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Wizards by epikhippo
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10
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Once again, THANK YOU everyone for your lovely reviews! I know it's been a while since I last updated, and I apologize for that. Hopefully, this chapter makes up for it! Thanks again to all those who are still reading this story. :)


 “So,” Kingsley let out with a breath. Shuffling the papers Hermione and Draco spent days laboring over while Blaise ate pumpkin pasties, Kingsley stacked them neatly once again and examined the group. “Blaise Zabini,” the minister abruptly turned towards him.



Surprised, Blaise sat up straighter and cleared his throat, “Yea—I mean, Yes?”




Kingsley leaned forward on his desk and remarked, “You’ve been awfully quiet in this meeting, not that it’s a surprise.” Seeing his flustered face, Kingsley chuckled, “So why don’t you tell me why I should approve this enterprise and not have you along and Mr. Malfoy tossed out for running a company with non-Ministry sanctioned branches?”




Blaise glanced towards Draco for help and just as Draco opened his mouth, Kingsley held up his hand. “No, no. I want to hear what Mr. Zabini believes.”






“How many times did I tell you to review your notes, Blaise?” Hermione chided as she draped her robe over her chair.




Putting up his hands, Blaise replied, “I thought you guys were going to do all the talking! How was I supposed to know that Kingsley was—“




“Quit it, Blaise. Everyone knows that between you, me, and Granger that you’re the least informed.”




Blaise rolled his eyes, “Stop blaming me for everything, seriously. It’s not like he threw us out or anything, hell, he approved it. Actually, he really liked the idea.”




Hermione went over to the orange couch and plopped down next to Draco. “Don’t get comfortable, Blaise. The real work begins now. We still have to find someone who can be a part of this muggle branch—that isn’t in our peer group.”




Pursing his lips together, Draco murmured.




“What did you say Draco?”




“Weasley. Arthur Weasley. He could do it.”




Hermione’s eyes widened, “I thought—“




“You thought I abhorred the Weasleys? Well, I have nothing against the eldest one, really. And didn’t you once say that he has a certain—fascination with muggles?”




“Yeah—he does.”




Getting up from the sofa, Draco said decisively, “It’s settled then. I’ll owl him tomorrow.”




Blaise and Hermione looked at each other as Draco left the flat. Blaise merely shrugged and sat down next to her.




“So—Luna tells me that you had something planned for me and Draco tonight,” Blaise grinned. “It wouldn’t happen to involve the two of you…doing stuff like dancing or ki—“




Hermione smacked the back of his head, “How many times do I have to tell you that you will never see me and Luna engage in any sort of sexual activities!”




Rubbing the back of his head, Blaise got up and shrugged, “Can’t blame me—I’m a dirty guy.”




“Oh rubbish. Now—get out and don’t forget to come back over here by eight.”




“Yeah, yeah—wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Blaise patted her shoulder and left.




Hermione leaned her head against the couch and let out a sigh. The work was a lot more difficult than she had imagined at first. Sure, she knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she worried. She worried about Kingsley’s reaction, about how she and Draco would work together—let alone Blaise. Blaise was easy enough, all she had to do was scold him one way or another whenever he got distracted with disturbing thoughts of her and Luna. Draco was another story. Relationship wise, they were fine—pretty wonderful even. Sometimes they would sit together on the couch looking over papers, and others, he would stay in his flat, only coming over to kiss her goodnight. On those nights, Blaise would always reassure her saying that ‘Draco’s just like that’ or just pat her on the shoulder and offer her a drink. She knew that if it weren’t for Blaise coming over, she would’ve said something to Draco—but she didn’t need to bother him with her petty feelings. With a groan, she rubbed her forehead and kicked off her shoes.




Hermione’s heart dropped when she felt a pair of lips kissing the top of her head. She abruptly turned around, “Draco?”




“Who else would it be—kissing you and all,” Draco replied with a grin. “Sorry about earlier, I guess today just stressed me out.”




With a tired smile, she replied, “It’s alright—it was stressful for everyone.”




Draco sat down next to her again and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Feeling her resting her head on his shoulder, he quietly asked, “Am I okay?”




“What do you mean?”




Draco breathed into her hair, “I mean—am I doing okay? Are you still happy with me?”




Hermione placed a hand on his chest and silently chuckled, “Of course I’m happy Draco.”




He ran his fingers through her hair and sighed, “I know that’s not true, but thanks for at least saying it, love.” Gently grabbing her face in his hands, he kissed her forehead. “Let’s get away for a weekend—just you and me.”




