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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 7 : Halloween
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  As the weeks passed Al, Scorp, and Alex who had been pissed at Rose for ignoring them begun to worry about her she was no longer the cheery prankster they once knew now she was just a quiet girl who would never leave Anthony's side. Whenever they did see her, her eyes would be puffy and red as if she had been crying just moments before. She was still an excellent captain and student but she never looked happy anymore she almost always seemed to be in pain. Although the only time they saw her cry in front of people was when her mum sent her a letter saying that her and her dad didn't approve of her friendship with Scorpius and that they didn't care if the Potters and Dursley accepted it. What they didn't see was Anthony taking the letter out of her hands and throwing it away while pulling her away from the crowd.

   Two nights before the Halloween party Scorpius told Al and Alex that he would hear Rose crying to sleep almost every night. Alex suggested it was time to find out what was going on with her Al agreed that there was definitely something wrong. While they were talking about what they were going to do to get Rose to convince her to them what was wrong Dinky appeared.

  "Master Al! Master Alex! Master Malfoy! Dinky came to tell you that... That," apparently she wasn't allowed to them because she started banging her head against the wall. Scorpius had to pull her away and hold her because every time he let her go she would hit herself again.

  "Dinky stop it! Now what were you going to tell us?" asked Scorpius.

  "Mistress Rose will be mad at Dinky but Dinky has to tell Masters. Mistress Rose is hurt but she hid her pain from the eyes of everyone. Dinky told her to tell Masters but Mistress forbid Dinky to tell Masters. Forgive Dinky Masters!" she wailed clutching Scorpius shirt.

  "Dinky its fine but you can't hurt yourself got it? Now go back to the kitchens we'll go find Rose." Al told Dinky and she disappeared leaving the three boys wondering what they were going to do now.

  Finally Al got up to get the Maurders Map while the other two thought about a plan to get Rose to tell them how or who hurt her. As he went down into the dungeons he ran into Jacky who seemed to have been waiting for him and she didn't look so happy.


 "Albus. Mind if we talk?" It wasn't a question but he had more important things to do them to listen to her.

  "Actually yes I do mind I'm busy at the moment maybe some other time." He moved out of her way and was only a few steps away from the Slytherin common room when she blocked his path again. "Look Jacky I am busy so please get out the way."

  "Fine but let me say this Al I will get my revenge for what you did to me and then maybe you won't think I'm so dull anymore." With that she stormed off down the stairs leaving Al amused with her empty threat.

  Back with Scorpius and Alex the three searched for where Rose might be hiding, but she wasn't with Anthony in the Ravenclaw tower not that they expected her to be but she wasn't anywhere on the map either. This meant she was either in Hogsmeade or in the Room of Requirement so they split up Al taking the way to the Shrieking Shack, Alex the way to Honey dukes and Scropius was left to try and get into the Room of Requirement.

  After several attempts to try to get in and failing Scorpius sat facing the entrance and pulled out the Map to check if she left the room through another exit or   if she came back from Hogsmeade. Al was the first one back to the castle then Alex neither of them where accompanied with Rose so that meant Rose must be in the room of requirement and it didn't seem like she was going to come out any time soon. Scorpius was tempted to go ask Krum what he did to her, but he didn't want to leave until he saw her. When Alex and Al arrived to where Scorpius was they both sat down waiting for her to come out meanwhile Al told them about his incident with Jacky and they all agreed he had nothing to worry about.

  "You guys we need to get in there i'm starting to really worry about her now..." whispered Al nervously.

 "Well we will only get in there is she opens the door-"

 "Dinky!" interrupted Scorpius. "That's it Alex we can only get in if-" There was a loud pop and standing there was Dinky looking scared.

  "Master Malfoy called Dinky?"

  "Yeah Dinky we need you to open the door from the inside so we can check on Rose!" exclaimed Scorpius.

  Dinky looked like she would have preferred to do anything besides make Rose mad at her but she just nodded and a second later the door opened and Dinky disappeared with another loud pop. The three boys ran into the room before the door could close stopping at the sight before them sitting there on the ground crying was Rose who still hadn't noticed them. Scorpius hated seeing her cry it wasn't a normal thing for her to do and all he wanted to do was find the person who made her cry and tear them apart. He began to walk to her but Alex stopped him shook his head and motioned for him to stay there. Al who had also only seen Rose cry once before felt his body shake with anger as he saw her shaking with sobs he walked over to her and wrapped her in his arms letting her cry on his chest, the other two sat close to them in silence waiting for Rose to calm down.

 "Rosie what's wrong?" Alex whispered breaking the silence but Rose remained quiet with her head buried in Al's chest. Then Alex remembered Dinky telling them that Rose was hiding her pain from everyone's eyes, he muttered Finite Incantatem and before their eyes Rose's pale skin slowly started to reveal large purple and blue marks and a few cuts here and there. "Rose Weasley what in the bloody hell happened to you?!"

  Al who hadn't been looking at Rose but instead at the far off wall trying to calm his anger down looked at Rose and saw those ugly marks on her skin and pulled her away to look at her in the eyes but the black eye she had made it impossible for him to remain calm anymore. "What the hell Rose! Who did this to you?!"

