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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six
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Disclaimer: Nothing but the plot and OC's are mine.

I woke up early so that I could get showered and dressed. After pacing my room and watching my clock I gave up, grabbed the baby monitor and went downstairs. My nerves were getting the better of me, but I couldn't help it, I haven't seen my friends or other Hogwarts people in just over a year. A whole crazy year in which so much has happened.

It was half seven when Ria found me curled up on the sofa fully dressed and staring into space as I mulled over my thoughts.

"Come on, Flick, go and get Bentley and Aubri dressed and ready and while you're up there wake up Tessa and Oscar," she instructed shaking my shoulder gently, bringing me out of my thoughts, thinking about every single thing that could possibly go wrong or happen.

Reluctantly I did as she said, as I walked upstairs I started thinking that I have got to get my story straight. I left Hogwarts because Minnie said that if my grades didn't improve then I would have to leave for good, so I got home schooled for sixth year and now I'm back because my grades are much better again. Sounds pretty legit, well I mean it is mostly true.

After waking up Tessa and Oscar I made my way to my room and was greeted by two smiling babies who were happily cooing away, I smiled and instantly felt happier. Once they were dressed I arranged my pillows on my bed and propped them in between them. After grabbing some parchment and a self inking quill, I started to write a letter.

Last night as I led in bed staring at the ceiling trying to get to sleep, I had an idea to write them a letter about my day. By the time I finished I had written half a page, which isn't bad considering all I had wrote about was my morning and about them.

"Flick, come on," Tessa called just as my clock changed to say it was half eight.

I finish the letter and folded it up and wrote the twins names on the front.  I tucked it in one of the storage boxes for safe keeping and then went over and picked up my babies. When I entered the kitchen I put Bentley and Aubri in their highchairs, I was just about to go look through their cupboard for something for their breakfast when Tessa shoved a bowl into my hands.

"Already made it, just need to feed them," she said in a hurry.

"Calm down, Tess, you'll be fine, it's only school," I told her as I started giving equal spoonfuls of baby porridge to Bentley and Aubri. Whenever I fed the other, they would yell until they got fed, it made me laugh and eased my nerves seeing them happy.

"Only school! It's okay for you, you've already been there for six years, you know your way around the place!" she practically yelled at me.

"Actually I've only been there for five years not six. If you remember I was home schooled last year. So please keep that in mind if anyone should ask. And actually I'm just as nervous as you because I haven't seen my friends for a year and god knows if they are still my friends now. Plus I'm going to see Bentley and Aubri's father every day for the next year, as well as trying to keep the fact that I'm a mum quiet," I retorted all whilst pulling funny faces at the twins.

Tessa sighed and sat down next to me. "Sorry, Flick, I hadn't forgotten and I guess you have a valid point to be nervous. But I can't help it what if I don't make any friends? What if I'm the loner in Hufflepuff or something?"

I stifled my giggles as Ria came rushing into the room, her brown hair (It used to be the same shade of blonde as mine and Tessa's, until she dyed it two years ago) sticking up all over the place. She picked up a plate and a fork and went over to the cooker, from under the grill she took eight pieces of bacon out and put them onto the plate.

Turning my back on her I carried on feeding Bentley and Aubri as they were yelling at me once again for being slow. A plate with two bits of bread and bacon appeared in front of myself and Tessa. I finished feeding them and myself and Tess hurriedly ate our bacon sandwiches as Ria then vanished from the room again. She came back five minutes later with Oscar who had a half empty jar of chocolate spread in his hand and chocolate all around his mouth.

"You okay, Ria, you haven't done your hair yet?" I asked innocently as I tapped the washing up brush with my wand, and then the sink so that the bowl, spoon and plates started cleaning themselves. Before proceeding to made the twins a bottle each.

"No I'm not okay. I'm rather stressed this morning, dad had to leave for work early so I've got to take you to Kings Cross. Messy here," She indicated to Oscar. "Has eaten half a jar of chocolate spread and is not yet dressed but very giggly. I don't feel all too great and I haven't had time to do my hair or get your trunks into the car."

"Well sorry," I muttered under my breath. "Tess, can you feed Bentley please," I asked taking him out and handing him to her along with a bottle. "Y'know feeding your cute little nephew will make you less nervous."

