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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 24 : Please come home to me
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2nd May 1998 – Battle of Hogwarts.

“You have fought valiantly" the icy voice hissed, sending the hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. 

I tried to block out his voice, but when Harry’s name was mentioned I couldn’t ignore it any longer. 

 “Potter,  You have allowed your friends to die for you rather than face me. I will be in the forest. If you have not come in an hour, then the battle continues.”  

I was shaking.  The thought of Harry dying was unbearable to me. 

Hogwarts went quiet.  I probably would have been able to hear a pin drop from the other side of the castle, if I listened carefully.  No one spoke.  The silence was deafening

I knew I had to find Harry.  I knew he would leave.  He was too damn noble and I wasn’t about to let that happen.  I had to find him; tell him I loved him and that he needed to fight until the end.  That’s what heroes do!  They don’t give themselves up! 

I would rather die myself than watch Harry die.  I’d give myself up if it would save him and I wasn’t about to let that happen.  Not now, and not ever.  

“No!” I mumbled my throat to dry to get the words out any louder.

“Ginny, Ginny it’s ok!” Neville came over to me and hugged me, he wrapped his arms around me and I put my head on his chest and let the tears leak out freely.

This couldn’t happen.

Why harry? He was a good person? Bad things always happen to good people and it’s not fair.

“Go see you’re parents Ginny and then go speak to Harry” Neville said trying to comfort me.

I nodded my whole world having gone numb.

Hogwarts was suddenly so quite. Everything was silent and it was killing me inside, I wanted the silence to end… it was unbearable.

My feet lead the way to the hall; nothing could have prepared me for what was inside.

It was like a wave of people lying on the floor… dead.

The first thing that caught my eye was the bubbly pinkness of a women’s hair… Tonks. I had to bite my lip to stop me from crying. Next to her was Remus, they’re hands held but barely touching at the same time. I gulped back the amounts of tears ready to flood from my eyes.

Then the next thing that caught my eye was the fiery redness in the crowed.

“Mum?” I whispered to myself wondering what was happening “Mum?” My voice a little louder this time.

“Oh Ginny” Mum came over to me and threw herself at me squeezing me until I could hardly breath.

What was going on?

I noticed now everyone’s eyes were red and puffy from crying.

They parted and lying on the floor was Fred. A trace of a smile still sadly on his face.

He was beautiful in death and part of me left as soon as I saw him on the floor. Crouched beside him was George, he wasn’t letting go of him.

No, this is just some sick joke the two of them are playing, right? This can’t be happening.

“George?” My hand went out to touch his shoulder but he shrugged it off.

I could hardly breathe and when I did it hurt. A world without Fred was unbearable and a world without the other twin was unbearable. A George without a Fred was like having a chocolate frog without the chocolate frog card… it just doesn’t work!

I’d never seen George cry, it was heartbrokenly tragic.

If I’d only known that today would be Fred’s last day I would have tied him up at Muriel’s and never have let him leave… how could this happen.

I had to leave; I couldn’t stay in there any longer.

As soon as I left the great hall I pondered on something too do. They’re people outside all crying over loved ones or comforting people.

That’s when I noticed the wounded, some people were still on the floor crying for help and the people around them were grieving too much to notice.

I couldn’t just leave them there now I’ve seen them!

I tended to as many people as I could, helping to pick them up and take them to the great hall.

“Shhhh its ok” I whispered to one girl outside. She was barely fifteen and I wanted to help her so badly.

“I just want to go home, I don’t want to fight anymore” her plea for help was enough to make me want to cry again, it was heartbreaking watching the girl struggle in pain. Her hufflepuff school clothes were stained in blood and dirt was covering her from head to toe.

Perhaps it was the effect of the war that gave me the creeps but it felt like someone was behind me, except it didn’t send chills screaming down my back but instead butterflies flying in my stomach. It was a wonderful feeling. The feeling Harry gave me.

I turned quickly and narrowed my eyes, but nothing was there except the misty air.

As soon as the feeling came it went and the sad feeling in the pit of my stomach came back again… I’d only imagined it.

The minutes past by and I stayed outside and tended to the wounded.

“Ginny?” A voice called behind me.

“Hannah!” I jumped running over to her and hugging her “You’re alive!”

“It takes a lot more than a couple of death eaters to kill me” She smiled hugging me back just as enthusiastically.

It obviously only takes a couple of death eaters to kill Fred the thought replaying in my head but I dismissed it not wanting to worry Hannah…. Just yet.

“I’ve been looking for you for ages, ever since I heard that thing you-know-who said” Hannah smiled sympathetically “Do you know where Harry is then?”

My face fell. I hadn’t seen him since the room of requirement. I’d planned on going to see him after I went to the hall but when I found out about Fred it seemed unimportant and was wiped from my mind. How could I have been so stupid!

Tears swelled in my eyes “Harry bloody gone!” I cried out.


“I haven’t seen him since… since the room of requirement, and you know Harry he would go off and try to save the world as usual and if it meant sacrificing his life then he would!”

I went to get up and run to the forbidden forest but Hannah pulled me back a panicked look on her face “You can’t go in there, they’ll kill you before you even see him”

“Well I can’t just let them kill him can I! Let go of me” I yelled at Hannah who was desperately clinging on to my arm, she refused to move “LET GO!”

Tears were streaming down my face as I screamed at Hannah. I couldn’t let him die, and I wouldn’t. I’d said that I would do anything to save him and here I was tending to the bloody wounded when harry was out there about to die! How could I have been so foolish to forget.

“HARRY POTTER IS DEAD” The voice echoed around the eerie night and I felt my whole world fall to the ground.

