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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 14 : The Sad Chapter
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Hello lovely readers here is another chapter for you...I know you have probably realized I am not very good with accents so Karkaroff and Madame Maxime will be speaking normally unless you wish to add your own accent. Also this Chapter will be showing a very sad scene so be prepared!!! Also I wonder why Severus is so jealous of Kaliq?? Hmmmm....if you wish to find out it will be th 3rd chapter posted in my prequel story once this one is validated. Sorry for any grammatical errors my computer at work sometimes does not like to agree with me. :)


It has been a few weeks since th champions were chosen and everyone was getting ready for Halloween. All th students were enjoying the classes Buffy was teaching them alongside Kaliq. Even though it was not a mandatory class everyone still went including the students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. Each class was so much fun for everyone. To the older students they helped practise what they already know and to help them through their test and to teach them more DADA magic and even sword fighting if they wanted it. To the younger ones they taught them how to perfect the wand movements and to adjust to the magical world. Everyone was treated equally no matter their background and everyone would get along in her classes. It truly was bringing InterHouse Unity. Though the one thing that truly brought the students together was the attack that had happened on Buffy. Before they were only a bit angry in what happened but now truly knowing her they were all outraged and wanted revenge. But everyone was being kept in the dark about the perpetrators including the students who had Death Eaters as parents.

"Harry! Hey Harry wait up!" yelled Cyra. Harry turned and smiled over to his adopted sister. "Hey Cyra whats up?" he said. "Harry have you talked to mom yet?" "No why?" Cyra smiled. "Great because she just told me some news that will be announced tomorrow at the Halloween Feast. There will be a ball in December before christmas!" she said happily. Harry frowned and groaned. "Oh no a ball?" Cyra slapped him lightly and laughed. "Oh cmon Harry this is a great thing!" Harry looked at her as though she were crazy. " "Look this is a great opportunity fo everyone who likes someone to ask them out! Now we can all finally be with the person we want to be with without an excuse of delaying asking them!" Harry laughed. "Oh I see you want Draco to ask you so you can give him a midnight kiss." Cyra blushed prettily and slapped him softly on the arm. "Harry!" Harry chuckled. "Dont worry I wont say anything but now I see what your getting at I just have to speak with Ron and Ginny about some things once the announcement is made." "Why Harry?" "Well I belive Ron likes Hermione which would not be a problem except i really like her too. And last time I heard Ginny liked me so I just dont want anyone gettin hurt and to see if we could all talk about it." Cyra laughed "Oh Harry your so oblivious arent you?" Harry frowned "What do you mean?" "Oh no because of that Draco remark I am going to keep it to myself and let you find out on your own." Cyra laughed again and sprinted down to the Great Hall for dinner. "Hey wait cmon I am sorry about the remark!" yelled Harry as he sprinted after her.

They both arrived in the Great Hall and saw everybody was getting prepared for dinner. So they sat down the Griffindor table next to Ron Hermione and Ginny to start talking before the meal came up. They all looked up to the teacher table and noticed Buffy and Kaliq wer missing and Snape looked upset about that. Also Barty Crouch was sitting next to Dumbledore talking animatedly about something. Once the food came up everyone started to eat and kep talking about th gossip of the day. That is until they heard Karkoraff say loudly "Albus where is Buffy and Kaliq this fine evening? Should they not also be here to discuss the Tournament since Barty is here." Snape looked ready to punch Karkoraff. "Yes Karkoraff but today Buffy is a little busy with her own personal training." said Dumbledore. "Oh yes I bet she is doing personal training. Those Princes are well known for those things." he laughed evilly insinuating other things. Snape balled up his fists and his knuckles turned white with him trying to restrain from not attacking Karkoraff. Nobody noticed Snape except his children and they were ready to hit Karkoraff also about speaking about their mother that way.

"Actually Karkoraff Buffy stated that whenever she was doing her personal training she would not mind if we take a look so the students here could see how a real fight without a teacher being as kind as her goes. That is why I have told all the students to come tonight in case she did not make it for dinner so we could check on her." said Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eye. He waved his wand and a huge screen was on the other side of the Great Hall so everyone can see. He waved his wand again and an image came up of th Forbidden Forest. "This is a spell Buffy has taught me so we can see and hear everything going on." Everyones eyes wer riveted to the screen as the next image shown was that of Buffy in a black sports bra and grey sweat pants fighting someone who looked almost like Kaliq though has Blonde hair instead of black and was a little thinner. Both were in a sword fight so xtreme the students were in awe. They knew Buffy went asy on them but seeing her in action even though it was only training it was so tough that it looked like a real fight.

