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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 1 : Rain is a dark and terrible thing
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 Chapter 1 – Rain is a dark and terrible thing




Chapter 1 – Rain is a dark and terrible thing


The rain was pouring down like heavy bullets crashing down on him as he ventured into the streets of Grodric Hollow, limping as he went by and flipping his hood over his head to block out the pounding rain.

He could barley see anything, it was pitch black and the only time he had the possible chance of glimpsing anything was when a clash of thunder would flash nearby giving of a terrible rumble.

He set of, his legs aching with the bruising he now would have to suffer. Sirius was sure there was blood pouring from his head, he could hardly stand feeling too tired and dizzy to walk.

Finally he reached the door collapsing down on the porch step hitting the hard cold stone, his breathing heavy and forced and he struggerling to keep his eyes open. Sirius lifted his shaking hand towards the door and produced a weak knock before his body gave up on him and jolted downwards, the blackness taking over him before he could even find the strength to stop it.




Of course no one did hear the feeble knock that Sirius weakly tried, it wasn’t until morning did anyone find him when the sun had risen and the rain had passed leaving only the damp ground behind and a what looked like a dead motionless Sirius Black, his hair flopped wet hiding his face behind it.

It was Mrs Potter who found him, her face suddenly turning pale and still as she saw him, wanting to scream but not able to find the voice to do so. She stood staring at him for a minute of two, dropping the cat that had before been held firmly in her hands paralysed to do much more but stand gasping her breath stopping for a moment.

Finally she heard her son shufferling behind her. Jumping a little she closed the door not wanting to freak him out without needing too.

“Mum?” He asked concerned his face screwing up as he stared intently behind her at the door taking a step forward to go open it “What’s wrong?”

Mrs Potter gulped her hands clasping around the door handle so hard that it hurt. She gulped back a breath and shaked her head hurriedly her eyes going as wide as their house elf, Wanda.

James chuckled a laugh and went on to say “Oh it’s not that magazine again sending you a pack of flobberworms again is it?”

Mrs Potter choked back a cough and found her voice, shufferling she croaked “Yes, yes it is, you know how much I hate flobberworms”

“Oh do you want me to help you then-” James piped up taking a few steps forward before Mrs Potter cut in taking action before James saw something he didn’t want to see.

“NO!” She panicked holding out her hand to stop him from coming any nearer “I-I need you to go- go feed the cat” She stated nodding her head letting out a sigh of relief when James sent her puzzled look before shuffling towards the kitchen, ruffling his hair as went.

Hurriedly Mrs Potter opened the door turning the door knob and bending down to check Sirius’s pulse. It was weak but it was there. Mrs Potter sighed out trying to lift him into her house but with the years of Sirius’s heavy work out it was almost impossible for the small mother and the thought of even using her wand hadn’t even crossed her mind over her panic state.

Her breathing turned sour as her chest rose up and down with such force that she almost collapsed.

“Mum what food does the- SIRIUS!” James cried out reappearing again holding a handful of cat food they fell down to his side as he saw Sirius half in the house and sprawled across the floor “Mum? What happened” He said rushing towards his friend’s side and helped his mum lift him in.

“I- I don’t know, I opened the door and there he was” Mrs Potter stuttered pulling out her wand her hands shaking with panic. She had to calm herself down too afraid she might cast the wrong spell that could end his life for good.

“He’s not dead is he?” James asked his eyes wide with fear waiting for the answer.

“No- No not yet”

“What do we do!” James cried out pulling out his own wand and pointing it at Sirius racking through his brain in search of a single spell that could help and wake Sirius up.

“I- I don’t know” faltered Mrs Potter “Put your wand away James, you-you’ll get expelled”

He did as he was told knowing now was not the time to argue.

Mrs Potter closed her eyes for a split second attempting to calm herself, when she opened her eyes she whispered “Vulnera Sanentur” as though trying to recall the spell. When nothing happened James sighed feeling his pulse quicken as she tried again and again.

It wasn’t until the tenth attempt did anything happen as the gash on his head started to disappear soaking up the blood and replacing it with skin. Mrs Potter cried out in delighted glad she’d finally achieved something while James stood gaping releasing a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding in.

“He’ll be alright” She said comfortingly placing a hand on his shoulder pulling him into a deep and warm motherly hug “We should let him rest”

James picked him up and lifted him onto the couch in the sitting room while Mrs Potter went to the kitchen to grab some drinks, her fingers still shaking madly.