 Scorpius was quiet shaking from the anger running through his body his mind running through a million plans on what he will do to the person who did this to her. "He did this to you didn't he Rose? Krum did this to you?" his voice was deadly calm.

  "NO! Why would you think that? These are just from Quidditch-"

 "Rose don't insult our intelligence! Do you forget I'm on the same team as you?" Shouted Alex.

  "Well he didn't do this to me! He loves me! Scorpius quit looking at me like that!" She waved her wand and her skin turned back to the pale color hiding the cuts and bruises. Scorpius who had been looking at them turned to look at her in the eyes.

 "Don't protect him Rose. He is hurting you if he loved you he would never do this to you." His voice was still calm but he was starting to lose it all he wanted to do was find Krum and make him pay for what he did to her.

 "NO! He loves me and you... you just don't understand! He would never hurt me on purpose! He -"


  Rose waved her wand again and said "You can't tell anyone about this or try to do anything to him. I never want to talk to any of you ever again! You are just mad that I have someone who loves me and that I'm finally happy!" Before they could say anything she ran out the room leaving them there with hate running through their veins. They knew they wouldn't be able to tell anyone about what had happen Rose had made sure of that and what angered them more is that they wouldn't be able to make Krum pay either. They each walked their separate ways wanting to be alone to think about what had just happened.

 At the Halloween Party Alex, dressed as a Zombie arrived with Isabella who was wearing a dress with two baby legs and arms sticking out of her 5 month belly. She had told her parents and although they were disappointed in her they promised to help her as well but Alex still didn't know how to tell his dad. Plus with everything going on with Rose he hadn't given much thought to the fact he would be a father in 4 months. He spotted Al and Scorpius; both were dressed as pirates, sitting in a far off corner shooting glares at someone across the room. Alex turned to see who it was and he saw what looked like a muggle cop handcuffed to a girl with black straight  hair  who was wearing a very small black and white skirt, a tiny black and white shirt that covered almost nothing, and black heals. He hoped it wasn't who he thought it was because it sickened him to think that was their Rosie. He led Isabella to a table with her friends and kissed her on the cheek and belly before going to sit with his friends.

 "Please tell me that isn't who I think it is please." Although he already knew that it was he could at least hope. They just nodded and continued to glare at Krum who was dragging a very uncomfortable Rose to the crowded dance floor. They stared at the spot they had last seen Rose for what seemed like hours Al and Scorpius barely acknowledge when Alex left to take Isabella back to her room. Scorpius had been looking towards the door just in case he saw them leave but as the crowed thinned out Rose was still nowhere to be seen, he nudged Al before speaking.

 "Al I haven't seen Rose leave and she doesn't seem to be here... check the map with the way she was dressed I want to make sure she is safe before I go to bed." Al took the map out and searched for Rose's name.

   "She is with Krum," he said disgusted “They are in an empty classroom near the dungeons... Scorp I think we should follow them just in case... but we have to be careful Alex has the cloak tonight." Scorpius just nodded and stood up to follow Al out the room.

  The way to the dungeons was dark and cold everyone else was at the party up stairs or heading back to their own dorms but no not Rose she was being pulled into an empty class room. She felt so vulnerable in this dark empty classroom wearing almost nothing at all the small candle Anthony lit did nothing to make her fears go away. She knew what he wanted that was why he made her dress like this it was all a game for him until the real fun started and right now Rose couldn't help but wish she was in her own warm bed wearing her long baggy t-shirt she stole from Scorpius the year before.

 Anthony’s hands were roaming every inch of her body and his lips were kissing her forcefully on the mouth, Rose felt disgusted with herself but she didn't want him to leave her she wanted him to be happy with her and love her like she loved him. She tried to move away but he was much stronger than her so it was a useless attempt. His lips finally left hers and the trailed down her neck she tried finding her voice to ask him to stop but she was scared of how he might react.

 "Mm baby stop moving around so much this will be fun I promise." His mouth kissing her lower now

  "Umm Anthony honey could you please stop I'm really tiered and I just want to go back to my bed and sleep." He didn't seem to hear her because he kept holding her in place his lips were now back on her mouth his tongue breaking in and sliding around her mouth while he reached behind her to remove her top. Rose tried to push him away but he just held her tighter the more she struggled to get away. He carried her to a table and sat her down his mouth not leaving hers for a second he finally had removed what little of a shirt she had left. Rose had tears flowing down her face but he seemed not to notice, his hands moved down to her legs prying them open and wrapping them around him. Rose cried silently hoping for someone to walk in on them but she knew it was impossible because Anthony would have made sure no one disturbed them as he had his fun.

 When it was all over he kissed her softly on the mouth before getting dressed and leaving her alone. Rose sat down on the floor hugging herself and crying loudly blaming herself for what had happened thinking that it wasn't his fault and that the last thing he had ever wanted was to her. She heard voices in the room they sounded familiar but she didn't move she just wanted to forget this night had ever happened. Whoever was in the room with her covered her up with what seemed like a warm blanket and someone else picked her up and carried her in his arms. She felt safe and knew that whoever it was that was carrying her would not harm her and neither would the other person who seemed to be asking her something but she was to tiered to listen so instead she let sleep overcome her.

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Family Encounters : Halloween


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