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The Art of the Burn. by TiedTogetherWithASmile
Chapter 1 : How We Came To Be
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 The sun was beginning to set on another fabulous summer. My feet were crossed in front of me and propped on the coffee table. Cecile was sitting on the edge of the pool, her hair glistening in the little light that was left. Cecile literally looked like a supermodel; I was always so jealous of her. Every boy in school wanted to be with her, and every girl wanted to be her best friend. Luckily for me, I WAS her best friend. Ever since I had moved here from Australia with my army dad and witch mother, we've all been best friends: James, Cecile, Fred and I. 

The back door squeaked open, and James walked out onto my patio with marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers. All the lovely fixings for s'mores. 

"Yay! You brought me FOOOOD!" Cece ran toward James at full speed. 

"Is that all I am to you girls?"  James asked in mock shock.

"Well, of course!" I replied. "Now, where's my little Freddy?"

James moved aside to let Fred Weasley into the fresh air. Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention I'm best friends with the James Potter and Fred Weasley? Well, I am. In fact, James is my neighbor. 

"Kota, where's the fire for us to make these little beauties?" James asked holding up the grocery bags. 

"I haven't quite built it yet." I replied giggling. 


"For your information, we have been relaxing." Cece came to my rescue with her hands on her hips, and snatched the bag away from James when he wasn't looking. 

"Do you even know how to light a fire, little Cece?" Fred came back with snippily.

Cece was a pureblood. She had never done anything without magic; that is until she met me. The only people she was allowed to hang out with when she was young was purebloods. Her family is very old fashion, and still believed that "Mudbloods" shouldn't be allowed at Hogwarts. I on the other-hand was a half-blood. My mother had found my father during the War, and had never looked back. I had found out that I was a witch on my 11th birthday, but my mother had always known that I would be magical like her. 

Cece's only responce to Fred was to stick her tongue out at him. James and I snickered to each other. Cece and Fred usually fought like this, but it was all playful. To be honest, I don't even remember a time when Fred and Cece weren't fighting about something. 

"Fred, if you're so clever, build us a fire." I had my eyebrows raised in a challenging way. If Fred loved anything, it was a challenge. 

"Challenge accepted, little girl!" Told you. Fred scooped me up, and cradled me like a baby. I squealed until he finally dropped me on the grass next to my homemade firepit.

"You're so gentle..." I groaned at his back. 


The fire was blazing by now. I had already stuffed 2 s'mores into my mouth, and I was beginning to regret it. Cece and Fred were playing Chubby Bunny on the other side of the fire. (It's a game where you stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth until you can't say Chubby Bunny anymore.) Personally, it was starting to make me sick just watching.

"This is quite gross." James said taking a seat next to me on a log.

"Who's idea was it to let them hold the marshmallows?"

"I believe that one was yours, love." James looked at me slyly.

I slapped his arm in response. Sure, I had some pretty bad ideas, but I think this one was his bad idea. 

"You know, with all this abuse people will think my parents did it." James was rubbing his arm in fake pain.

"Whatever you say, Jamesie." I laughed at his sour face to that name. He hated it when people used his mummy's name against him. 

My teeth were beginning to chatter from the lack of sun. My shorts and loose tank top were defiantly not warm enough. James noticed my chill and rapped his jacket around me, no matter how much I protested. James always looked after me. It had always been like that. I was the innocent lamb and he was my protector. I looked up at his unshaven chin. James was so much taller than me that even sitting all I could ever see was his chin. 

"You need to shave." I blurted out.

"It's a statement." He said simply.

"Against what?"

"Why do you always think it's against something? Maybe, it's FOR something for once."

"Well, what is it for?" I looked out at the fire.

"My dad won't let me have my broom until school starts. So I'm protesting."

"SEE! It was against something."

"No, it's FOR my broom." James always thought if he fought something enough it would happen. However, his father was just the same.

"And how's that working out for you?" I looked back up at his chin giving him my famous look.

"Not so hot." He chuckled down at me. Our eyes met, and the fire made his eyes spark. 

"I thought so." In that instant I thought he was going to kiss me, instead he turned his head toward the fire. "Hey, James?" I asked after several moments of silence. 

I rested my head on his shoulder. "Hey, Kota." I could feel his laugh against my cheek.

"Do you remember the day that we met?" I don't really know why I asked, but it just felt right in that moment. And if you know anything about me, I always go with my gut. Rarely ever do I analyze anything. 

"Of course. It was the day that I met my best friend." He kissed the top of my head. James always kissed there, it was comforting, not awkward like many people saw it. 

"But do you really remember it?" For some reason I was doubting him. That was something I never did.


James grabbed my face in both his hands and looked at me hard. No emotion was on his face. "Yes." It was like a whisper that was only there for the two of us. 

"Tell me, then."  My voice was rushed like I couldn't get the words out fast enough. 

"All of it?" He looked at me confused. 

"Every last bit." I couldn't stop whispering, even after he had clearly stopped.

"Alright. Well...Hmm... It started like any other day in our silent neighborhood. Only, it wasn't like any other day. There was a moving van outside my window that day, and a little girl jumped out of the back..."

"HEY! I wasn't little..." I sneered at his chin again.

"You're interrupting. That's rude.... Anyway, back to the story. The little girl had her hair in 2 long braids. The sun making her white blonde hair shine, and the wind blew leaves all around her feet. My mother had called up from the stairs to tell me to go with her, dad, Albus, and Lily to go met you guys. I couldn't have been more excited. Someone who wasn't family I could finally be best friends with. I ran down the stairs and out the door before anyone else. Little did I remember that I was still in my PJs, and back then I only wore boxers and a t-shirt. 

No one was outside, so I ran up to your door and you answered. Your baby blue eyes ran down to my boxers and you just giggled. Your eyes were filling with tears and your mom came to the door. She took one look at me and asked me if I had forgotten something. I looked down at myself to find no pants... You just looked at me and said it was okay, that you liked me better like that. You weren't trying to fake anything. For an 11 year old, you had a pretty good look on life. So you invited me in, pantless. And the rest is history." 

I laughed. I had remembered every last detail. The way he looked at me, the way he still looks at me. Like nothing else is as important than her in the whole wide world. 

I breathed and sighed out, "I love you, James." 

"I love you, too, Dakota." His was a whisper. That whisper that only us two would share. 


Anything recongizable is J. K. Rowling. Leave reviews I'd love to hear your point of view so far. (:



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The Art of the Burn. : How We Came To Be


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