She smiled. "I suppose, come here handsome," she cooed at Bentley.

I got Aubri out and started to feed her, this is going to be last time I do this for a while, I thought. No, I can't be thinking like that, if I do it'll only want to make me stay and I can't. I have to go back. Pushing my thoughts aside, I moved my attention to Aubri who was giving me a gummy smile, showing off her two bottom teeth.

Ria came back into the ten minutes later her hair up in a pony, with a fully dressed and clean little brother, plus two empty cat baskets in her hands. Ahh small problem, I thought, my cat Ginger Nut is not a big fan of her cat basket and cries bloody murder every time she has to go in it.

"Don't you dare get any ideas. It's your cat and you're putting her in this basket whether she likes it or not. We haven't got time so hurry up," Ria informed as she saw my expression change. "You too, Tessa, now go and find them."

Myself and Tessa left the room with the twins. "God, why is she so grumpy this morning?" I whispered as we climbed the stairs.

She shrugged. "PMS maybe?"

I nodded since that would probably explain why our normally lovely sister was such a grouch this morning. I moved the pillows off my bed and arranged them on the floor before propping Bentley and Aubri in the middle of them. Grabbing a few toys from their end of the room I placed them in front of them to keep them occupied for the moment.

"Lets cat hunt," I said.

It took less than five seconds to find Ginger Nut as she was curled up at the bottom of Aubri's cot. I picked her up and held her close to me just as she woke up and meowed in my face. As I walked over to my bed I scratched her behind the ears and placed her in the basket before she could even realise what had happened.

"See, Simple. I don't what Ria was complaining for."

Actually I do, since Ginger Nut normally cries, runs for her life and hides. According to dad it took the pet shop owner ten minutes to coax her inside when he bought her for me at the start of last summer. I was lucky since she was half asleep. I went to sit on the end of my bed and nearly squashed Tessa's kitten; Cookie who yowled and shot out from under my quilt and out the door. Whoops.

"Nice one, Flick. I bet she'll have gone to my room," Tessa complained as she left with the empty basket.

I sat on the floor next to Bentley and let out a long sigh. "I'm really gonna miss my room, this house and especially you two," I murmured before kissing each of them on the forehead just as Ria entered. She went over to my trunk and pulled her wand out and made it levitate before leaving the room again.

"Hurry up it's nearly nine," she called over her shoulder.

I groaned, why was this morning going so fast? Following my sister I tapped Ginger Nut's basket with my wand and muttered the spell so that it floated before me. This caught the twins attention, even though they were used to dad and Ria using wands it still fascinated them when I did.

It was only ever a rare occasion that I would, I mean for one I'm not actually legal to do magic outside of school yet but as I'm at home and obviously its okay with dad (and from when I was with my tutor)  it doesn't matter too much. But still it feels weird after so long. Tapping the basket again so that it floated down stairs with ease, I set off behind it with a twin under each arm.

On the first floor I managed to catch Tessa with Cookie in her cat basket  and she took Bentley from me as we all headed downstairs for the last time. Oscar was running around like a loon and Ria was dragging out trunks out to the car.

"Hey, Oscar, wanna do me a favour?" I called as I took hold of the basket and tapped it once again with my wand. He came running over and nodded. "Take Ginger Nut out to Ria please."

He smiled and zoomed off out the front door as I picked up the baby bag. I took one last look around the kitchen, diner and living room and left the house. I strapped Aubri into her car seat as Tessa strapped Bentley into his before getting into the back of the car along with Oscar and Tessa. After checking we had two trunks, two cats, the double buggy, Oscar, the twins. And most importantly our wands, having checked front door was locked Ria eventually got in and started the car before driving away from the house.

Great, an hour's car journey with a very nervous eleven year old, a hyper seven year old, an irritable older sister and eight month old twins. Well this should be fun.

Looking out the back window of the car, I  felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I'm not going to be back home until Christmas, that's three whole months. Three whole months away from home and away from the two people I love the most in the entire world.

As the car turned out of the street, I started dreading today even more.


