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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 21 : Gone
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A/N: Next chapter up! Enjoy :)


I had given James his copy of the scan quietly and he smiled widely when he saw it. I carried mine at all times in the bottom of my bag, it made me feel more comforted, like I wasn't so alone. 

Homework was picking up and so was Quidditch training, after we smashed Hufflepuff in our last match, it turned out that Gryffindor was in the lead of the Quidditch cup by only ten points ahead of Ravenclaw meaning that it would be anyone’s game in the final.

James was pushing us to our limits. Our trainings were longer and harder, not only were we doing drills in the air, we were running, weights, core work (which I got of thanks to my baby bump but had to run more) and having team strategy meetings. It had become past the point of obsessed with winning and hurdling towards crazy town.

As training sessions were still on Monday’s, Wednesdays and Friday’s but now from four till seven, then dinner and back out for another hour in the pouring rain, howling wind and pain.

A month and a half before the final, which would take place on the seventh of March , James announced to the whole team after a particularly muddy practise that the next two weekends we would be participating in something rather ‘fun’, boot camp.

“WHAT?” The team yelled.

“We need to put in the extra practise!” James protested.

“We’re practising enough James! Three times a week we’re out here training for four bloody hours! We don’t need another two weekends worth!” Roxie yelled as Rose began to storm towards James, fist at the ready, but Freddie, Albus and Lachie grabbed her arms and pulled her back.

“Let. Me. Kill. Him!” Rose screeched.

“No!” Freddie yelled, “Can’s hurt James! We’ll just get Mae to pull the girlfriend card on him,”

“Girlfriend card?” I asked.

“Yeah, just use how you’re dating him and talk him out of it, he’ll listen to you!” Albus explained.

“Ok, I’ll try,” I agreed.

I did try, very, very hard, but nothing seemed to work. I had even pulled the baby card out on James saying that it could ‘harm’ him, but James just said his mum said I could fly till four months so I’ll be fine and went back to creating another play.

Al even talked to Professor Longbottom but Neville had just agreed and said he couldn’t wait for the final and wandered off.

On Saturday morning, I was seated at the Gryffindor table with the team at the crack of dawn half asleep and trying to butter myself some toast but failing, I was just too tired. Rose saw how terrible I was proceeding with my toast and scolded, taking my knife and buttering it herself.

“Hello team!” James grinned, bounding into the Great Hall with a bunch of rolls of parchment, “How’s everyone on this cheery morning?”

“Fantastic,” I muttered, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Great! We’ve got a nice hard weekend ahead of us, so let’s get moving! I want to be walking down to the pitch in five!” James grinned, pouring himself a cup of tea and fixing himself some eggs.

We continued to eat breakfast in silence, James occasionally adding in certain comments like, ‘I’ve made up tons of new plays that will come in handy for the final!’ and ‘Great weather for practise.’

I didn’t know what he was talking about, it was belting down rain with hail and winds so strong that I could only help we could stay on our brooms.

I wasn’t eating much to Rose’s disappointment, I couldn’t eat much yet as I hadn’t taken my vomit control potion.

After another comment of James’, Rose was so annoyed that she sent a poached egg into James’ face and screamed, “SHUT THE FUCK UP! NO ONE CARES!”

James mumbled something and then took a swig of pumpkin juice before saying,

“The house elves are preparing our lunch’s now so we don’t have to come up for lunch, who wants to come get it with me?” James asked.

“I’ll go,” I answered, standing up, “I’m finished,”

The team wolf whistled as we stood up and I think I heard Freddie whisper to Lachie, “That’s a lie. They’re just going off for a quick shag before training, makes them perform better.”

I threw one of Rose’s (HEY THAT’S MINE YOU BITCH!) other eggs into Freddie’s face before sprinting out of the Great Hall and avoiding Freddie’s protests and pieces of assorted breakfast he was throwing at me and I heard another “OI!” as I turned the corner.

