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Rose Wealey - My life so far by Kitty Potter
Chapter 3 : The follow up
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I hastily sat up and pulled my wand out of my pocket.

“Get out of my seat,” I said through gritted teeth, threatening Malfoy with my wand. He stared at me with his cold, gray eyes.

“No”, he said simply, giving me a smug grin. My cousin just looked down at the floor, avoiding my stare. Slowly, I lowered my wand.

“Giving up are we Weasley?” I had had enough. That foul, dirty rat had pushed my buttons since I had started school. Enough is enough! I whipped out my wand and I was about to hex him when Hugo burst in. He stuck his arms out to stop us from fighting.

“Go away Hugo,” I said, completely pissed off.

“Rose, go get changed. Malfoy, piss off.” Hugo said. See! Even my brother hates him! Grudging, I grabbed my bag and headed off to the toilets. Luckily, there was no queue. Hastily I applied my make-up and pulled my robes over my head. I scurried out of the toilets and came face to face with Georgia Tayler. She glared at me for a second and then walked around me to get into the toilets. Just before she was about to close the door, she turned around.

“Hey Rose, would it be cool if Sarah, Seryna and I hung out with you? We are sooo over Scorpius now!”

Completely shocked by what she had said, I murmured a yes. She smiled at me, turned around and locked the door. Slowly, I walked back to our compartment. These girls had hated my guts from the first day of the year, when I hexed Malfoy while they were drooling over him. I wondered if he had done something to piss them off. I laughed at a mental picture of him pissing them off. Trust me. I know from experience. Georgia Tayler is not someone that you piss and if you do, you should be very, VERY scared about what she can do to you. I remember when a time when I did piss her off. I shuddered at the thought. Since we had gotten onto the train, it was obvious that I was going to be part of a bigger friend group than last year. Yeah yeah, it’s cool and all but with bigger groups there are bigger fights. I wandered back to our compartment, stopping at different ones to chat to people in my classes. As I drew closer to my own I saw that there was a really long line of people waiting to use the toilets. They were all firsties so I knew that they would wait until whoever the pig was inside the toilet had finished. This is where I come in! I cast a spell and the door opened and Oh My God! What a surprise. There was my lovely cousin Dom with some random guys hand up her shirt. She turned around and with “Piss off Rose” slammed the door shut. Looks like them first years won’t be getting changed any time soon. I directed them to the other toilet and hurried off to my own compartment. Hey, guess what? Malfoy was still sitting where I was sitting. I stood there pondering what to do. In the end I choose the easiest option. I sat on him. You would expect him to do something to me but hey. He did nothing. This is not the reaction I was looking for! I was expecting him to jump up and move! I sat like this for a while. One by one, my family and friends started to trickle out of the compartment and go and change or see friends. Finally, it was just me and Malfoy in the compartment.

“Hello Weasley” he said, with less snide than usual.

“What do you want Malfoy?” I replied with.

“Erm, just, how was your holidays?” he asked.

“Good,” I said slowly, “I had a few problems at home but overall it was pretty good.”

“What problems? Anything I can help with?” he inquired.

Ok. I am going to save you from the boring details of my holidays and just fill you in briefly. I ended up telling him everything that I did on the holidays. He commented here or there, gave me some advice and I did the same for him when he told me what he did on the holidays. Maybe he realised what a jerk he is and decided to be nice? Nah! It’s not in a Malfoy’s habit.




Finally the train pulled into the station. Hagrid was guiding all of the first years to the boats. I found the rest of the gang and headed in the direction of carriages. Because we are such a big group now we all had to squish in together. I ended up sitting on Scorpius. Again. James, my dumb cousin, was pulling his robes over the top of his clothes mean while Molly, my neat-freak-listen-to-me-and-no-one-else cousin was fussing around with my younger brother, trying to make his presentable. Not a chance. I have been trying for years.  As we entered into the great hall, I remembered when I first came to Hogwarts. I sat down with my friends, glad to be back at school. Hogwarts was like a second home to me. I looked around at the familiar, beautiful setting of great hall. The 4 long tables set out across the hall, the candles floating in the sky and the roof, oh the roof! It reflected the night sky with thousands of little stars twinkling in the night sky. We accepted 6 new little kids into our house. As they all sat down, eager to find out what other secrets were held inside of the old school, the food appeared on the tables. As usual, my cousins and brother dove right into it. My cousin Lucy sat boasting about what she did on the holidays, blah blah blah. I was so carried away in my own thoughts I didn’t notice a little firstie trying to ask me a question. Before I could snap out of my thoughts he slapped me on the back.


“Oi! Are you Weasley?” he asked, his face which rather reminded me of Pansy Parkinson, all screwn up.

“Yes I am. What do you want?”

“I have a message for you”

“Well, get on with it!” I said with as much kindness I could muster.

“Here” he handed me a letter, “I don’t know who it is from though” and with that he ran off to his table.


I turned over the letters and found 2 neatly written words on the front.

Rose Weasley

I decided not to read the letter here with prying eyes and possibly Bridget Jones. I quickly pulled some delicious looking food onto my plate and enjoyed the rest of the evening, remembering the past and hoping for an amazing new year.



Hi everyone! Thanks for reading the new chapter! I know it’s probably not awesome at the moment but I know it will get heaps better! Please leave a review, good or bad and I will get back to you! Thanks again for reading!

Stay tuned,

Kitty Potter


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