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The guide through magical pregnancy by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 10 : Isn't it yummy?
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10 Isn’t it yummy?

“I wish we could have a white Christmas this year, but it doesn’t look very likely.” Hermione sighted. She softly stroked her round belly. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have snow on Christmas morning. I do really love the spirit that snow brings to a Christmas day.”

“Me too love, snow is great!” Ron murmured in her ear. They were standing in the kitchen together looking out of the window. The backyard was looking grey in the frail winter sun. Ron put his hands over Hermione’s and put his head in her neck. Hermione felt a shiver of joy go down her spine.   

When evening fell it took the warmth of the sun with it, leaving behind a cold dark world. But inside it was warm and cosy. A little fire was burning in the fireplace, candles where glowing in the Christmas tree and floating around in the room, giving a warm light. Hermione yawned and lay down her book. Her husband was stretched out across the sofa, his head on her lap and his feet dangling over the side. His eyes where closed but his breathing was too unsteady for a sleeping person. Hermione bend forward and kissed him softly on his long, freckly nose. Ron opened his eyes and sat up. He chuckled a little when Hermione yawned again.

“It’s time for somebody to go to bed.” He laughed. “You don’t want to be all yawning tomorrow, or you’ll never hear the end of it from my mom. Her lecture about resting enough while pregnant is known and feared by all women in my family.”

Hermione laughed, she’d had this feared lecture from Mrs. Weasley already, when she’d come in, crying one day because she didn’t have the energy to cook dinner. It had resulted in Ron getting a lecture too; about not caring enough for his pregnant wife.  

On Christmas morning Hermione woke to find herself alone in bed. She got up and went over to the kitchen. Ron was making her an amazing Christmas breakfast, with toast and eggs and waffles and cream. It looked delicious. He’d even gotten her favourite fruits, strawberries and pineapple.

“Ron, that looks great!” Hermione said amazed, “Where did you learn to make waffles like that?”

“Always that surprised tone of yours,” Ron smiled “I have learned a lot from my mother you know. After her lecture about me not caring enough for you she got me a magical cooking guide. It comes in quit handy when you’re not the hero in the kitchen. But I’m glad you like it.”

“Why didn’t you open the curtains?” Hermione asked, when she noticed that they were still closed. “Let’s see if we’ll have a sunny Christmas morning, shall we?” Hermione said and flicked her wand, the curtains fell aside, showing her a lovely, small back yard. It had an old apple tree in it and around the yard was a waist high stone wall.

Hermione loved her little garden, in the summer it had been filled with flowers, herbs and vegetables. But not now, now it was covered in a thick layer of crispy, glittering snow. Hermione’s mouth fell open in surprise.

“Would you look at that?” she breathed. “A white Christmas after all. How perfectly wonderful.” Ron smiled and put his arm around her.

“A merry Christmas it is then,” he said.

After enjoying their breakfast, they exchanged their gifts. Ron had gotten Hermione an enchanted necklace, it had a round glass ball on a long silver chain. The ball was filled with swirling snowflakes. It said on the card that it was a soothing ball, it would make a soft tinkling sound when it touched the belly, relaxing the unborn baby. It could play little melodies of famous nursery songs, too. It was also very pretty. The card said the inside showed the weather outside. Ron had also gotten Hermione a big book full of wizard fairy tales and bedtime stories.

Hermione was so happy with her gifts she almost forgot to give Ron his. She’d made him a new scarf, since his last one had huge holes in it. The scarf was coloured grey, red and blue, with hints of green and maroon. It was quite a difficult pattern, which had made it a hard job to knit, even with magic. Hermione had to constantly check on her work, restarting bits from time to time when she had messed it up. Plus she could only work on it whenever Ron was not around. Ron said he loved it and put it around  his neck before opening his other present. Hermione had bought him a book about fatherhood and how to prepare for it.

They spent the rest of the morning wrapping up the presents for the family, since the tradition was that they gave them to each other after Molly’s famous Christmas buffet. The Weasley family had grown a lot lately, causing a lot of wrapping.

Because Hermione was having difficulty travelling by Floo powder and all other magical transportation systems were now becoming irresponsible to use, they had to go to the Burrow by car. This was a little inconvenient, because the Burrow wasn’t exactly around the corner, but Ginny didn’t feel like using the magical transport either so the two families had decided to go together.  With a long journey ahead Ron and Hermione pulled up before the Potters house around 11 o’clock.

The Potter family was everything but ready to go, already they had a screaming boy running around the house, clothed in nothing but diapers and a hat. Ginny was still having trouble with morning sickness, making her Christmas morning quite miserable and Harry was in a little depression, so he could be found sitting in a kitchen chair staring out the window.

