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New Beginnings by NyeThomas
Chapter 5 : Unexpected Kisses
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A/N: I apologize in advance for the brevity of this chapter. It didn't need to belong. This chapter doesn't have a whole lot to do with the story, but it does have an effect on later events. I'll update soon so you don't all kill me. xxxNyeThomasxxx

Ginny Weasley:

I stood up and stretched. Harry lay on the couch still, snoring softly. I removed his glasses and smiled at him. Things with Harry and I have been strained lately. The first night we arrived, Harry and I decided to have sex. Things were awkward. Harry had always been there for me. During the summer, he stayed with me and supported me while I was emotionally unstable. It just seemed right for us to have sex when we were finally alone.

That was part of the reason I was glad Ron had decided not to come back. Harry and I were free to snog, shag, or anything else we desired. At the same time, I wish he’d been there to tell me not to do it. Harry has been quiet, not really speaking to me much anymore. I could blame it on being back at Hogwarts, the emotions being too great for him. But I know Harry too well for that to be it, though it was still possible.

My head was spinning. I decided a walk around the castle would be beneficial for my current state. Since the curfew for seventh years had been pushed up to eleven, I didn’t have to worry about being caught. I wandered around a bit, thinking. My thoughts usually revolved around Harry around this time of night, but tonight they were elsewhere.

Tonight my mind was trying to figure out what was wrong with me. When Harry kissed me, I no longer felt that fire. It was almost like kissing Ron. Bleh! The thought of my idiot brother left a rather disgusting taste in my mouth. I frowned and kept walking before voices caught my attention.

“I can’t keep doing this, Draco!” A female voice cried

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’m being a right selfish git, aren’t I?”

“It’s not just that, I can’t stand to see the way you look at her! You have feelings for her, don’t you?”

“Pansy, you are being ridiculous!” Pansy? I couldn’t believe she could even hold a rational conversation. Her voice didn’t sound as unpleasant as it had in the past. And she sounded legitimately hurt.

“Draco Lucius Malfoy, don’t you dare lie to me!”

“It’s complicated, babe.” He murmured softly. My mouth opened silently, shit was about to get crazy. Then, to my complete and utter surprise, Pansy started laughing.

“Complicated my arse!”

“You’re right, though, we have to break up.”

“Agreed.” The sound of approaching footsteps made me run to hide. I pressed my body against a doorway nearby until the sound faded away. I sighed in relief before continuing on my walk.

A cold set of hands pulled me into the room and slammed me against a wall.

“Enjoy the show, babydoll?” My assailant whispered in an attractive voice, leaning in closely. My breath caught in my throat. Smelling the attraction, my attacker leaned in closer. My eyes were wide. Our lips were centimeters away from one another. I leaned in for the kill.

I can’t figure out how long we ended up snogging against that wall. All I know is that I felt more alive than I ever had before. It was amazing. When we broke apart, breathing heavily, I allowed myself to grin widely. I chuckled and sauntered away.

I stepped back into the common room, still smiling until I saw Harry, leaning over his Potions book and scrawling on a piece of parchment. He turned around when the painting shut, smiling at me.

“Hey there, beautiful,” He chuckled as he walked over to me.

“Hey,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around his back.

“Are you wearing some kind of new perfume?” I shook my head and faked a yawn.

“I’m off to bed, love.” I allowed a quick peck on the lips before I ran upstairs, face burning with shame. I slammed my body into my bed, sighing heavily. I lay staring at the ceiling for a few minutes until a tapping shook me from my reverie. A gray owl was tapping on my window. I opened the window and she swooped in, dropped a letter and flew out.

I sighed and opened it to see gorgeous, curly handwriting.

You have no idea how long I’d been waiting for that. That’s why I’m ending my relationship now, because of you. We both know that wasn’t just a one-time thing, Weasley. I plan on seeing you again.

I sighed again before lying back down. I hid the letter in my pillowcase before undressing, shutting my curtains, and falling asleep. All night long I dreamt of sweet, soft kisses from my new lover, Pansy Parkinson.


A/N: Again, sorry about the length. Next chapter will be back to normal characters/length/plot. Promise :) Please review. Help me help you :)

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New Beginnings: Unexpected Kisses


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