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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 26 : Playing Hufflepuff
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Chapter 26

It was now Saturday and James gathered his team in the locker room. In a matter of minutes, they would play Hufflepuff. This should be an easy game. Hufflepuff had been beaten in both of the games they had played this season. The game against Ravenclaw they had lost 450-0 while the game against Slytherin they had lost 100-270. The only reason they had fared so well against Slytherin was because the snakes weren’t very good themselves.

“All right team, we can win this game,” James started, “Both of the games they have played so far they have lost. Yes, I know we lost our last game, but we should be able to win this game. If we win this game, and the game against Slytherin, we will get another chance to play Ravenclaw. Let’s go out there and kick some ass!”

His team cheered. He was glad that they looked so happy. His team tended to like games against Slytherin and Hufflepuff because they actually stood a good chance at winning. Besides, no one on his team was related to anyone on either teams, which was always a good thing. Also, since the other two teams weren’t very good, less crazy shit went down, something that everyone was thankful for.

Soon they were out on the pitch, waiting for the game to start. Taking a quick glance at the stands, he saw that Kristen was sitting in the Gryffindor section. This surprised him, considering that she really wasn’t a too big of fan of his house. Andrew was on the team though, so she was probably sitting there to support him. However, she, Savannah, Rose, and a couple of their friends stuck out like sore thumbs, having decided to wear blue instead of red. They might have supported Gryffindor because their families were on the team, but they would not be caught dead wearing the colors.

“The quaffle, bludgers, and snitch have been released!” Alyssa announced, “The game has begun!”

James quickly caught the quaffle and went flying towards the goals that Hufflepuff was guarding. He found it odd that Alyssa could sound so happy while commentating even though she knew that her team was probably going to lose. She must have gotten used to it by now, considering Hufflepuff had lost every game they had played since his first year.

“James passes to Albus, who passes back to James, who passes to Andrew, who shoots. Gryffindor scores! They lead Hufflepuff 10-0,” Alyssa commentated, “Drake has the quaffle, he passes to Henry, who passes to Ashley, who passes to Henry, who shoots but Taylor makes the save!”

The game went on like this for a while. Roughly an hour later, the score was 150-20. James was pretty OK with this score, but hoped his team would score at least three more goals before the snitch was caught. If that was the case, it wouldn’t matter who caught the snitch, Gryffindor would still win.

Suddenly James heard the sound of a bat and bludger hitting each other only a few feet away. He looked up to see Lily smiling at the save she had made.

“That was a close one! Cameron Stone just sent a bludger that almost hit James Potter! Luckily, his sister Lily was able to get the bludger away,” Alyssa continued, “Hufflepuffs, you should have learned your lesson with your game against Ravenclaw! We’re the friendly house! Trying to take out everyone is not a good strategy for you. Besides, no one wants that many people in the hospital wing again!”

There were some laughs at that. Henry glared at Alyssa, for he wasn’t too pleased that his girlfriend was making fun of their house.

“It looks like the seekers have spotted the snitch!” Alyssa announced, “Currently, if Hufflepuff catches the snitch, they will tie, and if Gryffindor catches the snitch, Gryffindor will win the game.”

Jessica and Lindsey, the Hufflepuff seeker, raced across the sky, trying to catch the snitch. Jessica could tell that Lindsey was trying to think of something to say that would distract Jessica. She didn’t know what it was with the Hufflepuffs trying to do the same things that had already been done, but Jessica sure didn’t like it.

“Lindsey, don’t even try distracting me,” Jessica stated, keeping her eyes on the snitch, “It might have worked last time but I sure as hell am not falling for that again.”

“You’re just afraid that I would succeed,” Lindsey sneered.

“Actually, I’m not. I’ve already gotten what caused me to get distracted last time. Your plan won’t work.”

With that, Jessica sped on ahead. Lindsey was desperately trying to keep up with her, but it wasn’t looking like she was succeeding. Her broom was slower than Jessica’s, giving her almost no chance to catch up. A little over a minute later, with Lindsey a good five seconds behind her, Jessica wrapped her fingers around the snitch, causing the Gryffindor’s to cheer.

“Jessica Thomas has caught the snitch!” Alyssa exclaimed, “Gryffindor wins!”

Both teams flew to the ground. The Hufflepuffs weren’t looking too happy, but that was to be expected. Gryffindor on the other hand couldn’t look happier. Well, they probably could have if it had been Ravenclaw they had just beaten. Either way, they were quite happy. All they had to do was beat Slytherin and they would be playing for the house cup. This year, hopefully they would win without almost killing everyone.

Once they had reached the ground, James went to turn to his friends, but found them too busy snogging their girlfriends. He quickly turned away, deciding that this was something he would rather not see.

“Not a bad game, Potter,” he heard a voice say from behind him.

He turned around to see Kristen standing there. She had come down to the pitch to congratulate her brother, but he was currently preoccupied and she didn’t really feel like interrupting. James hoped that she couldn’t hear his heart beat increase.

“However, you could have done better,” Kristen added.

“Don’t worry, we’ll do well enough to beat you for the cup come May,” James replied.

“It’s a little early to be getting this cocky, isn’t it? After all, in order for you to succeed, you would have to beat both Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Now, I believe your team can beat Slytherin, but do not believe that you can beat Ravenclaw. Your history is against you. We’ve beaten you twelve times while you’ve only beaten us once, and that was because you ended up knocking all of us out.”

“It’s so great to see that you have so much confidence in me and my team, Kristen. Don’t worry, we’ve still got over three months until the game for the house cup. We can definitely improve enough to beat you by then.”

Kristen laughed and smirked.

“I’d like to see you try.”





***Well there's the next chapter! I hope you enjoyed it :) I can't believe that I have over 8,000 reads on this story and a lot of reviews as well! That makes me feel so good <3 As always, I hope you continue reading and reviewing this story :D ***

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The Chaser and The Keeper: Playing Hufflepuff


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