An hour and a half later, Ria had parked the car and was getting a trolley to put mine and Tessa's trunks on whilst I tried and failed to calm Tessa down again. Let me tell you, that was not the greatest car journey I have been on. Tessa had gotten herself so worked up that she was sick twice, Oscar was practically bouncing in his seat and singing nursery rhymes. Ginger Nut was meowing like mad until I put my hand in her basket to scratch her ears, Bentley was sleeping, Aubri was babbling away and Ria looked like she was going to crack any minute.

Never again, ever. I'm so glad I won't have to do this next again next year. Fingers crossed it won't be this bad when we come home for Christmas.  I guess I should really cut Ria some slack since she drove us here even when she's not feeling all too great. Plus the fact she has to go home with a hyper child and eight month old twins who she'll be has looking after until dad comes home.

The only good thing was that it meant I had a tiny bit more time with the twins, if dad had been here I'd have had to say  goodbye to them at the house. Whilst Ria unloaded the trunks and Tessa was breathing in and out, I took Bentley and Aubri out of their carseats. Giving them both an extra long hug and kiss before strapping them in the buggy and whispered,  "I love you more than anything in the world."

Taking hold of Oscar's hand we made our way into the station with the buggy. Once we reached platforms nine and ten, I discreetly leaned back against the wall, not wanting to run at it with the twins. We fell through the wall easily enough and turned around to move out of the way, giving the guard a quick smile in thank.

The platform was full of parents, children and teenagers, as well as trolleys with trunks on. I smiled when I saw the great scarlet engine which had white smoke coming from it. A part of me had definitely missed this, the buzz of energy coming from all the students, both new and old, was making me a tiny bit excited. 

From beside me I heard Oscar say, "Wow!"

I hung around by the entrance and soon enough Ria and Tessa came through. I made them walk infront of me as I pushed the buggy down the platform, feeling self concious. A few heads turned but no one really noticed me.  Near the end of the platform we stopped and Ria suggested that we take our trunks over to where the wizard was loading them onto the train.

Along with Tessa, I took the trolley over to the guy who just nodded at us to leave the trolley there, which we did. Making our way back to Ria, Oscar, Bentley, Aubri and our cats, I looked down the platform to see if I could see Dom, Rose or even Al. Except I couldn't see any of them, I couldn't even see any of the Potter-Weasley family and trust me there are a lot of them, so you can't exactly miss them.

Bending down I gave Bentley and Aubri a kiss before whispering, "I love you so much and make sure you behave yourselves for Granddad, Auntie Ria and Uncle Oscar." I stood up and wiped away the tear that had started to form.

"Hey, you know they'll be fine, Flick," Ria said softly.

I nodded. "I know it's just I've never left them this long before and now I won't see them again until Christmas."

Ria pulled me into a hug. "Trust me, they'll be fine. I'll bring them up to see you every week if possible."

"OHH MYYY GOOOOODDDD!!!" Came a squeal from my right, I turned to see a blur of blonde hair heading straight towards me. "FLICKKKKK, IT'S REALLY YOU." They squealed into my ear as they pulled me into a hug. Once she finally let go, she held me at arms length. "It's really you isn't it?"

"Yeah, it's really me," I replied causing her to squeal again.

"Hey, Ria," Dom greeted my older sister as she carried on grinning at me.

My best friend definitely hasn't changed much since the last time I saw, she still had the same long blonde hair, the same blue eyes, the same smile. But there was definitely something else about her that seemed different, bu I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

"I've missed you so much," Dom said pulling me into another hug.

"I know, I've you missed you too," I replied.

Dom's eyes wandered to the buggy and she smiled a little. "Aww and who are these cute little babies?" she asked.

My eyes darted to Ria, the panic setting in me. I saw her a sigh a little but with ease she replied, "They're mine."

"Well, well, well. I never thought I'd see the day that someone would voluntary shag you, Saunders. Were they drunk or blind?" Came a voice from behind us. I turned around to see none other than James Potter (Al's older brother and Dom's cousin) with a smirk on his face.

"Oh sod off, Potter," Ria growled.

It's nice to see that even after all this time their relationship hasn't change since they were in school.

"Missed me have you?" James smirked as he put his arm around Ria's shoulders.

"Please, why would I have missed the person who publicly humiliated me," she replied as she shrugged to get rid of his arm.