Then they saw Kaliq off to the side watching the fight. He looked worried about what was going on. The fight was so intense sweat was dripping off of both Buffy and her rival. Then as if in slow motion Buffy was hit on the leg and went down to her knees breathing hard. "Cmon Buffy get up you have to push through the pain if you want to get stronger. said the sword fighter a bit harshly. Buffy shook her head as if to clear her mind as she tried to stand and fell back down to her knees. She was shaking but was trying to fight through it. As she wiped her head everyone could see the bruises left on her skin from the hits she had received during the training. Everyone gasped. "Cmon Buffy you have been working yourself to hard these past few weeks your going to collapse if you dont take it easy." said Kaliq with worry in his voice as he tried to go near her but was prevented by a sort of barrier she put up. "No Kaliq I am not pushing myself enough I need to become better than I am. Faster and more observant of my enemy. I am already strong but you know strength only goes so far. I will push and push until I am as great as you and your brothers or close enough." she smiled softly. "Buffy you cant keep going you will...." "Enough! You do not understand! None of you understand!" she screamed harshly. And then the strong woman everyone knew startd to cry. Tears streaming down her face with anger in her eyes. "You all just think I can let it go but I cant! I missed many things because of HIM and now that I am finally better and was going to have another child with my love HE o one of HIS damn followers hurts me again when everyone thought it would be safe and I lost my child!" She pounded the ground with her fist.

Everyone in the Great Hall was silent. No one had known she had lost a child when she was attacked in the beginning of the year. And that is just terrible and horrible. Everyone watched as the beautiful woman they had come to know as strong as steel breakdown and so vulnerable it broke everyones hearts. Well atleast all but one person who no one noticed anyways as they were watching the scene before them. Kaliq could not bare it any longer and waved his hand and the barrier was gone and rushed over to Buffy while his brother stood off to the side. The brother whose name is Bryan knew of the story behind Buffy and Kaliq so knew not to say anything. As Kaliq hugged Buffy she started to fight him. "No! No I ned to keep going I need to get better with eveything! I need to protect everyone if not I am all that is going to be left! I can not be alone I can not watch them die!" She screamed and kicked and slapped Kaliq. She truly did not want to hurt him just for someone to feel her pain. He did not let her go until she finally stopped and just cried for everything that had happened. Kaliq lifted her face to his and wiped her tears. "He doesnt love me anymore does he Kaliq." she whispered. Only a few people in th Great Hall knew who she spoke about but no one else did. Kaliq sighed and thought *Stubborn mortals how ca he not learn to put his pride aside and just be there by her side like before.* "He still loves you, you silly wolf. He just needs to mourn the loss of your child like you do. Also he is used to caring for you because of what happened he needs time to readjust and to be able to be your husband in full." Kaliq smiled down at her.

Everyone in the hall could see the love radiating off of Kaliq though you could tell he tried to surpress it. If you could look at Snape you could see he was torn between going and kicking th Princes ass or going to comfort his wife. But he did neither and stayed seated. He knew Kaliq was right. He knew he needed time to come to terms with everything he just hated how the Prince was the one comforting his wife and not him. Everyone in the hall was in tears as Kaliq told Buffy "Come now let us go I will drop you off in you room so you can enjoy a nice relaxing shower I will even leave your maid Lucy to give you a massage." She only nodded as Kaliq looked towards his brother and nodded to him and the brother vanished and so did Kaliq and Buffy. The screen went blank and everyone was coming to terms everything they had heard.

"Everyone I know everything you heard has come as a shock to you and I will understand if you wish to help Buffy. What I can tell you is the best thing to do to help her is to do your work and do not pity her. She will not forgive that. I will leave you all to speak to your friends and extend curfew until 11pm for everyone so you may all come to terms."said Dumbledore as he walked out of the hall along with the other members in the Head Table. Everyone could see now the sorrow etched in each of the teachers faces. Even Karkoraff who spoke badly about her previously showed some sadness. For the view of Buffy broken and crying was just so heartbreaking no one knew what to say....


Hello lovely readers I did warn you the chapter will be sad. And once this is validated I will be writing the next chapter for the prequel explaining why Snape dislikes Kaliq so much and why Buffy is so close to him. Please Review!!! once the chapter for the prequel is validated I wil be writing the next chapter for this one!!!

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