“What the hell happened to him” James yelled out more to himself than anyone, searching through his brain wondering what on earth could have happened to him.

“I don’t know James” Mrs Potter said joining James and sitting down, passing him a cup of butterbeer to calm their nerves.

“When’ll dad be home from work? He’ll probably know a few more spells to help him” James suggested not able to think properly and took a sip of his drink it smoothly going down his throat.

“In about an hour” Mrs Potter replied rubbing her eyes tiredly.

“He works too much” James admitted

“He’s an auror James, they’re meant to work lots”

The two sat for a moment in silence gently taking little sips of their drinks the two of them still not recovered from the almost dead Sirius.

He sent his mum a look but didn’t say anything and turned away from her to watch from out the window where he could see a few muggle boys playing football in the yard next to his. He sighed and ruffled his hair a little.

“J-James?” A weak voice said from next to them, James instantly turned dropping his drink on the floor and diving towards Sirius eyes wide as he saw his eyes opening slightly.

“Sirius, yeah, it’ James. What happened?” James asked hurriedly “Were you attacked by death-eaters? Was it your family? Who did this to you?” Too many questions were whizzing around his mind as Sirius said confusingly up at him trying to register what he’d just said.

“Mother, she…” He barley croaked out and James had to lean in closer to hear it “Shee-”

“Sirius just rest, tell us when your ready” Mrs Potter said sighing placing a hand on her sons shoulder and guiding him towards the door turning off the lights as she went.

“Mum! What are you doing, he’s awake surly we should ask him what happened” James cried out in protest shrugging out of his mums grip and went to hurry back to Sirius. Mrs Potters arms went out to stop him just in time.

“He needs rest James, he’s just woken up from what could have been a very fatal attack” She scolded “Just go outside and play on your broomstick and you can ask him questions once he’s feeling better. He shouldn’t get stressed out”

James finally nodded seeing sense and pulled his mum into a hug glad to have her around.
A small smile found it’s way onto Mrs Potters face as she pulled him closer towards him as though shielding him from harm.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine James”




Sirius peered through his heavy eyelids that weight him down considerably feeling the pounding of his head suddenly. He went up to touch it and traced over the slight bump that now penetrated his skin. The fire in the far corner licked up blazing, making his eyes burn just staring at it.

He grunted a little as he tried to shift into a comftable position, the pain flying through his body. He could hardly breath, his throat felt closed and dry the need for water almost killing him there and then.

He wiggled his feet about testing to see if he could move them, when he could Sirius slowly made his way up using the chair back for support and carefully lifted himself his arms trembling as he did so. His feet hit the floor and the cold wooden planks made his feet tingle under it.

“Sirius! What are you doing” James entered the room dropping everything when he saw his friend half of the chair a look of pain flashing across his face.


“I-” Sirius croaked pointing towards his throat and singling using hand actions what he wanted, miming drinking a glass of water. James nodded his eyes wide with panic as he raced about almost tripping over himself in haste to get a glass of water. When finally he’d managed to pour one he came back in and almost thrust the drink down poor Sirius’s throat who felt uncomftable being so weak “James I-”

“what happened at your house Sirius?” James asked a line of worry creasing on his forehead, too many emotions seeping through his voice.

Sirius quickly shook his head a lump forming at the back of his throat.

“Sirius tell me please” He almost whispered back “We can help you. Just tell us”
Still Sirius said nothing and James sighed, tired. There was no getting anything out of him anytime soon.

“Don’t worry then, tell us when your read” James said and Sirius nodded but quickly stopped when his head began to pound again “Mum found you on our doorstep, she thought you were dead for a minute but you’re safe now”

“My mother she- she tortured me” He whispered finally his inner conscious thinking for him as he said so and he shivered just at the thought of the pain; the unbearable ringing in your ears, the pain that spread through your body like wind, the beating of your heart as it happened and the millions of knives that felt like they were piercing you… every last one of them “Bellatrix was there, she of course joined in with the fun hitting and kicking me. They took away my wand. James I don’t have a wand!” The realization hit him and he quickly turned to James fear blazing across his eyes.

“Don’t worry about that, we can get you a new one”

“Really?” Sirius asked hesitantly unsure if he should accept such a generous offer.

“Yeah, and mums already said you can stay here for as long as you need, Even if its for the rest of the summer!” James cried out enthusiastically “My dads healed as much as he can for you” He concluded jumping up.

