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Playing Pretend by SilverRoses
Chapter 7 : Too Much
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Four hours and about seven glasses of wine later, Jeremy was practically carrying an exhausted Bellatrix back to their house. He was fairly tired himself, but right now, the predominant emotion in him was just contentment. She had basically told him that she was in love with him, so what more did he need? No, he definitely didn't want things to go back to the way they had been at school.

When he reached the door of their house, he set Bellatrix down, still holding her steady while she woke up enough to stand on her own.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to fall asleep on you!" Bellatrix protested, sleepily.

"Shh, it's alright, Love," Jeremy murmured, kissing her softly on the forehead.

He unlocked the door and kept his arm around her as they went inside.

"Oh please don't make me walk up the stairs tonight," Bellatrix moaned, looking hopelessly at the staircase he was leading her towards.

"Then you can sleep in the guest bedroom if you want to," Jeremy suggested.

"Stay with me," Bellatrix said, "And that's fine."

Jeremy's heart gave an unexpected leap and he couldn't help but smile slightly as they proceeded to the guest bedroom. He pulled back the covers for her, and when he turned around, she had undone her dress and laid it over the end of the bed, leaving her in just her full-length, mostly sheer silk slip.

He bit his lip at the sight of her, and forced himself to meet her eyes.

Bellatrix looked curiously at him, and then threw her arms around his waist, "You're just...perfect."

He was in shock, but managed to reply, "No, you are perfect."

She pulled back slightly and looked up at him, then placed her hands on the back of his neck and brought his face down to hers. She could hear his breathing stop, and her own caught in her throat. Right now, she felt as if she had no control over herself...and surprisingly, that was the way she wanted it right now.

Without warning, her hands shifted from his neck to his cheeks and she closed the small gap between their lips, feeling him go almost limp against her. She felt butterflies in her stomach immediately, and was a moment from pulling away and apologizing when she felt his arm around her waist and one hand on her chin.

Bellatrix lost herself in the moment as his hand on her chin grazed down her neck, and then back up before running through her hair. For a few minutes, they went on, and then Bellatrix let her hands slip from his face and he pulled back slightly.

Her eyes were still closed, and he heard her heavy breathing as he tried to calm his own. His heart was almost shivering in his chest, and he couldn't think straight. Not in the least had he been expecting what had just happened.

"Bella," he managed to whisper.

Her eyes opened and he saw the blissful expression on her face that made his heart do somersaults, "Yes?"

" you," Jeremy said, slowly.

Her face lit up and he saw joy shining in her eyes. He barely had time to register it before she jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He had only a few seconds to wonder just how much the wine had affected her before she rested her forehead against his, looking directly into his eyes, and said, "And I love you...Jeremy."

He felt so giddily unstable that he fell back onto the bed, letting her land on top of him, and knowing he was probably wearing a stupid smile.

She looked down at him in a moment of surprise, and then proceeded to kiss practically every inch of his face.

When she finally pulled back, she opened her mouth as if to speak, then just smiled and rolled off of him, "We should probably get some sleep."

Jeremy, who was so dazed he could barely see clearly, managed to say, "Of course,"before pulling himself onto the bed and moving to his side. He glanced over at Bellatrix, and then slid off the bed to shed his jeans and shirt before getting under the covers.

When he looked back at her, she was smiling slightly. Then she inched closer to him and said, "Good night."

The next morning, Jeremy woke up to feel Bellatrix's head resting on his chest. He sighed slightly, and wrapped his arm around her still quite small figure. Then the memories of the previous night came back to him and he allowed his mind to drift off completely to ponder what it had been all about. Suddenly she had seemed so bold, and he only prayed she would not wake up as she had the previous morning.

After a few minutes, he felt her stir against him, and ran his hand lightly up her back. She seemed content to lie there for a while before pushing herself up to look at him. He met her eyes as she searched his, and then she said, "I'm sorry if I...went a little too fast last night."

Jeremy sat up beside her and took her hand, "No, you didn't. There's no need to apologize."

"It just suddenly feels like too much all of a sudden...I wanted more...but I'm not sure what I wanted," Bellatrix said, her voice growing very soft, "I didn't mean to rush you."

Jeremy's expression softened, "Rush me? I don't think you are capable of rushing me. You know I loved every moment of it."

Bellatrix's face took on an expression of awe, "And yesterday was perfect, thank you."

A gentle laugh left Jeremy's mouth at that, "Thank me? No, thank you, Bella."

She shook her head, "You're just too modest...and it's totally adorable."

Jeremy rested his forehead against Bellatrix's and said, "Ah, but you are the adorable one, my darling. What would I do without you?"

Bellatrix placed a finger over his lips and said, "Hush. If you won't take any of my words seriously, then you're not allowed to say anything." She felt him smirk against her finger and she giggled at how close they were. Everything felt so new and wonderful right now that she seemed to have completely forgotten the missing years. She could see what he had been talking about the previous day in the cafe. They had lost three years, but they were together, and they were so happy...what was not to love about that? Most people spent years chasing dreams and seeking happiness in any place they thought could possibly satisfy them...and here they were, and Slytherin pureblood and a Hufflepuff halfblood, as happy as two people could ever be; and without losing those three years, she wondered how it would be possible for this to be the way it was. He had been right: what was not great about this?

