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Lilypads- Book One by NyeThomas
Chapter 1 : September 1, 1971
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Hey babydolls! This is my second fanfic. I'm not taking a break from New Beginnings but I had some inspiration. These will all be pretty short until her later years. I will try to stay as accurate as possible. xxxNyeThomasxxx


September 1, 1971


Hogwarts. It’s just as amazing as it sounded in the books. The staircases really do change, the pictures move and talk. There are ghosts flying all over! I got sorted into Gryffindor! That’s the house where “dwell the brave at heart!” The talking hat that put me in Gryffindor wasn’t even all the way on before he shouted it to the whole school. The table full of students in red and gold cheered loudly. I got high fives from a pair of red-headed boys and a hug from what looked to be their younger sister.

Sev was one of the last called. They put him where he wanted to go. But, unlike me and most of the other kids, the hat took a while and I saw Sev’s mouth moving, almost as if he were speaking to it. In the end, we were separated.

I ended up sitting next to the two obnoxious boys from the train. James Potter had a cheeky smile and a strange look in his eye, like he was looking for trouble. His buddy Sirius didn’t smile, but he had a little smirk and liked to shake his long black hair out of his eyes. They were joined by two other boys: Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Peter looked a bit scared to be sitting with us, but he did make the occasional joke. Remus was the only one I actually spoke to, he had a quiet voice and a sweet smile. He had scratches all over his arms, though, and hid them when he saw me looking.

I did finally meet a few girls, though: Alice Gregory, a rather funny girl with wide brown eyes and long black hair; Mary VanAndel, a loud and ridiculously energetic Irish girl with massive blue eyes and honey blonde hair; and Jessie Collins, a quiet dark skinned girl with green eyes and an odd accent. We all talked for a bit. I was the only one who had Muggle parents only. It made me sad. Even though Sev said it didn’t matter, I still didn’t want to be the only one like that.

Speaking of Sev, I’m actually sort of glad I didn’t get put into Slytherin. They all look so mean! There was a tall one with long blonde hair and he sneered at me when I passed by.

As we were all leaving the Great Hall, I ran to give Sev a hug. He hugged me and smiled. “So you’re a Gryffindor?” His voice was the way it sounded when he spoke to his father. It sounded strong on the surface but I could hear the nerves in his voice. It was almost like he expected me to stop talking to him. I hugged him again.

“I guess so. We’ll talk before our lessons tomorrow, I have to go.” I ran to catch up with my house. Mary was talking quickly and didn’t hear the Head Boy warn us about the trick step. Needless to say, she fell. Rather hard. James and Sirius laughed louder than anyone else. Jessie and I helped her up. I turned to see Alice helping up a boy who had fallen, too. I think his name was Fred or Frank or something like that.

We finally got to our rooms and we each had a big bed for ourselves. I shared my room with all of my new friends. We went down to the common room area for a bit before James and his crew came down. We went back up to our rooms soon after. We decided to play a game to get to know each other better.

Mary, it turns out, is a Metamorphagi and has a twin brother who got sorted into Ravenclaw. Her dad was a Muggle so she knew quite a bit about my world. Alice has seven sisters, but they all went to the other magic school in France. Both of her parents were magical but her mum had Muggle parents. Jessie speaks four languages, which we all found hilarious since she doesn’t speak much. She was adopted by two witches. I was sad when it got to me. I was so boring. The girls didn’t think so. I told them about cars and televisions and they made me promise to show them one day.

I love it here. Here at Hogwarts, I don’t have to hide my magic. I’m not a freak. Even if I am, we all are. I don’t have to worry about Tuney being angry at me. In fact, I won’t have to see her angry face or hear her harsh words for more than three months. That’s something to be happy about.

The rest of the girls are sleeping, except for Jessie, who is staring out of the window. Tomorrow’s the first day of lessons. I wonder if I get to use my wand. Mr. Ollivander said my wand was swishy. I like that. My willow wand is sitting on my dresser. I haven’t done much but make some things float with a spell in my book. I’m sure the other students already know how to make fire or turn chairs into animals.

I’m getting nervous now that I think about it. I should probably get to sleep soon. I’ll write Mum and Dad before I go to sleep.

Until tomorrow, Lily Evans

I closed my diary and put it in the little compartment in my trunk. Then I took a piece of binder paper and a pen and wrote to Mum, Dad and Tuney. I addressed it to "Everyone" so there wouldn't be any problems. I'm honestly not even sure where Tuney and I are at this point.