As soon as I left the hall I dug into my bag and ripped open a vomit control potion and downed it, then ripping open a health potion and drinking half.

Together those potions tasted like dragon dung, not that I’ve tried it or anything.

“Better?” James asked and I nodded in return, “Well come on!”

James practically skipped (yes a full grown boy and the son of the saviour of the Wizarding World skipped) to the kitchens. After James tickled the pear, elves happily handed him a sack full of sandwiches, fruit and cakes. James grinned and then skipped off again with me trailing behind.

“James, why can’t we just come back up here for lunch?” I asked.

“So we don’t waste time!” James explained, “We can’t waste any time! Time is valuable!”

We reached the Great Hall, I went into hysterics.

The Gryffindor Quidditch team was still the only people in the room (no one else in their free will is up at 6:00 on a Saturday let alone ever) but were making as much noise as the whole school. It had seemed that after James and I had departed to the kitchens, a full blown food fight had erupted.

Everyone was covered in some sort of food, Lachie had pumpkin juice sloshed on his front as well as mixed berries in his hair, Freddie was grinning and seemed to smell of eggs, Roxie had jam and butter all over her robes, Al had a couple of bruises blooming on his arms from what looked like oranges being thrown at him and also he had a huge coffee stain going from his left shoulder to right rib cage.

Rose was far by the worse.

Rose was covered in what looked like porridge and eggs. It was all through her hair with the occasional berry and as we slowly approached the team and a huge drop of porridge dropped onto her nose from her head, Rose let out a screech.


We all broke into laughter, minus Rose and James who were both going red in the face.


“Sorry Rose, but it’s hilarious,” Roxie wheezed, holding onto Lachie for support who grinned at the attention from Roxie, I had a sneaky suspicion that he had a crush on her.


“Fine,” Al grumbled, but he had a sneaky smile on his face, “But before I think it’s only fair that we get even,”

“James you started this and Mae you threw food at me,” Fred grinned, a twinkle in his eye as he scooped up the pumpkin juice jug.

I screamed and turned to run, but it was too late, I had been covered in breakfast. Fred had emptied the entire contents of the pumpkin juice jug leaving me drenched and sticky, while Lachie, Roxie, Rose and Al threw assorted pieces of food at both James and I.

“YOU’RE ON!” I yelled as I grabbed the porridge and dunked it on Rose, causing her to squeal something about ‘more porridge in her hair’ and grabbed another egg and threw it at Freddie.

The war had only just begun and I was just about to throw a maple-syrup pancake at Al’s face when James yelled,


We all turned around and to see James covered in flour (how did that get here?) and a brilliant shade of purple in the face.


We all silently wet ourselves and scurried out of the hall, brooms over our shoulders, giggling madly and me nibbling on a very tasty waffle.


* * * * *


One hour later (we took a while showering, Rose’s porridge took a while to wash out), we were all food free to Rose’s absolute delight but no longer giggling. The whole team, minus James, was on the ground clutching chests, sweaty and breathing heavily due to our completion of our thirty laps. We didn’t even care that it was muddy and raining.

“This is why we are having two weekends of boot camp!” James called, cheerfully from above, “We need some fitting up!”

“We are fit James,” Al gasped, “It’s just that no one in their right mind sets thirty laps as a warm up,”

“It was completely necessary!”  James explained, “Everyone in the air!”

We crawled to collect our brooms (yes we all crawled) and were soon all in the air at goal height. James was sitting there silently, studying his surroundings.


We were off and sprinting, my old Nimbus 2001 somehow just keeping up with Albus and Rose’s Firebolt Chaser 1’s. James was quite a far way ahead on his Firebolt Seeker Sprint with Freddie, Lachie and Roxie on their Firebolt 99’s next to me.


Who cares anyway? I’m keeping up with them.

After the ten laps, James then ordered us to do ten pitch length sprints. After that it was weaving and then dives, finally James pulled us into a group.