"Are you happy?" she whispered, letting her finger slip from his lips to brush against the stubble of about four days on his chin. She hoped he wouldn't shave it off yet, it had become one of the things she was used to about his face, as his facial hair grew at a much slower rate than most men's.

His forehead still against hers, Jeremy placed one hand on the side of her face and began to trace her lips with his thumb, "How could I not be? I have everything I could ever want. Are you happy?"

"I've never been so happy in my life," Bellatrix felt the words leave her before she even thought about it, but she knew in her heart that they were true. Jakob had never made her feel like this...she had never really felt happy with him...just sort of triumphant that she had finally won him over, as she had thought.

Even though all she could see from their closeness was his eyes, she knew he was smiling. She was about to kiss him when suddenly, the moment was interrupted by an owl flying in through a window that didn't seem to be open. Both Bellatrix and Jeremy jumped in surprise, and the owl landed on the head of the bed. They realized they must have one of the panels in the window that an owl could fly through, even when the window was closed.

Jeremy pushed himself across the bed and took the letter tied to the owl's foot, "Thanks," he told it.

He felt Bellatrix beside him wrap an arm around his waist and look over his shoulder as he opened it.

"Oh," he was partially dismayed and partially just annoyed by the contents of the letter.

"You're the owner of a quidditch team!" Bellatrix exclaimed, "Wow...I mean, I wondered what kind of job you would have...but this..."

"And apparently someone wants to buy my team," Jeremy said, thoughtfully, "What do you think?" he asked, turning his head to look at his wife.

Bellatrix seemed caught off guard, "I don't know, it's your team and your decision."

Jeremy put an arm around her shoulders and said, "Love, what's mine is yours, and I want your opinion, so do you think I should sell to him or not?"

Bellatrix thought for a while, then said, "'s a lot of money, five hundred thousand galleons...your team must be popular...but I don't know how much you are making from it."

Jeremy nodded, "Well, neither do I. I'm supposed to meet him at the Coven Inn in two hours to talk about it, though. You don't have to go if you don't want to, though." He added the last part after a mixed look from Bellatrix.

"You read my mind, Kasica...I mean Jeremy," she said.

He kissed her cheek and then turned to climb out of bed, "I'll go get a shower, then. Do you want the shower in this room or in our room?"

Bellatrix laughed, "You're sweet, but I don't have a preference."

Jeremy smiled, "Then you take this one."

"But my clothes are upstairs," Bellatrix said.

Suddenly his mind was brought back to what she was wearing and he felt his face grow slightly warm as he remembered, "Other way around then."

Bellatrix was laughing silently.

"What?" Jeremy looked confused.

"You're so cute when you're embarrassed," Bellatrix managed between giggles.

Jeremy shook his head and picked up his clothes from the floor on the way to the bathroom.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Bellatrix let herself fall back on the pillows which smelled like Jeremy's cologne. She felt happy. She felt really happy. For a few minutes, she just laid there, enojying the feeling, before slipping off the bed, picking up her dress, which had fallen to the floor, and proceeded upstairs to the bathroom in the master bedroom.

After his shower, Jeremy went upstairs wearing nothing but the towel arouond his waist. The door to the master bedroom was open, so he went in and proceeded to search the closet for something nice to wear. Suddenly, he heard Bellatrix's intake of breath behind him and turned to see her with her towel wrapped around her torso. She immediately turned red, but pretended nothing was wrong and joined him in a search for clothes.

"We need to go shopping today," Bellatrix stated simply as she looked through the many outfits she knew she could no longer fit into.

Jeremy turned to her and said, "How about you and Helena go shopping while I'm meeting the buyer?"

"Of course," Bellatrix laughed, "Let me find something I can fit and I'll owl her."

As she moved along the rack where her clothes hung, she got closer to Jeremy, and she could soon smell his cologne. She couldn't help but look up at him. She jumped slightly when she realized he was already looking at her...and he had shaved.

She said the first thing that came to mind, "You shaved."

Jeremy seemed surprised, "Yes, I did."

"Oh," Bellatrix murmured, and averted her eyes to continue her search for an outfit.

Eventually, Jeremy chose a pair of dark jeans and a button-up black shirt. He went to their bathroom to get dressed, and when he came back, Bellatrix had on a light grey dress with an empire waist...which was unzipped in the back.

"Darling, would you zip me up?" Bellatrix looked as if she was about to have an emotional meltdown, so Jeremy quickly searched for the tiny zipper and, after getting it stuck a few times finally told his wife that all was well.

She immediately turned and threw her arms around him, "I'm owling Helena right now," she stated after a moment, and then promptly walked off.

Jeremy checked his watch and then went downstairs to eat breakfast, then back upstairs to find Bellatrix. She was sitting on the edge of the bed reading a letter.

"Alright, Love, I'll see you whenever we both get back," Jeremy said, putting an arm around her shoulders.

Bellatrix stood on tiptoes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, "Bye."

Jeremy stood there for a moment, and then pulled her in, dipping down to kiss her full on the mouth. For a few moments, she seemed just too surprised to kiss back, but she recovered quickly, and when he pulled back, she was speechless.

They both just looked at each other for a moment, and then Jeremy smirked and said, "Have fun."

"Oh I will, and I hope it goes well for you," Bellatrix said.

And then he left, leaving a smitten Bellatrix staring after him.

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