's face fell. "At least not without the other guys permission!" he added hastily.

Lily nodded, appeased. "So when did you make it?"

"Fifth year. We were bored and realised that the Wizarding World was missing a piece of magic that even Zonko's hadn't thought of."

Lily sat back, deep in thought. "You'd be in so much trouble if you were found out," she said softly.

James panicked for a second before he saw her face. She was grinning.


Their conversations never ceased as they sat in the dimly lit library, and they even managed to both do their Transfiguration homework. When the clock read three thirty, they decided it was time to head back to the common room. Lily pulled a pile of the books they had been using towards her and eased them off the table. As she was walking, her toe caught on the floor and she tripped, spilling all the books as she fell down.

"Lily! Are you alright?" asked James, concerned. Although, Lily could see he was trying very hard not to laugh.

"Go ahead and laugh!" she said, smiling as she took his outstretched hand to get up off of the floor.

James pulled Lily with more force than she was expecting and stumbled towards him. He caught her in his arms and smiled down at her. Now, she had held of both of his hands and was pressed against him. James eased one of his own hands out of her grasp and used it to tuck a stray hair behind her ears.Slowly, he bent his head down towards hers.

Lily was frozen. She didn't know what to do. He looked like he was about to kiss her and there was a HUGE part of her that wanted to kiss him back. She shook the thought away. This was Jame Potter! The bastard that made her school life harder than need be for the past five years. As his head bent lower, Lily looked into his eyes. They were full of determination and lust. She smiled shyly. When his head was level with her own, she moved her face down. Not in a way to reject his oncoming kiss, but in a way that caused their foreheads to knock together gently.

They stayed that close to eachother for a couple of minutes. Getting used to the proxemity.

"Not yet James," she whispered. "I just don't feel like I know you well enough yet..."

"I understand Lily..." he breathed quietly.

Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his neck and leant her head on his shoulder. His own arms snaked around her lower back in a reassuring manner.

A creak from outside the library snapped them out of it. The shadow of Mrs Norris, the caretakers cat, could be seen preceeding the real thing through the door. James lunged for the cloak and map as Lily pulled their work towards them and they were both concealed under the cloak as the tabby cat came into view.

Her yellow eyes scanned the library and paused on where James and Lily were stood under the cloak.

James bent his head to Lily's ear and whispered almost inaudiably," I swear she can see through the cloak!"

Lily gulped and then after a silent unanomous decision, they nodded and eased themselves around the cat and out of the library. Her yellow eyes following their every step. Once back into the corridor, they broke into a run and sped down the silent corridors and back to the portrait of the Fat Lady. Lily hissed the password at the outraged Fat Lady as she heard James mutter "Mischeif Managed" from beside her. The secret map was now blank.


Five minutes later, Lily was back in her four poster bed breathing heavily but smiling. Many things had happened tonight. She had successfully snuck out of the common room after hours for the first time and made it back without detection. She had spent a couple of hours of fun and laughter with James Potter. And she had nearly kissed the said person.

It seemed she was breaking every rule she had ever set herself one by one.

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Inevitable.: Rulebreakeres.


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