I exchanged looks with Dom, James and Ria haven't exactly got the best history together. Back in seventh year Ria and Fred went out for five months until Ria caught Tasha Parkinson snogging him in a corridor. For revenge Ria went and snogged James in the Gryffindor common room, in front of Fred. James then publicly announced that Fred had been dating Ria for a bet, needless to say Ria was heartbroken (she had fancied him since fourth year) and has hated James and Fred ever since. Well mainly James since it he was the one who announced it to the common room.

"Because you've missed my charm and rugged good looks."

Myself, Dom and Ria all snorted just as Fred came over, looking slightly nervous.

"Hey, Ria," he said running a hand through his short black hair (a stupid habit he's picked up off James no doubt). "Long time no see, so how're you?" Fred asked.

"I'm fine thanks," Ria replied cooly.

"Hey, Fred, you'll never guess what?" Before Fred could even answer James continued, "Someone only went and got Ria up the duff, she's got two kids," he exclaimed pointing towards my babies.

Fred's jaw dropped slightly. "Is the guy still around or did he leave when he saw you in your natural state?" he laughed.

Ria looked ready to spit fire, I swear those two will never learn, it seems they haven't changed at all since I last saw them. I rolled my eyes at their stupidity and then almost froze as I saw him coming towards us. Al was looking as good as ever, his sister Lily swinging off his arm in excitement. Lily waved when she saw me so I waved back.

"Hey," Al called before pulling me into a hug. I tried holding my breath so that I wouldn't smell him, but it was too late, I already caught a whiff of his woody smell.

"Hi," I breathed.

"What's going on there then?" he asked pointing at Ria, James and Fred.

"Oh y'know your ass of brother and cousin winding up my darling sister when she is so not in the mood to be annoyed," I stated.

He laughed and I smiled as well, from next to him I could see Lily looking at me and then at Tessa who was stood quietly between me and Dom.

"Lily, this is my sister, Tessa. Tessa this is Al's sister, Lily. Tessa is just starting Hogwarts."

Lily smiled. "I'm just starting as well," she piped up.

"Come on let's go find a compartment," Dom suggested.

I nodded and went over to Ria. "We're going now, Ri." I gave her a hug and whispered, "Ignore the prats," before saying in my normal voice. "Take care, have fun and don't forget to write."

She hugged Tessa and told us to behave and look after ourselves. I gave Oscar a hug and a kiss before quickly kissing Bentley and Aubri. Trying to hold it together, it broke my heart as I heart Bentley whimper as I walked away. It felt so strange knowing that most of their family was currently stood on the platform and that their dad was only inches away.

I made my way onto the train with Dom, Al, Tessa and Lily. As we walked down it trying to find a compartment a few people from our year were staring and pointing at me as I walked past. Ahh so now it begins, I thought. Tessa and Lily along with Cookie in her cat basket found an empty one and went and sat in there, the pair of them were talking nervously about the sorting and which house they wanted to be in.

Telling Tessa that I would see her later, and that if she did need me I wasn't that far away as we were staying in the same train carriage. I felt bad leaving her, but knowing she and Lily were in the same posistion I didn't feel so bad. Starting to think that the others wouldn't even be in this carriage I finally  found Rose and Scorpius. They were in one of the last compartments, having a snogging session by the seems of it, since Rose was on his lap when I opened the door.

Rose screamed as she pulled her cardigan around her and pushed her curly red hair behind her ears. "Oh my god! Flick!"

"Rosie!" I said pulling her into a hug after I had put down Ginger Nut's cat basket. "And how is my favourite Gryffindor who should really belong in Slytherin, like the rest of us."

"Oh my god, I didn't believe Al when he said he saw you. I thought he was playing a prank or something."

"Nope it's really me and I'm really here," I told her as I took a seat on Scorpius' lap. "And how is my gay best friend?"

The reason Scorp is my my gay best friend though he isn't gay, since I'm pretty sure he likes snogging Rose. Is because when he sat in my compartment on the train in first year, what with his slicked back blonde hair and great dress sense I jumped to the conclusion he was gay.