Ron and Hermione tried their best to get the bits and pieces of the family together and inside the car.  The only one who was willing to help with this was Teddy Lupin. He was with his godfather this weekend, like every weekend, and he was quite keen to go see his ‘cousins’ again. The little nine year old had had, as he put it ‘the worst Christmas morning ever!’

“Because Harry has been sad all morning, Ginny keeps on throwing up and James has gone completely mad.” He told Hermione, tears in his bright (at the moment) golden eyes. His hair had got the greyish brown colour his father used to have. It made him look like an exact copy of this father. Hermione pulled the little boy close to her on the front seat of the car. Ron was turning on to the motorway while Ginny was in the backseat trying to cheer up her husband and calm down her son.

“You know Teddy, sometimes things don’t turn out as you want them to.” Hermione told the boy. “You have to except that from time to time. Did you get a chance to give your present to Harry? I know he will like it.”

“No, we haven’t had time to do presents, at all. I guess they are still under the tree.” He answered with a sad look on his face.

“You know you look just like your father today,” Hermione tried chanced the subject. “Why did you choose this look?”

“I didn’t choose it, exactly, I woke up like this and didn’t feel like changing it. Did my father really look like this?” Teddy looked at her curiously.

“Well, I have only known him as a grown man, but he had the same hair colour you have and the same eyes. It would be harder for you to try en look like you mom though. She could change her appearance just like you can. She chose to have pink hair most of the time.” Talking about his parents  seemed to cheer Teddy up a bit. He smiled and looked out the window.
 “You know, I think we took all the presents, maybe you can give yours to Harry when we arrive at the Burrow.” Hermione told him.

“Yeah... I don’t understand why he is so sad. I didn’t do something wrong, did I?” Teddy, looking worried, clanked over the back of his seat to his godfather, who was still frowning deeply, like he was deep in thought.

“No, I’m quite sure it wasn’t you.” Hermione assured him. “You’re such a nice boy, what could you possibly do to upset anyone?”

After a good hour driving Ron got tired and pulled over at the first parking to be found. James had fallen asleep to the rumbling sound of the car. Harry’s little depression had been cleared a bit so he decided to apologize to Teddy, who was still looking a little hurt. But after a little pleading on Harry’s side he gave in. Harry would get his present, that had been pack by Ginny just before they left, at the moment they arrived at the Burrow. Harry took up driving from here, placing Teddy next to him, to make up for the morning. Hermione joined Ginny in the back. From here the ride was a lot more pleasant.

Due to the delay they were one of the last to arrive at the Burrow. Molly welcomed them warmly. Upon seeing Hermione’s round belly she began glowing with pride. She kissed her daughter in law on both cheeks and put her hands softly on her pregnant belly. She greeted her youngest son with a warm hug, kissed Harry on the cheek, she then laid eyes upon her daughter. Ginny smiled at her mother and Molly’s eyes started watering. It was quite clear Ginny had told her mom about the pregnancy already.

Molly hugged Teddy and asked him about his grandma. She then guided him toward the kitchen table, loaded with cookies and cakes and other kinds of Christmas sweets. Hermione stepped into the kitchen as well. The kitchen and living room were crowded with people, most of them with red hair, though it started to get mixed up with other colours. She added a warm brown to the mix, while Harry put in some black, Fleur’s blond locks were just as present as the red ones.

Teddy skipped off to a beautiful little girl with short blond hair, long graceful limbs and a glorious face. She was sitting on the ground next to a girl that was so unmistakably her sister it was almost laughable.

Hermione saw Fleur sitting in a chair with a little toddler on her lap. The boy didn’t have her blond hair, like his sisters, he had the famous Weasley red locks and a small freckled face. Nevertheless he was astonishingly beautiful. Molly told everyone who was willing to listen that he was just like his father, when he had been a boy. His face was a little long for a toddler but it had dimples at exactly the right places, his limps where just as graceful as his sisters. He was a boy you could fall in love with just by looking at him. He had his little thumb in his mouth and listened to something his mother was telling him.

Hermione let her eyes wander through the room. She saw George, who was standing next to Angelina. She was the first girl who had managed to burst his bubble of grief and replace it with the joy of life. She was a great Quidditch player these days and she would often take him to the matches or just have fun together. She had made a great difference and everybody hoped they would stay together forever, though nothing was official yet.

She saw Bill talking with his father in the corner. Percy was with them to. He had his young wife Audrey with him. She was sitting on the arm of his chair, her hand resting on his neck. From the moment they had met they had been like that. Whenever you saw the one, the other was near. Their little, two year old girl, with her bush of curls around her head, was walking carefully across the living room. Escaping her mother’s watchful eyes.

