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Hidden Attractions and Ill- Disguised Tricks by Brigadeiro16
Chapter 8 : In Which Secrets are revealed and Guys on Posters are Shirtless
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A/N- I’m so sorry! This chapter was rejected TWICE! Alright, just so you know, I’m not a fool. I know James and Lily ‘realistically’ lived in the seventies, but I decided to make this more modern. Sue me. It won’t impact the plot, in fact it’ll only be in this chapter and the next. Enjoy your reading, thanks so much!

Lily’s P.O.V.
Finally. Perfect. It was almost midnight on Saturday, and I had spent over an hour on my appearance. Some girls did it every day, but this was only because Remus was going to be with James and Sirius. Peter was invited to come, but he was busy. I didn’t think the guys ever went without each other, but that was fine. Normally when I wanted to seduce a guy I wouldn’t try this hard, It was just that I hadn’t flirted with Remus in a long time. A week, to be exact. A whole fucking week. So I had to look perfect.

I wore black, flower patterned tights with white washed short shorts. On my feet were gray high heeled leather booties. On top I wore a dark gray shirt with a silver necklace. My hair hung loose and glossy around my shoulders. My eyes almost glowed in comparison to the smoky black shadow around them. The idea of the dark outfit was that it would bring all of the attention to my bright hair and eyes. I swiped on some lip gloss and descended down the stairs.

The boys weren’t there yet, so I decided to lay on on the most comfortable couch. One of the perks of the common room being empty was you got your pick of the seats.

I almost fell asleep when I heard the boys bounding down the stairs. I opened my eyes and saw them. James was staring at me with deer-like eyes. I smiled coyly at Remus, he seemed calculative. Sirius was smirking and looking up and down my legs. The flowered tights and short shorts had only elongated their length. And the high heeled booties weren’t helping. I rolled my eyes. After a week of different school uniforms (other girls had tried to copy, but ended up breaking one of the rules and had to change back), I had gotten used to the male attention. It didn’t mean I liked it though.

“Ready to see something in this castle that you’ve never seen before?” My voice was cocky. Sirius’ smirk turned into a superior grin. James chuckled disbelievingly. Remus raised an eyebrow, but shrugged.

We crawled swiftly out of the portrait of the Fat Lady. She said something grumpy, but we ignored her. I started to the left, motioning for the boys to follow me.

There was a reason I never got caught when I snuck out, and I snuck out often. I had learned in the years to melt into the shadows, slip into unknown nicks and crannies, and be quieter than a tomb. I had also memorized all of the hidden passages in the castle, both the ones that led in and out of the castle. There wasn’t a single spot in this place I hadn’t explored. The boys somehow knew about everything. But there was a room that must be impossible for them to know about. I hoped.

Though I had become an expert at sneaking around, the boys weren’t as great. They were soundless alright, but they didn’t understand the concept of hiding. They all huddled together, like they were under a blanket or something. It would have been funny, if there wasn’t such a large chance of us being caught.

“Okay, no. Stop.”  I swiveled around, and the boys jumped at my soft whisper. We were currently in a hidden passageway, so I didn’t think it would attract any attention.
“What?” Sirius was indignant. I rolled my eyes.

“You guys are quiet enough, but you’ve been walking almost in the middle of the hallway. It’s like you think you’re invisible or something. How do you manage to sneak out so often without getting caught?”

The boys looked uncomfortable, all of them glancing at the strange bulge in James’ pants (no, not that kind of bulge, a bulge in his pocket). After a long strained silence, Sirius spoke.

“Well, since we can’t change, what are you going to do about it?” His voice held a slight challenge. Well, he should consider this challenge accepted.

“Easy,”  I waved my wand at them, and rapped each of their heads. I hit James and Sirius a bit harder than I needed to, but smiled nicely at Remus. The Disillusionment Charm took effect immediately, and the boys basically vanished before my eyes. I took a second to admire my wand work, and we crept out of the hidden passage.

I led the boys to the seventh story, and gestured to the wall as if it was all I had to show them. In a way, it was. The boys removed the charms cast on them and looked at me disbelievingly.

“This is it? We pass this wall every day! What, did you just want to trick us? Quite unimaginative.” Sirius’ voice was a bit angry. I laughed.

“This is it. It’s amazing. But it’s not here yet.”  The boys exchanged glances. The glances clearly  said this is crazy. I smirked. They had no clue. “There’s a room behind here. The door is just hidden. But anyone can open it if they know how.”

Remus looked intrigued. “So how do you get in? Is it a special spell?”
The other boys seemed unimpressed. “So what,” Sirius said. “I bet it’s like a broom closet behind the ‘ hidden’ door. Or a library, which is why you’re so excited. If we don’t know about it, then it probably isn’t that exciting.”

I narrowed my eyes. The egotistical bastard. “You don’t need a spell Remus, and the room can be anything you want it to be.”

“Even a muggle room? Like yours?” James was torn between Remus’ intrigue and Sirius’ indignation. I felt like he wanted to believe it, but just didn’t see how it was possible. Time to put in the final puzzle piece.

“You just walk by the wall three times, and think of what you want the room to be. It can’t produce food, though.”  Even Remus looked doubtful, now. I sighed. “Here, let me show you.”

I took a deep breath and circled in front of the wall three times. All the while I was thinking- Show me my muggle room, and don’t let the boys leave until they tell me some good secrets.

I knew when the door appeared, since the boys gasped and I’m pretty sure Sirius tripped into the opposite wall.  

“See?” I gestured like I did earlier, except there now was a door in the wall. It looked like my bedroom door. It seemed so out of place in the wizarding castle.