“Where are they?” Sirius asked “I need to thank them”

“I wouldn’t yet. Mums still a bit freaked out about finding an almost dead Sirius on her door step, she might just faint if she see’s you up and about so quickly after your injury” James chuckled, his mum did make him laugh he’d be surprised if Sirius will be allowed to get out of bed at all with his mothers attention focused on him, she’ll be paranoid until he gets his full health and James wasn’t surprised he would still sent worried glances flicking over to Sirius’s direction.

“Your mum worries too much James” Sirius laughed along, a hint of sadness behind the strong and bold grey eyes.

“It’s a mum’s job isn’t it?” James said without really meaning too, he tensed up realizing what he just said and turned to Sirius almost scared of what his reaction would be.

“It’s ok James” Sirius replied tiredly “I never really knew the meaning of a mum anyway” He sighed laying his head back on the couch closing his eyes.

James turned away sadly from his friend hating seeing him in so much distress and pain. James groaned and got slowly got up making his way across the nicely lit room and into the kitchen where his mum was standing with a glass of firewhiskey firmly in her hand “Is he alright?”

“He will be” James answered back rubbing his head and brushing back in hair.

“I’m glad your such good friends James. When I was at Hogwarts I hardly had any” His mum sighed setting down the glass and turning to face him a forced smile planted on her face.
“I thought you were quite popular at school”

“Oh I was, but most of them would talk behind my back spread rumours around the school, betray secrets I told them. Popularity doesn’t define whether or not you have true and loyal friends” Mrs Potter said pulling her son into another tight embrace. When she pulled away she turned a stern look to him “Sirius can move to the guest room, opposite yours. There will be rules of course”

“Eugh! Fine”

“good boy” She said playfully ruffling up his hair further to make it seem worse than ever “Your hair needs a trim”

“It’s a perfect length thank-you very much!” James cried out in protest shufferling out of his mums reach a smile written cleanly across his face.

“If you say so”




That night Sirius, James and his parents gathered around the fire, the bitter cold win smashing on at their window. It was by far the worst summer James had ever suffered through, instead of the warm summer nights that made you cosy in bed, it now was frosty and breezy air that surrounded them, rain smashing at their windows begging to be let in.

Sirius was wrapped in a thick blanket a cup of hot chocolate held loosely in his hand as he sipped it, feeling the warmth of it tickle the back of his throat.

Mrs Potter coughed a little and the two boys attention turned to her, she sighed “Sirius you can stay here as long as you need to” She began and turned to her husband taking hold of his hand “We understand what has happened at home and you can be ensured you’ll be entirely safe here”

Sirius nodded, thinking of the words to say how thankful he was but not came to him, he sat staring blankly at them caught up in too many emotions.

“If you need clothes just ask James, we’ll be going to diagon ally in a week anyway where you can get some more. Of course there will be some rules” Mrs Potter said “There will be no late night talks. I’ll also be putting a spell over the fridge so there are no snacks past eight and I want the two of you in bed by eleven. In the mean time I don’t want the two of you out of the house for more than three hours at a time, you never know when a death eater attack can happen. Is this all a Deal?”

“But mum-” James groaned out loud but was cut of by the stern look of Mrs Potter who turned sharply to face him.

“Yes, deal completely” Sirius croaked not caring about the rules and too overwhelmed by how kind they were being just giving them a place to stay. Never in his life had he been given any rules to go by  and he felt a little tingle in his stomach at the thought of it, that someone perhaps actually cared for him.

“Oh and no girls” Mr Potter winked coolly chuckling a little as he did so.

“I’ve never brought a girl home!” James cried out.

“No that’s cos’ your too set on Evans” Sirius laughed nudging James playfully but regretting it instantly when a sudden shot of pain flashed through his arms.

Thankfully no one noticed but Mrs Potter shot a sudden look at James in surprise “Who’s Evans?” she said with a raised eyebrow.

“No one” James shyly mumbled looking down at the floor, his face haven gone red. He flashed Sirius a glare who only laughed harder.

“He fancies her, has since second year”

“Shut up Sirius” James gritted his teeth together and mumbled something about having to go to the loo, he got up and crossed the room quickly, not looking back at the three people laughing at him.

“Tell me more about this Evans?” Mr potter asked.

“A stubborn red-head with too much fire aimed at us” Sirius nodded confidently.


It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this story but I have been working on it :D I’ve decided to start again (and this will be for the final time). Over the past month or so I’ve been working mainly on the plot and characters and now I have it all covered (finally) and I hope your going to enjoy it :D the ci was made by me

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