Charlie wasn’t there yet, he would come later that day. Molly was proud to announce that he had also found a girl he liked. She lived in Scotland where she had a job at the Scottish Dragon Association, but had come to Romania on an exchange program. Molly hoped that she might ‘lure’ Charlie into living in Great Britain again.

“Come on dear, don’t just stand there. I set up three tables in a tent outside. If you want you can help me bring these outside, the snow makes it perfect, don’t you think?” Mrs. Weasley put a large bowl into Hermione’s hands. She carried it outside and placed in on the already loaded table. There were plates with baked potatoes, carrots and broccoli. Molly had made all kinds of sauces and vegetable quiches, it was a feast not only for the mouth but also for the eyes.

Teddy came running outside with Victoire chasing him. They ran around the table. Teddy was looking back at his chaser and didn’t see Mrs Weasley coming from the house with two trays of bread, head first he ran into the old lady. Mrs Weasley let out a loud scream and the bread went flying.

Hermione grabbed her wand as fast as she could. She waved it furiously, but instead of getting back on the trays the bread flew higher before falling from the sky. Hermione waved her wand again. This time it did what she wanted and the bread was safe on the table. Mrs Weasley was laying on her back, making a moaning sound. Teddy had gotten up and tried to help her up to. Hermione hurried over to assist. Mrs Weasley had hurt herself when she fell and had trouble standing up.

“Can one of you men please help your mother up?” Hermione yelled. Three big red haired men hurried outside. Bill, George and Ron helped their mother to her feet and carried her to a nearby chair. Teddy looked very guilty and couldn’t stop apologizing for what had happened. Molly made him pay for it by making him set up the rest of the table and getting everybody outside, which he did surprisingly well for such a young boy. He then turned his hair a bright colour red to make Mrs Weasley laugh and everything was well again.

The buffet was excellent, everybody was having fun, eating too much and enjoying themselves. Halfway through the buffet Charlie walked in, joining them with much enthusiasm. His mom got as much out of him about this girl he was seeing as she possibly could.

She was a tough girl, loving dragons as much as he did. Charlie described her with as much details as he could. According to him she was very pretty, with shoulder long, dark hair, brown eyes, a long posture and broad shoulders. His ears turned bright red while he was telling about her and everybody had to laugh at the sight of an embarrassed Charlie. George couldn’t resist joking about it.

“I think I had a girl in the shop just like that. She was buying a love potion. Have you eaten something she offered you?” He asked his big brother with a wink and a smile. Charlie turned very red in the face. Everybody was laughing, even Mrs Weasley who tried to disguise it by picking up her wand to clear off the table. With a loud squeak the wand turned into a rubber mouse.

Hermione had tears in her eyes from laughing now, and Teddy had fallen of his chair. Victoire let herself drop to the ground as well, causing Fleur to look in dismay at the stains she was making in her new clothes.

“Well Ginny dear, could you bring out dessert?” Molly told her daughter. “It’s in the kitchen.”
Ginny got up, they heard her giggle in the kitchen before she came out with a large pudding, that was decorated with fruit, spelling the words ‘I’m pregnant!’. Ginny’s face was now just as red as her brothers had been and she couldn’t stop giggling.

“Again?” George asked in disbelief. Ginny nodded.

Hermione put her arm around Ginny saying: “Our little babies will be going to Hogwarts together.”

They all ate their pudding and after they went inside for presents and hot chocolate. They had each bought a present for anybody, but most of the children had received their presents at home, because they couldn’t stay up that late. Only Teddy and Victoire were allowed to stay.

The presents were nice, the evening long but enjoyable. Hermione got lots of baby stuff and things to put in her new nursery. They stayed in late, but when Arthur fell asleep in his chair halfway through telling a story to the also sleeping Teddy and  Victoire, they decided to break up the party and go to bed.

“I put camping beds and mattresses in your old rooms, for those of you who want to stay and help me finish the Christmas buffet tomorrow morning.” Molly said.

“Thanks mom,” Bill said, he and Fleur had decided to stay, since their children were way to sleepy to take them home.

“I’d love to stay to, I can’t go back home at this hour.” Charlie declared.

George and Angelina were going home, just like Percy and Audrey, who went to pick up her daughter.

Ginny was half asleep in her chair, she and Harry would stay in Ginny’s old room. Ron and Hermione climbed the stair till they were in Ron’s old room. It had been cleaned and changed into an attic, with boxes everywhere. Ron’s bed had been removed, replaced by a double camping bed. Molly had painted the walls a soft yellow, which made the room look a lot bigger. Hermione was exhausted from the long, eventful day. She lay herself down and was asleep in minutes.  



A/N: I do love the Weasleys and the Burrow. Thank you JK for inventing them! and thanks to Mystique for reading the chapter and beta-ing the thing. You're amazing!

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