From then I always thought he was gay but then in third year he asked me something along the lines of 'how do you ask a girl out' and then revealed he liked Rose who liked him back, (shock horror, a Malfoy and a Weasley, please this isn't nineteen ninety-three, although her dad was pretty mad.) He's also great for fashion and boy advice, it was him who realised I was falling for Al and told me to go for it, which I did.

He looked a bit stunned at seeing me but managed to reply, "I'm great!"

"Jeez, Flick, you've been back what five minutes and your already sitting on Scorpius'," Dom laughed as she and Al sat down. "You've definitely not changed at all."

Oh Dommie I've changed so much, I thought.

"And neither have you lot," I replied as I hopped off Scorp's lap and picked up Ginger Nut's basket before putting it up in the overhead luggage bit after checking that she was okay.

"You could have stayed there," he said with a wink.

"Oi, must I remind you that you happen to be dating the very beautiful, red haired, blue eyed Rose Weasley."

"Oh I know," he replied as Rose sat next to him and he put an arm around her. So cute!

They informed of the in's and out's of what had happened the past year and who was dating who, I noticed Al didn't say anything about him and Hattie, so who knows maybe he's dumped her. The witch with the sweet trolley came and I bought some Bertie Botts every flavour beans and a pumpkin pasty. Just as I was about to eat my pasty the door slid opened.

I tried to hide my disgust as Hattie Nott slimed her way into our compartment and sat on Al's lap, before kissing him on the cheek. I mimed being sick behind her back to Dom who giggled. Hattie turned around and I swear if looks could kill then I wouldn't be sat here right now.

"And what is she doing here?" she asked rather loudly.

I smiled sweetly. "Hello, Hattie, lovely to see you too. And how are you?"

She scowled and turned straight to Al. "Why is she here? I thought she died or something."

"Charming aren't you, I only asked how you were."

She scowled again as Al answered, "Flick, never died, she was home schooled for the year to improve her grades and now she's back for good."

Al smiled when he said 'back for good' and I felt something flutter in my stomach, either it was a butterfly or the bacon sandwich I ate this morning, which tasted a bit iffy.

Hattie pulled a face. "I'm not staying in here with her, I'm off to find, Mel. You coming?"

Al looked at and her and said, "No, I'm staying here with this lot. We have a lot to catch up on."

Hattie looked livid and stomped her foot on the ground like a five year old. Yes she actually stomped her foot, like that's gonna get her anywhere.

"What do you mean no!"

Al who looked so calm about the fact his girlfriend was having a hissy fit replied, "I mean no as in I'm not coming with you to find your cousin. Like I said, we have a lot to catch up on, Hattie."

"Fine!" she yelled before storming out of the compartment and slamming the door so hard I thought the glass might shatter.

"Spoilt brat!" I muttered under my breath.

Rose looked at me and raised her eyebrows so I shrugged. We spent the next two hours gossiping before sending Al and Scorp off so that us girls could get changed. Something I didn't really want to do in front of Dom and Rose. Since having Bentley and Aubri I've got stretch marks on my stomach and legs and am no longer as skinny as I used to be.

I tried to hide my stomach as I got changed but it didn't really matter since they were to pre-occupied with customising their uniforms. Rose had her skirt just above her knee, shirt tucked in, top button undone. Her Gryffindor tie done neatly plus long grey socks and black ballet pumps. Dom on the other hand,  had rolled her skirt up so that it was mid thigh and had the top three buttons of her shirt undone. Her Slytherin tie which was rather short was slung around her neck, long white socks pulled up to her knees and a pair of black court shoes complete with a five inch heel.

"There is no way you're going to get away with those shoes, Dom," I told her as I rolled my own skirt up so it came just above my knee. Unlike Dom though I had tights on and flat shoes, and my shirt was tucked in.

"Wanna bet?"

"Five galleons," I offered.

She nodded and smiled wickedly as we shook hands. There was a knock on the door and Rose called, "Enter."

The boys came back in, dressed in their uniforms and announced that we would be arriving in ten minutes. I was just getting Ginger Nut down when the train lurched a bit and I nearly fell over but thanks to Al and his ninja chaser skills he caught me in his arms. Now if this was two years ago I would have snogged the face off of him, but sadly since it isn't, I can't and I shan't.

Instead I steadied myself and muttered, "Thanks," before getting the basket and checking Ginger Nut was okay. I gave her a few cat treats that I had stowed in my little bag and scratched her ear.

