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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 29 : The I-Still-Love-You
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You know most ­couples when they break up, either become nervous blubbering wrecks around each other (all of Dom’s boyfriends) seriously pissed off with each other (Sean Finnegan and every girl he’s ever dated) or constantly avoid each other (Fred and every girl he’s ever dated).

I mean, you should see these people, they have big break ups (which is what I used to do before I met Char...) then they don’t talk to each other or get really annoyed or they start crying whenever they saw their ex.

Not me and Charla.

Actually, I think you could say we were probably closer friends after we broke up. We flirted more, we joked more, if possible we told each other more... we even saw each other more. It was pretty insanely annoying since the fact we didn’t see each other meant we broke up.

However, some benefits came of us breaking up; Fred got very, very irritated with Jessica one afternoon and I haven’t seen the need to speak to her since.

She really did bring it on herself.

I like to think I’m quite a nice person (I’m sure you’d agree I am) but after she went bitching to me about Char, she went bitching to just about every other bitch in the school, telling all those bitches what a bitch my girlfriend was... well Fred was not the happiest bunny when Jessica thought she could just go around declaring that Charla Wood was a slutty cheat and he happened to say a few things that sent Jessica running the opposite direction. In tears.

Turns out she’s the lying bitch we all thought she was.

I was a tad pissed off I must admit, that Charla and I broke up all because of some stupid comments but while we got through our exams it was for the best right?

~ ~ ~

The closer we got to the exams, which would start in a month’s time, in May, the more the teachers thought it would be good to tell us what failures we were as a year group, which caused mental breakdowns on almost everyone’s behalf. Charla burst into tears halfway through Charms just the other day, and Fred had to be escorted out of DADA when he started cursing at Teddy for being a bad cousin. Even Roisia had several meltdowns ending in teary evenings in the common room and the handing fear that she would go back to starving herself, which none of us wanted.

In short; we were a stressed bunch.

‘Excuse me Mr. Potter, a word in my office please?’ Ted leant against the door to his classroom and cocked his head to one side, narrowing his eyes a little.

I predicted another Dom episode, even though class had ended for dinner.

‘Wassup Teddy,’ I asked, ducking into the room after him.

‘We may need your comforting skills again.’

Oh yeah, see I have skills in comforting, mess with that Freddie!

I followed Teddy into his office, half expecting the familiar dark hair of Roisia to be hanging over her face, or tears streaming down her cheeks. Or her sitting there cursing every little thing she could think of when she was having a “Stressed Moment.”

That’s not who I found.

‘Charlie?’ I rushed over to her side. She wasn’t crying, or speaking, or anything really. She wore a blank look and was staring into... well... blankness. ‘Char sweetie, are you alright?’

She clearly wasn’t alright. She was silent as the dead and not looking at me and... and... I waved a hand in front of her face, crouching beside where she sat. There was no response.

‘What’s wrong with her?’ I looked up desperately to Teddy, ‘you’ve turned my gir- best friend into a statue!’

‘Relax Jamesie, she’s just in shock, she’ll be alright in a moment... I think.’

‘You think?’ I seethed, ‘you better be right!’

‘For a guy who just broke up with her, you sure are over protective.’

‘She’s still my best friend,’ I reminded him.

‘James,’ came Charla’s mortified whisper, her hand reached out and wrapped itself around mine. ‘Jamesie,’ her head turned and buried itself in my shoulder. She’d never been much for crying, she just stood there, holding tight onto my shirt and not looking at anyone. Her hand firmly wrapped around mine. When she had calmed down a little, she turned back to Teddy. ‘Professor Lupin, Teddy, please, you don’t understand, I can’t do these exams,’ she begged, beginning to shake terribly. ‘I’m going to fail, I’m not ready!’

Teddy leant towards her and rested a hand on her shoulder, ‘Charlie you’re one of the brightest girls I know, you aren’t going to have any problems passing these exams.’

‘I will, I will,’ she insisted, ‘I’m going to do so terrible and I’m so scared.’ She started choking on her breath and clung to my shirt even tighter than before.

‘Charla, you’ve been predicted O’s and E’s in everything, you’re not going to fail,’ I insisted.

‘James please, I’m so scared,’ she ignored me, and held on as if her life depended on it, I proceeded to wrap my arms tight around her and scoop her up so she was cradled in my lap. I let her sit like that until her breath evened out and her previously white knuckles returned to their normal colour. She sat up a little straighter and wiped her eyes, sniffing a little.

‘You all good now Charlie?’ Teddy offered her a hand and helped her to her feet, she still grasped my shirt and leant against me when I stood beside her but she didn’t have the crazed, mental look about her anymore.

‘Yeah, Teddy I’m so sorry,’ she mumbled feebly, I slipped my hand through hers and squeezed it. She squeezed back.

‘Don’t worry about it, just get some rest and take a break for the rest of the day, don’t over work it ok,’ he ruffled her hair and opened the door of his office so we could leave, but just before I walked out, he caught my arm, ‘Jam, you’re technically my baby brother, so some brotherly advice, breaking up with her may have been right, if you didn’t love her... but you so obviously do.’

