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Sweet Meringue! by VeeKAY
Chapter 1 : Sweet Meringue!
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amazing CI by the lovely niika @ TDA <3


It was an early Saturday morning, and spirits were running high at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. It was early February, and the first blades of grass were bursting out of the thinning blanket of snow. The marauders (otherwise known as the troublemaking 6th years), usually didn’t climb out of bed until much later, but today, three of the four were wide awake, and laden with merchandise from Zonko’s.

“Shh, you’ll wake him up!” Sirius chastised, and Peter squeaked again, but making less noise than before. Sirius leaned forwards eagerly, until his shaggy black hair was dangling over his best friend’s sleeping form. The bottle of lavender hand foam was in his hand.

“Are you sure you want to do this? He’s going to get you back” Remus Lupin mused from the bed across from James’s.

“Just look at him, Moony! He’s practically begging for a facial!” Sirius whispered cheerfully, shaking the bottle of foam up and down. “He’ll have younger looking skin in twenty minutes! He’ll thank me for it”

Remus chuckled, dropping his Defence against the Dark Arts textbook (which he really shouldn’t have been reading at 7am on a Saturday), and made his way over to Peter’s plump side.

“Go on, then”

“I knew you’d come round, Moony” Sirius said, stepping closer to the boy sprawled on the bed.

Sirius uncapped the bottle silently, and peeled the thin covers off James’s stomach. Slowly, he began his artwork, pressing hard on the bottle so a thick coat of hand foam was smothered over his best friend’s chest. The foam practically floated on James’s skin- so light he didn’t feel anything, only sniffing lightly in his sleep the lethal foam reached his neck.

“What a precious snowflake” Sirius grinned, surveying his work from a foot away.

“I hope you never become a beauty expert, Padfoot. That’s a seriously messed up facial you’ve given him” Remus told him, but his lips were twitching at the sight of James, snoring on with no idea that he was covered head to stomach in creamy lavender foam.

“H-He looks ridiculous!” Peter squeaked. “Sirius, are you sure he won’t be angry when he wakes up?”

Sirius waved the small boy off, ignoring his question as if it were unimportant. In fact, he whipped out his wand, and performed a simple charm that made the foam sparkle and glitter. James Potter was something of a meringue.

“Should we wake him up now?” Remus asked, returning to his bed once the action was over.

“Nah, I got a better idea” Sirius smirked, and Peter clapped his hands quietly in anticipation. “…Let’s get Evans to wake him up!”

“Lily Evans?”

“No, the other Evans” Sirius replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes at Peter’s dim question.

“That’s a bit far, Sirius. You know how James feels about her” Remus frowned.

“Which is why this will be the best prank of the week!” He replied in glee.

“I’m not getting involved in this” Remus said. “I will be an innocent bystander- just like I’ll be when James murders your furry behind”
Sirius beamed, clearly not listening to a word the other boys were saying, and bounded down the dormitory stairs, to the Gryffindor common room. It was a well-known fact that Lily Evans, (aka the girl of James Potter’s dreams), had a habit of studying in the early hours of the morning, whether it was the weekend or not.

“EVANS!” he cried jovially, as soon as he spotted her curled up in an armchair, her red hair falling around her face as she buried herself in thick volumes of charms. She glanced up at the mention of her surname.

“I’m not going to wake him up with a kiss, Sirius” she said wearily, before Sirius had opened his mouth again.

“Please?” he grinned. “I just need you to wake him up. He’s currently covered in the finest lavender hand foam from Hogsmeade, and in a conveniently vulnerable position!”

“Kiss him awake yourself!” Lily scrunched up her eyebrows in annoyance.

“Ah, but my sweet Evans, that would ruin the purpose of the entire prank!” Sirius explained, pretending to be exasperated. “Plus, I’m sure he’d prefer female lips” he added, after a pause.

“Then I suppose your prank wasn’t successful, Black” Lily told him in an irritable tone, sparing the handsome boy one last glance, before dropping her gaze to the pages of her book. “And I don’t want to know the details of Potter’s preferred company, thanks”

“Evans!” Sirius scowled.

“Black!” Lily replied, in a mocking tone that matched his.

“Please?” Sirius whipped out his intense, puppy dog look (no pun intended), and Lily sighed. Sometimes, being an extremely nice person had its let downs. Like giving into one annoyingly persistent Sirius Black.

“This will be the last time, Black!” Lily warned him, dropping her books on the coffee table with a muted thud, and stomping past the grinning boy, towards the boy’s dormitory.