I stared out the window as we came around and the bend and I saw the castle for the first time since I had left. The towers, the grounds and Hogsmeade station, nothing had changed one bit and was just as I remembered it. The compartment door opened again and Tessa, with Cookie's basket and Lily were stood there, both of them looking nervous.

"Hey, Tessa, what's up?"

"Flick, I don't want to cross the lake, can't I come up in the carriages with you?" she said.

"Tessa, you'll be fine," Rose said.

I nodded in agreement. "It's a breeze just get in a boat and stay in it. Don't stick you arms or legs out or in the water for that matter and watch out for the giant squid," both Tessa and Lily's face's looked scared. "I'm joking the squid's not going to hurt you. Try and eat you: yes, but hurt you: no."

They looked at each other in confusion as to see if I was joking or not and soon scarpered after Tessa asked if I could take Cookie to which I replied, "Yes."

Eventually we pulled into the station and Dom volunteered to carry Cookie, getting off the train was a nightmare what with all the little first years and the stupid sixth years who think they own the school but don't. Oh how I haven't missed this.

Myself and Dom gave Ginger Nut and Cookie's baskets to the old guy at the end of the train near the luggage carriage to be taken up the the other animals. We then made our way back to where we had left Al, Rose and Scorp. Getting a carriage was easy since we're now seventh years and Rose suggested detention if the three second years didn't move out of way.

"Ahh nothing like abusing your power as prefect," I murmured making Rose elbow me in the side.

It's kind of freaky riding in the carriages since most people can't see what's pulling them although they know their called thestrals. I can see them, as can dad and Ria and probably Tessa and Oscar as well. The reason why is because we we're all in the room with nana Marge (Since mum wasn't around, auntie Kathleen lives in Australia and uncle Richard's dead) when bampa David passed away.

Al, Rose and Dom can't see them but Scorpius can, he saw his grandfather kill his pet ferret. As we passed through Hogsmeade and through the gates to the castle, I looked out at the castle and saw bright lights in the windows. Even now after five years of seeing the castle, I'm still in awe at it's size and the way it looks, I mean come on it's been standing for god know how many years (probably centuries) and it's survived two wizarding wars, one of which took place there.

The carriage came to a halt and we all got out one by one, the entrance hall was pretty quiet and I looked around at the pictures. Upon hearing a cackle and looked up to see Peeves floating along on a little cloud.

"Why it's little Miss Saunders back from the dead," he cackled madly.

What is it with people thinking I'm dead? I must remember to ask Dom.

"A quick test shall see, if she's solid or see through just like me."

With another cackle I saw him float down towards me and then I felt a dull thud and pain as something hit my head. I nearly hit the floor and once again it was Al with his ninja chaser skills that saved me.

"Ow that hurt, what'd you do that for!" I yelled up at the ceiling where Peeves and his little cloud had been.

"Miss Saunders, is mean, she gets what she deserves." I spun around to see him floating above the grand staircase, he cackled once more and with a wave of his hat he vanished.

Al frowned at me, "And what have you done to annoy Peeves? You've been back all of five minutes."

"Um, I don't think I have. Except..." I broke off.

"Except..." Al repeated.

"Except for the time back in third year when I locked him and moaning Myrtle in a broom cupboard and put a spell on it so that neither of them could just float out of it until the four hours were up."

Dom snorted. "Peeves and Moaning Myrtle, urgh that's revolting. I thought they hated each other."

"Well they did until I went and checked the cupboard to see if they had realised they could get out and found them about to kiss. If a ghost and poltergeist can actually kiss," I babbled.

"You should see Madame Pomfrey," Rose suggested as she handed me a book, which is what I'm guessing Peeves dropped on me.

"Later, I'm not missing Tessa's sorting. She's worried enough as it is and if she doesn't see me at the feast she'll be even more worried," I told them as I marched straight towards the great hall.

A/N So a lot happened in this chapter, Flick seeing Dom for the first time on the platform, having to put up with James and Fred annoying Ria. Seeing Rose and Scorpius for the first time, seeing Hattie again and of course being back at Hogwarts.

Thoughts??? Favourite character/quotes???

Edited - 16.02.2018

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