“Fantastic! Is it lunch now?” Rose grinned as we came into a group, her hand sheltering her eyes from the rain.

“It’s only ten o’clock Rose!” James grinned gleefully, “We’re only just getting started!”

“Are you actually kidding me?” Freddie whined.

“I’m starving James!” Lachie pleaded, “Can we have a break?”

“No. We have to do some drills with a Quaffle now!” James ordered, “In a circle now!”

We all flew in a circle and James threw the bright red ball to Lachie. Lachie then threw it to Roxie who caught it on the tips of her fingers and then passed onto Al who passed to me, who passed to Rose.

It continued like that for a while until it was moving extremely quickly and forcefully. James had his eyes screwed in concentration and was watching our technique and when he found something wrong with our throw, he’d bark out an order for us to improve. My arms were starting to feel the effects of doing this drill of too long.

“JAMES WHY IS LACHIE, YOU AND I THROWING?! WE DON’T EVEN TOUCH THIS IN A GAME!” Roxie yelled after passing the ball a bit too hard at James, but he caught it easily.

“It’s just a drill Roxie!” James yelled back.


“FINE!” James screamed, “We are going to be doing position warm ups, Roxie and Lachie, go get your bats and let one Bludger free, do that trapping and blocking drill I explain yesterday, Al, Rose and Mae you are doing that three man weave I showed you on Wednesday and Freddie, charm this Quaffle as well as the other two down there and use that rise and fall technique from Wednesday. GET GOING YOU LOT!”

“WHAT HAPPENED TO LUNCH?!” Lachie yelled from the ground.


We grumbled and flew off, Al diving towards the ground and scooping up a spare Quaffle for our three man weave. This was only a new drill/ play that James had taught us and it was actually really tricky, we had to pay definite attention otherwise you would end up with a Quaffle breaking your nose. I kind of hated- wait, did he just say that his was a warm up?

“JAMES?” I yelled.

“YEAH?” he yelled back, a worried look on his face.

Babe, don’t worry. I’m not going into labour.



“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Rose roared.

“DON’T COMPLAIN!” James yelled.





“- DIE!”

“SHUT UP!” James yelled.

Everyone went quiet.


Everyone went quiet and went to back to their ‘warm up’.


* * * * *


“I am going to die!” Freddie moaned as he kicked open (yes – he actually kicked it open) the door to the Gryffindor Quidditch team’s locker room.

It was five forty-five and we had just finished today’s boot camp. We were all covered in mud, soaked through to the skin, freezing and aching all over.

After the hardest warm up ever, we had other plays and worked on using other players, like the beater, keeper and seeker, to the benefit of our team. Finally we had then trekked to lunch where we gobbled down millions of sandwiches, endless supplies of cakes, juicy apples and skulled goblets of pumpkin juice. I was extra hungry from exercise and the baby growing inside me so I ate more than Freddie and that’s a task in itself.

Strength had followed lunch, where I lifted weights that I thought I could never do with both my arms and legs, ran a little more, did a tiny weeny bit of core work, ran more and then trooped back into our locker room where James had a white board and series of diagrams waiting.

Then we were back out onto the pitch trialling some more plays and then playing a game in the wind, rain and mud.

Not fun.

One word to describe my feelings right now,


“My arms are going to drop off!” Roxie whined, dropping her bat to the floor with a ‘clang!’

“I. Got. Mud. In. My. Hair!” Rose growled, looking at her red locks.

“See you later bitches,” Al yelled, “TO THE SHOWER!”

And he ran off towards the boys showers, arm in the air like a superhero.

Weird one, that child.

Lachie and Freddie slowly trudged off too, the swinging door of the boys toilets swinging as they walked in, James was packing some stuff up and signing some sheets in the in the Captain’s office.

“You coming Mae?” Rose asked, as she slammed her locker shut.

