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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 22 : Caught
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 Chapter Twenty-Two

I stopped kissing Lily, pushed her to one side and wheeled around to see Alice Longbottom, head girl, shaking her head at us with her arms folded. I was relieved, for a second I seriously thought that Abi had caught us. I looked to Lily who just looked annoyed that we had been interrupted and it was no secret that she didn’t really like Alice.

“Well are you going to explain” Alice demanded “Because the last time that I checked, Oliver was dating Abi Clayton who, by the way, is a very good friend to me”

“Look, don’t blame Ollie” said Lily. I was shocked “It was me, I kissed him out of the blue, he was going to push me away but you walked in at just the wrong moment”. Though trying to figure out Lily’s game here I nodded and Alice seems satisfied that I wasn’t the guilty party here. Lily eventually walked off after Alice told her she was lucky it wasn’t Al who walked in as he was on patrol duty as well. I thought I was lucky Al didn’t walk in, I’d have most likely been sent crashing to the other side of the classroom if he’d caught us. Once Lily left the classroom Alice sighed and came and sat next to me on the table I’d perched on

“So, you happy or sad about this” she asked “Because I know that you like the girl, you told me yourself and if you and Lily are going to get it on, please spare Abi that humiliation of being cheated on”

“I would never cheat on Abi” I exclaimed “I love her, like Lily said she just kissed me completely out of the blue then. I’m not that kind of guy Alice”. Except I was, still hadn’t told anyone about Lily and I on Halloween night in my dorm

“I know you’re not Oliver” she said stroking my arm with affection “Just watch yourself around Lily, I’ve known that girl since we were toddlers and she doesn’t like not getting her own way”

“I know how to handle Lily” I said “I’ve been staying out of her way for weeks, tonight was the first night we’ve actually spoken to eachother since Halloween”

“Why, what happened at Halloween?” asked Alice. Bollocks. I felt my face go red and my palms started to sweat, I deliberately avoided eye contact with Alice who turned me to face her “What happened at Halloween” she repeated in a harsh tone of voice

“Lily and I kissed… a lot” I spat out rapidly “I was getting ready, she came into my room and told me all this stuff about being in love with me. I was shocked but before I knew it we were kissing on my bed”

“On your bed” shrieked Alice “Oh my gosh, Oliver did you… you know?”

“Oh no, no, no” I said in a panic “No, we didn’t do that but we could have done if I didn’t stop it. Then Lily turned really nasty, said some stuff and I told her to stay away from me. We hadn’t spoken since, please you can’t tell Abi”

Alice sighed and I knew I’d fucked up big time now. It wasn’t only losing Abi that I was afraid of; I’d lose the Potter/Weasley’s as well. If Al was to ever find out I’d been kissing his baby sister he’d round up Hugo, Louis, Freddie, James and even Teddy might be persuaded and come after me. Ben and Ryan would probably join in as well and all the girls would think twice about talking to me

“Look” said Alice “I’m not going to tell Abi, I don’t wanna go out of my way to cause trouble for you Benson because I actually like you and I genuinely believe that you are sorry, but I’m not a liar and if for any reason I’m ever asked outright I’m going to have to tell her, OK?”

That was something I supposed

“Do you think that I’m a bad person?” I asked

“No I don’t” she said taking my hand “I think you’re a wonderful person, a bit stupid maybe but no I don’t think you’re a bad person Oliver”. As we were walking back to the common room we bumped into Al who seemed suspicious about what I was doing out so late at night. It had gone eleven now which meant Alice and I had been talking for the best part of an hour, as Alice left to get back to her common room Al and I proceeded towards the Gryffindor one. I always got a bit nervous when it was just Al and I; he was often very serious and I nearly always managed to somehow put my foot in it with him

“I don’t see you and Lily talk much anymore” he observed “There was a time when I used to think you two were stuck together with glue or something, what happened there?” Seeing my discomfort at the subject he placed a hand on my back

“I won’t be angry or anything if you’ve fallen out Benson” he said “As much as Lily is my sister and I love her, I know what a pain in the arse she can be and I acknowledge that if you have fallen out then it’s most likely her fault”

“It wasn’t” I said quickly

“Then, what happened?” asked Al now sounding a little bit confused “You can’t have just decided to stop talking to one another”

“OK, we had a row the night of the Halloween party” I said, it wasn’t even a lie not really “She just said some horrible things about my dad and I kind of lost it with her”

“Stupid girl” muttered Al under his breath “Do you want me to have a word with her or something, I’m sure I can make her apologise and see she was wrong. Even if I can’t Rose could give it a try, Lily listens to her more than anyone. Except you, of course” he added at the end

“No, no it’s fine” I said aware that would be the worst possible thing that could happen “Lily and I will sort it out in time; it’ll just take me a while to forgive her for what she said”

“Well I hope you do” said Al “I like you two being friends; you’re a calming kind of influence on her. I know I act quite cold towards you sometimes and I know I’m not as fun as James or Ted, but I want you to know I do see you as a friend Oliver”

“I see you as one too” I added. Al smiled as we turned the corner towards the moving staircases we saw two figures in the distance kissing

“Randy bloody Ravenclaws” Al muttered impatiently which made me smirk. We reached the kissing figures and to our shock we found Louis Potter kissing Ben. Al coughed loudly and both Louis and Ben stopped kissing and looked towards us, horrified 

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Escaping the Friend Zone: Caught


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