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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 8 : Eye Opener
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  Alex ran up the stairs and through the open door of Rose’s room she was laying down in her bed fast asleep, Scorpius was laying down at the foot of her bed and Al was laying down in a cot next to her bed. Alex decided to let Rose sleep and woke up Scorp and Al instead so they could fill him in on what happened last night.  Scorpius and Al refused to leave her side so Alex sat down in one of her beanbag chairs and listened to what his friends had to say.

                “We got there about 4 minutes before he left the room but we couldn’t hear anything going on inside and we couldn’t get in either. So we hid in a dark corner waiting for them to leave but when we saw him leaving alone we ran into the room.” Al explained

                “There she was on the ground hugging herself and crying her eyes out her clothes thrown across the room so naturally we knew what had happened but from the way she looked we figure he forced her to do something she didn’t want to do or-“ Scorpius said with a look of disgust.

                “Or we think that she was scared that he might leave her if she asked him to stop. Anyways we transformed her clothes into a large blanket then Scorp carried her here but before we could ask her anything she had fallen fast asleep.” Finished Al. Alex looked over at Rose who was now starting to wake up he noticed that she was wearing the shirt that she had stolen from Scorpius.

                “Well she’s waking up and how did you two know that she sleeps in that shirt?” Asked Alex since he was the only one that knew she loved sleeping in that shirt because it made her feel safe or at least that’s what she had told him.

                “They didn't I had to get up and change." Rose sat up now facing the three boys who were appearing to struggle between being happy she hadn't screamed at them yet or being pissed that she was still with Krum. Rose sighed knowing what they were thinking and continued to talk. "Look you guys first of all just listen if you have anything to say please just wait till I say everything I have to say. Ok well thank you for caring about me and I know things have been different since I started going out with Anthony but I love him and even though we have had our differences I don't want him to leave me. I'm scared of being alone again I finally found someone who loves me and isn't running away just from the sight of you. I'll admit that I hate not being able to talk to you anymore but if it makes him happy then that just makes things better for me." 

                So Al thought she just wants a guy who will love her and not run away from the sight of her best friends... He turned to look at Scorpius and noticed Alex was looking at him as well probably thinking the same thing. Scorpius was just looking at his hand his face blank giving no hint of what was going on in his head. "Rose," Al paused looked at Alex then back at Scorpius before going on. "What if we knew a guy who loved you and wouldn't run at the sight of us but most importantly he would never hurt you?" Scorpius flinched a bit but continued looking at his hands.

                 "Actually Al I think she would hurt him more than what he would ever hurt her, but Rose this guy is in love with you since 3rd or 4th year but he never knew how to tell you. Would you leave Anthony for this guy?" Picked up Alex where Al had left off.

 "No. I'm sorry but I love Anthony and -Scorpius! Where are you going?! Scorpius?!"


                Scorpius heard all he needed to hear and he couldn't stand listening to what they had to say anymore so he ran out the common room down the stairs and out to the Forbidden Forest. The day was cool but in the darkness of the forest everything felt much colder here but he didn't care he just leaned against a tree and ran over the conversation he just heard in his head. What if he had told Rose how he felt about her last year? Would they have been together? Would she have still fallen for Krum? Who was he kidding Rose would never love him like he loved her he should just move on and find a girl who he could grow to like after all he would have to search much they would practically jump at the chance of being his girlfriend. A little voice in the back of his head reminded him that no matter who he went out with they would never have his heart and they would never be Rose. Scorpius slumped down to the ground and broke down he couldn't stand thinking about all the crap Rose was going through and that she would never be his girl.

  A bit later Scorpius wiped his tears out of his eyes, stood up, and walked back to the school his mind set on forgetting Rose. Before he reached the doors he was knocked back on to the cool ground his face was covered in strands of hair and he could feel the light weight of a body on top of him. The small body rose up a bit too where he could now see her hair was straight dark brown almost black, her eyes were a beautiful shade of brown, and her skin was a light golden brown. His heart gave a hopeful leap maybe this could be the girl he thought.

  "Oh Scorpius! I'm so so sorry I was just running outside and I am... I'm sorry I didn't see you there until it was too late." Her voice was light and sweet. Her cheeks were now a bright shade of red and Scorpius couldn't help but noticed that it made her look so much cuter. He was almost sad to see her get back up but he also stood up and noticed that she was about the same height as Rose or maybe a bit shorter.

  "Its fine don't worry about it I'm just sorry that I don't know your name?" He was sure he had seen her around before but he had never really noticed how beautiful she truly was until now.

  "Oh my name is Vanessa; well I should probably go now sorry again." She smiled and began walking away.

  "Wait!" He yelled after her, she turned around with a questioning look on her face. "You're in Slytherin right? That's why you look so familiar!" She just nodded and waited for him to keep going. "Want to eat dinner with me? Then maybe we can walk around and get to know each other, I mean only if you want to of course."

  "I'll see you there bye!" She gave him one more big smile and hurried of towards the greenhouse. Crap he thought he was late for class oh well he had already missed the whole day he might as well skive off for the rest of this class as well. He hurried up to his room to take a long shower thinking about the beautiful girl he would be seeing in a few.