“Promise Blaise won’t be there?” Hermione jokingly asked.




“I swear on Merlin, if I have to, I’ll tie him to Luna’s bed with a charm even you can’t break.”




Placing her hands on top of his, she laughed, “Oh, I’m sure Luna would be quite pleased.”




“I could care less—as long as it’s just the two of us.”




She cocked her head to the side, “You know, that means we have to get all the work done ahead of time. Which means that tonight—“




“Hush, Granger. You’re ruining the moment,” Draco silenced her with a kiss.






“Hermione, are you sure it’ll work out? I’m not worried about Blaise, but Draco’s temper is another story,” asked Luna as she levitated the tray of biscuits and tea to the coffee table.




“It’ll be fine—I hope.” With a shrug, Hermione continued, “Besides, I charmed the portkeys to reappear in their hands within an hour or so to land them right back here if things get too bad.”




Luna sipped her tea and smugly smiled, “Well—I hope you prepped your boy for tonight because let’s just say, after what Blaise and I did—there’s no complaints coming from him for the next week.”




Hermione raised an eyebrow, “You know, it’s quite disturbing that I’m actually getting used to your dirty little stories.”




Patting her on the knee, Luna smiled, “Good. Now, run me through the plan again?”




Hermione glanced at the clock. “They’re supposed to come here at eight, we give them drinks, the glasses are portkeys to the muggle club, and Draco and Blaise will find themselves amidst a rambunctious crowd.”




Luna nodded along with a devilish grin, “When does Harry Potter come into this sneaky plan of yours?”




“I text Ginny right after the others get portkeyed, and then, we do the same thing with Harry.”




With a high-pitched giggle, Luna commented, “Tonight would be perfect if only we could actually witness the three of them—together.”




“We’re here!” Blaise bellowed from the door. Half jogging towards Luna, he hopped onto her lap and kissed her with a grin, “So—what’s the surprise?”




Draco walked behind Hermione and pecked her cheek, “Yeah, Granger, what is it? Blaise has been going on and on about how you and Luna were going to put on a show of some sorts for us.”




Hermione glared at Blaise and wrapped an arm around Draco. “No, it’s not a show or anything like that.” Hermione pocketed Draco’s wand as Luna did the same.






Draco’s hand flew up to cover his ears and squinted in the dark. “Fuck! Where are we Blaise?”




“How the hell am I supposed to know!” Blaise scooted towards Draco. “Let’s just apparate out of here, mate.”




Draco reached into his pocket, but his heart fell and let out a growl. “Blaise! Where the fuck is my wand!”




“Merlin! Stop yelling! It’s loud in here already!”




“Oh shut it! Seriously,” Draco frantically searched for his wand, “I can’t find it anywhere—where’s yours?”




Blaise cast his eyes down and muttered.




“What? I can’t hear you!”




“I didn’t even bring it with me.”




“You must be shitting me, Zabini.” Draco roughly grabbed Blaise’s arm and hauled him towards the wall. “I blame this on your little girlfriend.”




Blaise shoved his hands off. “What? Only Hermione could come up with something like this. I bet you that she portkeyed us here. How else would we have gotten—wherever we are?”




Beyond furious, Draco leaned dangerously close to Blaise’s face. Just when he was about to tell him to fix everything, a strong hand gripped his shoulder.




“Save that for your love nest—pretty boys.” The burly security guard said with a patronizing glare.




Draco whipped his head around. “What?




“You heard me—we’re not that kind of place.”




Confused, Blaise shrugged and when Draco finally realized what the man was getting at, he stomped over and punched him across the face. “It’s not like that at all you little shit.”




“Are you fucking insane? Draco, this guy is twice our size…we don’t even have our wands,” Blaise quietly reminded.




“Fuck,” Draco muttered and looked at the crowd that had now gathered.




Blaise pulled him up and tried to lighten the mood, “Sorry folks, my friend here is a little drunk so don’t mind him.” He nervously laughed. “Drinks on me?”




Draco shoved him off. “How do you plan on doing that, Blaise. You don’t even have muggle—“ Draco stopped in is tracks when he saw the last person he needed to see in the world.




“What the hell are you doing here—Potter,” Draco spat.




Blaise rubbed his temples as he saw Harry Potter, looking just as confused as them, “Merlin, I need a drink.”







What did you guys think? Feel free to let me know! :)


P.S. Ron will finally be making an appearance in the next chapter.  

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