I turned to Hannah is desperation but she too had tears in her eyes and could hardly see me.




Ginny Pov, talking to Harry:

From the moment I heard those words “Harry Potter is dead” my whole world sank, including my heart. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even think… not about anything other than you.

Now that I’ve managed to at least move all I can think about it one time we shared together about a year ago, that time when you broke my heart but I understood you completely.

It just kept replaying over and over in my head the same thing every time, I- I couldn’t tell you why.

It was the end of Dumbledore’s funeral and you took me to the side afterwards, I knew what was going to come it didn’t take animagus’s transfiguration to work it out. Your face showed a broken man not ready for the challenges that faced you. I knew I must let you go, it was the only way for you.

You told me that we couldn’t be together and I smiled uncomftable because I didn’t want it to happen, I just didn’t, you were mine at last, letting you go would break me. And you looked at me, so tenderly Harry and told me that you cared about me that you wouldn’t have been able to cope if it had been mine funeral, and I just knew… just then that I had to let you go. It was the safe way, and I love you for it. I loved how you wanted to protect me, I felt special, not just the best friends little sister but a person you wanted to protect and that meant everything to me.

And also that moment is when I realised for the first time, that all the decisions you have made have not been for you benefit, but you were doing everything for the ones you loved all along, for your family and friends.

And it only now occurs to me that we had so little time together, we still have so much to learn about each other. And I’m so glad Harry that I got to learn about the wonderfully brave, selfless, strong man you are Harry….

Harry I can’t hear that your dead, I can’t. I can’t listen to the fact that you’ll never come home to me again, that I’ll never learn something new about the amazing person you are, Never again experience the selfless, warm hearted person you are. Never feeling your warm touch again…

…Harry, please….


Have we really had our last conversation?

Our last kiss?

I’m not sure what I’ll do if…

Oh Merlin Please Harry, please… come home to me.

I never told you I loved you.




I shook my head, forcing the thought of him dead straight out of my mind, he wasn’t dead. I knew he wasn’t, if he was I’d have been able to feel something. But I don’t. He’s not dead!

I began to shake, I couldn’t move at all, all the span around in my head was the words “Harry Potter is dead” and then the silence that followed afterwards. I felt the stairs of Hannah on me watching my every move, she knew I was heartbroken, but she didn’t really understand why.

“Lets go then” I rounded on her determinedly pushing past her towards the viaduct entrance.

“Ginny?...” Hannah replied looking at me with sadness in his eyes as though she felt sorry for me, can you believe that! She felt sorry, well I don’t need people to feel sorry for me because it is not true and I will not believe it.

“What Hannah?” I ask, with hopefully no emotion what so ever in my voice.

“What if… you know… its…”
“What if its true?” I finished for her staring as she started me straight in the eye with distress written on her face, a small tear fell down her cheek as she nodded slowly.

I started laughing, the thought of it being true was just so impossible that it was quite funny actually. You-know-who wouldn’t be able to defeat Harry, Harry was going to defeat – will defeat him!
“Don’t make me laugh Hannah. You-know-who tells lies all the time, of course its not true” I said flashing her a smile with no emotion behind it.

“Ginny, you just said yourself that its Harry! He would have gone, and no one has seen him since” She said carrying on trying to persuade me to believe that liar!

I felt a lump form in my throat, I was angry at Hannah she was so gullible to believe his lies and not listen to me. He was alive; I could still feel him inside me.

My temper rose and I glared at Hannah “Listen its not true! I know its not true and if you  are just going to stand there then I’m going, ok!” I cry at them turning on my heel and jogging through the smashed corridor.

Bricks were piled up everywhere and odd pieces of wall was smashed making it look quite scary looking down out of it because I was so high up. Statue of silver armour had what looked like to have been blasted out of the way and odd pieces of them were thrown about. Even stone gargoyles there was nothing left of them, it looked like a reck!

I heard scurrying behind me realising that Hannah had decided to follow me rather than discuss all day if Harry was alive or not.

Of course I was right, Harry is alive and there is no proof in the world that is going to prove otherwise.

All around people were making their way in the same direction as we were going. A couple of girls were slowly walking while crying, others shocked and a look of disbelief on their faces.

Mind however was determined.

I had to push my way though the crowed that had decided to halt right in the way of the viaduct entrance.

“Excuse me” I said politly as I could without sounding frustrated “Um… Excuse me!” I exclaimed a bit more louder this time. But still no one moved staring off at the distance at something, but me being the short arse I am couldn’t see over the top (curse you mother- I inherited it from you!)

“Get out of the bloody way!” I yell pushing a third year hufflepuff to the ground who had obviously sneaked in after McGonagall had sent all the young kids away. I felt guilty afterwards, the look of horror on her face was heartbreaking.

I didn’t have time to help her up but instead pushed forward, my mind only focusing on one thing… that was Harry.

Then there he was lying limp in Hagrid’s big arms. So, So beautiful. His eyes were closed so I couldn’t catch a glimpse of those gorgeous green eyes of his.

“NO!” I yelled at the same time as Hermione and Ron who, like me was staring at them with disbelief.

This couldn’t be true, I’m just dreaming and in a minute I’ll wake up to find that I never woke up when Fred and George came downstairs and I’ll be snug and tight in Muriel’s house.

 This chapter is probably really bad, I couldn’t really write about Fred’s death because I’m still not over it and I don’t think I ever will be :’( sniff sniff.

Quotes from:

page 529 of Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows (voldermorts speech)

page 583 of Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows ('he's dead')

Both owned by the lovley Jk rowling


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