I nodded, and scurried out. It was the best brotherly advice I’d ever heard, but it was ill timed, I didn’t want to throw either of us back into a relationship when pressure to do well was at it’s peak.

‘Char, wait up!’ I called, catching up with her and grabbing her hand, ‘no more work for you today, we’re going down to the kitchens.’

Was this the right thing to do for me? Yes. For us? Probably not...  

 ‘Why the kitchens?’ Char asked, I was a little surprised that she didn’t pull her hand away but then again, I reminded myself, we’re best friends.

‘Because I’m hungry, and we don’t want you ending up anorexic.’ I reasoned.

‘Are you ever not  thinking about your stomach?’

I looked at her for a short moment, surprised she would even ask such a question, but replied anyway, ‘nope!’

We hurried down a spiral staircase that was hidden behind the tapestry of Merlin and his nephew Arthur and reached the door opposite the Kitchen entrance. The pear was particularly ticklish today.

‘Master Potter, Miss Wood,’ a house elf squealed loudly as we entered, which set them all off asking what treats they could fetch for us and what we’d like to drink.

‘Anything you’ve got,’ I grinned, spying some Pumpkin Pie over by the ovens, ‘and lots of icecream!’

Turns out if you ask House Elves for “anything they’ve get” you’re basically asking for a feast... a massive, humungous feast.

‘You, my friend, are going to make me the fattest person alive,’ Char giggled, picking up a cream puff and shoving it whole into her mouth.

‘And you, my darling, are the least girly girl I know,’ I replied, dipping my finger in the pot of cream and smearing it across her nose.

‘Aw James,’ she cried, attempting to bat my hand away but she failed dismally at that, so instead collected her own handful of whipped cream and we soon had matching white faces... very attractive.

‘Ok, seriously, mature kids now,’ Char took a deep breath and tried without success to hold back a smile, this resulted in both of us rolling around on the floor laughing, and every time we sat up and made to stop, we’d catch each other’s eyes and start up again. It was pretty damn disastrous.

‘We’re not kids anymore,’ I reminded, huffing and puffing and clutching my stomach.

‘Ok then,’ Char propped herself up on one elbow and looked down at me, ‘mature young adults then.’

I didn’t have anything to say, of course there was no awkwardness but I was caught up in her pretty green eyes that were too busy dancing around the room to look at me. I could quite clearly see the splash of freckles on her button nose and her ginger ringlets were catching the light, highlighting occasional gold streaks. The only flaw was the blobs of white cream dabbed across her face.

‘What?’ Char asked, giving me a strange look.

I shook my head and reached up to wipe away some of the stuff on her face, she blushed a little under my hand, which lingered against her.

She reached up slowly and wrapped her fingers through mine.

‘What’s up Jim Jam?’ she asked a little softer. I was suddenly grateful for the little dining room meant for only a few people that was located behind the kitchen. At least it offered some privacy from the house elves.

‘You’re beautiful,’ I told her.

She was no stranger to being called beautiful, I told her she was all the time, she was so damn gorgeous it was insane.

And now I was turning into a bloody girl going on about how gorgeous my ex is.

‘Thanks Jam,’ she murmured, leaning her face against the palm of my hand.

‘Charlie.’ I said quietly, looking up at her. Her lips were full and pink and way too tempting for me to just sit here and pretend everything was alright. Because it was not. I missed her so much. I missed sitting around with her hand in mine, and kissing her, just whenever, and telling everyone she was my girlfriend and they had to keep their buggery hands off her.

‘James,’ she said quietly, a little tentatively. She didn’t pull her hand away, even as I sat up so I was so close to her, only centimetres away. It was almost as though she was thinking the same thing.

‘I love you Char,’ I said.

I didn’t know which way she would take it, I could have told her I loved her and meant it as a friend, as a best friend, which I did a lot, or as a sister... which she really wasn’t anymore, she was way more than that.

However this was Charla.

This was the girl I had grown up with.

This was the girl I’d loved forever because she was everything I’d ever needed.

This was the girl I was completely madly, insanely in love with.

This is the girl who made me, James freaking POTTER! The most manly man, talk like a girl.

She got me better than anyone.

So she leant forward, cupped my face in her hands, and kissed me all over again, just like I prayed she would. She deepened the kiss, my arms were around her waist, running through her hair, all the while she pressed her hands against my chest, buttoning down my shirt, exploring my stomach.

My hands crept up her back, round her slim waist. We sat locked up in each other, firmly attached at the lips, for I-don’t-know-how-long.

And when we finally broke apart we were breathless and grinning.

‘Charla I’m still completely in love with you, Jess was a bitch and I can’t believe I actually listened to anything she said and I can’t believe I was stupid enough to ever let you go,’ I told her, kissing her again on her nose, ‘please, please take me back.’

And that was when she said... No?



AHHH, Shock horror, and a cliffhanger ending, please don’t kill me, hopefully the next chapter will be up as fast as this one should be! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter even though the ending... Oh My Merlin... what were your favourite bits, and quotes? JK Rowling created Harry Potter, I do not take credit! Please, Please leave a review, they’re so encouraging!


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