“What is it?” James had reigned in his shock.

“My muggle room. You gave me the idea. Shall we?” I opened the door and strode in, the boys eagerly following at my heels.

My room was red and white, with dark wood furniture. The only gold in the room was my Gryffindor banner that hung on the wall, and some jewelry. There were two bookshelves, both crammed full, and a few volumes were stacked on my bedside table. There was a television, a laptop, some dvds, the typical things you would find in a muggle room.

As I sat on my bed, the boys looked around. They seemed to find the books unsurprising, but they kept poking at the electronics. It was funny, they had never seen any of these things, being from a wizard family.

“Nice room, sweetheart. Are we the only boys your age who have seen it?” Sirius had stopped tapping a DVD with his wand to tease me. Even though I had never had a boyfriend, I had a few muggle friends. Some of them had even tried to make a move on me. I decided to tell Sirius, but exaggerating the truth. A lot.

“You wish you were the only boys who had ever come in here. I’ve had more teenage guys here than you can count. But since you can only count to about twenty, that isn’t much of an achievement.” Sirius glared while the other two rolled with laughter. My voice was mocking, matching Sirius’ joking tone perfectly.

Of course, I was talking about the sleepovers and pillow fights and the good books I had read in it. Also, slapping Kenny Newton, who lived across the street, for trying to kiss me. That was fun.

“Hey, who are these on the doors? Why don’t the pictures move? And they’re in color, too. Wow.” Remus pointed at my posters. I blushed a bit.

“Those are just some muggle celebrities,”  I left it at that. Hopefully they wouldn’t comment on it. There were a lot of shirtless guys. Of course, they commented. Sirius went in first.

“why can’t you dress more like this, Lily? It would be a bigger smash than the sexy uniforms.” He was looking at a picture of a popular gangster muggle celebrity . She was wearing minimal clothing, as usual. He whistled when he saw the picture next to it. My favorite celibrity’s latest album cover. One where she’s naked on a cotton candy cloud.

“Why are these boys not wearing cloaks? Or shirts, whatever muggles wear.” James was looking at the section of the wall where all the shirtless guys were. I tried to avoid looking over there but now I had too. Involuntarily, I swooned. Boys lined my wall, with six packs and sexy smiles. All shirtless.

“They wear shirts. It’s just that most girls never want them to. Of course, not only celebrities can be hot.” I threw a swift glance at Remus, who caught it. His face once again turned thoughtful. James’ face however, was masked. Time for Sirius to provide the entertainment again. He had finally managed to turn the T.V. on (he just accidentally pressed the power button on the remote), and the boys jumped out of their skin when they saw the bright light and people on the screen. An old comedy episode was playing. The guys were so freaked out. Remus jumped on the bed, Sirius squealed like a girl, and James pulled out his wand and began to curse the television. I ran up and pulled his wand out of his hand. I didn’t know what would happen to the television in my real room if James ruined this one, but I didn’t want to risk it.

James slowly lowered his empty hand. Sirius grunted and tried to pretend he had never sounded like a screaming fangirl. Remus slid off the bed. They slowly realised the actors on the screen weren’t going to turn into Death eaters and Avada Kedavra their asses.

“What...what is that thing?” Remus’ voice was shaky. I was shaking from silent laughter. I threw James his wand back, and he caught it, still half pointing to the television, which was now showing a Pepsi commercial.

“ It’s a television. Muggles have these things called cameras that capture videos. And then they can put it on the telly for us to watch. Like our moving pictures, but with sound and color. They also can record just sounds, like into songs. On the radio. But without your ridiculous phonograms. Here, I’ll show you.” I turned the telly off, and strided over to the DVD player. I put on my favorite muggle album. The boys didn’t freak out as much at this, and the songs were playing as the guys pawed over my room. Thankfully, the doors to both my closet and bathroom were gone, so there was nothing I felt the guys shouldn’t look at.

After a while, the guys got a bit bored, (and maybe tired) and wanted to leave, but the door wouldn’t budge. I looked up from the novel I was reading. They had begun to take turns at pulling the doorknob as hard as they could. I got up.

“The door won’t open you know,” I strode over to them. “We had a deal, and you have to honor it.” As comprehension flooded their faces, I got comfortable in my plush feathered seat.

Sirius was grumpy. “You tricked us! You made this room, and you trapped us here!” I rolled my eyes at his childish shenanigans. Before I could reply, Remus put a hand on Sirius’ shoulder.

“We had a deal, mate. And besides, this room is worth a few secrets. Just not, you know the unsafe secrets.” Remus looked pleading now. I guessed he was asking for the boys not to tell me about his lycanthropy. But there was something, he had said secrets. Plural. These guys had more than one dangerous secret.

At once, Sirius was understanding, and the boys got in a huddle, like the players did in muggle American football. The whispering got a bit intense, and I overheard the words ‘transformations’, ‘map’, ‘my dad’s’, ‘steal’, and ‘dog’. I think the last one was just an insult. Quickly, the boys broke apart.

“We decided on two secrets to tell you. Remus insists on both of them because he thinks what you just showed us is an amazing secret. I agree, it is pretty awesome.” James looked reserved, Remus a bit relieved, and Sirius highly grumpy. It was my bet that the latter hadn’t wanted to share any secrets at all.

“Alright, I’m ready. Tell it to me.”  I leaned back in a relaxed manner, but my mind was sharp. Finally, the sneakiest and most troublemaking group of guys, at Hogwarts, was going to spill some legendary secrets.



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