“Yeah, yeah, go get ready for your date,” I smiled weakly. Rose was meeting Scorpius for dinner.

“Ok,” Rose smiled, and walked into the girls showers with Roxie behind her.

A minute later I heard the shower running.

The only reason why I didn’t go in the bathroom with the other girls was because I was worried they would notice my stomach. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m only eight weeks but I really don’t need people seeing my baby bump now.

I plunged my hand into my bag and pulled out a small photograph, the scan. Mini James moved a little bit in the photo and I felt myself smile looking at the repetitive movements of him. His tiny head was exactly like James no matter what he says (Ginny had shown me her eight weeks and the head is the same) and I could almost see his tiny feet forming. I could lose myself in this picture, I forgot about everything.

A door behind me banged open and I quickly stuffed the photo back in the bag and pretended to be grabbing my stuff.

“Mae? Why haven’t you had a shower yet?” Freddie asked from behind, he was only wearing a towel tied around his middle.

“Oh! I was just looking for something,” I lied, “I found it!”

“Good,” Freddie smiled, before going to his locker.

“THE SHOWER IS GOING TO BE COLD IF YOU DON’T GET IN THERE NOW!” Al yelled as he walked into the room fully dressed.

“Both Rose and Roxie are in there, water can go cold in a matter of seconds,” Lachie said, joining the others.

“I’m going!” I sighed, grabbing my towel and toiletries and going into the shower area.

The room smelled of vanilla and strawberries when I entered and it was extremely foggy. One shower was still running – Rose’s – and Roxie was out and just pulling her jumper over her head.

“Want me to wait?” she asked as I walked into the far left shower.

“No, it’s ok!” I answered, “Go ahead, I’ll meet you,”

“Ok,” Roxie said, “HURRY UP ROSE!”

“I’M GOING AS QUICK AS I CAN!” Rose yelled as her shower shut off.

I laughed and began to peel of my sweaty, muddy Quidditch robes. My shoes came off with a clatter and spraying mud everywhere, my socks were actually black and I was unclipping my bra when I heard Rose and Roxie yell,


“Bye! See you at dinner!” I yelled as I turned on the shower and pushed my clothes to the side.

The hot water hit my body and I instantly felt relief, the hot water cured my aching bones and muscles. I stood fully under and let the mud rinse out before using my Mango & Passionfruit shampoo. I massage my scalp, my eyes closed in relaxation and I had just begun to rinse it out when I heard the door open again.

It must be Rose or Roxie, I thought, Rose probably forgot her shoes or something again.

I just went back to hair and the water pelting my body when someone joined me in the shower, wrapping their arms around my waist and I jumped.

“Shh,” the person whispered into my hair, “It’s only me,”

“James?” I asked, peering over my shoulder.

“Yeah, it’s me,” James whispered, arms still tightly around my waist.

“Hello me, it’s lovely to meet you, I’m Mae Flick,” I giggled, resting my head on his shoulders.

“Ha, de, ha,” James whispered, kissing my hair.

James spun me round so I was facing him and looked me in the eyes.

“Mmm, your hair smells great,” he murmured.

“Why thank you,” I smiled, “You smell of… sweat,”

James let out a bark of a laugh, and he kissed my forehead.

That’s when I happened to notice that James was naked.

His chest was hard as I pressed my forehead against it and his abs were extremely hard not to look at, I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as my eyes slowly wandered further down…

“Alright there?” James grinned.

I blushed furiously, screwing my eyes shut and pressed my head into his chest.

It’s not like I hadn’t seen it, even though I couldn’t remember half of it.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before,” I whispered coolly.

“True,” James whispered, his eyes looking a little lower than my face.

“My eyes are up here,” I smacked his head.

James grinned, “Just re-jogging my memory,”

“Come here,” I giggled, lowering his lips onto mine.

James took no time to escalate our snog, his tongue in my mouth and one hand in my hair with the other moving slowly from the small of back to my butt, for some reason I didn’t mind.

