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Through Heavy Rain by TheSlytherinSilhoutte
Chapter 1 : I Remember It Like It Was Just Yesterday...
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A year had already passed and I never had the chance to see him... ever again.

My heart aches whenever I see his reflection in my thoughts... whenever his face slips through my mind.

Why did this have to happen?

Why did I choose to let go?

I didn’t achieve total happiness... I just don’t understand.







The both of us were standing in the rain, back to back, with only our breaths to exchange at each other. We stood there for about half an hour with nothing to break our silence. It felt like the whole world was crashing down on me. The two of us were falling apart and those words that he said were still lingering in my head. Each word was like a knife that stabbed me straight to the heart.



“Please?” I heard him whisper through the noise of the heavy raindrops. His voice... it was the only voice that gives total frenzy to my senses.

“I don’t know... I don’t...” I managed to reply at him, my lips were quivering through the cold breeze and the emotions that were filling me up. Different thoughts were also circling my confused mind.


He turned around and embraced me tightly, catching me off guard. It was the final move that made my eyes burst out in tears. It just added a very heavy load of sadness in my heart. His warm touch still sent me electric shocks that travelled all the way through my nerves, just like what he would do before. I missed this... I miss the way that he would hold me near to him. I remember the days that he would hold me like it was just yesterday.




The green fields were a relaxing presence for the both of us. We were both lying on the grass that served as cushions for our bodies, hand in hand, staring at the clouds until sunset. Every second that he looks at me makes me giggle like a little girl and every time that I will do that, he would only give me his smile that would make my heart skip a beat.

He sat up and I followed suit. He pulled me in his arms so that my back would be resting in his chest. We would stay like that for a long time, not even breaking our position. His arms were folded around me and he would lightly kiss the back of my head down to the back of my neck. He would embrace me more like it would be his last.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” I said as we both looked at the sun that was now setting before our eyes.

“Yes it is... but not as beautiful as you.” He would teasingly respond at me. I would just smile at him and give him a light kiss on his cheeks.

“Oh, what would I do without you?” Those sweet words from him would sink in deep to me, like it was the only air that I can breathe.








“I don’t want to let go... I need you... you’re my life.” He whispered again in my ear.
My cries grew stronger and stronger. Oh dear Merlin! This pain is draining the life out of me! This blonde man means so much and I can’t think of any rightful decisions because of what he’s doing to me. My mind wishes to stay but my heart wants to go away.


“You. Lied. To. Me.” I said through gritted teeth. If it wasn’t for the mixing up of emotions, I would have left him by now.

“But I did for you! I did it for the both of us!” His muscular arms forced me to turn and look at him straight in the eyes. It was obvious to him how this chocolate brown eyes of mine were now red even though the only light that surrounds us in this dark alley is a light post. His face turned into a sad one and then he embraced me again like I was the only thing that he could hold on for his dear life.

“I am sorry.” He continued along with his tears that were now joining me in this heartbreaking minute.

“Let me go.” I was struggling to get out of his embrace but I was too weak at the same time to push his arms. I’d run away from him and decide to never look back again. Breaking free from his embrace would be a tough move for my breaking heart.


“What happened to us?” I managed to say through my shaky voice. My arms became weak from a long period of struggling and they now dangled at the sides of my body, while his arms still covered me up. I wanted to look up at his heavenly face but I don’t want to feel more pain.

“Nothing happened to us. It was all a misunderstanding. Please, just listen to me.” He replied through every sobs that he made. Every word that he say is equal to his tightening embrace.

“But you chose to cause me pain!” How many times do I have to point this out to him? My mind and mostly my heart can’t take this anymore.

“I didn’t mean to do it, believe me! I told you already...”


I used all the strength that I have left throughout my body to push him. About to run away, he still held a quik catching grip on my arms, pulling me again to another tight embrace.

“I love you so much... please don’t go... please don’t leave me alone.” His cries also grew stronger, too scared that he won’t hold me again next to him. I could hear his heart beating loudly and fast through his chest.

He cupped my chin and lifted my gaze up to his. The beautiful gray eyes were no longer there, they were now replaced by great sadness, longing and hurt. The pale cheeks that I was used to see were now crimson red because of his heavy sobs. The face that I have been used to became an epitome of gloom.


I can feel how his face slowly nears to mine. I had nothing to do but close my eyes and let everything happen. I can taste his bittersweet tears in my lips. I can still feel that the passion was still there, along with the needed warmth, longing, and love. This kiss will be the final blow to my aching heart, a final goodbye to the man that I truly loved.


I slowly moved away, leaving him wanting for more. I had to break free before anything that is more heartbreaking happens. I do not want the both of us to suffer any more pain.


“It hurts so much...” I pointed out my chest to where my heart is. More tears were streaming down my face as I let myself grow weaker and weaker by the minute.


“Please, let me take all of that pain away...” he replied to me then he slowly kneeled at the ground.


“No... no... no... no!” I was now crying very hard. The lump in my throat was making it hard for me to breathe. I don’t have the strength to see this! My feet were betraying me not to run away.


Before I could even lift a muscle, he had already put out a little velvet box from his coat pocket. His hands were shaking to present it to me. He slowly opened it and the box revealed a simple silver ring but the diamond stone was the eye catching detail to it. This was not one of the things that I have expected. The man that I have decided to let go was now asking me to be with him for the rest of his life.


“Hermione Jean Granger... I don’t want to lose you in my life. Marry me.” His eyes were looking directly at mine, waiting for a response. He was still crying his heart out, the rain was matching his heavy tears.







And now, I don’t know what to do anymore. It was too much for me... I can’t handle all of this...








“I am sorry Draco...”




It was my only reply to him as I ran away, leaving him still kneeling on the cold street of the dark alley.





A/N: Hello! This is my first version of a short story. :) I was now trying to create a new one since I'm having a hard time to recompose my other story (Dark Chances). I hope you guys enjoy this one! Please read and review okay? :D

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