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I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good by SlytherinSweetie
Chapter 15 : A Wedding
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A.N a John Green quote from The Fault in Our Stars is used in Lily's vows. I dont own it. Also this is the last chapter, thank you for following along. Please Read and Review, say anything you'd like. I do not own anything from the World of Hryy Potter that is all J.K Rowling. 


 After the holidays Lily and James decided to move their wedding ahead to March seventh. They wanted to bring a little more happiness to their friend group what with Mary’s death, Remus and Does break up and whatever had Peter so gloomy these days. Marlene and Sirius set to helping the couple and they decided having the wedding in the McKinnons backyard. Sirius and Marlene were doing everything they could to get Lily and James’ wedding in tip top shape and with all the wedding talk they began to think about their own relationship. They were out to dinner one evening when Sirius brought it up.


“It’s crazy planning a wedding that isn’t yours.” Sirius said with a laugh.

“I’m kind of glad its not.” Marlene said.

“You don’t want to marry me?” Sirius asked a look of hurt flashing momentarily across his face.

“I do, I want to spend the rest of my life with you but I’d like to get out of this war first.” Marlene told him with a smile holding his hand from across the table.

“That sounds like a great plan.” Sirius smiled.


The week before the wedding Sirius kidnapped James and brought him to a pub where Remus and Peter were waiting.

“Happy Stag Night!” Sirius yelled and the drinking began.

As they drank Sirius began telling the other three about a flying motorbike he was hiding in the shed in Marlenes backyard.  When a drunk Peter said he was lying Sirius apparated them all to the little shed in the backyard and dragged a heavy looking motorbike out of the shed.


“What about the girls?” Asked James.

“Hen night at Does or something.” Sirius dismissed.


James knew this wasn’t going to end well especially when Sirius told him to hop on the back of the bike with him. They rode down the road until they gained enough they shot into the air and over the small rural towns of England. James felt so free, so carefree that he ever wanted to land. When the boys did land they decided to play a drunk game of Quidditch, which is where Marlene and Lily found them the next morning snuggling with their brooms.


As March seventh approached both Lily and James became increasingly nervous.  Lily was purely worried about the wedding going off without a hitch but James, James was worried about disappointing Lily for the rest of his life. March seventh arrived a rare sunny spring day the McKinnons backyard was set up with seventy white lawn chairs separated by lilac rose petals leading up to a white canopy arch. A few hundred yards away was a large white tent with white tables with lilac tablecloths, white chairs, a large buffet table and an equally large dance floor. Albus Dumbldedore stood at the front of the ceremony with James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter on his right. Marlene and Doe walked down the aisle in mint green silk one shouldered cocktail dress.  James was awestruck when he saw Lily walking down the aisle in her lace and silk dress, her long hair in curls with flowers twisted in, and her mothers pearls around her neck.


“We’re gathered here today to join Lillian Marie Evans and James Aaron Potter in holy matrimony. If anyone should object let them speak now or forever hold their peace…” Dumbledore began the ceremony,” … well there’s that tragedy avoided. James and Lily have been there for each other through triumph and tragedy, ups and downs, rejections and acceptance. A love story for the ages and an eternal love, we wish them the best of luck. James and Lily have prepared their own vows James …”


“Always easy to follow an Albus Dumbledore speech,” the crowd laughed, “ Lily I have loved since the first time  I stole a kiss from you in fifth year. You have been my rock, my conscious, and my salvation. I will love you all my days on earth and all my days off.” James placed a silver diamond wedding band on Lily’s finger.


“James you have always been there for me, whether I wanted you to be or not. I fell in love with you the same way someone would fall asleep, slowly at first and then all at once(A/N quote from John Green, The Fault in Our Stars, p. 125). I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life finding a new thing to love about you.” Lily placed a silver wedding band on James finger.


“I now pronounce you husband and wife, James you may kiss your bride.” Dumbledore announced and the crowd cheered.


The reception was amazing. Lily and James' first dance was slow and lovely, her dress flowed at the bottom in an elegant way. When the band came on everyone got up and started dancing. For dinner they served roast, potatoes, pasta, it was endless. The desert table surpassed even that at Hogwarts and the cake was beautiful. Five tiers of white wedding bake with lillies on each tier, everyone laughed when Lily and James smashed pieces into each others faces. Then it was time for the best man and maid of honor speeches, Sirius went first. 

"Can I have everyones attention ..." Sirius began, " I have known James for the better part of my life, and James has been in love with Lily for the better part of his. No one ever thought he'd get the girl, and the pranking certainly didnt help but miracles happen. Fate steps in, destiny is realized and James Potter got his girl. To Lily and James." 

"Lily ... Lily ... Lily, " Marlene said with a smile, " years and years I've spent being your friend and years and years I've spent hearing about how awful that James Potter boy was. As his cousin I had to agree but as your friend I had to disagree. Everyone saw it, the magic connecting you two, and we're all just so happy that you saw it too. May your magic never end." 

As Lily and James made to leave near the end of the night they didnt go into McKinnon Manor like Lily thought they would. Instead James apparated them to a small village where they landed in front of a small stone chapel. They walked a bit down the road to a two story cottage set behind a white picket fence and two flower beds. 


“Oh what a lovely cottage.” Lily said with a smile.

“It is isn’t it?” James smiled.

“Who lives here?” Lily asked.

“We do.” James looked at Lily and she kissed him. 

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I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good: A Wedding


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