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When Lightning Strikes by maidenwriter
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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 The fire burned in its place, the flames making shadows along the dark wall. As a piece of parchment was thrown into the embers, the fire lit up, then went down to a silent simmer. The man who threw the parchment sighed, and got up to make a drink. He had been doing that a lot lately. It seemed like it was the only way to drown out the anger and pain that was inside him. Anger towards his enemies who kept his father locked in prison for long and refused to set him free. Pain for the one who he thought would stand by him through anything. The words of his father’s letter tore through him like the sharpest sword. How terrible he was in Azkaban prison, put away for sixteen years. Such a punishment for being a Death Eater? He was in the Dark Lord’s inner circle himself, during the Second Battle. However, Potter had let him go, something that bewildered him to this day. He looked out at the large window, out into the city below. He had relocated,. To the last place where any wizard – or Muggle would find him. He purchased a penthouse in one of the most famous mega cities in America, the last place he would be found. He despised living the Muggle way of life outside of his oasis, but he could not afford to be found out. He flicked his wand towards the fire and it went out instantly. One thing he knew for certain, his plan was going to work. His long awaited revenge on Harry Potter would finally fall into place.


The Hogwarts Express blew the signal one last time, signaling that it would be departing from King’s Cross station at any moment. Families were scattered across the platforms, waving goodbye to one another. Owls screeched and cats meowed as they were being transported onto the train. Children as young as eleven years old were all crowded in the windows of the train, waving goodbye to their parents. The business of the station meant that it was the start of a new year, and Lily Potter was excited as ever to go back to Hogwarts. She loved the castle and its many mysteries, the long corridors with the ghosts and their untold pasts.

“Do you have everything you need, Lily?” Her mother asked for the tenth time that day.

“Yes, mum. I’ve been through all my things and I haven’t forgotten anything.” Her mother was quickly annoying her. She was restless and couldn’t wait to go back to the calmness of her dormitory, and especially the library.

“Okay, good. All of your things are on the train already, and Albus – Oh,” Lily shook her head as her mother stopped mid sentence. Somehow she had forgotten that the youngest Potter boy no longer attended Hogwarts, which he had graduated this past year.

Tears began to form in her mother’s eyes, and Lily gave her a huge hug, knowing that she would need it. It had been extremely difficult for Ginny, adjusting to Albus not being around. James had been gone for a couple years, living in London and working at the Ministry of Magic with their father in the Auror Department. But the departure of her youngest brother was the hardes for her mother. Now it was just Lily, and her mother and father. Even thought it wasn’t that much of a different, it made all the change in the world to Ginny. Albus had gone off to Romania to work with their Uncle Charlie,  helping him with the dragons that were there. Albus had become obsessed with dragons during his fifth year at Hogwarts, and he was a genius at Care of Magical Creatures. Hagricd had taken a special liking to Harry’s second born child, and Lily knew that Albus had learned a lot from her father’s old friend.

Lily patted her mother’s back, giving her some comfort. She wondered if she would ever have children, and be sending them off to Hogwarts with tears in her eyes. She knew her mum rarely cried, so this was hard on her.

“Don’t worry mum. I’ll be home for Christmas, okay?” Lily gave her mother another hug and a kiss on the cheek. She had said goodbye to her dad, this morning, before he had left for work. He was never one to be very emotional, but Lily did see a tear in the corner of his eye that he thought she didn’t notice.

“Mum, I have to go now. I love you.” Lily waved goodbye and stepped up onto the train that would take her off to school.

Finally, she found a compartment with her cousins. Molly Weasley, the second, was also a sixth year and in the same house as Lily, Ravenclaw. Lily remembered the day they each got sorted like it was yesterday. How nervous she was when she put on that dusty old black witch hat, and surprised when it spoke – inside her head, searching through her deepest thoughts.

“Hey Lily!” Exclaimed Molly. She was always happy and bubbly. Her strawberry blonde hair and soft face shone in the setting sun that was shining through the compartment window. Lily was always a little jealous of Molly. Molly always got the boys attention, and she was popular. Whereas Lily was the smart girl who spend most of her waking hours in the library. Her dad always joked around, saying she got Aunt Hermione’s smarts and her mother’s good looks. But he was her dad. All fathers think their little girls were beautiful princesses.

“Hey, Molly. How was the rest of your summer holiday?” Lily asked as she sat down next to her cousin.

“It was great! We went to Spain – it was absolutely breathtaking. All the beauty and history. Simply wonderful.” Molly sighed and stared out the window with a dreamy look on her face.

Uncle Percy worked directly for the Minister of Magic; he was well on his way to becoming Minister when Kingsley Shacklebolt, the recent Minister, retired. They always had more than enough money to go on exotic vacations during the summer holiday. Even though her father was Harry Potter, they barely ever went on a real vacation. Her dad was a workaholic. When they did go on a vacation, it was usually somewhere close to home. Being an Auror, and a step away from becoming Head of the Auror Department, her father was definitely classified as a workaholic. She understood, but sometimes it got ridiculous when she’d come downstairs to see his dinner still sitting on the dining room table, getting colder by the minute.

“Hello, earth to Lily!” Molly waved her hands in Lily’s face and Lily jumped.

