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These Dark and Hollow Nights by DracosGirl012
Chapter 9 : Tryouts
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Authors Note: I am terribly sorry for the long wait. I had extreme writers block and I couldn't think of how to write this next chapter. Thanks to the people who have reviewed my story. I really love getting the feedback, as it helps me grow as an author. Also, JK Rowling owns Harry Potter!!

Chapter Nine: Tryouts

Harrys POV

Harry sat in the library with Ginny, watching as she finished her Transfiguration essay, which McGonagall had assigned the other day. He had already finished his, so he had nothing to do except wait.

'You can go find Hermione if you want,' Ginny said.

'No, I want to stay. I'll be right back, though. I think I'm going to get a book to read.' He said.

She nodded, and returned to her work. Harry stood, and made his way to the back section, where the muggle books were. Hermione had showed him this particular section a long time ago, and he found it rather enjoyable to read the muggle magazines. But just before he reached the section, his scar began to prickle, and he stopped.

'-mean you don't know?' A deep, husky voice hissed. It sounded desperate, and yet terrified.

'I mean that I don't know,' said a second voice. 'It just started burning. You don't reckon he's back do you?'

'Course not.' Said the first. 'The Order would know if he was. Wonder if the weasley witch has figured it out yet.'

Harry froze. They were talking about Ginny.

'Doubt it,' said the second. 'I used a damn good spell on her. She won't remember for a long time.'

Harry felt like he would be sick, and he walked backwards until he could turn without being heard. Then he walked back to Ginny's table, and sat down.

'I thought you were getting a book?' Ginny questioned.

'Um, there was a couple back there. I didn't want to intrude.' At least he had the good grace to flush a little, or Ginny would never have believed him.

'OK. Should we start heading down to the Heads Dorm? I thought we still had to give Malfoy the cloak.' She said.

'Right. We do.' He said. They had both been shocked, to say the least, when Hermione had announced at breakfast that she as coming to tryouts tonight, and that she would be grateful if Harry would lend Malfoy the cloak so he could support her without people thinking he was a spy. She had also confessed that she was dating Theodore Nott, therefore ruining whatever plans he had.

They left the library, and Harry thought back to those voices behind the bookshelves. They were clearly Death Eaters, from the way they talked about Ginny and the Order. Harry had a horrible feeling that he knew once of them, but he couldn't identify the voice. And it was a very bad thing when Harry Potter had a "feeling" about something.

Dracos POV

Draco hated to admit it, but he was extremely nervous about the tryouts. He didn't know why, either. Hermione was an excellent Chaser, once she got the hang of it. It almost seemed... natural, for her.

'Are you sure I'm ready?' She asked him for the hundredth time before they walked down to the Pitch. He was under Potters invisibility cloak, with an extra invisibility charm on the rest of his body so he couldn't be seen at all.

'You'll be fine, Granger,' he assured her.

'If anything happens, I'm blaming you.' She said.

He grinned to himself. 'Don't worry,' he said. 'Nothing bad is goin to happen tonight, except Weasley fainting.'

She laughed, and they reached the Pitch. The rest of the want-to-be members were already there, including Ron, Harry and Ginny.

'See you after.' She whispered to Draco.

She heard him snort in reply, and then he was gone, and she walked forward with her broom. Ron was gaping at her, open-mourned. They were all staring at her, actually. It was funny.

'Hello, Ronald.' She said, smiling pleasantly at him.

'Alright! Let's go!' Harry called to the them.

Ginny grinned at her, and they took off into the air.


Being in the air with all of those other players was exteremly disorienting at first, but as soon as she realised that she hadn't fallen off her broom, Hermione relaxed. It was almost easy, to play Chaser. Plus, she could sense Draco watching. That was comforting.
When she landed on the ground, Harry raced over to her, grinning. 'Mione, that was bloody brilliant.' He told her.

She grinned. 'Thanks, Harry. But you know I had help.' She said.

He grinned back, and just then, Ron came over. He had done excellently at playing Keeper, as usual.

'That was amazing, Hermione. I didn't know you could fly like that.' Ron said.

'Well, that's because I never wanted to tell you.' She said. 'Where's Lavender, by the way?' It was nice to see him without her, for once, but it was also very suspicious. Why wouldn't she come to tryouts?

'She wasn't feeling well,' said Ron. 'I think it was something she ate.'

'Hmm. Well, tell her that I hope she gets better. I'll see you later, Harry. I have to go meet Draco for Patrol,' she said his name on purpose, to piss Ron off.

'See you, Mione.' Said Harry, while Ron simply modded. She started walking back to the castle, and was just out of sight when Draco pulled the cloak off and started laughing.

'Did you see his face?' He managed between laughs.

'I will never forget his face,' said Hermione, also laughing now.

'Man, that was priceless. Anyway, I have to agree with Potter on one thing. You were bloody brilliant.' He said.
For some reason, Hermione blushed when he said it. It felt… different, somehow, when he said it.

'Thanks. I couldn't have done it without you, though.' She said, smiling at him.

'Well, I suppose you're welcome,' He said.

She grinned, and the two friends walked back up to the castle, unaware that they were being watched.

Authors Note 2: Thanks soo much for reading. I hope you enjoyed that chapter, and please don't forget to review-- they make me really happy.

Next chapter: Something wicked this way comes...

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These Dark and Hollow Nights: Tryouts


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