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Teases, Winks, and A Whole Lot of Love by iheartyou
Chapter 6 : The Annoying Interrogations
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Chapter 6

A lot of times, when I imagine getting my first kiss, I imagine it to be exhilarating. The other times, I imagine it to be the best memory of my life (or at least one of them).

Right now, though?

I’m literally running away from him, a look of hurt washed over his face. As I ran down the stairs, Rose caught my arm. “Woah, what happened, Mags?”

Did you have to ask?

“James kissed me and I ran,” I blurted out, just before slapping a hand to my mouth.

She raised a brow. “I’m not even going to question it. I'm too afraid to find out.” She paused, staring at me. “That veritaserum isn’t going to wear off anytime soon, is it?”

“James shoved down a shitload of it.”

She bit her lip, and giggled to herself. “Maggie, do you fancy James?”

“Uh huh,” I nodded my head. In my mind, I was screaming in rage. This isn’t fair!

Her smiled widened, enough to make her look extremely creepy. “Why do you always deny it, Maggie?”

“He’s Hogwart’s Most Eligible Bachelor. He’s too pretty and perfect for someone like me,” I babbled. “And he’s got really nice muscles on his arms. It’s really attractive. And one time, Fred shoved me at practice and I collided with him and his abs are like a rock,” I kept going, my eyes wide, as I nodded my head, looking very serious. Why, oh why, Rose, did you decide to interrogate me here, at this moment? “And his hair is really soft looking. I’d give anything to just run my hands through it once. And god, have you seen his bum? It’s so-”

“OH-kay, Maggie,” Rose interjected loudly. “That’s quite enough, thank you.”

I frowned. “But there’s more. He’s really sweet sometimes too, when he wants to be. And that silly little nick name he made for me? I actually secretly love it,” I whispered the last bit to her.

Ah, what the hell. Rose knows pretty much everything there is to it. What’s the use in hiding everything? “And I think he’s the first guy to ever make me feel good about myself.”

Rose frowned. She sighed, and tugged on my arm, yanking me away.

Harry stared, confused, at this. “Rose, why are you dragging Maggie?”

“Because I told her some things about James that I don’t think she liked to hear,” I blurted. He looked even more confused.

“Should I be worried?”

I shook my head. “Unless you regret helping make god’s gift to the world.”

He blinked and said nothing. Thanks, Veritaserum.

Rose sighed. “She’s under a high dosage of veritaserum. Sorry, Uncle Harry. Just don’t mind a thing she says for the next couple of hours.”

Harry smirked, though. “No, no, hang on a minute Rosie. I want to have some fun with this while it lasts.”

“You’re scary,” I told him.

“Thanks, Maggie, I’ll make a note to look like a fairy in a frilly pink tutu and tiara,” he sarcastically said.

My eyes widened. “No, thank you Mr. H! I highly doubt anyone would ever be able to get rid of that mental image. BAD MENTAL IMAGES! HELP ME ROSE!”

Rose sighed. Harry smirked.

He hummed as he thought to himself. “You never do say…what career do you want to pursue?”

“I want to be a Healer. But until I get like, married and stuff. Then I just want to be a regular house mum. But, shhh,” I put a finger to my lips. “Don’t tell my mummy! She’ll turn into Voldemort the second.”

He raised his eyebrows. And then he grinned. “Do you want to marry James, Maggie?”

Why, Harry, why the hell are you such a kid? Couldn’t you ask dumb questions, like, my OWLS or Quidditch? “I think he’d make beautiful babies, if that’s what you’re asking.”

And that was it for him. He fell to the floor, laughing his head off. Rose cracked a grin and went along, tugging me.

Ginny stopped us shortly enough, though. “Oh, good, you two. Go and call everyone for supper.”

Rose nodded and pushed me along.

“ALBUS, SCORPIUS, SUPPER TIME. SNOG LATER,” I shouted at the top of my lungs. And irritated Al and Scoripus came out of his room.

“You’re mean, Maggie,” Al growled.

“I never told you this, Al, but when you shout, you sound like a dying hyena,” I promptly informed him. All the color drained from his face.

