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Finders Keepers Losers Seekers by Xanthe
Chapter 6 : The Accident
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Callie’s Point of View

It was a beautiful fall morning. Not to cold not too hot. The sun had just risen making the green grass glow. The leaves were falling lazily giving the world a carefree breathtaking feel.


It was freezing and still early morning which meant it was totally dark. The leaves weren’t lazily falling they were blowing around so fiercely I swallowed one. The wind was making me fall backwards. I was so little and unstable George had to keep helping me up while trying to stay on his two feet too.

Just another magical day at Hogwarts.

While we were making the trek to the quittich pitch I thought about Roger. What do you do at a date? I’ve never been on one. What would we do? What do I wear?

Wow. I just broke a personal rule. I have never asked myself “What should I wear” for anything.

But seriously what should I wear.

Or a better question, would I really snog him like I told the guys I would do.


Guys sound complicated and stupid. I don’t want complicated and stupid. And if I snog a guy things will get complicated and stupid.

“Clark! Are you even listening to me?”


Oliver sighed. I didn’t even realize we had come to the pitch I got so wrapped up in my thoughts. You see what guys do to me it makes me think about them instead of important things like quittich and anything but homework.

“Sorry just uh got a lot on my mind.”

Oliver gave me a look of pity.

“Oh whatever never mind lets just play.”

“Right then. Well Fred, George take your clubs and practice your hitting skills on each other.”

“Seriously!?” Both twins said at once.

“No of course not just hit the bludger around but make sure you have a target and preferably not any of our players, unless Slytherin makes a grand entrance into the pitch. If so, then open season on their heads.”

The boys went off and played catch with the bludger instead.

“Katie, Angelina, and Alicia practice the ‘Spinnet feint’ like you did the last year, that was good and we are going to use it against the Puffs in two weeks.”

The girls went out and practiced the “Spinnet feint.” It really wasn’t a feint. It was just them flirting with the other teams male players. So they went out and began throwing the quaffle around and started batting their eyelashes and doing cat calls at nothing but the air.

Wood turned to me and said, “All right it’s just me and you. We’re gonna go up in the stands and talk strategies.”

The team never takes Wood and his long rants seriously they just blow him off and make fun of him, all of them except for me. I take everything he says seriously, I never zone out during his rants and actually respect him as a captain.

I know it seems weird that I Callie Clark president of the “I Hate Oliver Wood Anonymous” would actually value him as a captain, but I do. He does his job. Well he has a strong passion for quittich much like I and he shows it. He loves quittich and you can tell when he talks about it. That’s why when it comes to quittich my hate level for him drops to -3%.

When we got up in the stands he magically made us a cup of hot chocolate and we plopped down on the hard stands.

“So last year… It wasn’t that bad it just…” Wood said trying to mask himself by hiding behind his mug.

“Go ahead and say it I sucked ok! I totally blew it for the team I know I heard it from my brother all summer long.” I said my temper rising.

“Look Callie,” Oh no things are about to get serious, he just called me by my real name, “last year wasn’t your fault you were a microscopic fifth year going against a 300 pound sixth year who was almost too big to stay on his broom. It’s not your fault. You didn’t screw anything up for us you tried your hardest and continued playing with a fractured arm. And even in my book that means a lot.”

“Yay goodie for me I tried. Give me a gold star. That doesn’t matter if I tried hard if I 'got back up and tried’ I was injured and therefore not playing to my full potential therefore I sucked! I am the reason we didn’t win last year! I didn’t play good enough! I was stupid enough to go and get myself injured and put the whole game in jeopardy-”

“You’re not stupid-” Oliver interjected.

“If I kept my distance form the guy like Joe told me I would have been fine-” I continued on.

“He was chasing after you-”

“I could have shook him off-”

“He was trying to attack you-”

“I could have attacked back-”

“You were under strict orders from your brother not too-”

“I should have ignored him-”

“He was the captain you can’t just ignore him-”

“He was my brother of course I could ignore him. My dumb butt arm kept me from being able to reach for the snitch. I failed miserably last year and we lost because of it! That’s final! End of discussion!”

I had blurry vision. What! Were theses tears? I don’t cry. I never cry even at my parent’s funeral. Why do I have to be so passionate about quidditch?

It was one year ago and our last game against Slytherins. Apparently Flint had ordered his seeker a big, burly, muscular, sixth year guy who was more that three times my size to attack me by zooming as fast as he could towards me. Since I was much smaller than him I had quicker and faster reflexes but sometimes it wasn’t enough. He continued to fly at me at deadly speeds. Finally he caught me off guard and flew into my right arm. I heard the bones shatter as his massive body broke my arm into tiny pieces. I spiraled out of control biting back tears because of the pain. I was able to balance myself and landed some what gracefully on the ground.

Joe saw me clutching my arm in pain and called a time out. People came rushing to my aid. I looked up at the Slytherin seeker who was laughing his head off. My immense pain turned into a burning sensation to win and get back at him and to win for Joe. I could not put this game in jeopardy. Scouts were her watching Joe. If he lost this game and didn't get an offer it would be all on me.

“It’s all right just a minor fraction.” I said through gritted teeth.