Soon though I was pressed up against the wall and then soon enough I was lifted up with my legs wrapped around his waist but still pressed up against the wall.

My arms were around his neck and hands in his hair, it was still so soft when wet!

I’m not sure how long we stayed like that, under the water with my legs wrapped around his waist, pressed up against the shower wall and snogging like no tomorrow. I’m pretty sure we would have gone further if I had broken away as James sucked on my neck.

“James,” I panted, my head thrown back as he kissed my neck.

“Mmm?” he mumbled against my skin.

“We…” I started but cut myself off as I groaned as James began to suck right on the sensitive spot, “James, we have… to stop,”

“Why would that be?” James murmured, then going back to my neck.

“It’s going to far… we can’t,” I whispered.


“James, I am pregnant, ring any bells?”

James’ head slowly moved away and he looked me in the eyes,

“Even though I am extremely excited about this baby, sometimes it can really annoy me,”

“Tell me about,” I whispered, rolling my eyes as he unwrapped me from him and sat me down.

“Let’s finish up here,” James whispered, squeezing some shampoo into his hand and giving a quick peck on the lips before turning around and running it through his hair.

I grabbed my conditioner and squirting it on my head, and giving James a quick whack on his fit arse.

I know, I’m highly inappropriate.


* * * * *


“You took bloody long enough!” Roxie exclaimed as James and I sat down half an hour later, “I’ve had to sit with Rose and Scorpius and watch them flirt, it was vomit worthy,”

I laughed, and rested my head on James’ shoulder.

“It looks like you two could be worse,” Roxie fake gagged.

“Shut up Roxie!” James whined, “We’re just bloody holding hands and her head is on my shoulder!”

“And that’s why there’s a hickey on her neck,” Roxie eyed.

I blushed and threw my hair over my neck, hiding it from view.

“Hi all!” Lily greeted, plopping down next to Roxie, “Training good?”

For all the people in the Quidditch team that had heard Lily’s question -  Lachie, Freddie, Roxie, Al, myself and James – everyone but the captain’s face darkened and started answering.

“– Terrible -”

“- Never been so wet –“

“- mud in my hair -”

“- aching all over -”

“– so sore -“


“ – sore- ”


“OK,OK!” Lily exclaimed, putting her hands up, “Was it really that bad?”

It erupted all again.

“– Terrible -”

“- Never been so wet –“

“- mud in my hair -”

“- aching all over -”

“– so sore -“


“ – sore- ”


“SHUT UP!” Lily roared, “I get the picture,”

“It wasn’t that bad!” James said, “It’s all for the best,”

“If you think trying to kill us is for the best, then you’re on the right track…” Freddie grumbled through a mouthful of jelly slice.

“FRED! EW!” Roxie roared, “THAT’S DISGUSTING!”

“Sorry,” Freddie smiled showing half chewed slice, cream and fruit.

I giggled and put some lamb casserole on plate, “How was your day Lils? Snog any boys?”

Lily, James and Al spurted out their drinks, Lily onto me and James onto Freddie and Al onto some poor second year, with James and Al screaming “WHAT?!” and Lily spluttering “NO – PFFT- BOYS – SNOGGING?!”

“I was joking!” I laughed.

Lily laughed nervously, “Well I wasn’t anyway, I was studying and hanging with friends, yeah, friends,”

“You better not be snogging any boys,” James muttered angrily, “I’ll hex them into next century if you do!”

Al nodded in agreement.

“James! Al!” Lily yelled, “You can’t do that!”

“So you are snogging boys then?” Al yelled back, “WHO IS IT?”


Lily jumped up and walked out the Great Hall, muttering under her breath various swear words that I didn’t even know existed.

“Good one James,” Al grumbled.

“I’ll go take care of this,” Roxie said, rising up and following the very angry Lily.

“I’m just trying to protect her,” James sighed, looking back to his pasta.

