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As Things Collide by PakeezaK
Chapter 1 : you have this way of dipping in and out of sight as things collide
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It always came at the most inopportune moments, the sky becoming illuminated moments before it all came rushing down, reminding the world that nothing was static. Everything was always changing, moments being constantly made just to be ripped apart again and again.

Hermione always sought comfort in the rain. She enjoyed hearing the soft patter of raindrops against her window as she sat with a book and a cup of tea. As a child, she used to sneak into her parents bed during rainstorms, pretending she was afraid, but excited at the prospect of adventure. There was a reason she was a Gryffindor after all.

Today, the rain was her enemy. It brought upon her a bad omen that she never even had an inkling of its existence and now she was caught in the upheaval of the whirlwind surrounding her. She had forgotten her umbrella today, she remembered idly. And she was in a rush to get home. The rain did not bother her as she rushed into the flat, anxious to get there before he did. That was when she was met by the sounds of heavy breathing and it was mingled in with her own. The bedroom door was ajar and her feet betrayed her by carrying her closer to the sounds coming from within it. Even though her mind was 3 times quicker than the average thinking person, she did not stop until she was standing in the doorway. She was met by the sight of a naked back and cascading dark hair wrapped around a familiar body. It was at that moment he looked up - directly at her, straight into her eyes - and continued with what he was doing.

She could not remember what happened next. How she left and how her car ended up at the side of some unknown road, in the middle of a thunderstorm, she had no idea. Everything hurt and she was soaking wet, sobbing. Lightning was striking all around her and she knew better than to try to apparate in this weather. Dizziness was overcoming her, along with an overwhelming sense of grief. She never thought she could feel more broken than before, but she was wrong.

Unable to keep driving and wanting nothing more than to crawl in the backseat and let fate have its way, Hermione mustered up what little strength she could and stumbled out of the car. Exhaustion was overcoming her and she could barely mutter the simply “Point me” spell before following the direction of her wand to the nearest shelter.

The shelter was more of a mansion, standing vast and alone away from everything. She did not know how she got past the gates or up the long walkway to the front the of the house. The rain was so thick at this point, that she relied on the little light coming from her spelled wand to lead the way. Finally making her way to the doorway, she wasted no time in ringing the bell and quickly pocketing her wand. Not knowing whether she was in the company of Muggles, it would be better not to wave a stick in their face while asking to wait out the rain somewhere warm and safe. Impatiently, she rang the doorbell again and wrapped her arms around her shivering body. The door opened and she saw a flash of white blonde hair and stoney grey eyes before giving into the darkness that kept threatening to overtake her and crumpled to the ground.

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