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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 28 : A Tragedy In Disguise
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Lily left me lying on the Quidditch pitch all alone and went to have a nice warm shower, which really did sound appealing aside from the fact it was so damn far away. By the time I found the effort to get up, everyone was just about leaving the changing rooms.

‘Do you want me to wait for you?’ Char asked, leaning in the doorway of the girl’s one.

‘Desperately, but you don’t have to, I’m going to shower anyway.’ I kissed her lightly, it felt good to feel her lips against mine again, even only briefly.

She didn’t say anything as I went to shower but my heart leapt when I got out and found her sitting there, in the middle of the guys changing room, playing with the gift Roisia had got me for Christmas.

‘You took your time,’ she giggled as the seeker of the blue team caught the snitch and the other members danced around wildly.

‘Sorry,’ I mumbled, bending over to kiss the top of her head, ‘I didn’t realise you had waited.’

I sat down; ignoring the fact there was just a towel round me and pressed the red team of mini players to get back on their brooms and into the air. Charla took the blue team and between our talking to each other we called out instructions to our players.

‘Don’t you have a Charms essay to write,’ I asked softly,  begging for her to say no, ‘oi, number 6, keep to the side more, and watch those bludgers from above.’ I nudged one of my players to the right, the silly bugger.

‘I do,’ she muttered, ‘But Jam you’re my boyfriend and it feels like I haven’t spoken to you in centuries so honestly, charms can wait.’

‘I’m glad I’m so important to you,’ I leant over the little Quidditch match where my player scored a goal because Char was distracted and kissed her full on the mouth.

‘Of course you’re important to me, do you know how hard it’s been, not seeing you?’

‘Uh, yeah, I don’t get to see you now do I?’ I retorted, instructing my mini keeper to tackle before the Quaffle went in.

‘Point,’ she huffed, leaning against me. ‘You should chill around me in a towel more often.’ She giggle.

‘How’s Sisi been?’ I asked after a while, ‘we’re in barely any classes together I don’t see her that often.’

‘She’s doing so much – excuse me you numpty you could have scored!’ she took a moment out to prod one of her players then finished what she’d been saying, ‘she’s so much better, since her and Fred are now... whatever they are...’

‘I know what you mean, you should see the look on Freddie’s face when he comes back to the dorms in the evening, he looks like someone’s given him the key to Gringotts every time.’

Char laughed, ‘they’re so cute together!’

‘We’re cute together!’ I pointed out, kissing her nose lightly.

‘Very adorable,’ Char blushed, then proceeded to yell at her players again who had begun arguing on the pitch.

‘You would make a pretty good captain,’ I noticed, as she got all her mini’s back in the air without another sound.

‘You’re my favourite captain.’

We forgot about our mini Quidditch game and I began to kiss her again, more deeply this time.  

We had to head up to the castle pretty soon after that, as much as I would have been happy to spend the entire night in the changing room (not like that get your bloody mind out of the gutter), it seemed a little thing called homework was not in our favour and we had to say goodnight before midnight so we could spend the rest of the night catching up on stuff we should have done earlier.

This meant I slept in.


‘Oh my gosh James, I was getting worried you’d died or something, you missed breakfast and your first free!’

‘I feel dead,’ I groaned in reply to Jess’s squeal.

A quick scan of the common room told me almost everyone was in their first lesson already. I believed that Charla was probably in History of Magic or something.

‘There’s some toast over there if you want it,’ Jess pointed to a plate on the table beside her, the toast still looked warm... and yummy!

‘Thanks Jess,’ I fell onto the sofa beside her and munched on the first slice of toast, getting crumbs on my already rumpled school uniform.

‘Here,’ Jess laughed lightly once I had finished, with a flick of her wand the crumbs melted away and my clothes smoothened out. I’d only seen spells like that done by adults.

‘I need to learn that one,’ I grumbled, straightening up and looking around, ‘thanks for the breakfast Jess, I should really get going though, loads to catch up on.’

‘Yeah, you and Charla were out pretty late last night.’

‘While I should have been in the library,’ I finished, ‘she’s my girlfriend, what can I say.’

‘I’ll walk you there.’ Jess leapt at the idea, packing her stuff into her bag, ‘I need to, uh, get a book anyway.’

‘Sure,’ I said, a little startled, I had wanted to walk alone...

‘You know, it’s such a pity nothing ever happened between Fred and Roisia, they would make such a sweet couple,’ Jess sighed, scuffing her feet a little. I didn’t understand what she meant, Fred and Sisi were together... sort of.

