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Tyrant Thoughts by kalanapatheis150
Chapter 7 : I hope you rot in hell
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 Ron felt his heart sinking like a rusty old boat. Was it her choice to leave or not? Was she in danger? That scared him the most. Please Hermione, please be ok. I won't bear it if I lose you too , he thought. Ron was starring at the dark enchanted ceiling of the Gryffindor common room when Ginny rushed in with Headmistress Minerva McGonagall behind her. He got up and wiped his swollen eyes.


“Miss Weasly informed me about Miss Granger's disappearance” McGonagall said “I want you to tell me everything you know about before I go warn the Ministry about it”


“Professor...” Harry stepped up “ We don't know much but I can tell you what I know as I am the last person that saw Hermione.”. McGonagall nodded and walked towards the center of the room. She placed herself in the big red sofa and waited for Harry to continue.


“ I was sitting with Hermione under the beech tree in one of the banks of the Black Lake. We were discussing about a weird dream she had that upset her a lot. After a while she asked me to leave because she wanted to be alone. She agreed to meet me at dinner but she never came. I thought she might have been tired and that's why she didn't come, but Ginny just told us she has been missing. ” Harry said. “ I must add that apart from the dream she told me that Draco Malfoy attacked her in the hallway a few days ago”


“He did? Potter, it is essential that you describe me the dream miss Granger had.”


“ She said that she was chained to a wall in a room. There was someone in there. She didn't know who it was. A hooded figure waiting in the corner of the room. She was in bondage and at some point this person removed the hood and it was Malfoy. She said that he hit her a lot and casted the crucio curse on her” Harry finished his sentence and sat back on a chair waiting for McGonagall to speak.


“Why didn't I know any of that?” yelled Ron in furry from somewhere in the back of the room.


“Mr Weasly there is absolutely no time for that. Now you know, end of story.” she gave an angry look at Ron and then spoke again. “There is something not quite right about that. Mr Malfoy attacked her before or after that dream of hers?” McGonagall said.


“He attacked her before the dream professor I was there when she was having that dream. She was screaming and shaking violently and I woke her up.” said Ginny. She was playing with her hair which was a sign of anxiety. “But wait a moment, what is that you think is not right professor? Is there something weird about that dream?”


“What is not right is that Mr Malfoy has been missing too since this afternoon Miss Weasley and he attacked her and later on she saw a dream about him. This cannot be a coincidence” Mc Gonagall said. Now, everybody was looking at each other and right back at her.



Hermione opened her eyes. It wasn't a dream, she has been captured. She remember what Malfoy told her. She was going to die. Her mind went back to Harry, Ron and Ginny. Have they realized that I am gonne? she thought. The smell inside the room waers getting even worse. She inhaled deeply and the humidity made her cough. Her body was in bad situation. She was in pain and she didn't remember the last time she ate something. Her stomach wasn't letting her forget that. She touched her stomach and closed her eyes to concentrate and forget about her hunger but her stomach was grumbling. She sat back against the cold stone wall. Small tears were streaming down her eyes. She had lost the sense of time as she had no idea neither what time it was or even what day. She spent most of her time sleeping because there was nothing else she could really do. It must be afternoon, she thought. The door opened with force and Draco Malfoy came in with a plate in his hands. He dropped the plate in front of her and took a step back.


“We don't want you to die yet” he said.


Trying to show no fear she stood up and answered. “I'm not going to die” she said “Harry and Ron will find me and if they do you don't stand a chance.”

“Let them come” Draco said and took a step forward “Let them come and try to save you. Oh but wait a second. How are they going to come and find you if they don't know where you are? Face it Granger there is no way they can find you. We are hidden well enough.”


“I trust them, and I trust myself. I'm gonna make it Malfoy... Killing me makes look like you are cowards.” she said.


“Cowards? I don't think so. Come on, look at you, you are weak” he hissed.


And look at her he did. She looked so small and fragile. So beautifully weak and ethereal. He examined her and lost himself in his thought. He looked at her beautiful face. Her honey-brown eyes were piercing his. Why am I doing this to her?...Draco what are you doing? She's a mudblood and nothing more keep yourself together...he thought.


“Malfoy...” she said.




“I hope you rot in hell”


He looked at her, furious about what she had just said and walked fast towards her. He came close to her and pushed her against the stone wall. With both hands placed in each side of her head he brought his lips close to hers and whispered “We'll see who will rot Granger”. With that he closed the distance between them and kissed her with force. Hermione opened her eyes widely and tried to push him away.


“No need to struggle Granger. I can have you whenever I want to.” he said coldly.


Draco Malfoy was playing with her mind. Without saying anything more he turned his back at her, walked to the door and left. Hermione stayed still without even carrying about the plate of food in front of her even though she was extremely hungry.

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Tyrant Thoughts: I hope you rot in hell


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