Scorpius snorted. “So I guess the veritaserum isn’t going to go away soon?”

Rose sighed, shaking her head. “You won’t believe the things she told Uncle H.”

Rose shoved me into James’ room to get him and she went to Lily’s.

He looked up slightly, his teeth clenching. “Why are you here?”

“Your mum said to call everyone for dinner,” I shrugged.

He nodded and stood up, leaving without one word. Aw. I think he’s mad at me.


“How’s the food, kids?” Ginny brightly asked.

Everyone’s eyes shot to me, in worry. I couldn’t help it though. She asked it! “You can’t cook for your life, Ginny!”

Everyone face palmed themselves. “Veritaserum,” Harry muttered. “Don’t ask. Don’t listen. Just ask a few questions to amuse yourself.”

I glared at him.

Ginny blinked. Then she grinned at me. “Is my hair ugly, Maggie?”

I shook my head, no. “No way! I like your hair! It’s really pretty. My hair is a gob of black mush. I want your hair. Can we trade hair? Do you like black hair, Ginny? No wait, it would look awful on you.”

She burst out laughing at my remarks. “Okay, okay. One more, one more! What’s this Hogwart’s most eligible bachelor thing?”

“No!” Rose shouted, but it was too late. My mouth had begun to run.

“Oh it’s just this competition thing to see who the best looking male who’s not taken in school is. There’s a secret poll that goes around at the beginning of every year and it’s the one thing that everyone, even Slytherins are all together in. James had the number one spot for two years now, and this would be the third.” I bopped my head up and down. “Downright git, he is. Sure, he has a pretty face and everything but he’s too arrogant and conceited. You made a real spawn, Ginny,” I frowned.

Everyone gaped at me. “I can’t believe you let out our secret!” Lily slapped my arm.

“I am not a git!” James defended. “And I’m not conceited.”

“You are too,” I argued back. “The only reason you win is because you have pretty muscles. And a really nice face. You have a nice face, has anyone told you that before?”

He blinked.

“I THINK,” Rose loudly proclaimed, “that we should eat dinner and let the poor girl’s veritaserum wear off.”

“I really hate veritaserum,” I informed them all.


“Did it wear off yet?” Teddy asked, enthusiastically. “Lemme check.” He took one look at me, thinking hard. “Maggie, do you like the colors red and gold?”

Aw, hell. Once I told him that they were totally my favorite colors. “No way. Red is a really gross color. I mean, red is the color of blood. Who wants to think about blood when they’re at breakfast or while they’re in the quidditch match? You take one look at those darned stands, and BOOM. It’s blood to the face. As if we don’t get enough blood, you get it? But gold is a really pretty color, do you know that? I like gold, it’s shiny and really pretty. Merlin, I need to stop saying pretty. Do I say pretty too much?”

No one spoke. Mostly because they were gaping at me like lunatics. “You all look weird as fuck.” I slapped a hand to my mouth. “You didn’t hear me say that. I didn’t say that, okay? Okay? Please! I’M BEGGING YOU. I DIDN’T SAY IT. No wait, I did say it. Pretend I didn’t say it. Pretend no one heard that.”

“God, I love veritaserum,” Teddy chuckled. “So, Mags, how do you like to be back here?”

My eyes grew dim. “It sucked arse! Bloody Potter dragged me on the train-BY FORCE. I swear to Merlin, Lily and Rose and James kidnapped me. They kidnapped me, I’m telling you! It was half okay, though, because Potter’s got a really nice bum. I noticed that when he slung me over his shoulder. Have you ever noticed it? It’s like two round apples!”

And once again, my hand flew to my mouth. Shit.

Surprisingly, everyone craned their necks to behind James to see his bum. Red faced, he moved back, and stayed against the wall.


Bloody people. Making me make a fool out of myself. I huffed and folded my arms together.

I don’t like this-not one bit.

And even worse-Potter would never let me hear the end of this.

“Huh,” Ginny said, in thought, while leaning over to see her son’s bum. Then she turned to look at Harry. “He got that from you,” she bluntly stated, while Harry burned red.

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