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Awoooo! by Beautiful Soul
Chapter 2 : Let The REAL Spooks Begin
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OK, so this has changed quite a bit. It is now destined to be a novel. Quite a scary one actually!!! Please keep reading and PLEASE review this time, I need to know if anyone actually likes this story.

Luna was cold. She suspected allagas, the swarmed around you and while doing so made a cool breeze, the females then landed on your skin, and made goose bumps. It was a simple explanation.

 Hiding could be very boring at times. So Luna activated her special ‘cameras’ that were hidden in each room in the house. (Hermione had given them to her for her birthday, they were very complicated to use though.) Luna giggled and rubbed her hands together in delight, this should be interesting. 


The Bottom Floor

Ginny must admit, but she was very happy that Luna was missing, now she and Harry got to spend a little, alone time. She grinned in a loving way that would have sickened any onlookers, but then again, no one was there, nobody AT ALL.

 It wasn’t that Ginny didn’t care about Luna or anything, goodness, Ginny would DIE if Luna got hurt, but she must say, it was perfect timing, she hadn’t got to be alone with Harry for about two weeks. Her lips were protesting.

 Harry walked in and Ginny couldn’t wait any longer. She walked boldly up and kissed him full on the lips. He wrapped a hand around her waist and leaned over her, so she was lying back with Harry holding her waist and the small of her back. Their lips moved in sync with each other and Ginny was really getting into it when....


 Luna was grossed out at watching Harry and Ginny’s ‘moment’, but she figured that it was probably simply the nargles that had got to them. Something had to be done, they were meant to be looking for her! Not making out in her kitchen for nargles sake!!!

She pressed the big red button....


 “EEEEKKK!!!” Ginny screamed as the sinks exploded and instead of water came out all the bumpkin innards that Luna had scraped out. Some of it went into her mouth and she screamed even more.

 Harry whipped out his wand (quick thinker, Ginny thought) and mumbled something (well, it was more like spoke clearly and loudly but Ginny was screaming so loudly that it was impossible to hear what he said). Immediately the sinks stopped pouring the bumpkin innards.


“AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh.....” Ginny kept screaming for an extra few seconds in hope that Harry would give her another kiss to console her. Instead he put his wand in the pocket of his cute jacket (at least, Ginny thought it was cute).

 “Come, Ginny. We have to start searching for Luna.” He grabbed her hand, it was sweaty but Ginny didn’t mind, she liked every part of Harry, even his sweat. Insert grossed out face she thought after talking about Harry’s sweat, she was obsessed, but she didn’t care! 

They began to search for Luna; they searched in two rooms over and over again for any clues at all. As she turned the corner of a very wonky room that had white-washed stone walls and contained a fire with a poker sitting beside it she thought dreamily Very quaint, I wonder if Harry would like to live somewhere like this... she had zoned out and suddenly she connected with something very hard. It was like being hit in the gut with an extremely hard brick. She scooted across the room and hit the wall with a thump. She looked up slightly dazed.

 In front of her standing tall and proud was a wolf. A huge giant of a wolf with hungry eyes and teeth like razors that had been sharpened several times. It had fur that was as hairy as Hagrid, this fur was as coarse and raggedy looking as a worn out mat that sat outside of your door.


The wolf growled deep in its chest, it was like thunder rumbling. Ginny’s eyes widened in fear.

Goodbye, Harry. The wolf growled again and everything went black.


 Luna flicked her controls again and again, but nothing seemed to work, she even pressed the shut down button but the wolf kept coming at poor Ginny. A rumble of thunder came from behind her. Or so she thought. A huge wolf towered above her. She set down the controls and raised her hands. The wolf snarled...


 Everybody in the house stopped as they heard a crackle. Luna Lovegood’s frightened voice sounded shrilly in the speakers, not like Luna at all, “Attention all guests. The start of this party was all me, no one was meant to get hurt b-b-bu” She stammered and stopped speaking. They heard a low rumble sounded near her. She began again. “The wolves have stopped working to my commands. Go, run, go!” Her voice broke and the speakers crackled. Everyone was silent.


A/N: Oooo! Scary or not (probably not)? Poor Luna. Ten cookies to the first reviewer and 5 cookies to the second (well, what did you expect? I can hardly give you more cookies!) But if you're the third, or the fourth or higher (please!) reviewer, don't worry. You'll have the treat of being my BEST FRIEND 4EVAAAA! :) XXOO

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Awoooo!: Let The REAL Spooks Begin


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