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Confunded by the_unknown_marauder
Chapter 5 : Only One Can Float...But We Both Sink...
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    Cameron and yes -- to my utter annoyance -- Scorpius, are both there. As well as Christen, who according to Chrissy is her “friend”.

    We sit down at the edge of the lake on the damp grass, the wetness seeping into my pants the moment I sit down. I’m already starting to not like coming here. James takes out what he was hiding behind his back; two bottles of Odgen's Old Firewhiskey. The bubbles are fizzing inside and it actually almost looks like fire.

    “James, where the hell did you get firewhiskey from?” I ask shocked, which I shouldn’t really be. This is James I’m talking about. It feels like I’ve said that sentence before...

    I am not going to drink any of that.

    “Oh I have connections dear Rosie Tosie,” James smiles, opening one of the bottles, “Anyone?”

    “I bet you wouldn’t be able to drink all of that without stopping,” Christen dares James.

    As long as I’m not the one drinking it then I guess it’s alright to be here... I can’t just get up and leave. Scorpius looks at me as if he’s reading my mind and thinking the exact same thing. He thinks we’re floating in the same holey raft. But I’m going to prove him wrong. Only one can float while the other sinks and I’ll be the one floating. What? I’m not as entirely sane as I may seem to be...

    “Alright. Watch me,” James accepts Christen’s challenge. He tips the bottle and its contents spill into his mouth. Sometime I wonder how James is Harry Potter’s son, or if there’s even a brain up there that comes up with clever ideas besides pranks.

    James stops, out of breath and laughing, “What are you two frowning for?”  He directs at Roxy and me. He drinks an entire bottle of firewhiskey in one gulp, yet he’s still usual. James pushes the empty bottle out of his way. I’m still wondering why I’m here. What is the point of this?

    “This time we have to count to twenty and pass the bottle around. But we have to shake it while we’re doing that,” James announces. We arrange ourselves in a circle near the edge of the lake. Once again, how could my life get any more like Hell? Scorpius is to the right of me. Brilliant.

     James starts passing around the bottle, and I’m still confused as to what the point of this is... James looks like an idiot. We all look like idiots. We all are idiots. I’m surrounded by bloody idiots. Well, except for Roxy, and possibly Chrissy, but they aren’t as sane as most people. Tofu. Oh if only people knew what went on in my mind...if only...

    When the bottle reaches my hands, I realise that they are already on 18. I just hold onto the neck of the cold bottle, wanting to leave.

    “Twenty! Tosie, you’ve got to open it! Quick!” James shouts at me. Doesn’t seem like he’s worried about getting heard. James keeps pressuring me to open it, and only when I’ve already opened it do I realise what was going to happen.

    Firewhiskey explodes all over my face. The bitter taste of it stings my mouth and I feel my face getting hot with anger and embarrassment. I try to speak but the firewhiskey burns the back of my throat.

    “Close your mouth before a Wrackspurt flies in Rosie,” Chrissy says between laughs. Hah, of course Chrissy would believe in Wrackspurts, her mum is Luna Lovegood... The burning at the back of my throat has subsided, replacing my head with a powerful...brave feeling...? Well, I suppose it’s kind of funny...I must look so stupid. I start laughing along with everyone else.

    “Rose is finally laughing!” Cameron shouts as James open opens another bottle that I hadn’t realised he has before.

    “You act so surprised! I can have fun too you know!” I take the newly opened bottle from James and drink almost half of its contents.

    “Rosie, watch it...” Roxy warns in a whisper.

    “We all know Rosie has the alcohol tolerance of a baby, “Chrissy drinks firewhiskey from another bottle handed to her by Christen, “She can’t handle it.”

  I’m sick of this. I’m tired of being pushed down by everyone. I have a sudden thirst to prove myself. Just to be rebellious, I tilt the bottle into my mouth and drain the rest of the firewhiskey, coughing when I finish.

    “Rosie, you don’t have to do this...” Roxy’s eyes are wide in surprise.

   “You were the one telling me to have fun...” I say, choking back a bit of vomit, “Now I think it should be the other way around dear cuzo.”

    “But Rosie, you coul—“

    “Chill your beans,” James chuckles, patting Roxy on the back and thrusting a bottle of firewhiskey into her hands. Roxy stares at James like he’s mental. ...Which he is... I think we’ve gone over this before, eh?

