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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 28 : Crazy Bludgers
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Chapter 28

It was now March and it was the day of Ravenclaw’s game against Slytherin. They gathered in the locker room, waiting to head out on to the pitch.

“We can win this game,” Kristen stated, “Just do your best and don’t get cocky.”

Her team nodded and they were called out on to the field. Soon, all of the balls were released and the game begun.

“The Slytherins have the quaffle. Higgins passes to Zabini, who passes to Smith, who passes back to Zabini, who shoots! Wood blocks the shot!” Alyssa commentated, “Weasley passes to Carter, who passes back to Weasley, who passes to Wood, who shoots! Savannah Wood scores! The score is now 10-0!

“Zabini now has the quaffle, he passes to Smith, who passes to Higgins, who passes back to Smith, who shoots! The shot is once again blocked by Kristen Wood! Ravenclaw has possession of the quaffle once again. Carter has the quaffle, he passes to Wood, who passes to Weasley, who passes to Carter, who shoots and scores! Ravenclaw is now leading 20-0!”

Harper and Dylan Richards, the Slytherin beaters, flew over to each other. They could tell that the game was not going well and would continue going that way unless something was done.

“We need to do something,” Harper stated, “Otherwise we’re going to get slaughtered.”

“We could always try the ‘take everyone out’ method,” Dylan suggested.

“That would land us in detention with the whole school hating us. Besides, Hufflepuff has tried it twice and failed both times.”

“We’re not Hufflepuff though.”

“What we really need is some way to distract Kristen Wood. If we can distract her enough, we might be able to score enough goals so that it doesn’t matter who catches the snitch, we still win.”

Dylan slyly smiled. His twin automatically knew that he had some evil plan in mind.

“So you know how they’re always trying to shove that Harry Potter shit down our throats in History of Magic? Well, do you recall what someone did to one of the bludgers in a game during his second year at Hogwarts?” Dylan asked.

“They enchanted it so it chased after him until someone stopped it,” Harper replied.

“Well, I’ve been doing my research and I’m pretty sure I know the spell to successfully tamper with the bludger.”

This time both of the twins smiled.

“Go tamper with the bludger. We better start moving again before Aaron yells at us,” Harper stated before flying away.

The game had been going for only fifteen minutes, but it didn’t look very good for Slytherin. The score was currently 100-0. If they continued on this way, they could very easily get beaten worse than Hufflepuff, which would be humiliating. However, Dylan Richards had just managed to mess with the bludger, which would hopefully give Slytherin a fighting chance.

Kristen saw the bludger coming towards her and moved out of the way. It came back, though, and tried to take her out again. Kristen thought that was odd, because this wasn’t how bludgers usually acted. They usually came a person’s way once and moved on. When it came back a third time, she realized that the bludger had been tampered with. She flew around the goal posts, constantly moving, trying to block the shots and not killed at the same time.

“Someone’s tampered with that bludger!” she heard someone shout from the stands.

“It looks like that bludger is specifically trying to take out Kristen Wood!” Alyssa exclaimed, “That’s not good for Ravenclaw! I bet a Slytherin messed with the bludger!” McGonagall yelled something at her, “Sorry Professor. I’m just saying it’s the most likely reason! The last time someone messed with a bludger was 30 years ago! So unless there is some crazy house elf running around, trying to get Kristen Wood to leave Hogwarts because it’s apparently unsafe, I’m pretty damn sure that a slimy Slytherin messed with the bludger!”

Kristen was exhausted. She was doing figure eights around the goal posts. It was very hard work trying to time it so that she’d be able to quickly save the quaffle before continuing to run away from the bludger.

“Kailey, I’d really appreciate it if you caught the snitch soon!” Kristen told her seeker.

As she continued to fly around, Kristen was getting even more tired. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could take this.

“Are you alright, Kristen?” Savannah asked her.

She shook her head, too out of breath to answer.


From the stands, James could tell that Andrew was extremely worried. To be honest, he was too. She’d been flying nonstop for ten minutes and he could tell that she was getting really exhausted. He wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to continue.

“Who do you think did this?” Andrew asked, sounding rather angry and not taking his eyes off the game.

“I bet Alyssa is right; I think a Slytherin had something to do with it,” Louis stated.

“If they beat Ravenclaw and us, they will go on and play for the house cup,” Fred added.

“How much longer do you think she’ll be able to keep going?” James asked.

“I have no clue,” Andrew replied honestly.


On the pitch, Kristen could tell she was slowing down. She tried to push herself harder and harder, but this was getting a bit difficult. She was so out of breath that she could no longer speak to her team. Her muscles ached like crazy. Yet, the bludger was quite persistent and it was still following her around. Kristen had managed to save most of the shots. The score was currently 160-50. Ravenclaw was still in the lead but Kailey would have to catch the snitch soon in order for them to win the game.

Kailey circled the pitch. She desperately wanted to spot the snitch. She could tell that Kristen wouldn’t be able to go on for much longer. It would make everyone’s lives easier if she could just find and catch the snitch sooner rather than later. Suddenly, she saw a flash of gold in front of her and chased after it.

“It looks like Kailey Neilson has spotted the snitch! Megan Higgins is right on her tail though! This could very easily go either way!” Alyssa announced.

Kailey leaned forward on her broom, trying to make it go even faster. The snitch got closer and closer, until she finally caught the snitch, right before Megan slammed into her, sending her flying off her broom. The crowd gasped, but Kailey managed to grab on to her broom with her other hand.

“Kailey Neilson has caught the snitch! Ravenclaw wins! Now would someone please get rid of that bludger before Kristen Wood dies of exhaustion?” Alyssa commentated.

In a matter of seconds, someone had shot a spell at the bludger, causing it to explode. Kristen flew to the ground, breathing extremely heavily. That chase had really worn her out.

“Kristen? Are you alright?” Savannah asked as her team crowded around her.

Soon her brother and his friends had joined the group too. All Kristen could do was nod, for she was still too out of breath to speak.

“Kristen Wood, can I talk to you for a moment?” a woman asked, approaching the group.

Upon seeing who it was, Kristen happily nodded and followed the woman into a more secluded area of the pitch.

“As you may know, I am the owner of the Wimbourne Wasps,” the woman said, “That was a fantastic game. You have unbelievable stamina and were still able to make tons of fabulous saves even though you were being chased by a rouge bludger. I am here to offer you the position of keeper on my team. Would you be interested?”

“Yes!” Kristen managed to gasp.

She had dreamed of being a Professional Quidditch player for years. The Wimbourne Wasps were her favorite team, so she was honored to be asked to join that team.

“I’ll owl you with the details soon,” the woman stated, before walking away.

“What did she want?” Andrew asked as she headed back to where her brother, friends, and team were waiting for her.

“You are looking at the new keeper for the Wimbourne Wasps!” Kristen managed to exclaim.

Everyone cheered as they headed inside. Overall, even with the crazy Slytherins, it had been quite a good day.






***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) I've been able to update faster lately, so hopefully that will continue and more will be posted soon. As always, thanks to all of you for reading and reviewing and I love if you continued to do so :D ***

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