When I finished the letter, I took off my glasses and crawled into bed. I was in bed for around an hour before I realized I wasn't going to fall asleep any time soon. I tip-toed down to the common room. It wasn't until I completely missed the chair I tried to sit I that I realized I couldn't see anything. I shrugged, upstairs was way too far away.

I sat in front of the fire for a bit until I heard footsteps. I jumped off the chair and hid under the couch, thinking it was a prefect or the Head Boy. The sound of quiet laughter made me realize otherwise. It was James and his lot.

"So, of course, when I get the broom I wanted to ride it all over the island. But my mum said I had to wait for my father to come back from hunting with the Minister." I rolled my eyes. Of course. James couldn't have an ego the size of his if he was poor.

"Tough luck, mate. But at least you got to go with someone who can keep up. I always have to take my brother, Reg. And Reg is a right git sometimes. He doesn't fly fast or for very long." The other boys chuckled and seemed to pat his back.

"M-m-m my mum never let me ride a broomstick. She said I would fall off and break my neck." Peter's comment silenced the boys.

"Well, mate, I think you win the Pity Game. But we're bringing you flying at some point this year." The guys cheered in agreement.

"What about you, Remus?" Sirius asked.

"I don't particularly care for flying, or any sort of motion. I much prefer to sit and read a bit." The other boys burst into laughter. They must have laughed until they saw he was serious.

"You can't be serious, mate!" James exclaimed

"He's not Sirius, I am!" The boys all burst into laughter again.

"So, what do you think of that Evans girl?" Peter asked, suddenly. I gasped quietly and listened.

"She's a right beauty, she is." James said softly.

"Yeah, until you go and make her angry. Then she's only a hippogriff short of a riot." The boys laughed. What's a hippogriff? I'll research later.

"Her hair is gorgeous, innit? Like a dying phoenix." I frowned. He was comparing my hair to a dying animal? I'll show him.

"And those eyes!" James sighed happily. All the guys began to laugh.

"Someone's in love!"

"NO! A small crush, maybe. Love? Merlin, no!"

They continued to argue about it for a while. I got bored and drifted off to sleep. In my dream, there were flying brooms and owls circling around me. I was spinning and laughing. It was the best dream I’d had in ages.

I woke up to panicked cries.

"Has anyone seen Lily?"

I rolled out from under the bed, blushing fiercely.

“What the bloody hell were you doing down there?” Mary’s accent was out of control, her hair bright red with rage. Her eyes were the color of blood and she glared at me before stomping off. I followed quickly. Her back was facing me when I entered the room.

“I didn’t mean to fall asleep down there. It just happened.” I was terrified. There was no way I was going to lose one of my only friends on the first day. Mary shook her head quickly and her long hair faded from red back to its “natural” honey blond. She dressed in her Gryffindor colors, as did the rest of us.

By the time we all made it down to the Great Hall, we were all giggling and joking about spells and potions. Alice was under the impression that we would be given free range to brew whatever we wanted on the first day. I shook my head, that was utterly ridiculous. We sat at the table and helped ourselves to the wide selection of breakfast foods.

Our schedules made their way down our table and I frowned when I realized this was it. I was really in magic school. I blew air out of my mouth and shook my head. This was madness. Mary grabbed my arm as we made our way to Professor Slughorn’s room for our first lesson. When I read my textbook, it seemed to me like Potions was just cooking with strange ingredients. Thankfully, I’m rather good in the kitchen. By the end of the day, I was quite happy. I wasn’t anywhere near as behind as I’d feared. In fact, I seemed to be one of the brightest students. Severus, Jessie, and I were the only students that were able to make our feathers levitate.

At dinner, we all laughed and joked. James the Idiot was being obnoxious as usual. I watched in horror as he tripped Sev on his way from dinner, James fell on the ground laughing. Sev turned around and pulled his wand out, glaring angrily. Of course, Professor McGonagall walked out just in time to see. Sev got detention and lost points.

As soon as Professor McGonagall walked away, I began to yell at James and Sirius. James, being the obnoxious prat he is, held his hands out in a gesture of surrender.

“Now, now, flower,” James said in a rather condescending manner, “we all know you have a crush on me. There’s no need for yelling.” I shrieked angrily before grabbing Sev’s arm and marching off. This year was going to be interesting.

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