They had a complicated relationship that involved running off to snog at inappropriate moments and then nothing... it was just that they weren’t “official” as Fred described it... whatever that meant.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked carefully.

‘Well apparently because Sisi rejected Fred he now has a massive crush on Char-’

‘Jessica you have your facts wrong,’ I snapped. Firstly this was a big fat LIE since Freddie would tell me if he liked Char, it was an unspoken rule.

‘Oh, well I keep hearing how your girlfriend is messing around with peoples relationships, I thought that was why she’s never in the common room or dorms, it made sense when I heard it. Anyways you know her better than I do, she’s probably really nice...’

‘Yeah, she is, whoever you heard this from is wrong, don’t listen to the rubbish they’ve been spreading.’

‘It’s worse that I’ve heard her say she doesn’t know why she’s with you... she doesn’t think it’s-’

‘SHUT UP!’ I rounded on her. It didn’t put her off.

‘I would believe she was nice too but she hasn’t been the greatest friend to me, she just ignores me all the time and is kinda bitchy... I’m sorry Jay, but I don’t really like her that much...’

‘Don’t call me Jay.’

I turned down into a secret passage and spread up, hurrying away from where Jess stood, without another word to her. I didn’t mean to be horrible to her but I also didn’t want to listen to her going on about how bad my girlfriend was when she was spreading stupid rumours and lying. I knew for a fact that Char had been nothing but nice to her because Sisi had told me it was nice to see Jess got along so well with the people here.

I was beginning to think there was something up with her.

I found Char in my free period before lunch, grabbing her hand as she walked out of Charms in front of me and pulling her away from the sea of people, heading outside.

‘I thought you had an essay to write.’

‘Those bloody kneazels can go die in a hole.’

I didn’t stop, taking big striding steps, until we reached the black lake, then I turned and slammed my lips down onto hers. I picked her up, her legs wrapped around my waist. She held my face and my hands crept up her back.

‘James,’ she murmured, pulling away a little, struggling against me. ‘Jam, stop it!’

I don’t know what got into me, I was angry with Jessica, I didn’t want to believe what she said. But a part of me knew that actually this whole thing wasn’t working. I barely saw Char as it was and one night wasn’t going to change anything.

‘James!’ Charla gasped, dropping lightly to the ground, she braced her hands against my chest and looked up at me with scared eyes. ‘James, what’s wrong.’

‘She’s right, the bloody bitch is right.’

‘James, calm down, breathe, what bitch, what did she say?’

‘Jessica,’ I spat out, turning away. I picked up a stone, the first one my hands could fumble across, and threw it as hard and as far as I could, into the black lake. It landed with an echoing splash, seconds before Char put her hand on my arm and turned me to face her.

‘Who are we kidding Charla,’ I mumbled softly, I could see it was eating away at me. I hadn’t even seen this coming but I knew it was right, and Charla guessed what I was about to do and say judging by the way her facial expression changed from worry to downright depressed.

‘What do you mean James?’ she asked, she looked scared and tired and upset.

‘Char, we have so much work to do, we both want to finish our exams,’

‘James,’ Char started in a warning voice.

‘We’ve been-’

‘Best friends forever,’ she murmured with me, ‘I know.’

She knew what I was talking about now, ‘what did Jessica say to change how you felt?’

‘She said a bunch of crap that made me realise just how much I love you and don’t want to screw this up.’

‘But...’ she sighed, urging me to finish what I said.

‘But I don’t want all the time we don’t spend together be hanging on our minds, it’s like all I think about; the time I should have spent with you.’

‘You’re ending things?’ She whispered.

Tears ran down her cheeks. Obviously, I instantly began to feel guilty. Should I be breaking up with her just after something stupid that Jessica said? She wasn’t even a nice person, she was a bloody bitch and I didn’t believe a single word she said.

‘Char, we’re still best friends forever, just cos you won’t be my girlfriend for a bit doesn’t mean it won’t happen again...’ I trailed off. More than anything we both knew we wanted it to happen again.

‘It will happen again right?’ Charla asked.

‘I hope so,’ I reached up to stroke her cheek, she didn’t flinch away but when I pulled my hand back she instantly moved to go. I watched her back retreating down the path and thought to the first time I’d watched her walk away since she came home from France.

That first day.

Charla Wood still has a nice ass.  


So this chapter is a little shorter and much more depressing. That evil Jessica finally got to James and now the golden couple are over, I think I might actually burst into tears! Except the story is not done yet so stay tuned!!

As usual nothing is mine and I would really, really, appreciate a review!!


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No Awkwardness: A Tragedy In Disguise


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