“Sorry. Daydreaming.” The compartment door opened abruptly, and Lily’s other cousins were standing in the doorway.

“Fred, if you touch me one more time with that thing I swear I’ll put some Filibusters in your bed when you aren’t looking!” Exclaimed Roxanne. Fred only laughed and sat himself down next to Molly.

“Damn, Roxanne, it’s just a Niffler.” Whined her brother, and Roxanne just sighed in annoyance.

“Right. Whatever. So, what’s up guys? How’s your mum doing without Albus around, Lily?” Roxanne asked, ignoring her little brother as best as possible.

“Oh, it was a very tearful goodbye. She’ll be fine though. She’s got dad.” When he’s around… she thought.

“I’m sure she will be fine. He, where are Lorcan and Lysander?” Asked Roxanne, and as soon as she finished her sentence, in walked the twin boys who had stunningly platinum blonde hair and electric blue eyes. Lily knew that Roxanne had a crush on Lorcan, but she never said she knew. And Roxanne never said anything, of course. Being an extremely close family friend, they almost always spent the holidays and summers at shell cottage, Bill and Fleur’s home by the sea.

“Hi everyone.” Lysander said, announcing their arrival. The Rolf twins were both in Lily’s year, and also in Ravenclaw. Roxanne was in Gryffindor, Molly in Ravenclaw with herself, and Fred in Gryffindor with his sister. They all were known to have their tight knit group, and since they were cousins, they almost always got along.

“Who’s trying out for the quidditch team this year?” Asked Fred, while trying to track down his Niffler to put it in its cage.

“I definitely am.” Roxanne had a huge smile on her face. She was a beater, and a damn good one at that.

“Oh I know you are, Roxanne. Seriously. What is the Gryffindor Team without the Weasley siblings? I’ll be trying for seeker, of course.” Fred commented and ducked as his sister swung her arm around to hit him.

Lily laughed at the two. Sometimes she was jealous of the relationship that Roxanne and Fred had. Being so together in age, they were very close in their relationship. Lily was somewhat close to her brothers, but they were closer together than she was with them. When they were all younger, she would get teased because she didn’t have signs showing of magic ability yet.

“I’ll be trying out for keeper. Hopefully I’ll beat that stink Abbot this year in tryouts. He got me last year by one goal. One goal!” Lysander tried out for the team last year, but Michael Abbot cut him to the chase.

“Don’t worry, Lysander. You’ll get it. No problem.” Molly smiled at the youngest Rolf brother.

“We all know where Lily will be most of her time this year,” Roxanne started.

“In the library…” chimed everyone and they all laughed and Lily felt her face get bright red and her heart started to beat faster as she felt their eyes on her.

Suddenly, the train jerked and everyone gasped in surprise. It stopped immediately, and an eerie feel came over their compartment. It got real cold, and the sun was out like a light. Which was odd, since it was only setting a minute ago…

“What the hell?” Fred looked out the window to see what was going on, but Roxanne stopped him.

“Dumbass! Don’t look out the window! Remember what dad told us about when he was in school and the train stopped? There were dementors! Everyone get your wands out. There’s something here…” Roxanne looked around nervously.

“But we’re not supposed to do magic outside of school!” Exclaimed Molly, who was white as a sheet.

“Shut up, Molly. Not under threatening circumstances… and this is definitely threatening.” Lily said angrily, and pulled her own wand out of her robes. It was getting darker and darker by the minute, and then, a huge, ear splitting scream came from down the other end of the train.

“Everyone, get back into the compartment! I’m going to see what happened.” Lily pushed Fred back into his seat.

“Don’t be stupid, Lily I’m not going to let you go by yourself.” Lorcan said angrily and went after her. She saw Roxanne’s face and tried to give her cousin an apologetic look, but there was no time. She left the compartment with Lorcan. That was the last time she got a look at any of her cousins. For the next minute happened like a hurricane crashing into the hemisphere.

Everything went pitch black, and all Lily saw was a rush of a silver mask, a black cloak, and then, she knew no more. Lorcan yelled and struggled to get out of the man’s grasp. But there was no use. There was a loud crack, a wave of robes, and they were gone. The train, her cousins, everything was out of sight. All she saw was darkness. Nothing else. She could feel Lorcan next to her, and she could tell they were Apparating, given the gut wrenching feeling that she felt in her stomach.

Finally, they hit solid ground. Lily pulled her wand out immediately, however it was thrown out of her hand as soon as she touched it. She looked around, everything was hazy. She saw Lorcan struggling to get out of the man’s grasp, but there was no use. She didn’t even try. She was too weak from the Appiration. She felt everything in her stomach rising. The taste was unbearable. Lorcan yelled for her, but she couldn’t hear. She took one look into the silver mask of their captor, and saw something that looked like a tattoo on his left forearm, and screamed. A Death Eater! No, no no… this was bad… really bad.

“Lorcan! Get away from him! He’s a Death Eater!” Her words were silenced as her mouth was covered and she was forced into a chair.

“Harry Potter’s daughter. I’ve got you at last.” Came a cruel, hard voice and then laughter. Thunder crackled outside, and everything went black, except for a strike of lightning that dove through the darkened sky. 

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