Madam Pomfrey knew I was lying and could tell that every bone in my right arm was basically shattered but she gave me the ok to keep playing. Joe who was one of the chasers told me not to attack the seeker to just focus on finding the snitch.

As soon as I was airborne I zoomed around the pitch at lightning speed. With an evil grin I whizzed past the seeker just enough so he started spinning and losing control of his broom. I could hear Lee in the background.

“And Clark is coming up with a new tactic. It seems that she is full of rage and getting back at that #@!%* of a Slytherin- Yes of course I know the rules Professor McGonagall no swearing. Anyway she’s off finely executing the previous move she seems so focused on getting her well earned revenge that she has completely forgotten the snitch!”

Lee’s words brought me back to reality. I stopped flying at him. And he started puking. Sadly I would never be able to do any physical damage like he had done to me so making him vomit would have to suffice.

I found a spot far up and away from everyone where I could look for the snitch while also gathering my self. I looked at my arm. It looked really funny. There were pieces of bones sticking up through my skin.

“Cool.” I said trying to keep a positive out look on things. I have done some stupid things in my life, broken multiple bones, accidently fell into a bonfire, cut myself with a knife and fallen from brooms more than thirty feet up in the air, but I have never experienced pain like this. My entire arm was in a firey burn. I tried to move my right hand. Not even my hand would move it was so broken. How was I ever going to be able to catch the snitch?

Catching the snitch wasn’t my only problem. My vision was getting clouded. Was I about to cry? I do not cry. I have never cried. I just don’t cry. If anyone in my grade saw me crying up here I would never hear the end of it.

I bit back my tears, squinted my eyes, and grabbed the broom tightly with my left hand. Finally after twenty painful minutes I saw it. My only problem was the other seeker saw it too. I raced as fast as I could to the snitch. It wasn’t enough. The husky sixth year was all ready twenty feet closer than I was. I put more pressure on my broom and gained even more speed. It wasn’t enough. I put an even more dangerous amount of pressure on the broom just to get me further. As soon as I was neck and neck with him I let go of the broom and reached for it with my left hand.

He saw me coming.

He to elbow and crashed into my right arm. I screamed in pain losing all control of my broom and tumbled onto the field.

I rolled over and over at least a dozen times my broom in pieces. I craned my neck to look at the action in the air. The seeker from Slytherin caught the snitch. I then looked up at the sky. Why was the sky so pretty on the worst day of my life?

Fred, George, Angelina, and Alicia all flew as fast as they possibly could down to me. The sky was covered by their faces as the huddled around me. Katie wasn’t there because she wasn’t on the team at this time.

For one moment all I felt was pure hatred and undying bitterness before it was replaced by more pain than ever before. The faces of Professor Snape, Madam Hooch, Madam Pomfrey Professor McGonagall, Professor Dumbledore, who had clustered around me seconds before, were slowly developing white dots all over their faces as my vision because foggy.

I knew they were all yelling at me asking me to not close my eyes because I the barely audible sounds coming out of their mouths. Eventually I couldn’t hear anything.

The sun was taking over my vision so I could barely see as well. I was able to make out the image of Joe pushing everyone out of the way falling at my side cradling my head, his eyes full of fear.

The last thing I saw before I blacked out was Oliver in the background trying hard to cry just like me no more than minutes before.

I woke up in the infirmary a week later. All my pain was gone. I had enough chocolate from all my friends, brothers, and professors to last me for months. So many get well cards lined the cart in which they were stored. There was a cast around my arm that was all ready signed by the “Gryffindor Gang.” I was cozy and warm near the fire place and wrapped up in the fuzzy blankets. I felt a little funny from all the medicine or potions I had in me. My brothers were all lined up in three chairs across the room in deep discussion not even noticing me. I should have felt so loved and touched that I had so many get well cards from all my friends. I should have felt happy that my injuries were healed. I should have felt happy that I still had some sort of a family there to make sure I was all right.

But I didn’t.

It was too late.

I blew it. The game was over. Joe’s quittich career might be in jeopardy because of this. I failed the team. And worse of all… I showed weakness.

That day was on my mind all summer. I replayed everything over and over in my head for weeks until I decided enough was enough. I needed to suck it up and take it like a man. That’s what every body expects from me anyway. I practiced hard all summer. I practiced and improved everything that happened so I would never have to worry about that happening again. I put that awful day in the back of my mind and got back to being my usual, happy-go lucky self.

But just because the memory is hidden doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.

Yes I was back to my old self but that day still haunts me. It is also a touchy subject that I am still sensitive about.

“I’m sorry Wood,” I said as I came back from my flashback. “I didn’t mean to snap at you. Its just a delicate issue that I don’t really talk about all that much.”

“It’s all right. And really I’m sorry. I’m the one who kept pushing your buttons. I shouldn’t have brought it up. Anyway so I was thinking now that you’ve mastered the art of flying with no hands over the summer we could apply that to game like situations…”
He started talking strategies but my heart wasn’t in it. A touchy area and horrible memory had resurfaced and refused to submerge.

Thank you sooooo much for still sticking with my story I know this is my first update in quite some time but I want to let you know that now that I am out of a sport I have plenty of time to write!! So don’t worry I will be updating more often! Until then
Hugs and Kisses ~Xanthe

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