“Yes! Thank you, dear petal” he cheered, eagerly following her up the staircase, but stopped abruptly as Lily spun around.

“Call me that again and you will find yourself longing for the ability to reproduce” Lily threatened.

“Aye aye, petal!” Sirius nodded seriously (again, the pun not intended), and Lily growled.

“You marauders are the most frustrating idiots in the entire country!” said Lily, shuffling up the staircase once again.

“So you mean there are more frustrating idiots in other countries? I did come across a rather annoying bloke in Australia once. Did it look like I had seen his pet kangaroo?”

“Your dry humour doesn’t amuse me, Black” Lily groaned, though her lips were twitching slightly.

She pushed open the mahogany door. She had been forced up there (by Sirius, of course) enough times to recognise which room was theirs- the messiest.

“Dear Merlin, what did you do to him?” Lily stopped dead in the middle of the room, catching sight of James’s predicament.

“He’ll have healthier looking skin in…” Sirius checked his watch, which was composed of weird looking stars and circles. “Eleven minutes”

“What exactly do you want me to do?” Lily asked him, nodding politely to Remus and Peter, who were sitting on their beds.

“Kissing him would be fantastic” Remus answered. Sirius nodded enthusiastically.

“No! I don’t want to kiss him!” Lily refused, crossing her arms as she stood awkwardly between the boys.

“On the cheek then?”


“What are you willing to do, Lily?” Remus asked.

“Er, I’m willing to go back downstairs, grab my books and throw them at each of you in turn?” Lily offered. “I’ll throw a Defence book at you” she grinned at Remus, knowing that it was his favourite subject.

“How considerate of you” Sirius beamed.

“You are incorrigible!” Lily gasped. “I’ll poke him”

“Poking it is!” Remus quickly accepted, before Sirius could try to persuade her into anything more.

Lily awkwardly shuffled up to James, and leaned over him, so her fiery hair dangled above his face. She poked him. Hard.

It was a great way to vent her frustration at Sirius.

“Umph!” James moaned, opening one eye blearily before closing it again.

“Wait for it…”Sirius murmured, stifling his laughter.

“EVANS?!” James screeched, scrambling into a sitting position and drawing his sheets to his foam covered chest. Upon feeling the clammy and cold sensations, he glanced down, and then dragged a hand through his hair. He blinked in horror.

“PADFOOT!” he cried, his cheeks colouring. Sirius had doubled over, roaring with laughter, while Remus sniggered in the corner with Peter.

“Hello Evans” James tried to put on a charming smile, while wiping as much foam off his face as he could. “Do you have a date to Hogsmeade next weekend?”

“I can’t believe it. He’s asking her out, even while covered in foam” Remus said.

“Typical Prongs” Sirius snorted.

Lily rolled her eyes, and shook her head.

“I don’t, Potter. And I don’t plan on getting a date, either” she gave him a meaningful look, before looking at him curiously.

“What?” James said nervously, his hand jumping to his hair again. Lily was silent for a few moments.

“You look like a meringue” she decided.

“What’s a meringue?” he questioned, clearly confused. Lily had momentarily forgotten that he was a pureblood- as was Remus, Peter and Sirius.

“A muggle sweet” she blushed. “You look like one”

“If you’re trying to say I’m sweet, then…yes I am a meringue” he winked roguishly at the redhead, whose cheeks had decided to match the colour of her hair.

“I-Y-You, No!” she defended weakly.

“It’s okay, Evans” James grinned triumphantly, while Sirius choked in laughter. Remus was grinning at Lily’s horrified expression. “When we go to Hogsmeade next weekend, we’ll see if Honeydukes stock any of these sweet meringues”

Lily was spluttering, blushing wildly as she racked her brains to think of a witty remark.

“Go hex yourself!” she retorted lamely, before stalking out of the room, embarrassed and slightly annoyed at James Potter’s childish behaviour.

“I was just teasing, Evans!” James shouted, just before Lily slammed the door of the marauder’s dorm.

Remus and Sirius shared a look- the one they used when James makes Lily storm off in a huff.

“PADFOOT!” James growled. “You are a GIT!”

“But it was so much fun, Prongs! Your face, when you saw her” Sirius cackled, and James reddened.

“Oh lay off him. He can’t help that he’s got a huge crush on Lily” Remus said. This only made the colour in James’s cheeks deepen.

“Sod off, both of you” he grumbled, brushing off the glittering foam as he stumbled towards the bathroom. Sirius sniggered.

Mission Meringue, accomplished!

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Sweet Meringue!: Sweet Meringue!


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