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Strawberry Wine by dmhg4evr
Chapter 6 : All good things must come to an end
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 A few weeks had passed since Draco and Hermione had agreed that there was something between them. They spent all of their free time together going to movies, hanging out at the lake, and just being together. Hermione always found some excuse to help Draco so they could spend as much time together as possible. Deep in her mind, Hermione knew that it was all going to have to end in a few weeks but she tried to put the thought aside and enjoy being with Draco for as long as possible.

 On the 4th of July, Hermione, Draco, and Hermione’s grandparents all went into town for the local festival that happened every year. Around 10 pm the fireworks began and Draco and Hermione sat cuddled together watching them. After everything was over, they headed back to the car but Draco took Hermione’s hand and pulled her in another direction.

 “The car is this way.” She said.

 “I know, but we aren’t going home yet. I have a surprise for you.”

 Hermione smiled, “Ooh, I like surprises. I just need to tell my…”

 Draco cut her off, “Already taken care of.” He waved to the old couple and continued pulling Hermione away.

 She waved at them and followed Draco. Soon they came to a grassy spot under a huge oak tree. Under the tree was a large blanket spread out with a picnic basket and some candles.

 Hermione grinned, “Oh my gosh, this is so great! When did you have time to do this?”

 “I did it while you were talking to Vanessa.”

 “That’s why she wouldn’t let me leave.”

 Draco grinned. He led her to the blanket and they sat down. Draco lit the candles and then reached into the picnic basket and pulled out two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. He poured them each a glass and they toasted.

“I hope this summer never ends.” Hermione whispered.

 They took a sip and Hermione smiled, “Wow, this is really good. What kind is it?”

 “It’s strawberry wine; my mom makes it.”

 “Your mom made this?”

 “Yea, she makes all kinds of wine but this is her favorite. Mine too actually.

 “Mine too.” Hermione took another sip.

 They sat for a while talking about nothing in particular; just stuff that came to their minds. After a while, Hermione got really quiet.

 “What’s the matter?” Draco asked.

 “I don’t ever want this to end. I’ve finally found something worth holding on to and I’m going to have to let it go.”

 “You don’t have to let anything go Hermione.”

 “We are going to school on opposite sides of the country. I’m going into medicine and you are studying law…how are we going to make time for each other with schedules like that?”

 “If we want it bad enough, we can make time.” Draco said.

 “Let’s be serious for a moment. We are both devoted to school; we will be so wrapped up that we’ll forget to eat, let alone find time to each other.” Hermione sighed.

 “I suppose you’re right. Maybe we should just end things now and cut our losses.” Draco looked at his wine glass.

 “Is that what you want? It’s not what I want.” A tear rolled down Hermione’s cheek and Draco wiped it away with his finger.

 “That’s not what I want either. I want us to spend as much time together as we possibly can before we have to say goodbye.”

 “The thought of saying goodbye is killing me; I think I love you. I know it sounds crazy seeing as how we’ve only been on speaking terms for like a month, but in this last month I’ve learned so much about you, myself, and…everything.”

 “I feel the same way.” Draco admitted.

 Hermione looked into his eyes, “You do?”

 “Yes. The thought of leaving is almost too much for me to handle….but all good things must come to an end.”

 Even though they both wanted to stay together at whatever the cost, they knew that it wasn’t possible; it wasn’t reality. They had lives to live and…at least for now, they were going to have to live them without each other.

 Hermione wiped away her tears, “I want you to make love to me.”

 Draco looked at her, “Are you sure?”

“No doubt in my mind. You are leaving in two weeks and this seems like the perfect time. After everything you’ve done tonight, what better way to end a perfect night?” Hermione smiled.

 Draco leaned over and kissed her. That night, under the oak tree and the stars above they made a silent promise to never forget each other.

 The next two weeks went by all too quickly for the young couple. As Draco was loading his belongings into his car, Hermione was trying very hard not to cry. Draco finished loading his car and went inside to say goodbye and thank Hermione’s grandparents. When he came back outside, Hermione was crying.

 “Don’t cry my love; this isn’t goodbye. This is, until next time.” Draco held her in his arms.

 “It’s not over. It’s just…on the backburner.” Hermione said between sobs.

 Draco held Hermione’s face in his hands, “I love you Hermione and we will be together again.”

 Hermione wanted so badly to believe him, but when he kissed her as though he was never going to see her again, she knew not to get her hopes up. They exchanged numbers and addresses and agreed to write and call as much as possible. After one last kiss, Draco got into his car and drove away.



 Ok, so I know this chapter is way too short but I just haven’t had much time to keep up with this story but I didn’t want to just not finish it because that’s so not fair to all of you guys. This is pretty much the end, but I’m working on at least one more chapter to wrap things up and I hope to have it out soon!


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