    I look at Chrissy and see her casually snogging Christen. Hmm...snogging someone would be nice. I’ve never snogged anyone. Not even when Scorpius and I were dating over the summer. All we did was hug and hold hands, which, admit it, isn’t very interesting.

    “Roxy, I dare you to drink this firewhissskey...” James slurs his “S’s”.

    Roxy looks under pressure, “Fine...but just one...” She gives in, but only drinks half of it and gives the rest to Cameron. Roxy hiccups and covers her mouth.

    Chrissy break apart from Christen, finally, but still has her arms around his neck. “You know what I think?! I think something... I- I’m thinking of something...!”

    “What are you thinking of ole’ sister of mine...?” Cameron asks back loudly.

    “I Think Scorpo over there is the one who should loosen up! Rosie, now he’s the constipated old man!” Chrissy bursts into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

    “With a Quidditch injury!” Roxy adds like last time. I can tell that her soberness is fading away; slowly but surely.

    When some people are drunk, they get extremely angry, and almost blow up. Like my dad for example. He’ll start yelling and cursing for no reason. Or take the narrators in that muggle author, Edgar Allan Poe’s stories; they kill people...or gouge out a cat’s eye, but you get my point. On the other hand, my cousins and Chrissy and Cameron are the “HAHAHAHA!!! FIREWHISKEY FOR EVERYONE!!!!” type of people, and I wouldn’t have known that if they hadn’t dragged me over here.  

     I look at Scorpius to see his reaction. He doesn’t seem to find things very funny. But he reluctantly accepts a drink from James. That urge to snog someone grows inside of me.

    Scorpius POV

  Everyone is drunk. Rose Weasley is drunk. I never would’ve imagined her getting drunk. Just the thought of Chrissy and Roxy comparing me to Rose makes my hands get sweaty. Even if they are calling me a constipated old man, they’re still comparing me to Rose.

    I really want to kiss her...and I really want to stop thinking of her...

    I open the bottle of firewhiskey and stare into it, watching the bubbled fizz and pop. Well, I admit, it’s not the first time I’ve drunken firewhiskey before. What the hell could go wrong?

    “Chrissy, I find you sexually attractive,” Christen says nonchalantly. Well that was random.

    Chrissy looks offended, “Is that all you see in me?”

    “Oh no, you’ve got brains!” Christen adds, and Chrissy smiles and starts laughing.

    All this is is pointless conversation that may not seem pointless to the drunken person involved in it, but to the standing bystander, it’s pointless. Just about as pointless as me admitting that I still love – like Rose, or that unicorns lay eggs, because they don’t. See, it’s pointless.

    And this is why I prefer to stay sober, because if I was indeed sober, then all of the stuff I just said about pointlessness would’ve made absolute sense, especially to the sane. But since I am not sane, nor sober, it makes no sense.

    You know what? I’m just going to stop. All this rambling is too much for my drunken/insane mind to handle. I’m ever confusing myself. Ah but see, confusion never stops – fucking hell, why don’t I just shut it?

    I have this strong urge to kiss Rose. She’s just sitting there, laughing at something that I was too off I my own world to realise. Now would be a perfect time to kiss her. I bet she’s thinking the same thing, because, honestly, who wouldn’t want to kiss me? Hoping she doesn’t notice, I casually slide closer to her. But somehow she’s already closer to me. Her sharp hip bone presses against my side and her fingers happen to lie across my hand.

    “Rose?” I whisper. This weird feeling builds up in my stomach, like there’s air pressure built up in there and trying to escape.

    She turns to look at me, and she inches closer. Her pale lips are barely ten centimetres from mine.

    “TOSIE AND SCORPO ARE GONNA SNOG!” Chrissy yells. Bollocks. Why. Why Chrissy, why?! Rose suddenly backs away, in a spastic motion. Before I can move away, I feel the weight of Rose’s body on me and we’re tumbling down into the lake. We plunge into the water and sink down. Rose has already resurfaced, and I come up after her.

    “Bloody hell!! I hate you James!!” She shouts, shivering.

    Oh, so James pushed her on me. Remind me to thank James later. Wow, I never thought I would say that...I must be really fucked up if I need to thank James for something...

    Rose and I stare at each other uncomfortably, well, she's actually glaring at me.

    Awkwardly, our heads come closer together until her lips are pressing against mine.

     Ahh don't we just love awkwardness? Did you get my quote/pun thing? About "Only one can sink while the other floats"? I had to, I absolutely had to. This is a Harry Potter fanfic ^.^ Please review, and thanks for reading! Cheers!

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