  After Scorpius left they convinced Rose that they didn't know what was wrong with him and that they should just leave him alone and get ready for class. Al and Alex were worried that Scorpius would be mad at them for almost telling Rose his secret and when he didn't show up to any class they were sure that Scorpius was really pissed. Rose had gone back to ignoring them although Al was sure he saw her looking at the doors every once in a while waiting for Scorpius to show up.  At dinner they decided to sit at the Gryffindor table and wait for Scorpius knowing he wouldn't miss dinner as well, but instead of Scorpius Rose joined them at the table.

  "Hey Anthony didn't feel like eating and felt like being alone so I thought the four of us could eat together... Scorpius still hasn't shown up?” Asked Rose

  "No." Replied Alex looking around for Isabella who smiled at him and went to sit down next to him. He kissed her and wrapped his arm around her. Little by little he was falling for her and he knew that she was too he just hoped that things wouldn't change between them.

  "Oh well Al could you take out the map just to check if Anthony decides to come down..." She was still nervous she knew she shouldn't be sitting there but the risk would be worth it.

  "Don't worry he isn't anywhere near here and I found Scorpius... He's at the Slytherin table sitting with some girl named Vanessa." Al looked over and sure enough Scorpius was sitting next to a very pretty girl and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. A part of Al was mad at him for not caring about Rose but another part of him felt glad to see him moving on.

  "Oh that's Vanessa duh you knew that part but she is in our year. Her parents are Mexican and they moved here before she was born, she is really shy but she has her moments where she can be a really cool person! Seems like her crush on Scorpius is still there good thing he seems to like her too!” Piped up Isabella

  They looked at Scorpius and Vanessa and Isabella was right. While they were all looking at the possible new couple Jacky walked over to the group and stopped in front of Rose.

 "Oh looks like Scorpius has finally moved on from you Rosie! Wait I forgot you didn't know that-"

  "Jacky shut up you know damn well Rose doesn't know! What do you want?" interrupted Al he had a bad feeling that this wasn't going to end well.

  "Oh Al I'm sorry but I was talking to Rosie not you, anyways Rose I don't know how you could let Scorp get away he is so fine! Oh right I forget Al and Alex never told you that Scorpius liked you right? Poor Rosie he really loved you or maybe not as he looks like he forgot all about you. First Krum now this? Life must be horrible for you!"

  "What do you mean first Krum?"

  "Don't tell me you didn't know either! Well Rose he has been cheating on you ever since he first set foot in this school! Just last night he was with me because what was it? Oh yeah he said you were too dull for him. If you don't believe me you should go look for him because believe me he is not alone. Bye Rosie." With that she left leaving them in silence tears threatening to fall. Rose didn't know what hurt her more the fact that her friends never told her about Scorpius or that her boyfriend who abused her was also cheating on her. No, her friends wouldn't have kept this a secret from her they would have told her. Rose looked across the room and saw Scorpius standing up offering his hand to Vanessa then her eyes followed them walking out hand in hand of  the Great Hall. She turned to look at Al who was looking at the ground then at Alex who was hugging Isabella but looking at the ground as well Isabella just looked lost of course she didn't have a clue of what was going on she just knew it was bad.

  "Please Al... Alex... tell me that you didn't know about Scorpius. Tell me he never told you or that he never had feelings for me just don't tell me that you knew and didn't tell me because that would hurt me more than you know." They remained silent but that was all Rose needed to know that what Jacky said had been true. "Al hand me the map." He handed her the map it was still open so she looked for Scorpius he was heading for the dungeons. She looked for Anthony and he was in an empty classroom with some girl she didn't know. She dropped the map on Al's lap and ran out the Great hall first to the dungeons to find Scorpius.

  What she saw broke her heart more than she thought was possible, he was standing there holding hands with Vanessa and kissing her in a way Rose wished to be kissed sweet and caring yet filled with passion. Rose let out a small sob that broke the couple apart she looked at him in the eyes tears flowing down her eyes and ran away until she couldn't hear him yelling for her to come back. When she stopped she realized that she was standing in front of the classroom where Anthony was with some girl she walked over to the doors a part of her hoping she could open them and another dreading to see what she would find. The doors opened and she looked in the room and standing there wearing nothing at all with some girls legs wrapped around him moaning was Anthony. She blasted them off of each other her wand pointing at Anthony her anger running through her veins.

  "You cheater! YOU ROT IN HELL! WE ARE OVER! YOU HURT ME OVER AND OVER! I WAS TO STUPID TO LEAVE YOU BUT I SEE I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY FRIENDS AND LEFT YOU THE FIRST TIME YOU EVER LAID A HAND ON ME!" She waved her hand again and his skin was covered in blue and black writing with the words “I hit women and I cheat, I should rot in hell." 

  "Let that be a message to everyone of who you really are you filthy little cockroach." She ran out the room and headed to her own room she wanted to be in her bed and cry her eyes out maybe Dinky could bring her something sweet. How could everything have gone so wrong in just one day? That night she didn't cry over Krum but she cried over her lost opportunity with Scorpius. Foolishly she hope that he would run into her room and beg her to be his girlfriend but after 4 hours she gave up waiting for him knowing that he finally moved on. If only she would have seen how he felt about her sooner, she didn't wear his shirt that night but instead fell asleep hugging the only thing she had of his.

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