“Same here,” Al agreed.

“Then do it a different way,” I suggested.

“There is no better way!” the both exclaimed.

“You are both worse than Mitch!” I said.

“We just don’t want her to get hurt!” James explained.

“Yeah, and hexing the guy is showing him that he better not hurt her!” Al continued.

“Then why don’t you actually try talking to him about it?” I asked.

“Talking?” Al mumbled.

“Why would we talk to him when we can hex him?” James asked wonderstruck.

“Boys…” I muttered.


* * * * *


Sunday’s training was worse than the first but pretty much the same minus a food fight.

We ran the exact same schedule as the first day, but James had bumped everything up, for example…

Instead of thirty laps running for a warm up, he made us do forty.

Instead of ten laps on a broom, we did twenty.

Instead of ten pitch length sprints, we did twenty.

The drills went for longer.

Strength reps were pretty much doubled.

The team meeting had another play for us to memorize.

The game ran for longer with it being rougher, James told Roxie and Lachie to actually try to knock us off our brooms.

They came close.

Way to close.

We trooped into the locker rooms again, with James packing up again, Freddie was so sore that he actually crawled inside, pushing the door open with his head today and then groaning as it hit him. Rose, Roxie and I trooped into the bathroom and removed the mud from our hair with Rose screaming about how she thought all this mud would dye her hair permanently murky brown.

I decided to take extremely long, shaving, and applying lotions and assorted creams to make my skin perfect after washing my hair. James didn’t join me in the shower, but I did see him in the locker room with just a towel around his waist and I had one around my torso with my hair in a messy, wet bun as I had left my wand in my locker. We had enjoyed some more heated snogging against the lockers before heading up to the castle for dinner, my neck covered with a scarf as James had given me another hickey.  

That night I was frantically trying to complete homework that I hadn’t been able to finish (hem, hem, thanks James) with Lily, Rose, Roxie, Freddie, Al, Lachie and James. I was on the floor with my knees propped up, my Ancient Runes homework on my knees and my text book on the floor behind me, I was actually quite comfortable as I was leaning against James’ legs and he was softly playing with my hair.

“I am going to kill you James!” Rose grumbled, her quill scratching across the parchment frantically.

“You’ve said that like, nine or ten times this weekend Rose, it’s obviously not going to happen,” James grinned.

“You never know,” Rose winked, her eyes full of fire.

“Seriously James!” Al whined from the arm chair closest to the fire, “We don’t need that much training in one weekend! How many hours have we done this week?”

“Four till seven and then another hour three times a week for normal training,” Freddie said, counting on his fingers, “And six thirty till five thirty twice this weekend,”

“Fuck,” Lachie grumbled, rubbing his eyes and yawning, his head resting on Roxie’s shoulder who was next to a sleeping Lily.

“So eleven hours on Saturday and Sunday,” Al calculated, “And four on Monday, Wednesday and Friday,”

“That’s thirty hours this week!” I exclaimed, throwing my quill down in horror.

“THAT’S IT!” Rose roared, diving at James.

I quickly ducked and crawled away to where Lily had now woken up and was watching wide-eyed as Rose attacked James. Rose was now on top of James and she was clawing, punching and kicking James with no restrain. The whole of Gryffindor house was cheering them on, oblivious to what the fight was actually about. Rose quickly got her wand out before James had even thought of it, but they were suddenly both flying backwards, Rose now back in her chair and James had been thrown over the couch.

It seemed that both Al and I had cast a shield charm.

We grinned at each other and went back to our books saying,

“No fighting in the common room,”

Rose growled and was throwing herself at the shield charm, but just kept getting bounced back.

“Honey,” I yawned, flicking the page, “I’m not letting you get at him, nor is Al.”

She muttered something like, “Fucking twats,” and went back to her homework.

Silence came over us again. Myself against James legs, Rose on the couch with Fred, Al in the arm chair, Lachie half asleep on Roxie’s shoulder and Lily asleep in front of the fire.

Someone coughed.

Dom was standing over us, books, parchment, quills and ink all crammed into her arms. Her hair was frizzy and she looked like she hadn’t slept well in a couple of days.

“Hey,” she whispered, “Can I join you guys?”

“Sure,” I agreed, ignoring the eyes of the rest of the Wotter’s pointing into me.


Dom sat down gracefully in the spot made for her by Freddie and Rose on their couch, near James and me. I felt James tense as she put her books down.

We all lapsed back into silence, the only noise being Lily’s snores (classy girl she is), several quills writing on parchment and the crackling fire in front of us.

“Excuse me, Mae?” Dom asked, quietly.

My head shot up, Dom was talking to me?


“Yes?” I asked, uncertainly, my eyebrow raised.

“Could - could you maybe, um, help me with this?” Dom asked, showing me her Transfiguration essay, “I’m really lost. You don’t have to though! Not if you can’t fit it in!” Dom added, looking the pile of books and parchment surrounding me.

“Sure, I’m almost finished anyway,” I smiled, standing up and sitting on the arm of the chair, “What don’t you understand?”

“All of it!” Dom whined, “I just don’t understand the basic theory of Amigasus!”

“Oh!” I said, “Can I read through your essay and I’ll see what you’ve done for far, but while I’m reading read this page of Amigasus,” I flicked through her textbook to a page, “I understood it better under reading this bit,”

Dom grabbed the book and began to read, determination in her eyes, while I grabbed her essay. She didn’t have it that wrong, she just kind of muddled things up and babbled for a bit.

When Dom finished, she looked up at me to where I was grabbing another piece of parchment, and raised her eyebrow.

“Is it really that bad?” she asked.

“No! You just need to plan it out before you write the real thing Dom, you’re kind of babbling,” I explained, “Do you understand it a little better after reading that page?”

“Yeah! It’s explained in a more simple way,” Dom smiled.

I pointed to the parchment and began to explain what she needed to do to plan her essay right, I always found that a good plan made a good essay even if it took longer.

Dom watched and listened extremely well. After I explained it, she grabbed her quill and started to write, her ideas were good as she understood the theory a lot better.

“That’s really good Dom!” I cried, reading over her shoulder and pointing to one of her ideas, “Wish I’d thought of that,”

“Thanks,” she whispered.

“You can probably start your essay now if you want,” I said, skimming her dot points for the last paragraph, “You seem to have it all down pat,”

“Great,” Dom grinned and grabbed another piece of parchment, completely abandoning her old one. Her introduction was good within a matter of minutes, Mae’s eyes skimming across the parchment, double checking everything she wrote to keep Dom from blabbing.

“So,” Dom began, while still scribbling on her essay, “Quidditch looked like it was hell,”

I laughed.

“You can say that again, it was horrible,”

“It was that bad?”

“Shockingly bad. He’s trying to kill us,”

“No excitement or good bits at all?”

“Well, we did snog for a bit afterwards,”


“You asked!”

“That was definitely classified into the over sharing pile!”


We laughed again outright and I felt myself warm inside. I needed my Dom time, she was my best friend and I needed her.

“How’s mini- mini James?” Dom whispered, pretending to not talk and write faster.

“Fine,” I whispered back, watching her sentences, “Sickness controlled and I’m taking health potions – how do you know I call him mini James?”

“I-I heard you talking to James one night,”


“So you’re on potions?”

“Yeah, morning sickness and health - it’s bloody disgusting.”

Dom laughed, “I remember Auntie Audrey saying that when she was pregnant with Lucy.”

Lucy was another of Dom’s cousins. She was in Ravenclaw and was probably the least heard of from the Wotter clan, according to Dom she was too involved in her academic’s to make time for friends and family. Compared to her older sister Molly, who was a fifth year Hufflepuff and extremely loud, out there and a complete part animal from what Lily had told me.

“It tastes like dragon dung.”

“Gross!” Dom squealed, “Have you told anyone else about him?”

“No, only you Teddy, Ginny and Lily know,” I sighed, “Oh yeah, and Alessandria and Justine know.”


“They found out.”


“After we… fought in the hall way… they were there and overheard us yelling. That’s why I was duelled them and was in the hospital.”

“Oh my Godric… I’m so sorry! This is my entire fault!”

“Dom, it isn’t!”

“Yes it is!”


“Have they told anyone?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Are they going to?”


“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine Dom!” I said, standing up, “Look, I’ve got to go finish my homework and you have to finish yours, so I guess I’ll leave you too it.”

“Yep, whatever,” Dom mumbled, “Thanks.”

“It’s ok, bye.”

I walked over to my books and scooped them up, searching for James around the room. I couldn’t find him, but I found Lily and Rose.

“Hey guys, do you know where James went?”

“Yeah, he went up into his dorm,” Rose grunted, not looking up from her homework as she was obviously still annoyed at me because of the shield charm thing.

“How was your chat with Dom?” Lily asked.

“Fine, I just helped her with Transfiguration,” I replied.

“Do you think that she will figure you soon?” Lily asked again.

“I don’t know, not if she keeps acting like she is,” I sighed, “Anyway, I’m going to see James. See you later!”

“Bye! Don’t get to physical!” Rose called as Lily exclaimed “EW!”

“I won’t!” I giggled and darted up the stairs.

The first time I had gone straight up the stairs to the boys dormitory, people had stared with mouths open. But after a while, they all got use to me going up there. I think they thought we were going up to shag all the time though.

Why would we shag? I’m already knocked up.


People’s brains these days…

I reached the top and smiled at some people who greeted me on the top floor. Hugo Weasley was there and I gave him a quick grin before opening the seventh year boy’s door and darting in.

Inside looked like a bomb had hit. Everything was everywhere and it smelt a bit funny. Freddie’s bed was far by the worst, it looked like his trunk had been emptied on his bed. Ian’s was pretty neat and so was Oliver’s, but James was pretty average. Scruffy bed, socks and things scattered around, but it was neater than Freddie’s.

James was sitting on his bed, scribbling something down on parchment with his back to me. He hadn’t noticed me yet, so I used it to my advantage. I tiptoed across the floor (so much easier in ballet flats than heels) making sure that I made no sound as my foot hit the ground. When I reached his bed, he still hadn’t seen me, so I gently placed my books down on his bedside table and with a final moment of silence, leapt onto his back.

James cried and dropped his parchment and quill, hitting the floor quickly with a ‘slap’. He tried to turn his head around but I giggled and cut him off by placing a kiss gently on his neck.

“Hello Mae,” James murmured.

“How did you know it was me?” I asked, “It could have been one of your fan girls.”

“I would have known if it was one of my fan girls,” James laughed.

“And how would you know that?” I asked, kissing his neck lightly again.

“Because I would have heard their high heels clapping the floor from outside.”


James laughed and turned around so he was facing me. He smiled mischievously before grabbing the back of my neck and pulling me forward, kissing my lips.

He teased me, lightly kissing me and then quickly getting more furious and then going back to light kisses.

I grinned before grabbing his neck as his hands slid down to my waist and pressing my lips roughly on his, making the snog heated. James then proceeded to push me onto the bed, his lips travelling down my cheek, then to my neck.

I sighed, one hand skimming his hips where his shirt and pants left skin showing, and the other in his hair.

“What happened to being serious for the baby?” James asked.

“We can have some fun I guess…” I got out before James grinned and slammed his lips onto mine once again.

So much for not getting physical.


A/N: Like? My chapters will start coming a bit slower now due to the fact that I have caught up with myself on what I have written already! I am writing as fast as I can juggling school, this story, Passion and another new one coming soon!

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